mjs1231 11 timmar sedan
Liberals own it 100% Especially the techs Indian tech world is pure cancer.
Shane O
Shane O 11 timmar sedan
You put people on that list.
Shane O
Shane O 11 timmar sedan
The atheist jew.
Hugh G Rection
Hugh G Rection 11 timmar sedan
What a creep. You haven't the faintest idea what you are on about. If cancel culture were to strike You...AND IT WILL, it will be the first time I will have anything decent to say about it.
william Potts
william Potts 11 timmar sedan
I wonder how many actors and actresses used their Oscar as a dildo
Payne, Inc.
Payne, Inc. 11 timmar sedan
Good Heavens Nayyera is FINE 😇
Khal Logo
Khal Logo 11 timmar sedan
Bernie chuckled at “Asian Drivers.” Thats so great
Khal Logo
Khal Logo 12 timmar sedan
I like that when they showed the pics of all the shooters, they left out the Virgina Tech gunman. I wonder why
Payne, Inc.
Payne, Inc. 12 timmar sedan
Catherine is totally fine 😇
RepubliCanuck 12 timmar sedan
Our whole society is built on slavery... through the money system we are all slaves.. tax slaves to big government and big banks.. but now the slaves dont realize they are slaves.. they call this freedom
John Campbell
John Campbell 12 timmar sedan
That dude is a duche bag...wait I'm sorry...that gives duche bags a bad name
USN Corpsman
USN Corpsman 12 timmar sedan
RepubliCanuck 12 timmar sedan
Remwmber what Bill used to say about the gays
David Griffin
David Griffin 12 timmar sedan
Unfortunately Bill you helped bring this
HG Services
HG Services 12 timmar sedan
“When what you’re doing sounds like an onion headline?......stop....” Perfect
Patrick Williams
Patrick Williams 12 timmar sedan
I love how the people clapping are guilty of every charge
J Farmer
J Farmer 12 timmar sedan
Lefties will eat each other up, Americans patriots watch and listen,ya we write memos too
House of Shuffles
House of Shuffles 12 timmar sedan
This week, in the most insanely idiotic move imaginable, Amazon changed their new logo because someone thought it looked like Hitler....and someone (some people) at Amazon ACTUALLY BELIEVED THEM. This is an actual real story. This actually happened. This is not a dream.
Joycelyn Burke
Joycelyn Burke 12 timmar sedan
He's a fat fucked
william Potts
william Potts 12 timmar sedan
White people who believe in white privilege have never been poor. Looking at you Bill.
House of Shuffles
House of Shuffles 12 timmar sedan
Cancel Culture 30 years ago (I'm old enough to remember): the "Religious Right" trying to cancel things like various cartoons (e.g. The Simpsons), video games, heavy metal music, Harry Potter, etc. Cancel Culture today: the "SJW Woke Left" trying to cancel the same things...PLUS even more. They were at least dignified enough to leave Dr Seuss alone. Or claim that Abraham Lincoln "didn't do enough to show that black lives mattered", etc. There are a number of future billionaires out there who are going to make a huge profit off of the truly massive population-wide disdain for the "woke" "cancel culture" movement. Maybe we should just let them ban pretty much everything in existence....then set up our own media/retail outlets and sell such products there?
William Younger
William Younger 12 timmar sedan
We need liberals to take the baton here bc this wont change with conservatives crying about it. Will need democrats to stand up to change this
James Collett
James Collett 12 timmar sedan
"Mos Disney - You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy." #Mandeplorian #DisneyPus #FireKathleenKennedy #GinaCaranoIsUncancelled
Bill Gates
Bill Gates 12 timmar sedan
Maybe you should claim 250% interest, since you give no proof, oh right, believe you no matter what....Baaaa Baaa
Khal Logo
Khal Logo 12 timmar sedan
Bills most uneducated audience ever on this show?
TheNate206 12 timmar sedan
We confuse money with real wealth. You know? Things like oh i dont know WATER, FOOD, LAND, WOOD for building homes, etc. THe things that give us ACTUAL wellbeing. Hunt a lion you absolutely DONT NEED to do that ever. That has nothing to do with the health of your organism. Money is the ends and not the means. Money is the root of all evil? No but it is A root. We worship at its altar and dont care about destroying our home aka "Earth". Tell that idiot who thinks water is his right to us that a big crowd of people are outside your door and would like to speak with you. That's how disconnected these people are. They dont have to get the hands dirty at all. They throw $ around. Hey I built Trump tower says Trump. No you didnt build it dipshit. Other people built it and just payed to have it done.
Harry Renner
Harry Renner 12 timmar sedan
All the more reason all of us atheists should stand up no doubt.
Wynn Wynn
Wynn Wynn 12 timmar sedan
Hearing old man 👴 bill say her coat 🧥 was dope was so cringeworthy. KellyAnne’s lies are also so cringeworthy!
Tara Metanoia
Tara Metanoia 12 timmar sedan
Ok....so when “Republicans” get canceled it’s just, but NOW that Mahers & his “woke” pals in Hollywood are the target it’s “cancel culture”......Bill Maher is just trying to save his own skin. He HATES America as much as Mark Ruffalo!! Still a Communists with the stinking attitude that as long as his little minions are attacking Republicans or Conservatives it is DESERVED and if they speak out about it they are APPROPRIATING what Bill & his pals have used to cancel anyone who disagrees with them! So no, Bill, you aren’t saying anything new or STANDING UP for anyone but you & your HollyWeird pals who are SELF RIGHTEOUS HYPOCRITES!!
Bizzaro500 12 timmar sedan
The conservatives have been standing up to it! The problem is we view progress differently. Progress to the left is communism, Progress to the right is freedom! Real progress is freedom and getting back to our Bill of Rights! Re-education is the ideology of the left, which clearly violates FREE WILL, FREE SPEECH! America the dumb!
Donny Barnes
Donny Barnes 12 timmar sedan
It's all Bill Maher's fualt
James Collett
James Collett 12 timmar sedan
Bill Maher - you should own some of the blame for this madness, because you have played a part in egging it on. Hypocrisy, much?
garrett Fleming
garrett Fleming 12 timmar sedan
Oh my god I hate the way this country is. The cancel mouth peace is now eating his own. This country has no identity other than causing misery for each other.
Nicole Torres
Nicole Torres 12 timmar sedan
I have to be honest and say republicans are no different have u seen these whackos when someone feels differently about trump? It wasn’t even trump I hated it was his followers honestly his policies were pretty good. I just wanted the madness to stop and for anyone who thinks it matters who you vote for and the same crap or the things that matter on a large scale will be different are crazy they take orders from the same people.
Hamad Alhatem
Hamad Alhatem 12 timmar sedan
Sam Harris: “I am actually well educated on this topic.” Yeah, sure. Literally every ignorant person pretending to be intellectual would think like this. “Certainty is the enemy of growth.”
Brian Thomas
Brian Thomas 12 timmar sedan
I've said it before, I'll say it again: Don't call them douchebags! A douchebag serves a useful purpose!
Shaggymyerz 12 timmar sedan
Bill Maher looks like he could be Tom Scott's dad. Am I the only one who sees it!?
We R Everywhere 2.0
We R Everywhere 2.0 12 timmar sedan
Sounds like he's getting worried
Cognitive Dissidence
Cognitive Dissidence 12 timmar sedan
literally had a woke "patriot" tell me a month ago that the cancel culture wasn't real...wonder if he's been told what to think about this.
265Stan 12 timmar sedan
One out of touch millionaire interviewing another out of touch millionaire.
FullCaber 12 timmar sedan
Amen this man is right
Nicole Torres
Nicole Torres 12 timmar sedan
I feel like the Republicans are smarter than the left give them credit for because the left is sounding more right than ever these days and I agree just saying.
Bird Surf Shed
Bird Surf Shed 12 timmar sedan
You reap what you sow
Nicole Torres
Nicole Torres 12 timmar sedan
They are doing nothing but pinning brothers and sisters against one another.. this is sad..
Jorge Quinta-Nova
Jorge Quinta-Nova 12 timmar sedan
It's sad that some people think Cancel Culture is supported by everyone in the left. You wouldn't believe how many liberals hate SJWs and CC.
william Potts
william Potts 12 timmar sedan
He was cracking his knuckles and he didn't get fired for 👌 he got fired because he's brown.
Jubes 12 timmar sedan
Leftists want diversity in every organization except for one. The Republican Party. That tells you everything right there. It is not about diversity, it is entirely about political power.
Sha B
Sha B 12 timmar sedan
The WHOLE COUNTRY HAD SLAVERY EVEN IN UR PRECIOUS PERFECT NORTH BILL! Stereotyping at ur best - want to complain about cancel culture then u ruin it with ur own twist of demonization of whole part of YOUR COUNTRY! Where was the port the slaves came thru? Wasnt it in NEW YORK? U act so holier than tho it’s actually sickening - u could be much funnier if you would stop with mischaracterization of millions of people - our states have MUCH higher black population that u in California does - they ALL DONT THINK LIKE U DO BILL! What? U think we still lynching people in our yards? Burning crosses? Last article I read of most racist cities DIDNT have ONE southern city in it - ALL UP NORTH! So congrats for not only being demeaning and participating in cancel culture by mischaracterization of millions of people but ALSO not knowing what the hell ur talking about
Thato Monametsi
Thato Monametsi 12 timmar sedan
Whoever keeps clapping is just plain stupid..... And annoying
The Unjust Son
The Unjust Son 12 timmar sedan
Maher is one man among boys.
ABoyd1852 12 timmar sedan
I agree with Bill. Its something that needs to be said. But dont give him too much of pass, as this was the guy who called for a recession to get Trump out of office.
TheManInTheMasks 12 timmar sedan
The people that created and perpetuate this trash deserve to die of cancer
dane rude
dane rude 12 timmar sedan
Ok comment on the catholic sleepy Joe with the same amount of resources and time
KC STAR 12 timmar sedan
From a woman who said santa is white. He is what ever the family says,or presents to the child.
dane rude
dane rude 12 timmar sedan
We can't have god in school put politicians are put in office by god fyi sleepy Joe is catholic.
KC STAR 12 timmar sedan
Audacity 🤔
JR Chamberlin
JR Chamberlin 12 timmar sedan
Reality deniers like you Bill? How is blue no matter who so long as it's not Bernie working out. Eff you bill Maher! You are so effing irrelevant!
efstopp 12 timmar sedan
Bet Robespierre wanted all the guillotining to stop just before the end too.
M Nix
M Nix 12 timmar sedan
When they talk about 1/6/21 ask them “who was charged with a weapon?” Zero people Only person shot and killed was an unarmed woman Ashley Babbitt, BY capital police.
NyCJT62 12 timmar sedan
Jump Ship!!!!!!!!!
Burnsy 12 timmar sedan
People give in to it because the employers always take the side of the over sensitive idiots.
Opera Falcon
Opera Falcon 12 timmar sedan
If you think a set of values and being offended by something is mutually exclusive, you’re part of the problem.
D Merrow
D Merrow 12 timmar sedan
Yeah actions speak louder than words Bill.
Robert Roth
Robert Roth 12 timmar sedan
Funny how only people in power or those who make their millions off the backs of the masses, are the only people who are concerned with cancel culture. This is one of the only tools that the powerless have to inflict any type of pain or discomfort on the rich and powerful.
rGG 12 timmar sedan
I lov how liberals want to blame conservatives for what they have created, and still support.
j 12 timmar sedan
i might start watching bill maher
Karl Neimeister
Karl Neimeister 13 timmar sedan
What happened to teaching reading, writing and arithmetic in school. Let's just create racists and bigots at an adolescent age. We need to get back to the basics of life, you know, The Golden Rule. We have become a society of over educated idiots. They want to make us feel like inferiors to their Educated Superiority.
Hackerman 13 timmar sedan
I always like when leftists come back around to see what monster they created. Too late Billy-o you are getting cancelled next for wrongthink
Hackerman 13 timmar sedan
Not a big fan here but you have to respect Maher for always speaking for freedom of thought and freedom of speech. The radical left will cancel him soon enough.
N J 13 timmar sedan
Cancel culture is cancer for our culture
TheBub26 13 timmar sedan
watching dr phil my jaw hit the floor when another dr that works with him said to his guest "i know you were gypped from having a stable childhood..." dr phil did not even react to his faux pas. luckily dr phil's guest dr has not been cancelled, as far as i know?
Nonya 13 timmar sedan
He's spot on.
Karen Morgan
Karen Morgan 13 timmar sedan
Notice that he calls it Sara 2 they know exactly where it came from and it’s genome make up, and that the vaccine is not a vaccine but biotech medicine and it’s not tested long enough for It to be deemed safe and you can’t make a claim against the companies producing it either. So it experiential and you are the lab rat
OWOT1966 13 timmar sedan
Conservatives stand up to it, Bill. But you slam them for it. Talking from both sides of her mouth.
Chalo Hancock
Chalo Hancock 13 timmar sedan
Jason Halstead
Jason Halstead 13 timmar sedan
I've never seen this man say anything funny
pastieass 13 timmar sedan
Hey Bill why dont you have Millie Weaver on your show?
Pat Star
Pat Star 13 timmar sedan
Maybe we need a “internet court” where two people who are arguing online can meet and hash it out freely.
RoseCo 13 timmar sedan
"yay: claps the cancel culture crowd
Ben Lunch
Ben Lunch 13 timmar sedan
While "PARASITE" is leftwing (about class) the idea that it represents DIVERSITY is insanity. Parasite is not diverse as a movie and the main cast do not represent ANY minority. Unless you are so deluded you pretend it was made in USA the claim its "diverse" is not just a lie, its mental illness tier of absurdity. There is no diversity in Parasite unless you refer to "Ze Germans". Its a Korean movie with Korean majority population in the main roles.