Bro that so gross I don't like the animal
fishing with $teven
fishing with $teven 3 timmar sedan
8.15 sculpin
Jerry Norman
Jerry Norman 3 timmar sedan
Most country boys can tell you to use insects closest to the water
MrGoatBeard 4 timmar sedan
Yeah is a redear...biggest of the sunfish.
David DuBose
David DuBose 4 timmar sedan
It’s a Karen
Cheater essa
Cheater essa 4 timmar sedan
Lookin fresh ;)
ying yang
ying yang 5 timmar sedan
you was in the right if he did owm midpoint should have signs posted next to the stream you could have took a boat on top of the water he could not say nothing about it i think he was upset because you was in his honey hole next to his property but clearly you was on state property
marshall Mazzarelli
marshall Mazzarelli 6 timmar sedan
Carp do that when there mating
Joseph Mordechay
Joseph Mordechay 6 timmar sedan
Thank god I skipped through that whole video tired of watching your clickbait crap
mark d
mark d 6 timmar sedan
Already unsubed foreva so settle!!
Isaiah Poole
Isaiah Poole 7 timmar sedan
We got a naruto fan?
kio shiro
kio shiro 7 timmar sedan
1 rod, 1 reel...no balls. Pathetic! You guys are a disgrace to all men...
Spencer Hochstein
Spencer Hochstein 7 timmar sedan
As a fisherman who also hates bugs, I’d kill myself there
Brandon Justice
Brandon Justice 7 timmar sedan
Should try the New River in wv
keepcalm football
keepcalm football 8 timmar sedan
Bro his family was next to him. Why would u do thar
David Hart
David Hart 8 timmar sedan
Its the sercule of life
M.C. Outdoors
M.C. Outdoors 8 timmar sedan
What about the Yamamoto pond tho, didn’t you catch one bigger there
Live To Fish Tv 3000
Live To Fish Tv 3000 9 timmar sedan
Great video!!! Your one of the best at making adjustments on the fly!!!$$$$
Vincent Sullivan
Vincent Sullivan 9 timmar sedan
Nobody: Nobody at all: Not a single solitary soul: 1rod: “i pegged you good baby, i pegged you deep” Spoken like a true fisherman😂
Medic Gaming
Medic Gaming 10 timmar sedan
Cmon guys bruh its just a bug I mean you kill ants right? ._.
Jprawnn .gaiming
Jprawnn .gaiming 10 timmar sedan
What he do D:
Andrew 10 timmar sedan
Would you ever be willing to teach someone who is trying to learn how to cast a baitcaster?
Tom Tom
Tom Tom 10 timmar sedan
What’s going on with Area 11?????
James Speck
James Speck 10 timmar sedan
We call those shell crackers here in nc. Spend most of their time eating mussels off the bottom. Dragging a big crawler through the mussel beds on an ultralight is one of the funnest things you can do without being arrested!
Logan Dibble
Logan Dibble 10 timmar sedan
Lol exactly yesterday i was fishing a lipless crankbait red and black and got snagged on a tree that was above the water. I gave my backpack and phone to my dad, took off my shirt, jumped in and got it. Im not losing a 12 dollar lure
Politics Simplified
Politics Simplified 10 timmar sedan
Me sneaking snacks into the movie theatre
OOGA boogaman
OOGA boogaman 11 timmar sedan
My man Mike looks like he’s been hitting the gym, Looking good bud!
James chicken
James chicken 11 timmar sedan
anyone know what size hook he's using?
Aidan the reptile Kid
Aidan the reptile Kid 11 timmar sedan
I’m just watching him grab the crank bait like 👁👄👁
Adela Rodriguez
Adela Rodriguez 11 timmar sedan
Get over it , they don't owe you an explanation !
Randdin Erle
Randdin Erle 11 timmar sedan
Jack M
Jack M 11 timmar sedan
Fish: quietly snatches cicada from the surface mike: OMG absolutely demolished 🥵
Maddison Thompson
Maddison Thompson 12 timmar sedan
All lives matter that decada has a life to
Joseph Herr
Joseph Herr 12 timmar sedan
Rewatching all your videos man learning more everyday
Shrimp Salad
Shrimp Salad 12 timmar sedan
Dudes a dickhead
Khrih Uk
Khrih Uk 12 timmar sedan
the video and title does not match..
Sneersh 12 timmar sedan
Lol I like how he was surprised you drove an hour to fish that's like a normal day trip for the average fisherman
Bill Pen
Bill Pen 12 timmar sedan
I guess he didn’t like getting throat fingered 🤣🤣😂👍
Belmer Portillo
Belmer Portillo 12 timmar sedan
"These are the dumbest creatures I have ever seen" *Stares in human*
Oficial fishing
Oficial fishing 12 timmar sedan
love the ending music
Casting with Cullen
Casting with Cullen 12 timmar sedan
Oh I pegged you deep baby “mike”
Jonny Granville
Jonny Granville 12 timmar sedan
I like the OneRodOneReel solo missions. Its cool for you to have guests(especially your sister😃) but I dig just fishing with you.
Nk x Dexterity
Nk x Dexterity 12 timmar sedan
Blue gill will bite at empty hooks, this doesn’t prove anything
Dillon Lederman
Dillon Lederman 13 timmar sedan
Turtle was a red eared slider I caught one on the bank yesterday and it weighed about 11 pounds
Emmanuel Goldstein
Emmanuel Goldstein 13 timmar sedan
Bring back KP.
Rachel H
Rachel H 13 timmar sedan
Bug was living his best life 😭
OxxG X
OxxG X 13 timmar sedan
Cicadas have no defense mechanisms they survive off of gorging animals then when they are full they spawn
JOHN 13 timmar sedan
I live right next to the reservoir
BT 13 timmar sedan
What googan rod do you have ? Is it the goto
TheMasterFisherman 13 timmar sedan
Mega bass makes a cicada lure it may work better for you then that one from Amazon lol
Eric Boudreaux
Eric Boudreaux 13 timmar sedan
I pegged you ayoooooo what did he say😬😬
Eli Stanley
Eli Stanley 14 timmar sedan
hes getting facial hair
Mobile Export
Mobile Export 14 timmar sedan
Me unsubscribe to you never your the bass master i learned all my stuff from you.
Tante Cantik Mancing Liar BALI
Tante Cantik Mancing Liar BALI 14 timmar sedan
I hv dream one day I get my own monster fish....
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 14 timmar sedan
Cicada: "Dude, I don't know If I can stay with Olivia anymore, she-.." This guy: Picks the Cicada up and ends his suffering
Riley Erickson
Riley Erickson 14 timmar sedan
My biggest bass is10 pounds
Heather Reaves
Heather Reaves 14 timmar sedan
Red ear slider
King Victor
King Victor 14 timmar sedan
"What if if goes down to 6 feet and your head goes under" don't jinx yourself bro , your amazing keep it up 💪🙏
ROLFCOPTERZZ 14 timmar sedan
sorry mate but seems like you guys fucked up, clearly trespassed some how
Christian Hanscom
Christian Hanscom 14 timmar sedan
Can’t believe the size of that blue gill ! good catch dood !!!
Blake Her
Blake Her 14 timmar sedan
Catches giant bluegill* "Hey look, 4 helicopters"
Mack's Extreme River Fishing & Outdoors
Mack's Extreme River Fishing & Outdoors 14 timmar sedan
redear sunfish AKA shellcracker
Redrico Rivera (KID1)
Redrico Rivera (KID1) 14 timmar sedan
Man I wanna try a DC reel so bad! It casts so nice!!! I mean my thumb game is great but it would nice to not have to set the brakes up every setup.
Gilly 14 timmar sedan
Are u still with the Googan squad I shore hope so does anyone know ??
Craig Moon
Craig Moon 15 timmar sedan
Legend has it kp's pregnant
ALAX osrs
ALAX osrs 15 timmar sedan
I am disgusted that one small human being can own all this land including a river out of 8 billion people here on earth.
Bass Kingdom
Bass Kingdom 15 timmar sedan
Hey 1Rod1ReelFishing!! How long is your fluorocarbon leader???
Tyler Banks
Tyler Banks 15 timmar sedan
Who else heard the sheesh at 4:58
Did anyone else see the turtle 🐢 on the bottom right at 20:25
Jason Carter
Jason Carter 15 timmar sedan
Aren't you a Googan squad member?
sac films
sac films 15 timmar sedan
Your being a karen when you say I know my rights
reza nazari
reza nazari 15 timmar sedan
dude that's violence 😐
Fumer Pue
Fumer Pue 15 timmar sedan
One day they’ll use him as shark bait.
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 14 timmar sedan
Rip cicada
Reptilian hunter
Reptilian hunter 15 timmar sedan
Garter snake non venomous
dacien. music
dacien. music 15 timmar sedan
At least you have a car this time 🥲😅
WindyFishy07 15 timmar sedan
The turtle is a red eared slider turtle
Paul Read
Paul Read 16 timmar sedan
What a nob!!!!!
Michael McElhiney
Michael McElhiney 16 timmar sedan
That was a solid MTB.