Massimiliano Massimo
Massimiliano Massimo 14 timmar sedan
I think there's a hint in the scene at 7:54 - 7:55 Look at the books.
123haninhk 14 timmar sedan
It’s Shawn Ashmore not Sean. His twin brother is Aaron Ashmore, who is also an actor, who played Jimmy Olsen in Smallville.
Grasshopper 129
Grasshopper 129 14 timmar sedan
I think vision looks different cos its a quick recolour of spectral vision to avoid spoilers
federico rico
federico rico 14 timmar sedan
Agatha probably won’t die and vision will
AeroTheFox 14 timmar sedan
I think Wanda turning vision into a more human form is a little bit of a stretch, it may just be the lighting on the photo or an editing mistake.
Christina Smith
Christina Smith 14 timmar sedan
The last scene: Emma Frost, the Professor, Nightcrawler, and the rest of the X-men emerge from their verse and our collective “daaaammmmnnnn”’can be heard from space.
Grasshopper 129
Grasshopper 129 14 timmar sedan
The writer confirmed that the engineer is no one special. They were surprised that the fans latched onto it, basically they fucked up and just didn't see that it came across as a major setup. Gutted really, wanted it to be Fitz 😔
Chris carrero
Chris carrero 15 timmar sedan
great stuff
Egette Sam
Egette Sam 15 timmar sedan
Definitely impatiently waiting for this episode lol!! 🤯🤯😬😬😬😬
Milo A.
Milo A. 15 timmar sedan
And the Snyder Cut is only 2 weeks away!
Jay Vieira
Jay Vieira 15 timmar sedan
I think her bunny is her mom, the way it fades out from her moms death directly to that bunny I think that makes sense
Anandu Avinash
Anandu Avinash 15 timmar sedan
Why has his face changed? Because it's not animated.
Jarle Malmin
Jarle Malmin 15 timmar sedan
Dont let cast lists fool you. sometimes not everyone are added too them until the movie is actually out. They are trying to keep a few secrets :) Either way its going to be interesting tomorrow to see what happens.
James_JL 15 timmar sedan
I like the cheese
Em1_los 15 timmar sedan
I can’t wait for Friday, I’ve recently just rewatched all the marvel movies in storyline order including spider man since it’s not on Disney plus but I saw that far from home happens after Wandavision 😑
Johnathon Torres
Johnathon Torres 15 timmar sedan
This is the first I've heard of Nightcrawler, interesting!!!
Zach Yoder
Zach Yoder 15 timmar sedan
I think White Vision might stick around longer than the show. It’s too big a development to essentially bring to an end in one episode. I think that the fact that it was in a post credits scene might mean we don’t even see him the rest of the show but in a movie. I think they know that people would know that Vision and White Vision merged in the comics so I think it’s likely they will never meet and that Vision will die with the Hex.
Rebecca Krispin
Rebecca Krispin 15 timmar sedan
I don’t want it to end! 😭
Jesus Ramirez
Jesus Ramirez 15 timmar sedan
I like that Theory that the Disney Plus shows are going to have their own "Thanos" overarching villain.
FACEHUNTER504 DAT 15 timmar sedan
Idk why everyone likes Capt Marvel so much.
Cocoa Solids
Cocoa Solids 15 timmar sedan
Is it just me or did she just take his conscience with her? When she was trying to sense his soul.
Måhār Lïkhä
Måhār Lïkhä 15 timmar sedan
I'm excited to watch it ❤️💕
hooper2711 15 timmar sedan
Marvel has already came out that goodner was the engineer.
Samuel Candelaria
Samuel Candelaria 15 timmar sedan
His face changed because your pic is not in HD. Pietro will really be Peter from X-Men universe. The necklace being broken will wake him up out of Agatha's spell. Dr. Strange will show up with.... Nightcrawler from X-Men universe. The Multiverse is collapsing! Also your spoilers are late. The engineer is not the skrull girl the soldier was
Aokami The Legend
Aokami The Legend 15 timmar sedan
I'm really Pissed if it's a spider verse movie I'll not waste my time I want it to be tom and Tom only >:(
Swaroop B
Swaroop B 15 timmar sedan
You drove me more insane with these details. 11:11 also looks like the red coloured Smile in his makeup.
Peter S.
Peter S. 15 timmar sedan
For anyone reading this pls keep in mind that if the cameo reveal turns out to be John Kraskinki's Reed Richard, pls come back and like this comment.
Space Citizen
Space Citizen 15 timmar sedan
Hope the last episode isn’t 22mins
Malcolm Barnes
Malcolm Barnes 15 timmar sedan
Dr Strange on mid/post credit scene Eps 9..
Michael Land
Michael Land 16 timmar sedan
If the DCEU would have just taken their time and not rushed to catch up to Marvel. They should have done a couple Man of Steel, Batman, Wonder Woman movies instead of rushing BvS.
Kyle Saritelli
Kyle Saritelli 16 timmar sedan
Yeah, totally not Kevin Bacon. Paul worked with a guy, who worked with a guy, who worked with a guy, who worked with a guy, who worked with Kevin Bacon.
Loraine Rocha
Loraine Rocha 16 timmar sedan
Does anyone know the meaning of the mural on Leanne’s wall?
Sam Turner
Sam Turner 16 timmar sedan
Dr Strange vs Agatha would be sick AF lol
Goodfellas Pizza
Goodfellas Pizza 16 timmar sedan
Can’t wait for the finale, but not ready for the inevitable heartbreak as Wanda has to kill Vision all over again.
Stevie Smith
Stevie Smith 16 timmar sedan
Great casting..... everytime I've seen Hiroyuki Sanada I've been like he would make a perfect Hanzo Hasashi(Scorpion). The casting of Shang Tsung is good as well.... but I would have liked to see Cary-Hiro Tagawa reprise his role as the Old Man version of Shang.
48H1L45H 16 timmar sedan
This sounds like making a meaning to my life.
Mermaidreviews469 16 timmar sedan
I hope we get another X-man and Peters is quick sliver from fox and we get the multi-verse 💕
Bryan McFaul
Bryan McFaul 16 timmar sedan
Great video
Bryan Emplit
Bryan Emplit 16 timmar sedan
On Good Morning America, this morning, he copped to it being himself.
RANTY-_- 16 timmar sedan
I’m sorry but I can’t take vision dying other time I hardly handled the first one
Infantfaire 16 timmar sedan
Kat is also the only one who sees her past/future self and accepts rather than fights.
Dad 16 timmar sedan
I’m ready to cry during the season finale 🙃 who’s with me
binita baishya
binita baishya 15 timmar sedan
I'm here
brodieGT 16 timmar sedan
Love your videos! Also love how Marvel is making their "overarching villian" this phase much more cryptic - or at least it seems that way! Thanos was kinda in your face from early on.
Matt Vanderwerff
Matt Vanderwerff 16 timmar sedan
11 minutes in and just recognized the Rocket League music
Timothy Barbour
Timothy Barbour 16 timmar sedan
im sad i have to wait a year for this to finish
Ken Lamella
Ken Lamella 16 timmar sedan
No Skrulls. No Nightmare.
Ken Lamella
Ken Lamella 16 timmar sedan
Wanda says, "....More Mutants."
Ken Lamella
Ken Lamella 16 timmar sedan
Doc Strange,Wong and Mark Hamil final ep. A mutant who makes the sound "bamf."
Ken Lamella
Ken Lamella 16 timmar sedan
Paul was talking about himself.
Ken Lamella
Ken Lamella 16 timmar sedan
Matt Shakman said no Reed Richards 😞 but pleaded the 5th on Wonder Man. 😃
bill murray
bill murray 16 timmar sedan
i honestly didn't really like it.
The Letter Ten
The Letter Ten 17 timmar sedan
Paul Bettany confirmed on Good Morning America that he was indeed talking about himself.
The Artcher
The Artcher 17 timmar sedan
Love these theories!!!! just subbed
Matt Bacchi
Matt Bacchi 17 timmar sedan
I really love what Disney has done here, I feel like they've done such a good job so far, and have set such a precedence for future MCU/disney+ shows. Love getting these breakdowns and predictions from you every few days!
Mspbrwn77 17 timmar sedan
I feel like it’s her skrull friend from childhood
Robbie Cordero
Robbie Cordero 17 timmar sedan
This video would be so much more wonderful... if it wasn't for having to sit through 10 ADVERTISEMENTS. EFF YOU SEmost. ( but really wonderful job Heavy Spoilers! )
bigdg85 17 timmar sedan
I don’t think Vision makes it out of this, i think the only cameos well see is Doctor Strange, and a quick glimpse of the big bad. The guy Monica refers to is def a skrull. Agatha is going to steal the kiddos and Wanda will have to chase after them.
Pop Culture Chameleon
Pop Culture Chameleon 17 timmar sedan
I think the predictions are pretty much spot on
Alex Goldsby
Alex Goldsby 17 timmar sedan
In my opinion they have too much to answer in 50min. We need one more episode!!
SoapCanMan 17 timmar sedan
people need to remember this isn't like phase 3 it's more like phase 1 the we aren't going to see another infinity war style thing for the next few years.
Neiamenase 17 timmar sedan
I think we should blame the hacker instead of the writer.... season 8 plot has been massively changed due to that hacker Thats was a rushed version
DoeMusic 17 timmar sedan
I really don't see any fucking sense in blackwashing Mileena.
Aaron d'Amar Atelier
Aaron d'Amar Atelier 17 timmar sedan
Have we all forgotten that shuri has a download of vision's brain in wakanda? What if his consciousness becomes jarvis again for wanda to have an online boyfriend?
JB And Son Knives
JB And Son Knives 17 timmar sedan
I think it is definitely the necronomicon, and the cameo paul bettany was referring to was the greatest actor of all time bruce campbell. My prediction is ash come for the necronmicon, tell Agatha it was just pillow talk baby before he steals the book klaatu verata niktiehchsh
Woodworking and Epoxy
Woodworking and Epoxy 17 timmar sedan
Hopefully the 2 visions will merge at some point or white vision will regain his memory
Lauren 17 timmar sedan
I just can't wait for this to be the series I come back to when I need a good laugh proceeded by a cry
A person Who comments
A person Who comments 17 timmar sedan
Honestly think vision won’t make it or will pull another sacrifice Dr strange showing up does seem necessary at this point maybe he was late to the party for a good reason?
chara 17 timmar sedan
Só vim aqui só pra ver o tapão que o godzilla deu no king Kong
Eric Joly
Eric Joly 18 timmar sedan
I like your Necronomicon theory 🤔
Gustavo Aragon
Gustavo Aragon 18 timmar sedan
This video is so full of shit
Bob Willington
Bob Willington 18 timmar sedan
Your knowledge is second to none! Such an amazing show and nothing gets past you. Absolute legend.
Matiss Skujins
Matiss Skujins 18 timmar sedan
Normog Gaming
Normog Gaming 18 timmar sedan
His face in that pic has been bugging me 😅
Avery Leerling
Avery Leerling 18 timmar sedan
pff why has it to end.
Bryce Birkinbine
Bryce Birkinbine 18 timmar sedan
You think that Nightcrawler leak might be true?
Malcolm D.Wilkerson
Malcolm D.Wilkerson 18 timmar sedan
I think every now and then about re watching it. Remember scenes where when the wall was attacked, we saw White Walkers castle etc. But then i just cant even convince myself to watch those episodes since i know how it ends, where it leads. its THAT bad, that you cant even re watch the awesome episodes...not even the one where they where saving the people, and night king raises his hands
Viviana Mora
Viviana Mora 18 timmar sedan
Is it Friday yet?!
Sangram 17
Sangram 17 18 timmar sedan
The last few weeks flew by fast
James Bellamy
James Bellamy 19 timmar sedan
I kinda have a feeling nightcrawler might show up 🤨
Lunga Biyela
Lunga Biyela 19 timmar sedan
The fight between Vision and White Vision will end like this: White Vision has Vision beat and is about to deliver the killer blow. Vision: You're letting him kill Wanda! White Vision: What? Vision: Find him, save Wanda! White Vision: What does that mean? Why did you say that name? WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME????