Uk’otoa Sea Shanty
nobody nobody
nobody nobody 7 minuter sedan
Everybody has disadvantage in perception checks except for Beau. 😂😂😂 Even if she rolls 12, she can still see something 😂 but in other's case it's too dark, it's really foggy so can't see..yhh ok
Lol Meister
Lol Meister 13 minuter sedan
Catch up gang 6/19/2021 I cannot express how giddy I was at the end of the last episode. Behir never really get to show up, and I recognized it it immediately b/c of the lizard-like description + Giants up front. I love the idea of these all powerful dragons being hunted by the equivalent of the hobo on the corner, except the hobo has a bazooka and a vendetta.
Dashton Creed
Dashton Creed 15 minuter sedan
Yo, where is Travis and Laura?!
VapeGoat 18 minuter sedan
Every scene with Dairon leaves me wondering why the group allows her to hang around
The DizzMeister
The DizzMeister 25 minuter sedan
This is amazing. The love these people have for this game is incredible.
Sebastian 42 minuter sedan
You can really see how huge Sams teeth are with that makeup on
Robert Strickland
Robert Strickland 50 minuter sedan
When will the episode 2 be out? Just wondering.
ash green
ash green 51 minut sedan
Spoiler Thanks guys for a great campaign loved the whole thing. Taliesin loved the journey you took Molly on I think Kingsley was a fantastic ending
William Hutton
William Hutton 59 minuter sedan
Will the Tal'Doria campaign book ever be reprinted?
anonymous vids
anonymous vids Timme sedan
..... Is this campaign 3?
Bill Carroll
Bill Carroll Timme sedan
Wilhelm scream
LazyNoodle Timme sedan
I love the mental image of a bunch of adventurers having a guided meditation session in a middle of a zombie swamp
Bryito Timme sedan
Nice op🤩👍
Cavers Timme sedan
Jesus christ what an intimidatingly impressive person. Riegel you are way out of your league!
ZeroIsMany Timme sedan
I'm interested, but not very excited. Campaign 1 is still my favorite, because I love Matt as a DM, Marisha, Travis, and Sam as players. Losing just one component of that hurt campaign 2 for me, and losing another three might kill it.
Mizuna Timme sedan
Matt’s Travis impression is on point.
Ettina Kitten
Ettina Kitten Timme sedan
13:49 That was my brother and my Dad, both of them had full beards by the age of 13. Both regularly mistaken for older - my uncle used to drag my Dad along on pub-crawls and he didn't get carded, and my brother had adult women hitting on him and being surprised and disappointed to hear he was under 18.
Sabine Kock
Sabine Kock Timme sedan
Spoilers for this episode If one of these fool dies, AGAIN, I swear to Sarenrae... I'm still not over Molly. My heart cant take that kind of abuse..
Javelin \[Y]/
Javelin \[Y]/ Timme sedan
WearHoodies 2 timmar sedan
But what if it was on Spotify
Brandon Shultz
Brandon Shultz 2 timmar sedan
Sam sounds like scrooge McDuck when he did the scottish accent
Martín Vallejo
Martín Vallejo 2 timmar sedan
I love that Fjord just sent a bunch of rangers to their death without a flinch, and has been pushing for the party to stay an the chase in spite of everything, all very stoic and stuff, and what brakes him is losing his hair
Majestic 2 timmar sedan
When the munk wants a fight but spellcasters are tapped...
Campus Safety
Campus Safety 2 timmar sedan
Lol Travis's allergies hit different now that we know the pandemic was spreading at this time.
LoganBluth 2 timmar sedan
Okay, remember that time Jester cast "Tongues" and spoke Zemnian, and the cast all laughed about how English actors sound when doing American accents.....? Yeah, I don't think they can complain about that anymore, most of these English accents were downright PAINFUL! Not to say I don't absolutely love everyone in this video, but..., I mean, people in glass houses..... 🤣
Shigeruken 2 timmar sedan
Loudness Equalization helps a lot if you're on windows. Remember to turn it off after the episode though.
Campus Safety
Campus Safety 2 timmar sedan
Kinda gotten bogged down with this campaign ngl. This arc of Beau's backstory is not very good. Hope it picks up. Beau is the least interesting character this season imo.
Darth Inhilus
Darth Inhilus 2 timmar sedan
laura asks for pastries, "are we talking good pastries?" haha priorities man i love her
EsmerianDreamer 2 timmar sedan
Let's see if I will manage to follow this one from start to end instead if my ADHD stopping me from doing so like with VM and M9 ;7;
Tim Tam
Tim Tam 2 timmar sedan
stoked for the bad dragon uk'otoa
Phantom Blot
Phantom Blot 3 timmar sedan
I'm glad she never joined the CIA. It is a terrible organisation.
Colder 3 timmar sedan
" I have a series of umm.. expectations? But i wouldn't call it a plan" 1:29:30 So basically how i live my life
poofballoon TM
poofballoon TM 3 timmar sedan
Boedal 3 timmar sedan
Im a full-time lurker but man I can not keep my mouth shut now. If I EVER get the chance to meet you guys at an event I hope I get the time to express my gratitude to all of you individually. For now short commendations have to be enough. Matt: I have so much to say and just not enough time. Your story’s… have been such an important part of my life. You have shown me that a little story, a lot of effort and a mountain of passion can bring joy to everyone around you. Thank you for bringing imagination to life and thank you for all your sweat, tears and hard work you put into this game for your friends and us to enjoy. Matt, if I could, I would give you the biggest hug. But I will wish you the greatest life of all. May other appreciate your work as much as I do! Also seeing you get so emotional over the time you spend with your friends and the story’s you create, has to be one of the most heart wrenching moments of this show. Much love Matthew. Travis: oh boy. Don’t take this the wrong way Travis, but you have been like a father figure to me that was sadly absent from my own life. You have taught me, especially your character Fjord, how hard it can be to make decisions. That you have to stand by your choices and deal with the consequences. That taking responsibility for others is a weight that lays heavy in your shoulders. But also that you should never be afraid to ask for help. Because no matter how strong and cunning you are, you just can’t kill an evil god without your friends. You also gotta be the best type of player on a D&D table I have ever seen. Watching you support your friends and enjoy the game with them, not just your own is invigorating to see. For all that I haven’t mentioned, I love you all, I just don’t want to write the longest comment in YT history every. My promise still stands, if I get to meet you all, you are all getting a big hug. Thank you.
Hunter Cohen
Hunter Cohen 3 timmar sedan
Just started
Hugo Huisman
Hugo Huisman 3 timmar sedan
Handbooker Helper: Stealth please!
Mike Horner
Mike Horner 3 timmar sedan
Liam the DM date master
bradly christmas
bradly christmas 3 timmar sedan
The cross over episode just aired, and this is the first episode I see after that. Is this, fate?
Brad Brandow
Brad Brandow 3 timmar sedan
Yes I'm so happy
Christopher Rowley
Christopher Rowley 4 timmar sedan
I haven't played 5e myself, but the Advantage Disadvantage rules seem like sacrificing too much in the favour of streamlined rules. Nott is invisible, and the giants only get disadvantage on their attack rolls??? That's the same negative as attacking a prone creature! I prefer the DM just assigning +/- whatever based on the situation. I understand the problem of having endless lists and feeling like you need to memorize all the bonuses and penalties. But you don't have to do that either. DM: "Hmmm, you're invisible, that should be pretty hard to hit. They get -7 to their attack rolls." That's good enough and way more reasonable than only ever having the same bonus or penalty no matter what
Soulreaperkid81 4 timmar sedan
Is this campaign 3????
Soulreaperkid81 42 minuter sedan
@Christoffer Olsen oh I guess you can’t do a campaign without Laura 😯
Christoffer Olsen
Christoffer Olsen 3 timmar sedan
no, this is a mini series while matt is still preparing campaign 3
AlX TheGrin
AlX TheGrin 4 timmar sedan
Fjond Fjarewells!
Walter Severyn
Walter Severyn 4 timmar sedan
Without Sam just isn't the same.. honestly watch it for Sam and Travis and their interactions
MGColin 5 timmar sedan
Am I dumb or is spiritual weapon only 2d8 at 4th level? The spell says 1d8 per 2 slots above 2nd.
Jason Ginis
Jason Ginis 5 timmar sedan
One thing i hope people dont start doing is compare Aabria with Matt. Their dming style is 100% going to be different and thats the point so dont be too critical (pun intented) on her. I cant wait for the new series to start.
Jason Ginis
Jason Ginis 3 timmar sedan
@Follow the howl Well in the snowflake ages everyone is critical on everyone because nobody wishes to admit people have the right to have different tastes. But from what ive seen more people like Matt than dislike him, they mostly hate the fanbase because on average they cant accept a negative comment about critical role.
Follow the howl
Follow the howl 5 timmar sedan
People are too critical on Matt, there's always going to be toxic haters nit-picking and judging.
DangerDurians 5 timmar sedan
I’m watching this almost immediately after the season has ended Hopefully I will have caught up in time for campaign 3
Alexander Klein
Alexander Klein 5 timmar sedan
Roper fight round one. Matt makes too many tendril attacks... bad GM bad *grabs water spray bottle*
Tim Tam
Tim Tam 5 timmar sedan
Beau's basically a god
Thanasis1248 5 timmar sedan
47th minute Fjord agrees about the dangers of engaging the tombtakers to the rangers, fast forward and he sacrifices them so the party can sleep -_-
M. AnGeLoz
M. AnGeLoz 5 timmar sedan
last commenters are ayear old. Funny here near the end "holy sh** F***" yeah dude, you passed the test lol bro
Flop 22
Flop 22 5 timmar sedan
Is Ashley wearing an Exandria Unlimited shirt? Please correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure Exandria Unlimited was not announced until very recently.
Onuma 5 timmar sedan
It's just you and me, Titties.
M. AnGeLoz
M. AnGeLoz 5 timmar sedan
i gotta go them places. I've been at the winchester house but wanna go ghost hunting
M. AnGeLoz
M. AnGeLoz 6 timmar sedan
ok, my wife's not gonna like this channel but I am a big fan of "why so serious"- joker customized masks and I just got a "No Fear" hat
michaelseparovich 6 timmar sedan
I feel like jumping past uthodurn would be a solid place to find precious stones and mercury... Also for travelling in the north i feel like one person as a wooly mammoth and everyone on its back could be more efficient than multiple eagles.
PriceToPay 6 timmar sedan
Now I want Matthew Lillard to return as a monk so he can play a character that is Ultra Instinct Shaggy xD
Max is a fan boy
Max is a fan boy 6 timmar sedan
what the FUCK was that infomercial i stg
Adam Jenkins
Adam Jenkins 6 timmar sedan
Full murder, minimal hobo.
Corban Romm
Corban Romm 6 timmar sedan
I love that Laura is so committed to playing, that she is rolling at home for Jester’s checks even though she is sick.
SeerOfTime 6 timmar sedan
LuvYT 6 timmar sedan
Man I need Marisha to be the barbarian in C3 because MAN she is an absolute tank of a person. Appreciate her so much.
jamcdonald120 7 timmar sedan
12:28:00 lot a brave people who sacrificed them selves..... Dont be one of those
taothor 7 timmar sedan
Actually moment: the magic shield should negate all magical EFFECTS not only spells
jamcdonald120 7 timmar sedan
1:22:15 he needs to know how to use a knife too. And lockpicks
TOMAS DEMETER 7 timmar sedan
Cassandra Cage
DisingenuousJely 7 timmar sedan
This will always be a shining example of a situation that no one really points out/talks about but I love it to no end... When the bounds of reality break down and conversations get a bit wild. We had Characters defending their actions to the DM and other PLAYERS all the while other Characters were trying to diffuse the situation among both Characters and Players. Travis was talking directly to Caleb as Caleb was channeling memories from X amount of years ago from a guy he doesn't know and a situation he wasn't even involved with. I love when players are a bit TOO in to character and you get to talk to the characters and it gets a bit goofy...
KeyserSoze1972 7 timmar sedan
Looks dumb
Parafoxl 7 timmar sedan
3:15:34 That moment. Sam. Dude.
Kipix 7 timmar sedan
G. May
G. May 7 timmar sedan
I accidentally got spoilered how Kiri was gonna leave, M9 in tears and the hilariousness of Sam Riegel, so I thought, aw man, now I already know. Turns out I was still in tears both from sadness about how a fictional baby bird left a fictional group of adventurers AND from pure WTF due to Sam's Waluigi looks xD
ultimatelegend18 7 timmar sedan
Z-nyx Kibishīdesu
Z-nyx Kibishīdesu 8 timmar sedan
Chance Law
Chance Law 8 timmar sedan
"welcome... To xhorhassic park" Sam is absolutely the best 😆
Mike Bartlett
Mike Bartlett 8 timmar sedan
But, what about critical role land
dyslexicfaser 8 timmar sedan
Jester once again soliciting money for spell components. On the one hand, I get it as a sort of party resource; on the other, Caleb is constantly buying incense and fancy paper for his spells and nobody except Nott ever spots him money
Morgan Taylor
Morgan Taylor 9 timmar sedan
I find it hilarious that people last episode commented about how Taliesin was going to heal way more than Laura did, and this episode both clerics just flat out ignored Caleb when he's on death's door for other things.
Joe Casanova
Joe Casanova 9 timmar sedan
the light in Sam's eyes 27:01
Awakend Table
Awakend Table 9 timmar sedan
Don't teflings already have fire resistance?
Natto Jelly
Natto Jelly 9 timmar sedan
I am sure I am not the only one taking screenshots of the fan arts to look up the artists later. They are so AMAZING I get chills everytime
Talleywa 9 timmar sedan
It seemed like a lot of the real tear jerking moments were scattered throughout the campaign But it was still a solid finale, there was clearly really nowhere else to go after Lucian. Also can we appreciate the fact that despite having the element of surprise three times over and up to 5 rounds of free prep it only took around 30s of in game time for an Archmage of the Cerberus Assembly to get absolutely dunked on?