Game Theory: FNAF, The New Breed
MidnightBlaze16 9 timmar sedan
"She can see what we see, and take on our abilities, like the most important ability of all - just being a person" *looks at Ennard* goDDAMMIT, AGAIN!?!
Soupy Wolf5
Soupy Wolf5 9 timmar sedan
Fun fact: whenever you have diamonds on your person, your chances of dying in lava increase by 300%
Camden Cyr
Camden Cyr 9 timmar sedan
The koopalings are Bowser's brother's kids so bowser took custody of them when the real Morton Koopa (bowser's brother) died.
LavishGraph 22
LavishGraph 22 9 timmar sedan
I was half expecting MatPat to say "This video is sponsored by Skill share!"
CRISTAL FLAME 9 timmar sedan
manglegame 9 timmar sedan
Wait blood pops are pomegranate ice pops
KenO & Stuff
KenO & Stuff 9 timmar sedan
Do you ever think that Mat Pat might be over thinking everything? This is a kids game with this much meaning? YES, YES IT IS.
KindaDutchGaming :o
KindaDutchGaming :o 9 timmar sedan
1:32 actually: The shiny chance of a wild Pokemon encounter is 1 in 8192 in Pokemon generations 1 through 4. In Pokemon generations 5 through 8 the chances of finding a shiny Pokemon are nearly HALVED changing the chances of finding shiny Pokemon from 1 in 8192 to a mere 1 in 4296 with some exceptions. Naming a few of those exceptions: The Poke-Radar with a chain of 20 or 30 (I don't remember) and the Ultra-Space ride minigame in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon having a 1 in 33 chance of finding a shiny Pokemon when going into the correct Ultra-Wormhole.
Nicholas Forestieri
Nicholas Forestieri 9 timmar sedan
What if you just want to game
Xynemer 9 timmar sedan
3:15 dang, them hufflepuffs getting some fancy animals
Nintendope 9 timmar sedan
We don't care we just like to gamble in kids video games 🙃
Nintendope 9 timmar sedan
Cant my shiny blissy just die already...
Froddy foozbarr
Froddy foozbarr 9 timmar sedan
When my name is Jake:
Breakfast is important
Breakfast is important 9 timmar sedan
He should stream Pokémon on GT Live
Memeber Berry
Memeber Berry 9 timmar sedan
Idk where u found out this info but all our lakes are not that fresh. Lake Ontario is connected to many major and minor city's and harbors
King 150
King 150 9 timmar sedan
I will miss my shiny charzaid
Trenton Seaholtz
Trenton Seaholtz 9 timmar sedan
when is the intro hitting Spotify
Strange 9 timmar sedan
He should make a video about risk of rain 2
BruhCator 9 timmar sedan
Little nigtmares theory when?
Cautiontape.mp4 9 timmar sedan
Macca Macaulay
Macca Macaulay 9 timmar sedan
Both shiny and non-shiny zapdos have blue tips on the black spikes of its wings. This is most evident in Pokémon Go. I thought I’d share that.
Faaz does stuff
Faaz does stuff 9 timmar sedan
Emony Harris
Emony Harris 9 timmar sedan
That changes my mind on minecraft alot😔😔
Gacha life_ Carol
Gacha life_ Carol 9 timmar sedan
LEGO clone trooper
LEGO clone trooper 9 timmar sedan
rtgame genociding 4thousand wooloos
megutrp 9 timmar sedan
i got a green zubat while watching this lol
123 9 timmar sedan
A fun experiment would be to catch an elephant. Then make the ball roll inside a pipe of the same size. Now release the pokemon with A stick. :D
Pastel Colors
Pastel Colors 9 timmar sedan
Mat pat "we never see him die " William " OMG just get it in to you head that I ALWAYS COME BACC "
just rose
just rose 9 timmar sedan
My grandpa had a pet blue crawfish for several years when I was a kid. He named him Indigo Montoya
Gabriela Hillier
Gabriela Hillier 9 timmar sedan
Should have told “AngryCommentMan” to check his spelling and his manners 😌✊
Jace Michael
Jace Michael 9 timmar sedan
Hey Mat while we wait for security breach to come out maybe you can do a theory on a really creepy playlist I found on SEmost. It’s called, “The Walton Files.” I don’t know if you care for it or will even see this but it was just a suggestion. If you do see this then while you watch the playlist I think you should check the comment section there’s some clues to help you figure out what’s happening. Anyways I love your videos Mat keep up the good work! Here’s the playlist link.
Yellow Imposter
Yellow Imposter 9 timmar sedan
What about people like bowser with a protective shell? Is he cheese graded
Timothy Dodd
Timothy Dodd 9 timmar sedan
So I tend to make connections between things I see or hear that no one else sees, but did anyone else besides me think of Darkiplier when Golden Freddy’s eyes lit up red and blue in this video? Because... you know... Darkiplier is two souls... one of them’s blue, and... the other’s red and stuff...? Anyone?
Patricia Perconti
Patricia Perconti 9 timmar sedan
He's here He's there He's everyone Who ya gonna call Random guy in the comments who just hates MatPat and screams about how why his theories are unrealistic
Dylan Paserba
Dylan Paserba 9 timmar sedan
I was playing ultra sun and found a shiny hipowdon without even trying in the ultra wormhole
наима Турсынхан
наима Турсынхан 9 timmar sedan
Hi mi naima
Aries_thefiss23 xx
Aries_thefiss23 xx 9 timmar sedan
Small theory: I believe that the crying child’s name is actually Gregory. I say this because when I watched the new trailer, I brightened up one of the scenes and saw the stripes on the shirt, just like the crying child’s shirt.
Aries_thefiss23 xx
Aries_thefiss23 xx 9 timmar sedan
@Kusou Saiki that is true on all levels
Kusou Saiki
Kusou Saiki 9 timmar sedan
That could also explain why vanny chases us and the "i'll put you back together" meaning that william put gregory/c.c back together And now needs something that gregory has Something that might be like a life giver And vanny needs it to finish william
Kusou Saiki
Kusou Saiki 9 timmar sedan
Fighterfoxxx 7
Fighterfoxxx 7 9 timmar sedan
i swear every single time i watch that intro i see more and more refrences... WILL IT EVER STOP!??
Azarel Zebaoth
Azarel Zebaoth 9 timmar sedan
I have snake
1 Hour Tunes
1 Hour Tunes 9 timmar sedan
me hmm lets farm these guys
Gabie Lestrange
Gabie Lestrange 9 timmar sedan
Everyone: he teaches me better than my physics and science teachers! Me: Wait- I thought a minecraft day is 7 minutes long and a night is 5 minutes long???
Memeber Berry
Memeber Berry 9 timmar sedan
I would skip every matpat intro the there was a button to. All channel's
Fiona the sheep
Fiona the sheep 9 timmar sedan
I randomly encountered a shiny cloud bird that was yellow, so I named it mustard.
Memeber Berry
Memeber Berry 9 timmar sedan
You never see Austin doing cheesy intros..... idk why you do
crezy dmitri studios
crezy dmitri studios 9 timmar sedan
no its the endo
Patricia Perconti
Patricia Perconti 9 timmar sedan
Wait.... not to sound dumb, but I thought Micheal Afton was crying child
Kusou Saiki
Kusou Saiki 9 timmar sedan
It's a theory
Ugh it’s Lauren
Ugh it’s Lauren 9 timmar sedan
The pattern of the sponges in the room looks like they were speed placing too
Josue Eric Wong
Josue Eric Wong 9 timmar sedan
As a Pokemon shiny hunter or shiny collectorthis is concerning
Yellow Imposter
Yellow Imposter 9 timmar sedan
GlobeTV 9 timmar sedan
Where was Markiplier 😭😭😭
Natalie Gourlay
Natalie Gourlay 9 timmar sedan
What if the brother in fetch is crying child's actual brother and that story is before crying child was born that would make sense about when he killed his brother we have seen emotions in the game however when he killed his brother nothing happened he wasn't upset-
Speedy200 9 timmar sedan
When you said we should be using our diamonds on our hoes that also means IRL to if ya know what I mean.
Leonora Milutinovic\Arsovic
Leonora Milutinovic\Arsovic 9 timmar sedan
Its not made by man, Its made by manman XD
Gabe Ye Lad
Gabe Ye Lad 9 timmar sedan
My brother owns old Pokémon cards, he has a lot of cards.
Johnwel Enciso
Johnwel Enciso 9 timmar sedan
Klistal Yumi
Klistal Yumi 9 timmar sedan
Ithink crying childs name is chris afton
Kusou Saiki
Kusou Saiki 9 timmar sedan
Chris is a fanon name
NiceGuyJack 9 timmar sedan
I hope you’re doing well nowadays MatPat.
sup bro
sup bro 9 timmar sedan
as soon as i saw crab mat pat i knew it was gonna be the sing lol
krittin kovitvanichakanont
krittin kovitvanichakanont 9 timmar sedan
this is SCP material
Arsh X
Arsh X 9 timmar sedan
You forgot the different weapons and armors with different enchantments and each on has a different durability Plus sone plants can take random space on a block Plus things like smokers, furnaces, brewing stands that can have different items in them Plus any redstone device that has a couple of states Plus every villager has different trades with different prices Plus your xp Plus your health Plus your hunger bar Plus every other mob’s hp Plus different states of lava and water flows and adding each direction to it And it goes on and on and on
Gamingskull 153
Gamingskull 153 9 timmar sedan
aight here is my knowledge -gives knowledge-
M za
M za 9 timmar sedan
he clearly never heard of community days...
Gabe Ye Lad
Gabe Ye Lad 9 timmar sedan
Welcome to the show that ruins your childhood, yay
RC RC 9 timmar sedan
Oh crud, not my shiny victini
Slayeration 9 timmar sedan
Love the new intro !
Leonard Lafoe
Leonard Lafoe 9 timmar sedan
In response to your panda example, I'm happy to report that the giant panda is no longer on the endangered species list
Xs Slayer
Xs Slayer 9 timmar sedan
who else thought that this game would be simple and cute
Scarlett Mixon
Scarlett Mixon 9 timmar sedan
Jojo Shorts
Jojo Shorts 9 timmar sedan
What about the blaze spawner in the fortress
Deerplaysminecraft 9 timmar sedan
I guess the pokemon in the intro were hacked becuase they werent difrent pokemon
Leif Alley
Leif Alley 9 timmar sedan
pretty sure anyone who is a shiny hunter already had a foreign ditto before they watched this...
Gortis 9 timmar sedan
Shut up mat just shut up
Tabor Schureck
Tabor Schureck 9 timmar sedan
David Moeykens
David Moeykens 9 timmar sedan
You have a rare Pokémon
conno games
conno games 9 timmar sedan
Blufy 9 timmar sedan
can you make more ddlc videos?-
Benson Low
Benson Low 9 timmar sedan
So it's like heterochromia; It's cool to have 2 different eye colours, but it's also a sign of having a disease/illness
Rock girl
Rock girl 9 timmar sedan
Twitter: eat the rich Reddit: actually eats the rich