The NBA Arrives In Fortnite
Connor Denton
Connor Denton Timme sedan
I wonder how 50v50 would work in the current season
turpasauna 273
turpasauna 273 Timme sedan
Bruh mu stupid ass thought they meant the BAND mayhem and got excited for awhile.
HushEX 2 timmar sedan
Very top secret trailer epic. Smooth moves
Ethan Lu
Ethan Lu 2 timmar sedan
Sick. I like Chapter 2 Season 4
Ethan Lu
Ethan Lu 2 timmar sedan
Nexus War
Atara 2 timmar sedan
ZZZaft 2 timmar sedan
Do they realize this is a battle royale game? Why did I only see npc's?
Ravenstalker 99
Ravenstalker 99 2 timmar sedan
Take me back...
Wazza580 2 timmar sedan
Ar5n Gaming
Ar5n Gaming 2 timmar sedan
can you bringe season 2 back please the best season ever in fortnite
Ar5n Gaming
Ar5n Gaming 2 timmar sedan
do you agree
Thayna Vilela
Thayna Vilela 2 timmar sedan
funkstar 80
funkstar 80 2 timmar sedan
Sad thing is the are never going to be able to replicate of fortnite ever again
Gerryctm 2 timmar sedan
Best season ever
Sny 2 timmar sedan
Yo fortnite unban faze Jarvis
Adriano GAMER YT
Adriano GAMER YT 2 timmar sedan
Fortnite is 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢
Shreiyaa Anieksha
Shreiyaa Anieksha 3 timmar sedan
Pls pls pls pls pls have another world cup so that he can past down the world champion
ساسوكي العرب
ساسوكي العرب 3 timmar sedan
Abu Fella has more subscribers than his fortnite channel
Shreiyaa Anieksha
Shreiyaa Anieksha 3 timmar sedan
My dream
Ashley Nunes
Ashley Nunes 3 timmar sedan
Hello ID4 springs to mind and we all love that film
YetiMASTER 3 timmar sedan
Why rick just why
$WAG_man 3 timmar sedan
Its not a grenade launcher its a grenade aimbot
Lucas Lucas
Lucas Lucas 3 timmar sedan
I miss this season 😥
Kbros2kool KoolKids
Kbros2kool KoolKids 3 timmar sedan
Hello, if epic games see this go to our ticktock, it is named x3sweaty and we made an emote named BANG IT. We would really appreciate it if you agreed to put it in the game. Also, if you think we should add more movement, respond to our comment.
Sara Gavrilas
Sara Gavrilas 3 timmar sedan
Fortnite there is a player who uses aimbot his youtube channel is called dodoeu
Call of duty gamer
Call of duty gamer 4 timmar sedan
I’m out
HighsWind 4 timmar sedan
I find it funny that epic games tried to sue apple
layland johnson
layland johnson 4 timmar sedan
котёнок кусь кусь
котёнок кусь кусь 4 timmar sedan
When will you be back game in the play market, I have not played for 1 year, I really miss the game
Tartine Frauduleuse et gênante c nwar
Tartine Frauduleuse et gênante c nwar 4 timmar sedan
Hahahaha j'suis mort, il ont mis les sous-titres automatiquement tellement il est incompréhensible
Coolsnowboard -
Coolsnowboard - 4 timmar sedan
Fortnite you need to slow the speed of shooting a energy ball out of a U.F.O
Egirl Sarah
Egirl Sarah 5 timmar sedan
Disgusting season
Egirl Sarah
Egirl Sarah 5 timmar sedan
Rasul Shikhaliyev
Rasul Shikhaliyev 5 timmar sedan
Can you Do Ronaldo partner And give free
Ujay_Rdking Ruddick tati
Ujay_Rdking Ruddick tati 5 timmar sedan
Crystal Barron
Crystal Barron 5 timmar sedan
Fornite did ur daughter help u make the sunny skin?
KM 5 timmar sedan
Epic plz give it back please
MrBeef Yt
MrBeef Yt 5 timmar sedan
The day fortnite got ruined
Ibrahim tv plays
Ibrahim tv plays 5 timmar sedan
Soon it will be 2 year ago 😭
Muhib Shawon
Muhib Shawon 5 timmar sedan
Dead game
Abdalrahman MUSTAFA
Abdalrahman MUSTAFA 5 timmar sedan
This is when i start to play fortnite
Green Dude with a Red Shirt
Green Dude with a Red Shirt 5 timmar sedan
Glyph master Raz
CR4BBY 5 timmar sedan
1ixanhm8 .
1ixanhm8 . 5 timmar sedan
Fortnite the best game
Neeks 5 timmar sedan
This is called aimbot
Yohan Billimoria
Yohan Billimoria 5 timmar sedan
This gives me goosebumps each time I watch it. Amazing.
Aft0ns r3v3ng3
Aft0ns r3v3ng3 6 timmar sedan
:( I wanna go back
Spie 6 timmar sedan
literally 1984
mulu lisanework
mulu lisanework 6 timmar sedan
0:33 relies how how super man is playing fortnite and has the batman skin on
JadenTheGoat 6 timmar sedan
Does this still pop up for u guys 💔🥺
Lucas Wu
Lucas Wu 5 timmar sedan
Yep 😔
Marcelo Alanis
Marcelo Alanis 6 timmar sedan
axy 6 timmar sedan
Best season ever
RTGR8 6 timmar sedan
We now stand at the brink of war With an enemy we do not understand We face impossible odds And invaders within our ranks But we have something they don’t A REASON TO FIGHT Either you’ve always been here Or you’re. Visitor from another star This island is ours And if its war they want We’ll give it to em!
Fabio Galli
Fabio Galli 6 timmar sedan
RTGR8 6 timmar sedan
Eeeee krismaaaaaaa!
Single Pringle
Single Pringle 6 timmar sedan
Team meow meow!
Канал Bgf’a
Канал Bgf’a 6 timmar sedan
I like battle pass trailers like this.
Stealth-laze 7 timmar sedan
3 years ago today...
Brodusz 7 timmar sedan
We were all excited for new map with the same gameplay style and fun but then they decided to change graphics implement bots and many other stupid things and completely turned it into fortnite 2
Adan Noriega
Adan Noriega 7 timmar sedan
I wish that the secret skin is the foundation for this season but I don't think it is the secret skin is going to be Loki
Willy Wonka
Willy Wonka 7 timmar sedan
I want water
Mineral Gaming
Mineral Gaming 7 timmar sedan
EDMLand 7 timmar sedan
I thought it was Moonchild Sanelly on the cover ❤️😍👾
Eduardo Blas Ramírez
Eduardo Blas Ramírez 7 timmar sedan
FNAF Mochi
FNAF Mochi 7 timmar sedan
whos still here
stormeePS3 XM
stormeePS3 XM 7 timmar sedan
I neeeeeed the groto back
Jo247 7 timmar sedan
1 year ago… Time flies by way to fast man
Absorber 8 timmar sedan
i miss this
Noah Marcus
Noah Marcus 8 timmar sedan
Orillia should have a built in emote where she sits on her throne and the Grotto should return as a P.O.I for her
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide 8 timmar sedan
1:19 oh I thought epic forgot about the foundation
szymix 88
szymix 88 8 timmar sedan
J Martinez
J Martinez 8 timmar sedan
Euthim 8 timmar sedan
ACR Aurora
ACR Aurora 8 timmar sedan
3:37:47 wtf am I seeing and listening to z😂
Fezzverbal 8 timmar sedan
"Story" Didn't they abandon the story mode of this game in favour for the battle royale modes?
Silverpuffs 8 timmar sedan
Imagine if we’re still on this season
Sandra Gibbs
Sandra Gibbs 8 timmar sedan
I miss the food times when this mode was here. Now we got battle lab and honestly not fun
Maroun Meouchy
Maroun Meouchy 8 timmar sedan
1 year after 😪
Jakob gaming
Jakob gaming 2 timmar sedan
Wow it went so fast Edit: 0:20
Maroun Meouchy
Maroun Meouchy 8 timmar sedan
1 year after 😪
ACR Aurora
ACR Aurora 8 timmar sedan
3:21:47 I straight up thought they were going to kiss 😂😂
Flipper 515
Flipper 515 8 timmar sedan
Christen Eriksen