Fake Fortune Teller Prank!
NELK started a RIOT in Texas!
Coke Prank on Colombian Cops!
The Most Savage Pranks of 2020!
FULLSEND in the Middle East!
This video sucks horn
10 månader sedan
Merge 15 timmar sedan
The songs they use not giving a damn bout copyright Let's Fukin Goooo boys
Johnny Michoacan
Johnny Michoacan 15 timmar sedan
It would've been amazing if you screamed at them in Chinese and only spoke to them in Chinese
Jake Peplinski
Jake Peplinski 15 timmar sedan
get this shit in wisconsin
Bradlee Caldwell
Bradlee Caldwell 15 timmar sedan
This is some of the funniest wildest shit I have ever seen in my life!!!
Siraiya 15 timmar sedan
Nelk To 10 Mil🇨🇦
extiinx 15 timmar sedan
i know im late, i know i might be dumb for asking this BUT PLZ! WHATS THE SONG AT 7:00
Stevie Wonderz
Stevie Wonderz 16 timmar sedan
This is the Nelk I wanna see!
Guillermo Montoyo Hernandez-Goldfarb
Guillermo Montoyo Hernandez-Goldfarb 16 timmar sedan
Goofy bastids
Izhak Yosef
Izhak Yosef 16 timmar sedan
Do more vids with dana and the ufc
Howard Sharpe
Howard Sharpe 16 timmar sedan
I know people will think that these guys are stupid, but it takes serious quick thinking and good composure to keep up like they do in their situations
Christian Dunning
Christian Dunning 16 timmar sedan
Tj Rodriguez
Tj Rodriguez 16 timmar sedan
Wtf Salim
BW 16 timmar sedan
"What are we gonna do, play chess at night now?" LOL
Taumr S
Taumr S 16 timmar sedan
24:58 happy dad
vito miller
vito miller 16 timmar sedan
This video is explains everything from doin small pranks to private jets and partying with Nate diaz.... amazing
Jackthecutie 17 timmar sedan
The intro is like the wolf of Wall Street start haha
sub4 trump 20'
sub4 trump 20' 17 timmar sedan
3 mill sick ppl like this smh
Dan Kress
Dan Kress 17 timmar sedan
College D’3 😂😂😂😂
FORZA GLOBAL 17 timmar sedan
Love it 😂
GroghChamp 17 timmar sedan
anyone here after the fight?
Asherz 17 timmar sedan
1:05 to 1:24 seeing these 4 together like this in a video puts a tear in my eyes
BleedBlueNSilver1 17 timmar sedan
Casual ass JB appearance, slight dap up lol
flint smith
flint smith 17 timmar sedan
Yo Nelk can you fellas send a shipment of happy dad to chiefland Florida my name is flint big fan trying to support y’all full send is the best way to live this life 🤙🏼
Rohit Basi
Rohit Basi 17 timmar sedan
So happy Lucas came back!
EST 9xx
EST 9xx 17 timmar sedan
This had me rolling 🤣🤣
Usnn JSU’s
Usnn JSU’s 17 timmar sedan
Enrique Harker
Enrique Harker 17 timmar sedan
S Heywood
S Heywood 17 timmar sedan
We lost Salim boys
ben james
ben james 17 timmar sedan
Trumps awesome.
Ahmet D
Ahmet D 17 timmar sedan
23:29 that laugh tho 😂
Enrique Harker
Enrique Harker 17 timmar sedan
“Have them take sips” 😂😂😂
Sim & Jay
Sim & Jay 18 timmar sedan
that yacht guy is 100% jamaican lmao
RagingGamingHD 18 timmar sedan
Steve supplying the Biebs with the good stuff, Happy Dad
Chad Gardner
Chad Gardner 18 timmar sedan
charisse filteau
charisse filteau 18 timmar sedan
Premiered on my birthday. Nice! Heck of a nice gesture and gift!!
Orbit 18 timmar sedan
Wtf🤣🤣 23:29
Pseudo 18 timmar sedan
Kinda bothers me when I hear that smoke purp song when MAC11 by Zotiyac is 1,000X better 😐
tac c
tac c 18 timmar sedan
Unfortunately, that joke would not go well today.
Snopple Wopple
Snopple Wopple 18 timmar sedan
Maple Bear
Maple Bear 18 timmar sedan
Vitaly finna beat some ass!!! Some female ass!! No really, he beats women unprovoked.
Snopple Wopple
Snopple Wopple 18 timmar sedan
bruh lmao
B. McAllister
B. McAllister 18 timmar sedan
Poor Steve haha. They finally popped his NELK cherry with a crew prank. I felt bad for him because he seemed like a toddler that just got caught doing something bad and screamed at for the first time by his parents.
Arthur Morgan x
Arthur Morgan x 18 timmar sedan
Who’s the blonde?
Crosby Adams
Crosby Adams 18 timmar sedan
Who is the distributor for happy dad ! I’m in Georgia and have been talking to liquor stores and restaurants and they all are interested just need to know distributor so they can order some for the July 1st launch!! Please get back to me !!
TheeDevilWearsPrada 18 timmar sedan
lmao too bad the fights were fucking lame
SLEEPY-LION 18 timmar sedan
Imagine partying with Nate and Nick Diaz the same night as fight night
alex bueno
alex bueno 18 timmar sedan
Jesse is a thicc boi tho
Vetresy 18 timmar sedan
nah fuck bringing them corona bring them that happydad
Fuck You
Fuck You 19 timmar sedan
Fuck yeah, Washington state
Mads Xaeaii
Mads Xaeaii 19 timmar sedan
They got Lucas back?
Remington597man 19 timmar sedan
Was that Leo Dicapprio doing the Happy Dad ad?
Thomas Cradock
Thomas Cradock 19 timmar sedan
Spencer Goodwin
Spencer Goodwin 19 timmar sedan
Comment for the boys eh?
FishingWithDustin 19 timmar sedan
We need it in ohiooo
Colin Tate
Colin Tate 19 timmar sedan
When nelk spat on the ground I died laughing
Nature Spa - Relaxation, Sleep, Meditation Music
Nature Spa - Relaxation, Sleep, Meditation Music 19 timmar sedan
Justin Poovathingal
Justin Poovathingal 19 timmar sedan
10:17 Peep Auston Matthewssss bottom left
Holly Baker
Holly Baker 19 timmar sedan
Listen, Ive known this guy my whole life and he has a sense of humor. I don’t doubt that he knew they were messing with him the whole time. The amount of times I’ve sassed him as a sceptic teenager when he came over to hang out with my dad, he has to know. He has kids, he was a middle school teacher, he knows what SEmost is. He knows when he’s being BSed.
Ray B
Ray B 19 timmar sedan
Lookin like a couple ankle benders on the blades boys
Totti Santosa
Totti Santosa 19 timmar sedan
senni bgon
senni bgon 19 timmar sedan
Steve walking into Steve-o randomly was legendary.
Koolaid 20 timmar sedan
Hey I’m trying to buy that Happy Dad tank. Take my money!!
Donatas Koreiva
Donatas Koreiva 20 timmar sedan
I'll wait in the lsd room :DDD
senni bgon
senni bgon 19 timmar sedan
anybody else like being recorded while checking out a new home?
Garrett Kellogg-Clarke
Garrett Kellogg-Clarke 20 timmar sedan
Do lecture pranks
Oakley Jones
Oakley Jones 20 timmar sedan
yall rocking with “daddy drink”
Juice WRLD
Juice WRLD 20 timmar sedan
Everyone under 21: 😕
MRZ 20 timmar sedan
11:40 é o zoio caraikkkkkk
Ryz0x 06
Ryz0x 06 20 timmar sedan
i need a job boyss
HighLiner15 20 timmar sedan
Damn that chick wanted her Fish filet and she wanted it now!! She musta had the munchies or something, right boys?? 🤔🤦🤣🤣
smart guy
smart guy 20 timmar sedan
Music check.......katy Perry ..I dont know ...I dont know....lololololololol
Garter Head
Garter Head 20 timmar sedan
Where is Jesse?
Zeth O'Bryan
Zeth O'Bryan 20 timmar sedan
Salim went from home wrecker to home protector
jason paul
jason paul 20 timmar sedan
I will forever appreciate this channel, you've helped my family alot, your videos, advice, lessons and funny words are inspirational and helpful to us. My wife and I have been able to be minimal, conscious in spending, saving and investing wisely, I now earn every week. You're such a blessing to this generation. we all love you
richard jones
richard jones 20 timmar sedan
Dude emery is addicted to blow 😂