Molly Curran
Molly Curran 6 timmar sedan
Yes that is 100% an iron cross that is insane that no one caught that.
Molly Curran
Molly Curran 6 timmar sedan
ALSO PLEASE STOP GIVING TANA MONEY!! If you just ignore her and stop giving her money she’ll eventually fade into obscurity
Realitybeef Inc
Realitybeef Inc 7 timmar sedan
If that’s Sean, Jeffree is so tacky
candela rodriguez
candela rodriguez 7 timmar sedan
a popular necklace called viviente westwood- Girl 💀
candela rodriguez
candela rodriguez 7 timmar sedan
the lack of culture I-
Raquel Martinez
Raquel Martinez 7 timmar sedan
100% true this kid lied about his age tho
Chanelle Dupuis
Chanelle Dupuis 7 timmar sedan
I’m sorry but if these are your fav’s your taste in trash is impeccable.
Theresa Dunstan
Theresa Dunstan 7 timmar sedan
That’s more embarrassing for Jeffrey, like that’s Trisha’s ex... if I were trish I would be like have my sloppy seconds... if he sucks him off that means he is sucking Trisha’s fluids lol anytime you do the dead with someone their fluids, germs whatever you want to call it stay with you lol! Just like STD’s stay with you it’s the same thing just not all fluids have STDs. That’s why s e x is gross, but it works In Trisha’s favor she can be like how I taste though 🤣🤣 sorry this was gross but I had to say it that way for you to understand what I mean and also had to say fluids so it’s not to graphic 😂😂
Gaby Diaz
Gaby Diaz 7 timmar sedan
Those kids don’t even look old! They don’t even have full beard 🤦🏻‍♀️
benleander 7 timmar sedan
A popular necklace called Vivienne Westwood?? You know it's the designer's name, right? Kina created punk, kinda famous? haha
Neferi Waenre
Neferi Waenre 7 timmar sedan
i didn't think Jeffree could get any lower... such a cheap trash... i like Trisha and i hope she doesn't get messed up by this.
Water Nymph
Water Nymph 7 timmar sedan
I've never liked Ryan since the beginning your could tell he's just using Shane to get famous. He's annoying self centered manipulative and comes across really fake
Catherine Haze
Catherine Haze 7 timmar sedan
"A popular necklace called Vivienne Westwood"...girl...
nost0lgia 7 timmar sedan
Why do i feel like jeffree is doing this so people will forget about why he was originally cancelled for- let's remember that his apology was shit.
Marina 7 timmar sedan
The necklaces aren't called Vivienne Westwood, that's the designer. She's pretty famous. I feel old :D
BengiKayScarlet 7 timmar sedan
I call my best gf daddy lmao
Hadassah Smith
Hadassah Smith 7 timmar sedan
fyi she's been doing those kitchen floor videos for longer than her Vanderhilt phase.
laurence epoh
laurence epoh 7 timmar sedan
I don’t want to be rude but James is doing sexual harassment
CG Habs
CG Habs 7 timmar sedan
TikTok “creators” being treated like celebrities will always make me laugh
Alexis Rose
Alexis Rose 7 timmar sedan
Ah my favorite SEmost channel 🥴
Shaun Brierley
Shaun Brierley 7 timmar sedan
I am bored of celebrities and i hate paparazzi they just go too far.
juliana hausser
juliana hausser 7 timmar sedan
Who is honestly buying tanas shit? Literal shit
Andrea 7 timmar sedan
Omg Addison is literally undercover like I wouldn't even be able to see if it was her cause it just how much of her is covered up.
TN-T 7 timmar sedan
Vivienne Westwood is not a name of a necklace 😂 Vivienne Westwood is a very well-known fashion designer; she's old school, she's popular for her suits and wedding dresses and her unique style.
Andrea 7 timmar sedan
Bro jeffree really is reaching for attention like I feel bad for whoever he is messing with cause it's so clear that ur just a social media post to him and he doesn't care about you. No wonder Nate left
Andrea 7 timmar sedan
Did the thumbnail change or am I crazy
Amy Morgan
Amy Morgan 7 timmar sedan
Bro we are talking about Tana.....bet my ass she has no idea of what an iron cross is and could not care less to do a research Lol
SqueenSlays 8 timmar sedan
I'm pretty sure Trisha was waiting for an opportunity to say something bout James since the charli situation
Julia Rebel
Julia Rebel 8 timmar sedan
If it’s okay for Trisha to hang out with Jon Hill, I don’t see a problem with Jeffree and Trishas ex-boyfriend
N Mac
N Mac 8 timmar sedan
OMG why is paparazzi so aggressive
Today’s Tomorrow
Today’s Tomorrow 8 timmar sedan
You people are all nuts!
mariah love
mariah love 8 timmar sedan
All I have to say this this stuff really annoys me because y’all gave him a platform to begin with.... instead of taking the platform away you rather post a Tea video and bash him so not only is he not to have a platform but he’s getting more clout???????? I bet he feels terrible for his wrong y’all can’t leave nobody alone
Monserrat Galvez
Monserrat Galvez 8 timmar sedan
I bet if you pull two of the pearls aside.. you’ll find yourself a luxurious string of rubber band.
Elise Daly
Elise Daly 8 timmar sedan
It’s not his falt
Amanda Wilkerson
Amanda Wilkerson 8 timmar sedan
Why did the guy have audio of his conversation. Sketchy
Shae Wright
Shae Wright 8 timmar sedan
Hey so Shane and Jeffree were right...::
Monserrat Galvez
Monserrat Galvez 8 timmar sedan
He says he’s like a 40 year old... yea a predator like most of them seeking young children to manipulate into doing things they don’t want to.
Yoselyn Portillo
Yoselyn Portillo 8 timmar sedan
am i the only one who thinks the intro song is catchy and sings it 😂
Slntbisla 8 timmar sedan
Omg lmao how embarrassing for Sean
Nubia-Rdrgz 8 timmar sedan
Am the only that notices the voice changed with tea spill
Hendry-R. 8 timmar sedan
i dont care about some tiktok brats that 12year olds giggle and fan over
Bubble bass
Bubble bass 8 timmar sedan
I honestly don’t think Trisha cares anymore. She’s engaged yo
Lee Lopez
Lee Lopez 8 timmar sedan
🤔 paparazzi are not crossing the line they’ve always done this and I think it’s messed up that people are now caring that the paparazzi do this now instead of the past when they did even worse like taking pictures of people in private time ? These people wanted fame and knew what came with it and now they’re crying cause they have it
Sarah ღ
Sarah ღ 8 timmar sedan
I'm still a little confused by the iron cross still after googling it- It's the same shape as the Victorian cross??? Is it problematic because of the swastikas??
Stephanie Matz
Stephanie Matz 8 timmar sedan
Wait WHAT... Sam was in my sorority in college! Thats wild!
Morgan Neu
Morgan Neu 8 timmar sedan
Why cant people leave addison alone she seems like shes hurt and clearly doesnt want to talk ab it
Melanie Burring
Melanie Burring 8 timmar sedan
Tana and her dogger and offensive crap yep let's go pay for that NOT .how does she get away with this ..I can think of 100s of crap I could buy that is not offensive and won't fall apart within 5 minutes.. Please just don't buy this SAVE your money PLEASE. Xxxx
Shelly Groves
Shelly Groves 8 timmar sedan
So paparazzi has been doing this for DECADES, yet people are just now upset because of some tik-tok star? Or what ever she is? Princess Diana possibly died because of how aggressive paparazzi were toward her. This HAS BEEN a disturbing problem, so why is it NOW that people actually give a shit?
Lisa Lucker
Lisa Lucker 9 timmar sedan
I'm from Germany, so I know the cross... let's just say, it's... unfortunate 🤦🏼‍♀️🙄
selena soledad
selena soledad 9 timmar sedan
period bretman !🤣
Summer Schandoney
Summer Schandoney 9 timmar sedan
So was Tati and Jeffree right🤨
Raven Rose Darcy
Raven Rose Darcy 9 timmar sedan
Can I just say that I am getting tired of SEmost demonetizing people for using certain words. RAPE, PEDOPHILIA, PREDATORS, RACISM, HOMOPHOBIA, SEXUAL HARASSMENT, GROOMING, NUDES ARE THINGS SEmost, THEY ARE ACTUAL REAL WORLD PROBLEMS, MAKING PEOPLE LEAVE THOSE TERMS OUT OF VIDEOS IS NOT GOING TO MAKE THEM MAGICALLY GO AWAY. These things are happening in the world, not talking about these things is wrong, we should be educating not covering up these things
justine 9 timmar sedan
eyerin cross lol
Melanie Burring
Melanie Burring 9 timmar sedan
Does it really matter on who's dating who it's no ones business. There are more important things going on in the world 🌎. Just saying..
Katie Bates
Katie Bates 9 timmar sedan
I hate paparazzi
Isabella Walker
Isabella Walker 9 timmar sedan
i think james is a good person but does dumb shit
JadedGaming 9 timmar sedan
I really TRULY hate the paparazzi.
fruity._fidgets._ 9 timmar sedan
Sorry im late do u still love me🥺
Renad AlBrkat
Renad AlBrkat 9 timmar sedan
not tik tokers acting like real celebs
Beatriz Rocha
Beatriz Rocha 9 timmar sedan
poor addison :(
SYNNER LOVISA 9 timmar sedan
Jesus, Tana.
la tortuga
la tortuga 9 timmar sedan
i only came to see the jeffree tea i have no idea who anyone else was 😂😂😂 maybe im getting too old for tea channels 😫
Emma Massey
Emma Massey 9 timmar sedan
I love your vids but pls change the intro it makes me so mad to hear and it’s rlly annoying no no offended but kinda rlly offesne
Dominus Demon
Dominus Demon 9 timmar sedan
He just deserves to get cancelled in short.
Hannah Avas
Hannah Avas 9 timmar sedan
Jeffree is just a sad ass man that grew up a loser with no friends and nothing to call his own, comes into some good ass money and now he buys all his friends and relationships. He’s gonna continue to be a miserable person until he lets his sick, vengeful, hateful mindset go. You’ve got it made it’s not that difficult to be a good person, keep it lowkey, make your money and stop hurting people. but he’s just not built like that, can’t fix bad people.
Tori 9 timmar sedan
I’m not sure if Jeffree is Sean’s type...
starting soon
starting soon 9 timmar sedan
Not saying I like shane or Jeffrey but that 'hes a danger to the beauty community' starting to hit dif
Kaytea Phelps
Kaytea Phelps 9 timmar sedan
Please note: the iron cross has been used for centuries by Royalty and is still on the crowns of the British Queen. The iron cross alone is not necessarily seen a racist sentiment. It was originally used by the Prussians as an award during some war. I’m pretty sure she is using it as a royalty thing because it makes it look more expensive and she thinks of herself as being classy now.....
Violet Sallison
Violet Sallison 9 timmar sedan
I bet jeffee chose to "date" one of her exes so that the ex will get comfortable enough to tell him some of trish's secrets from when they were dating. That'll shut her up 😂😂
Isla McArragher
Isla McArragher 9 timmar sedan
I disagree: james is perfect the way he is he is never exposed he tells the truth to all his fans and we love him very much we all support him so he doesn't deserve hate or unkindness he works so hard on his vids and if done something wrong (barley ever) he always owns up and is honest he loves us and we love and support him so much I'm not saying this to make fun or be mean to you I'm just saying what I think of this video so just maybe don't put exposed and put it as telling the truth thx :D
Hannah Avas
Hannah Avas 9 timmar sedan
buying anything with tanas name attached to it is a recipe to throw your money away lol. how many different variations of a basic ass pearl necklace with a nazi cross and a pot leaf on it could there possibly be 🤣 somethings telling me not 500+ lmao. she constantly over exaggerates the time and work she puts into products to make it seem like it’s anything more than a cash grab and how people still fall for it is beyond me.
Peypey Avery
Peypey Avery 9 timmar sedan
Did addison just walk through like 4 lanes of traffic? Goodness
Adlfmg 9 timmar sedan
i cant seem to understand why everyone is still giving attention to tanna, yall have seen what a horrible person she is and still you guys keep talking about her anf giving her the attention she wants, she doesnt care if she messed up, she doesnt care about everyone she has hurt she just wants people to talk about her. STOP TALKING ABOUT TRASH PEOPLE, THEY DONT CARE AND THEY WONT APOLOGIZE FOR ANYTHING
ベアテディ 9 timmar sedan
If Trisha was happy and smart. She’d be happy to let it go. Trash being with trash, that’s fine.
Sarah Matson
Sarah Matson 9 timmar sedan
Those tic tok what nots may be trying to play the media.
Aidan Kinley
Aidan Kinley 9 timmar sedan
If you watched the vloges seth texts David and says he wants to do another bit were he kisses Jason
k m
k m 9 timmar sedan
why would jeffree even think trish would gaf about that lmfao she is very happily engaged💀 let him have the leftovers lmao
D S 9 timmar sedan
I’m sorry but unfortunately there is nothing that will stop paparazzi. This is how they make money and they are going to be as nasty as they want with these “famous” people. When your life is in the spot light you are going to get harassed daily. Stay out the streets and maybe you won’t get asked questions.
Meg Nite
Meg Nite 9 timmar sedan
HOW does Tana still have fans?? HOW.
Thalassa C
Thalassa C 9 timmar sedan
The way you pronounce “iRON” 😂
M. B. Ramon
M. B. Ramon 9 timmar sedan
7:32 'Will tiktok ever be the same if there is no Braddison? 😫 ' Trust me, tiktok will be fine
SHREY PARMAR 9 timmar sedan
i am very upset without james charles . since so many days he is not posting video i am like my energy is over