DIY Odor Remover (For Your Car)
Guruprasad Prasad
Guruprasad Prasad 17 timmar sedan
U could've used the angle grinder
Chya Ahmed
Chya Ahmed 17 timmar sedan
How to change the fluid clutch of Honda Civic 2013 ? Please
mystic05jm 18 timmar sedan
What do you do in the winter ? When you can’t hand wash it ?
Felox 18 timmar sedan
1:05 they took that beautiful engine and left the bay empty with a toyota logo...that's cruel man...
정예진 18 timmar sedan
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Arkini kyndiah
Arkini kyndiah 18 timmar sedan
This guy is more better than mechanic👨‍🔧 or engineer
Adishwer Singh
Adishwer Singh 18 timmar sedan
yeah, you ain't getting laid...
Mohammad Al-Abbasi
Mohammad Al-Abbasi 18 timmar sedan
Luis Arturo Hernández Ramírez
Luis Arturo Hernández Ramírez 18 timmar sedan
Anyone knows about the foam inserts? I want those
Jayden Wilson
Jayden Wilson 18 timmar sedan
You have two Mustangs?
Miss Erica
Miss Erica 18 timmar sedan
Chris, so did you lose a bet with your sister or something? Act of kindness? She paid you? Just for good video?
palusisko 18 timmar sedan
I started to like Toyota, everything can be disassembled and assembled without destruction :-)
TJ OROPILLA 18 timmar sedan
8mil subs can you do a face reaveal pls
René Friis-Christensen
René Friis-Christensen 19 timmar sedan
My belt started squeaking MORE after I did this?!
neil saguid
neil saguid 19 timmar sedan
Great video. How do you deep clean the inside of the tire rims.
WISAL AHMED KHAN 19 timmar sedan
Wow that's very good Bro Appreciated👏👍
Ryan Ballard
Ryan Ballard 19 timmar sedan
I left a like for your mom coming out shaking her head while you revved 😂
Christopher Boyd
Christopher Boyd 19 timmar sedan
How do you get this information
HẢI vlogs
HẢI vlogs 19 timmar sedan
Cảm ơn
HẢI vlogs
HẢI vlogs 19 timmar sedan
Rất bổ ích
Thomas 19 timmar sedan
Should you still do this if you're doing a super coolant flush?
Mike D.
Mike D. 19 timmar sedan
Hi chris ! Thanks to you I motivated myself to buy quality product to detail my old alfa romeo milano ! (75). Just a question tough, can we use instead of the dish soap, a PH-NEUTRAL car shampoo ? my car hasn't got wax, but i'm planning to wash it to apply a compound + polish + wax soon. Thank you for your work !
Yu Zu
Yu Zu 19 timmar sedan
After watching Chris me: *drooling* me love relays, me want relays.
Web Surfer
Web Surfer 20 timmar sedan
That winning lottery ticket was for $3000,000, you're so lucky! 😂
Ata Deniz Orhan
Ata Deniz Orhan 20 timmar sedan
Will this car pass state inspections and be road legal
O 20 timmar sedan
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Ron Gray
Ron Gray 20 timmar sedan
Chrisfixxxxxx you da man.😂
O 20 timmar sedan
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