Alex Glenn
Alex Glenn Timme sedan
A jeep/truck
Laythius Timme sedan
Copper Anti-Seize is also good for high temperature applications, thats why you can use it 😉
BlueDragon XD
BlueDragon XD Timme sedan
supra toyota its me fav car
خالد الشهري
خالد الشهري Timme sedan
Son "so mam you know how much i love u" Mum "yeah, what did you do now" Typical lovely mother ❣️❣️❣️
salko dinamitas
salko dinamitas Timme sedan
Where to buy that bottle in bosnia
777whitestone Timme sedan
Always soooo good.
Silly Goose Records
Silly Goose Records Timme sedan
Remove the ignition wire every time you leave
Omar G.
Omar G. Timme sedan
Dude, you’re the shit 🤘
Surf Widow
Surf Widow Timme sedan
Yeah but most cars have a central release not two each side. The central release has the radiator in the way. :P
test test
test test Timme sedan
Aye Chrisfix how much you buy the driftstang for?
David Schuler
David Schuler Timme sedan
Listen, he makes it easy, but too much work...you might as well do this, if you have a second car
Dean Coronado
Dean Coronado Timme sedan
Was that granny-shifting, not double-clutching?
fabiola gavarrete
fabiola gavarrete 2 timmar sedan
Buying a car today!!!! Wish me luck
MarshalONE Gaming
MarshalONE Gaming 2 timmar sedan
*Just a small tip* In my country we use sugar and water. It will last and its cheap in case you dont have money for these products :)
Felipe 2 timmar sedan
"Granny shifting, not double-clutching like you should" - Dominic Toretto
Alex 2 timmar sedan
You could pop out the Doors and add aluminum And pop out the air conditioning And door plastic and front Audio System
Only Me!
Only Me! 2 timmar sedan
Sooo I guess a brillo pad for dried on bird poop is a big no no then!? 🐦💩🤣🤣🤣🤣
Aaron Levine
Aaron Levine 2 timmar sedan
When is the supercharger video for the driftstang??!!
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tony dilollo 2 timmar sedan
1965 ford mustang
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heres how to fix it, dont care
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Patrick Garcia
Patrick Garcia 2 timmar sedan
The spiffy syria particularly battle because school potentially like off a obscene theater. workable, bouncy tugboat
Alex 2 timmar sedan
Entire pund counts on the car, but most ppl are overweight
LucasWerewolf 2 timmar sedan
its easier to remove the hub on my Volvo xc70, its bolted in with 4 bolts in the back. This seems like a sure fire way to have it get stuck.
Osvaldo Sanchez
Osvaldo Sanchez 2 timmar sedan
Only ogs remember his mustang
Just watch
Just watch 2 timmar sedan
Wd40 is the best force cleaner
James 2 timmar sedan
I have a Chevy Spark. Can I still use the same method to drain and change the coolant? There is no temperature gauge on the dash.
HyPeR GamINg
HyPeR GamINg 2 timmar sedan
my dream car will be a Lamborghini 2017 centanario
Loida Tarrazona
Loida Tarrazona 2 timmar sedan
Can you do a video please of how to make soapy water?
Yahsararel Ben Yahcèph
Yahsararel Ben Yahcèph 2 timmar sedan
Lol.... Dental Floss? !
Asbest204 2 timmar sedan
03:49 Aaaaaaaaand thank you sir for putting in the effort of including some noice metric measurements for the rest of us :)
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As of June 2021 these are $56 and have a 2A USB port to charge phones, etc. This is the Fakespot Overview: How are reviewers describing this item? low, easy, accurate, new and great. Our engine has profiled the reviewer patterns and has determined that there is minimal deception involved. Our engine has detected that Amazon has altered, modified or removed reviews from this listing. We approximate total reviews altered up to 101. Our engine has discovered that over 80% high quality reviews are present. This product had a total of 319 reviews as of our last analysis date on Jun 22 2021.
Darkbone 360kingsavage
Darkbone 360kingsavage 2 timmar sedan
3k fort nah car, that’s a good price
Daivd Yin
Daivd Yin 2 timmar sedan
Great video, now I just need to buy exactly the same vehicle to fix it, haha.
Daniel Sobota
Daniel Sobota 2 timmar sedan
Spray some wax onto your shovel. After 5 minutes buff it off with a fresh microfiber towel - probably to avoid scratching your shovel ^^
Ceedric Henry
Ceedric Henry 2 timmar sedan
wooder pump
Sensei 77
Sensei 77 2 timmar sedan
Dang Chris u must have been not yourself on this vid I didn't hear a (really excited chris voice) hey guys!!!! Chrisfix here and today.....
Abdullah Tasawar
Abdullah Tasawar 2 timmar sedan
civic new 2020
Irish Alchemist
Irish Alchemist 2 timmar sedan
HELP!!! I followed these steps on my "Radiant Red" '06 Toyota Matrix, I have applied about 3 or 4 layers of polish but I still am seeing a noticeable haze from the 5000 grit wetsanding from the scratch area all the way to where I feathered out. For polish, I used TurtleWax Polishing Compund. Is my polish the issue and there is something special in Meguiars? Any suggestions anyone to fix this issue? Thanks!!
berendbmx 3 timmar sedan
mfw adding a 200 lbs rollcage after
Adnan H
Adnan H 3 timmar sedan
worth less
worth less 3 timmar sedan
man rewatching this now just shows how far he’s come
Maurice Ross
Maurice Ross 3 timmar sedan
My dad this on an old 91 corolla he had. Not only the kill switch for startup, but switches for the set, lights, etc. He liked everything in one place.
Olive Caroline
Olive Caroline 3 timmar sedan
Oh my god my grandma’s car broke down because of that. We left it at a dollar general store and then we left. We came back to my house, I can’t actually do this!! Beacause we can’t turn the car back on. Every time we put the key in the car it makes a sound like, brrrrr! We are getting a toe truck to bring the car to Byram. We are currently in Brandon. But this helped, it just didn’t work. It’s a white car, I am so sad! That was my favorite car 😣😖
Pokimane Simp
Pokimane Simp 3 timmar sedan
Man, just looking back to this video I cant wait to see how hes gonna fit that supercharger on the DriftStang. Love how far that thing has come!
Tiarie Kuahiwinui
Tiarie Kuahiwinui 3 timmar sedan
This video has helped me a lot!!! Thank you thank you!!
Keeghan Hewak
Keeghan Hewak 3 timmar sedan
Chris, have you ever thought of being a Dentist?
J V 3 timmar sedan
What would we do without chrisfix
BlackCafeGaming 3 timmar sedan
Ditch Witch of Minnesota and Iowa
Ditch Witch of Minnesota and Iowa 3 timmar sedan
Your amazing I wish I could see you Chris fix
Hauki336 3 timmar sedan
love watching this even though i dont own a mustang
Matthew Grigg
Matthew Grigg 3 timmar sedan
Keep that car
Ameers Cars
Ameers Cars 3 timmar sedan
Your A genius!
Lesedi Mosako
Lesedi Mosako 3 timmar sedan
It's just wooder💧. Aye🎶i
Lesedi Mosako
Lesedi Mosako 3 timmar sedan
It's just wooder💧. Aye🎶l
Rv 15
Rv 15 3 timmar sedan
This is how you make a video..no blaw blaw..to the point 👌
Girish Dutt
Girish Dutt 3 timmar sedan
What is the shim material name and grade of rubber coated sheet
mcglsr2 3 timmar sedan
Install vids of all the things, please.
David B
David B 3 timmar sedan
Nicely done
pihakamera 3 timmar sedan
Strip all paint.
Jerson S.
Jerson S. 3 timmar sedan
The disappointment in his voice when he tried to start it. 😁
Jame Sam
Jame Sam 3 timmar sedan
Lol didn't lower the car while turning the steering wheel to bleed the power steering pump. I Just caught that
CkASDF 3 timmar sedan
When getting your "before" numbers, wouldn't you want to replace tires and brakes first to get the best accuracy? Also, did you make note of your gas level so you could account for the gas weight?
mj31382 3 timmar sedan
500dollars? Dude bought the car at 1100. ???
Carrie Goss
Carrie Goss 4 timmar sedan
I have a 98 Ford explorer we had the passenger airbags disconnected after my husband had quad heart bypass surgery so he could ride in front passenger seat, we are wanting to sell the vehicle and need to reconnect it now can you tell me how to reconnect it.