2 månader sedan
I Opened A FAKE Starbucks
2 månader sedan
Police PRANK On My Best Friend
I Sold GIANT Food On Uber Eats
I Opened A FAKE McDonalds
9 månader sedan
Fake Employee PRANK At McDonalds
It's Harry
It's Harry 17 timmar sedan
the naked cowboy has been arrested
Munira ahmed
Munira ahmed 17 timmar sedan
Too goated
rasra grace
rasra grace 17 timmar sedan
TheBoom 17 timmar sedan
Who's here from the reddit?
Pah meh
Pah meh 17 timmar sedan
1.1m likes he did it
Hassan Ahmed
Hassan Ahmed 17 timmar sedan
منو اجه علمود احمد البشير اني اجيت من التك توك الي اجو من التك توك يحط لايك
CG Me 17 timmar sedan
He went from being humiliated in libraries to 5th place in the mayoral election. The transformation is insane.
XIlDarksidelIX 17 timmar sedan
Wait did he actually win
Jaexyboy -
Jaexyboy - 17 timmar sedan
Game all day123 Sss
Game all day123 Sss 18 timmar sedan
Game all day123 Sss
Game all day123 Sss 18 timmar sedan
bro he got 1 mil lieks tho
Matthew Bailey
Matthew Bailey 18 timmar sedan
in all honesty i feel like if the manifesto was a little more serious and stuff this would actually be a mayoral page. hey next time though your audience can only get bigger really side note after at 20:00.... this is why i dont trust the mentality of a lot of older people. no offense to those that still have a brain lol
Emir caglar
Emir caglar 18 timmar sedan
Here after KSI Reddit video
Cyan Sus
Cyan Sus 18 timmar sedan
Who’s here after watching Ksi’s newest video
̣ 18 timmar sedan
Niko Omilana if he was mewing
HBH Gaming
HBH Gaming 18 timmar sedan
Make London Great Again, Vote for Niko
Jaskanwar Dhillon
Jaskanwar Dhillon 18 timmar sedan
Joe's performance was lackin
axlain crypts
axlain crypts 18 timmar sedan
Me seeing 1million vies when it was released now me seeing 13 million :me This guy is getting paid more than he is getting bankrupt
Dom Brown
Dom Brown 18 timmar sedan
Laurence Fox dated my Sister's best friend. Such a snobby loser
naimaa 19 timmar sedan
This was truly amazing, congratulations man. It's mad how far you've come but it's well deserved.. ngl this got me emosh... you're an absolute legend thanks for everything man
Plebs On YouTube
Plebs On YouTube 19 timmar sedan
Please run again!
Yeaough 19 timmar sedan
he said knowlejide
Sara sheesh
Sara sheesh 19 timmar sedan
Chav: there’s curry on the shelf boss man turns over to look 💀💀💀
Jacob Jarvis
Jacob Jarvis 19 timmar sedan
Who in the heck was the dude with the trash can on his head?
COD MOBILE 19 timmar sedan
Bashir Ahmed
epic ninja99
epic ninja99 20 timmar sedan
Hru sush?
Mubarak Abdullahi
Mubarak Abdullahi 20 timmar sedan
Ksi said neeko
Vas ELAYO 20 timmar sedan
aww my nigga cried im so proud of him look how much vibes can do
Vedanti Karna
Vedanti Karna 20 timmar sedan
I speak for all 11 and ten year old adolesences: those kids are stupid
MyGuy 20 timmar sedan
Boys lets give some credit to Max fosh for being the one with the idea. Its easy to steal a video idea when you're 30 times bigger than the one you stole from. But lets just appreciate how Max actually had to spend 10k of his hard earned money to get into the election. For someone like Niko 10k are nothing and stealing a video and taking all the credit doesn't seem to bother him as well.... Hate all you want, I'm just stating the facts
Darion Balkaran
Darion Balkaran 20 timmar sedan
dude got the position because your popular and people like you, not tat many youn people ave tat. keys not workin aain
JAli Fibonanci
JAli Fibonanci 21 timme sedan
Why does the start of this documentary sound like the begging of the hunger games
Shaba Shabanu
Shaba Shabanu 21 timme sedan
Kings cant get f's
Reverzation 21 timme sedan
Russians probably interfered and said “Fuck it, lets make this kid mayor of London.”
Hu66ers 21 timme sedan
wow. i love this time of the world.
Ares 21 timme sedan
i like how that lady thought she was making a big change after the polls closed the day before.
MrTVintro 21 timme sedan
6:03 Revolut card?
Adam Elias
Adam Elias 21 timme sedan
“A bit hungry for 24 hours challange”
Fine Gentleman Adolf Hitler
Fine Gentleman Adolf Hitler 21 timme sedan
Next election is gonna be Count Binface, Max Fosh and Niko in the top 3 they’ll look each other in the eyes and they know that whatever happens happens and that there will be no bad blood between them until Niko wins and first thing he does is drop a diss track on the other 2
Sinead Hazelwood
Sinead Hazelwood 21 timme sedan
Lol ksi Ur my greatest inspiration let me join the beta squad is joke's
يوتيوبر وسام
يوتيوبر وسام 21 timme sedan
منو اجة علمود احمد البشير 👍
Rylan Stunts
Rylan Stunts 21 timme sedan
My dad has been doing this experiment for years
Gasser 22 timmar sedan
you full of BS
karhh lie
karhh lie 21 timme sedan
BS ? Best social? He is definitely the best social ever
yvonne savoy
yvonne savoy 22 timmar sedan
How bad do you feel when you are beaten by Count Bin Face?
yvonne savoy
yvonne savoy 20 timmar sedan
@karhh lie no, the trash can came in 9th, there were 15 candidates. I was ref to those ppl.
karhh lie
karhh lie 21 timme sedan
He wasnt
karhh lie
karhh lie 21 timme sedan
He isnt
Zyphon 22 timmar sedan
“10k pound deposit” British: 🤑 Americans: *Realizing they’re watching the strongest man alive*
Rishi Patel
Rishi Patel 22 timmar sedan
L Video
karhh lie
karhh lie 21 timme sedan
username 22 timmar sedan
W* 🤡🤡🤡🤡
Pulchritudinous Steve III
Pulchritudinous Steve III 22 timmar sedan
legends say some peanuts survived the clean up
Glossy Glossies
Glossy Glossies 22 timmar sedan
Thank you for using my painting in your video niko 💕❤️
ThicculousMicculous 22 timmar sedan
lol carl benjamin a racist??? Funny Good job on becoming mayor tho its nice to see a non career politician
username 23 timmar sedan
Sidemen fanboys are the most jarring people on earth 🤦‍♂️
Danis A. Goodman
Danis A. Goodman 23 timmar sedan
This is gold. I'm going to run for president in my country someday. But I know that's impossible. But this is inspirational. Maybe I might try it when I am eligible. Great video.
Danis A. Goodman
Danis A. Goodman 21 timme sedan
@karhh lie Yeah, you're probably right. Presidency is the final prize. I should probably focus first on the small roles first. And take it up step by step. Thanks for the support, I appreciate it.
karhh lie
karhh lie 21 timme sedan
First try for a smaller role maybe like mayor then i bet you'll win president
YouTube Supports Paedos & Terrorists
YouTube Supports Paedos & Terrorists 23 timmar sedan
Racists projecting their own racism just like blm. Oh, and you can’t be racist against an ideology.
SIQ 23 timmar sedan
5 milllion pounds what about 5,325,587 VIEW THATS BETTER THEN MONEY BRA BEST TOO YOU
Kiirozu 23 timmar sedan
Place: London. Doesn't see any (barely) english people.. jesus. That's a lost city for sure, don't let it happen to the whole country.
Lmao Lmao
Lmao Lmao 23 timmar sedan
5:14 “From one BBC to another” I’m dead.
RETRO_03 23 timmar sedan
imagine if pewdipie ran for mayor
Curtis Dial
Curtis Dial Dag sedan
This is the best video ever
Jojosiwasuncle Dag sedan
I went to the shop today and saw 25p freddos :(
saarah saarah
saarah saarah Dag sedan
karhh lie
karhh lie 21 timme sedan
saarah saarah
saarah saarah Dag sedan
saarah saarah
saarah saarah Dag sedan
Monkeyballs Dag sedan
Niko for prime Minister? Lmao
Nostalgicness Gang
Nostalgicness Gang Dag sedan
Ronald Mcdonald
Ronald Mcdonald Dag sedan
It doesn't matter that you retired you're always a legend
Boss 100
Boss 100 Dag sedan
Do the spicy noodles challenge
zkgames Dag sedan
‘An alien tripped me up’ ahaha nicely done shmuck.
ZenZoFine Dag sedan
Honestly, good SEmostrs (like Niko) Should run for president because they know the problems of most of the society including racism, discriminations and more. Social media works, but running to be in an official position like that would make the world a better place again.
hamze abdi
hamze abdi Dag sedan
next time you will be
Opper pax
Opper pax Dag sedan
holy fuck, it's 4chan level shitposting in IRL. this is great.
Arigãtø Dag sedan
The fact he had no trousers on 😂
Sophie Gorge
Sophie Gorge Dag sedan
I hope everyone who sees this comment succeed in the stock market:)
username 22 timmar sedan
Tf is this shit yo 😂
Bernaldo George
Bernaldo George 23 timmar sedan
If you've started trading with this man then you're not far from making profits
Florina anderson
Florina anderson 23 timmar sedan
I've worked with 4 traders in the past but none of them is as efficient as he is , his trading strategies are awesome !
Robin hogan
Robin hogan 23 timmar sedan
💯 trusted
Robin hogan
Robin hogan 23 timmar sedan
+ 1 (2 1 3)-6 3 2 4 5 4 7
Drma Vinod
Drma Vinod Dag sedan
Mrbeast after seeing this: childs play??? 2 mins later: buying america with pennies
PickledRaven Dag sedan
Bare rude to Phil cause he got you vexed with his acting. Waster
username 22 timmar sedan
@PickledRaven I watched it and he didn't do shit you sidemen kids just find a reason to cry at every littler thing smh 🤦‍♂️ and why tf are u on his vid to hate
PickledRaven Dag sedan
@goti Is that so? You even watched the recent sidemen vid?
goti Dag sedan
Ppl like you ruin everything
عبدالله ذو الفقار
عبدالله ذو الفقار Dag sedan
الي جاي من التيك توك علمود يشوف احمد البشير يحط لايك
Steve Steve
Steve Steve Dag sedan
username 22 timmar sedan
Most ironic shit I've read
Pole Valuable
Pole Valuable Dag sedan
The agreeable crocus cytopathologically delight because thrill ideally unlock forenenst a inconclusive weed. aspiring, weak jam