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Kid Nation - JonTron
VR Troopers - JonTron
pratik 17 timmar sedan
I love the direction his going
Jauffe Jauffreson
Jauffe Jauffreson 17 timmar sedan
scrunch > fold
godzillaprime 17 timmar sedan
Goddamn it, what were the specimens? Going off by what the kid starts to say it's souls?
basilis kariotoudis
basilis kariotoudis 17 timmar sedan
jon:i dont see the underwater (phil:it even works underwater) jon:IlL tAkE yOuRe iNTAIER STOCK
carson Vanderzwart
carson Vanderzwart 17 timmar sedan
6 uploads = 6million subs
Matthew Hunter
Matthew Hunter 17 timmar sedan
12:47 those are nurse sharks, which are mostly harmless to humans unless bothered or disturbed in some way
Captain Gr00vy
Captain Gr00vy 17 timmar sedan
*body smacking on water sound*
DubiousN00B 17 timmar sedan
Great. Just when I forgot about " think aboooouuut, thiiiiiiiiiisss" this video gets recommended to me. Didn't even need to watch it, but now I am.
halowolf 17 timmar sedan
this was so insanely fricked up It made my brain not want the exist
PhoenixHealing 18 timmar sedan
When did Terry Gilliam become a game developer?
B-Mac *JSP
B-Mac *JSP 18 timmar sedan
18:46 Lmfao Can't believe I missed that..
gongigaming 18 timmar sedan
Koumorizen 18 timmar sedan
"One man's opinion, you don't get -this- by just sitting around, well you do but that's half the battle" Transcended
Big D Linderman
Big D Linderman 18 timmar sedan
Jeff M
Jeff M 18 timmar sedan
14:28 Kaur Rawtey was in fact underage when he started studying her...
kastiak06 18 timmar sedan
Merica: why disrespect one species at a time when you can do three and jam your arteries all together.
Kevin Garcia
Kevin Garcia 18 timmar sedan
Some say he’s still floating in the water
bad boi
bad boi 18 timmar sedan
It’s been a full year wow
Lucas Rumisek
Lucas Rumisek 18 timmar sedan
John I think you neglected what is the flexseal submarine
Gamer X
Gamer X 18 timmar sedan
Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that Jon almost got drowned while filming the video?
Malte Cederlund
Malte Cederlund 18 timmar sedan
"the ride doesnt end with episode 6" Oh but i wish it did, oh how i wish it did....
LVBBoi 18 timmar sedan
That SEmost Comments skit is still just as relevant as ever.
Tomi 18 timmar sedan
fuck only 3 months passed and I'm back to these oldies. Jontron why are you doing this to us huh ? HUH? HUH? HUH? HUH? HUH?
Tomi 18 timmar sedan
let's be honest, every N64 game has barely any characters resembling humans ...
Zandaroos 18 timmar sedan
Korea Today felt like some poor Korean auntie letting her American niece plug her bullshit on TV as a family favor
King Sandwich
King Sandwich 18 timmar sedan
Am I late?
POE GAMING 18 timmar sedan
What a lame ass Animorph! Im just saying I’d take any other animal 😂
Jeffrey D
Jeffrey D 19 timmar sedan
When you turn on subtitles in english it says 'rape shadowlegends', adds piss me off but this had me rolling
Screamin’ Dog
Screamin’ Dog 19 timmar sedan
flextape will heal your bones
Lewis 19 timmar sedan
You look and sound like ray Romano’s son.
E 19 timmar sedan
Yay! He’s back!
Ryan Kinel Did Nothing Wrong
Ryan Kinel Did Nothing Wrong 19 timmar sedan
15:52 all you need is right here.
Colton Davis
Colton Davis 20 timmar sedan
For the urinary track.. magnificent
Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster 20 timmar sedan
Don't get me wrong, I love jontron, but dog... you said 1 game per series. And then used Mario World 1 and 2.... But I totes agree with the Bayonetta boss
Big_Dawg3081's PS5 Gaming Channel (Big _Dawg3081)
Big_Dawg3081's PS5 Gaming Channel (Big _Dawg3081) 20 timmar sedan
I actually have that Nintendo power magazine
TheHabit 20 timmar sedan
Oh jonny boy..... press here is where you push the tape down when its in the NES.
Rohan Westerman
Rohan Westerman 20 timmar sedan
6/18/2021:Thanks for helping me save my relationship with my father! The "Ridge" wallet helped me to not be a bad son!
Grizbolt 20 timmar sedan
19:40 "Using RPG's to fight evil will never work." *RPG shoots itself out of owners hands* "Point taken." Lines that made me choke on water.
Clown Duckky
Clown Duckky 20 timmar sedan
When u said the papa of pulp I actually shit myself in real life Luckily I was on the toilet
RackOfDoom 20 timmar sedan
Good job Lewis Bown and Jeff Delgado, the animations and backgrounds are great. I've been watching JonTron for a few years and completely missed this video. I'd love to see another one of these episodes, but if their contributions were a one off, this is a great one off to have.
Christopher “boba_zer0” Viguilla
Christopher “boba_zer0” Viguilla 20 timmar sedan
“I love Beijing, I love Chinese” Aged like milk
Ryan McElheny
Ryan McElheny 20 timmar sedan
It's a item
Critical Hit
Critical Hit 20 timmar sedan
Beautiful just beautiful
VampCaff 20 timmar sedan
Bro, you know you're a mid 30's millennial.
Entasy 21 timme sedan
Greg Smith
Greg Smith 21 timme sedan
A better riddle would be.. "What is in my Pocket?"
Detective Bloor
Detective Bloor 21 timme sedan
Holy shit Jacques barely held on at 00:30
Techpriest XXVI
Techpriest XXVI 21 timme sedan
Why would anyone want to live to 125 years old...I sure as hell don't. I would rather embrace my inevitable death lol.
LVBBoi 21 timme sedan
4:36 That camera action makes it look like a cutscene in a old shitty videogame.
John Snow
John Snow 21 timme sedan
The absolute the best thing to ever have existed
Halo Nostalgia Theater
Halo Nostalgia Theater 21 timme sedan
phyto nutrients are real though, its components of plant foods that our bodies use for a variety of purposes. It's why we're always healthiest when we eat fresh fruits and vegetables regularly
MightyDankLord 21 timme sedan
6:10 I guess this man has never heard of the commutative property
GamingGoing Right
GamingGoing Right 21 timme sedan
4:50 why does he have a watermelon fruit basket??? Maybe that’s the least of my concerns right now but still why!?!?
TheTraktorarne 21 timme sedan
Raid Shadow Legends look pretty shite tbh, do they pay you well at least?
Durango Life
Durango Life 21 timme sedan
Is Jon timmon from the lion king?
tugatomsk animation
tugatomsk animation 21 timme sedan
21 timme sedan
Gwyneth paltrow probably goes to restaurant and orders the egg foo young, no egg
Teddy Blomstrom
Teddy Blomstrom 21 timme sedan
14:24 Zoidberg woop woop.
Jordan Dupuis
Jordan Dupuis 21 timme sedan
As of 2021 the noid is back
Zachary Lane
Zachary Lane 21 timme sedan
I don't know if it's because I'm candian but the guy says "brave young man"
Klashinov 22 timmar sedan
I feel like Danish people don't thank Jon enough for making them
Kikin _
Kikin _ 22 timmar sedan
Damn I actually really like juicing 😂
Закария 22 timmar sedan
Guadalupe Freyre
Guadalupe Freyre 22 timmar sedan
Ari Mo
Ari Mo 22 timmar sedan
Am I the only one who thinks his burrito looks like a giant chunk of wasabi...
kingxenomorph kingxenomorph
kingxenomorph kingxenomorph 22 timmar sedan
2:14 he looks like joe biden BRUH
Alex Langnese
Alex Langnese 22 timmar sedan
"I drive for the monster cup series and-"(ig he said thr) Earbuds: BaTtErY lOw
NyxTheFox3454 22 timmar sedan
I was watching this and he went “will rain hell fire upon you” as my friend was listening to a tic tok with that sound, and we both went THATS WERE IT COMES FROM
LVBBoi 22 timmar sedan
"Snake families don't count" *DankPods fans crying*
Ryan McElheny
Ryan McElheny 23 timmar sedan
Is this how it goes in jontron inc okay
Ryan McElheny
Ryan McElheny 23 timmar sedan
Wyatt C
Wyatt C 23 timmar sedan
omg this is so norp from modern family
Steven. 23 timmar sedan
5:48 god damn dude just say the juicer slices it so much its wet
Travis Ryno
Travis Ryno 23 timmar sedan
Dude he was singing good....give credit where it's due
Steven. 23 timmar sedan
4:02 i mean, i dont know much about anything medical but tbh that sounds sorta weirdly half-accurate, im guessing actual treatment and stuff did like 95% of the job but, i mean it mightve helped a bit
earl McClain
earl McClain 23 timmar sedan
can we also talk about how flex tape is edible
earl McClain
earl McClain 23 timmar sedan
omg ikr
Kolby 23 timmar sedan
Wasn’t really feeling this one
Lion T.
Lion T. Dag sedan
11:59 what family does to your self esteem