freddy hammond
freddy hammond 6 timmar sedan
For the james charles thing the videos are fine you did the same but he does care about money
why now
why now 7 timmar sedan
lets all just agree that ksi full on stated in his new video that if ddeji gave it his all he would even ko ksi,kavos u wont stand a chance and im not no deji fanboy i like gib more then the two but u just wont stand a chance against deji mate semost.infoUgx24HmHrmlFT7grj7d4AaABCQ
MerMer 9 timmar sedan
Goddamn, couldn't these people put this kind of energy into something else? That doesn't revolve around making stuff about real life people?
Neelima pandey
Neelima pandey 9 timmar sedan
I think you're jealous of 💜ᗷTS⟭⟬💜 💜🅐🅡🅜🅨⁷⟬⟭💜#army forever.
Jentirenba langu
Jentirenba langu 7 timmar sedan
Little Guitarist
Little Guitarist 7 timmar sedan
bts is shit
YG Drake
YG Drake 8 timmar sedan
@I got nonuts I can hear DJ KHALED saying " Another one "
Formula Addict
Formula Addict 8 timmar sedan
Aayush Yadav
Aayush Yadav 9 timmar sedan
Another dumb comment
StraySway 10 timmar sedan
guys 60k likes if you want to see kavos fight deji
bts hard stan😌
bts hard stan😌 10 timmar sedan
Ninta endi!!! Eneech poda mathainga thalayanta mine👈🙂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown 10 timmar sedan
Here in Philippines a grab delivery driver was suspended because BTS fans got annoyed when he said BTS BIOT which means BTS Gay.
Dorothy Barman
Dorothy Barman 11 timmar sedan
It's not a big thing that every day, a new one joins the fandom. They like their music, mvs and everything. They become excited to learn more about why this fandom is so popular and reknown for. But it all takes into a different turn when they are exposed to this toxic or more obsessed side of the fan base. The new fans get influenced by their works from difference social medias or websites. So that's how it marks the rise of those fans, whom you call 'cringey toxic army'.
Wertyber 8 timmar sedan
Dorothy Barman
Dorothy Barman 11 timmar sedan
But they are not in a large number, they are just TOO LOUD, who overshadows the normal ones here✋.. who's just here for some music.
Dorothy Barman
Dorothy Barman 11 timmar sedan
Because of having such a huge fanbase, I don't blame you guys saying that those toxic ones are just sending me threats and taunts to not like the band.
Pheonix_7789 11 timmar sedan
dreams fine i only watch the man hunts but what the fuck is with his stans
id k
id k 11 timmar sedan
Its because they have a "trauma"
Pheonix_7789 11 timmar sedan
if he showed his face i would say cool anyways
mllop aeet
mllop aeet 12 timmar sedan
Deji lost because he doesn't work hard enough for anything, I predicted this.
Tigry Boi
Tigry Boi 12 timmar sedan
Exquzeت 13 timmar sedan
Here I thought the fortnite community was the most toxic community out there
Shawn Morris
Shawn Morris 13 timmar sedan
This is a legendary video, oh the old days
doodlebop 13 timmar sedan
30 degrees?! i thought you said it was hot?!
jbmp1390 14 timmar sedan
I think what people should take away from this is that when people are in movies or on tv they're acting, even if the character they play has the same government name. I always assumed from a young age that Ellen degeneress on tv and Ellen degeneress off tv were probably two very different people. I always liked James Corden, at least as a comedic actor when I first saw The Wrong Mans, but I never assumed that he was therefore a nice person. We should probably assume less about most celebrities.
Cutem2301 15 timmar sedan
The fact that Dream will be in extreme danger by just showing his face is actually ridiculous
Gerald Singano
Gerald Singano 15 timmar sedan
Am i the only one going only 30 degrees...
Emre Türk
Emre Türk 16 timmar sedan
Why yo mic volume so low or am i just deaf
PapaNong 18 timmar sedan
most of these people are like 12 y'olds IMAGINE WHAT KIND OF THINGS THEY WILL DO ONCE THEY GROW UP
Donovan Ware
Donovan Ware 19 timmar sedan
You can't blame the team necessarily. A fighter is gonna either train or they aren't, you can't force a grown man into the gym. If he wasn't training then that's on him.
delegator001 19 timmar sedan
More siblings need to be as honest as ksi
Jacob Jackson
Jacob Jackson 20 timmar sedan
Haha 30°C is only like 80°F
Adrian Alvarez
Adrian Alvarez 20 timmar sedan
well who else can say these things except his older brother i would do the same
Jiminnnnn 20 timmar sedan
It's my birthday :D so please don't be mean to me today xoxo
akhimahathir04 6 timmar sedan
The Indian CHAD
The Indian CHAD 8 timmar sedan
@Jiminnnnn ;)
Jiminnnnn 8 timmar sedan
@I got nonuts Thank youuu 🎆❤️
Jiminnnnn 8 timmar sedan
@Molly thank you Molly🥺❤️
Jiminnnnn 8 timmar sedan
@The Indian CHAD aw thank youuuu 🥰🤗
max vowles
max vowles 20 timmar sedan
Yousuf Ali
Yousuf Ali 20 timmar sedan
Ksi isnt being mean his showing brother love tbh
RamonDark2 21 timme sedan
Oh hey you're the twitter guy.
Lavi 21 timme sedan
Bro Kavos really didn’t understand the point of this video😂
Ryan Harbold
Ryan Harbold 21 timme sedan
This is kavos's funniest video.
D e a t h S k u l l
D e a t h S k u l l 21 timme sedan
Klide X piry
Klide X piry 21 timme sedan
I’ve purchased manscapped. Really enjoyed the product
D e a t h S k u l l
D e a t h S k u l l 21 timme sedan
Tom Connell
Tom Connell 21 timme sedan
Clearly he hasn't learnt from Jake Paul then. As much as I don't like Jake Paul he would absolutely smoke Deji in a fight now.
D e a t h S k u l l
D e a t h S k u l l 21 timme sedan
Pratham 21 timme sedan
odd1sout is much better person than u
Bibbus 06
Bibbus 06 21 timme sedan
The deji video was somehow hilarious savage and sincere at the same time
Ja Be
Ja Be 21 timme sedan
You know what's sad? we had an issue with Bella Porche on tiktok where Korean's literally got butthurt over a tattoo and started drawing our flag just to tear it up, step on it and even spit on it. the sad part is that many filipino "Kpop fans did not even try to help defend the Philippines nor try to help clear up the misunderstanding, but now there is a trend going on in the Philippines called #BTSBIOT which translate to BTS Gay, and many "BTS FANS" are actually saying they are ashamed of our country and don't want to be Filipino's anymore and want to move to Korea. like if I can decide I will ship them there so they can see first hand how racist Koreans really are.
Ja Be
Ja Be 7 timmar sedan
@YG Drake it was a sunrise tattoo and Koreans associated it with Japanese and thought Bella is supporting the Japan and they brought up their war against Japanese and how Japanese are horrible because they treated women as slaves and comfort women in times of war without them even researching that Philippines is one of the countries that help them against the war, and we are also colonized by Japan. but since they are natural racist those fucktards draw our flags and spit on them, you can even search it to know the full details.
YG Drake
YG Drake 8 timmar sedan
What was the tattoo about?
The Indian CHAD
The Indian CHAD 10 timmar sedan
Wertyber 14 timmar sedan
UTTAM SHARMA 21 timme sedan
BTS fans = Islam (Both can die or Kill you for their Gods)
Metro 22 timmar sedan
damn you sucking up ksi aint you😂😂
taradaniellee 22 timmar sedan
he’s literally cancelling himself
BoogieMonster Mom
BoogieMonster Mom 22 timmar sedan
Why does it gotta be about likes? Just get in the ring and kick his ass kavos. I'd actually pay to see that 😂
is34legend826 22 timmar sedan
How many times can someone mess up?
The Guy
The Guy 22 timmar sedan
Bro deji v kavos best fight
Richard Jones
Richard Jones 22 timmar sedan
Deji gonna make a video on ksi and call him a rascist 🤣🤣
Raihanul Kabir
Raihanul Kabir 22 timmar sedan
Marvin Lagnada
Marvin Lagnada 22 timmar sedan
Ledior 23 timmar sedan
Deji vs Kavos is needed
JC Shay
JC Shay 23 timmar sedan
Kavos do yourself a favor and get out in the UK sun for a few hours mate. A little bit of tanning and you would have all the girls drooling over you in the vest, real talk.
Tokki 23 timmar sedan
If you don't stand BTS then that is completely fine and I respect that. We all have our own preferences BUT the moment you go out of your way to trash talk them,, THEN THAT'S THE PROBLEM RIGHT THERE
The Indian CHAD
The Indian CHAD 6 timmar sedan
@Tokki u don't have to apologize for them
The Indian CHAD
The Indian CHAD 6 timmar sedan
@Tokki no no I don't hate kpop. I do listen to some of the kpop songs. I used to be an army too. And I agree with ya 👍🤝
Tokki 7 timmar sedan
@The Indian CHAD yes yes there are many different cases. And as a fan I apologize if you've had people attack you for not listening to bts, that's the toxic side of the fandom and honestly, we don't claim them either tbh. I hope you or others won't hate the whole of kpop just because of a bunch of amateur stans.
Soviet Rayquaza
Soviet Rayquaza 9 timmar sedan
@Aayush Yadav Hello fellow Comrade
The Indian CHAD
The Indian CHAD 9 timmar sedan
@Tokki but I don't think Kavos is a hater
TGAMET Dag sedan
Why your teeth so yellow ?
Vidhan Tyagi
Vidhan Tyagi Dag sedan
Luddite Dag sedan
Most vapid channel on the site
Tulika Debnath
Tulika Debnath Dag sedan
BUTTER has the most awful lyrics but ARMYs wont agree that because it is made by their OpPaaRRs!!
rhys' pieces
rhys' pieces Dag sedan
Leave the poor bloke alone who cares why do people love to hate
first name Last name
first name Last name Dag sedan
“If u don’t like it just don’t fucking play it.” Every human with a brain
first name Last name
first name Last name Dag sedan
And if u don’t want to double the coin u gonna get just don’t watch the ad it’s optional.
Jack Zhang
Jack Zhang Dag sedan
Aged like wine
Doodle Boi
Doodle Boi Dag sedan
My sister ate a whole butter because BTS made a song about it. This is why I hate BTS even more.
someone 15 timmar sedan
that probably tasted disgusting
Doodle Boi
Doodle Boi Dag sedan
@Aayush Yadav Well not at the same time. But she did have a tummyache by eating just Butter.
Aayush Yadav
Aayush Yadav Dag sedan
Wtf your sister eat whole butter because of that song
Owen Raymond
Owen Raymond Dag sedan
Would love to see u fight deji, call him out!
フローライト愛している(Fluorite Aishiteiru)
フローライト愛している(Fluorite Aishiteiru) Dag sedan
Me: well, I like k-pop - Toxic stans: *good* Also me: BUT- Also toxic stans: **points a gun to my head** continue?...
ً Dag sedan
My obsessed KPop stan friend is writing a really sexual fan fiction about bts, send help...
Aayush Yadav
Aayush Yadav Dag sedan
.....oh shit
Fort king
Fort king Dag sedan
i have 47 deggrees and i dont wear a vest
Jameel Far
Jameel Far Dag sedan
its soo good i watched 3 time
I Md
I Md Dag sedan
I just get hated by South Korea fan for not liking South Korea on S.korea and N.korea compared video
4lfm__ Dag sedan
Nah fam this isn’t Ksi going off on deji. This is Ksi letting his little brother that he took an L. All I heard was tough love and I’d do the same to my little brother 💯‼️‼️‼️
ram rants
ram rants Dag sedan
30 degrees isn't hot buddy grow a pair of nuts and put on a normal shirt come back to me when it's 50
Nicolas Bourbaki
Nicolas Bourbaki Dag sedan
Some one had to tell him
Kyle Dag sedan
Doesn’t really rip him, it was constructive criticism.
Ro han
Ro han Dag sedan
Stfu irrelevant
Noturbae Dag sedan
though im a really big fan of BTS and Kpop, i would still agree to this man coz ppl are reallly toxic and would do anything to make u like their idol and i realllly dont like it😐😐😐😐
Wertyber Dag sedan
Aayush Yadav
Aayush Yadav Dag sedan
Bli Puh
Bli Puh Dag sedan
It's kinda saddening how this fandom mess up in all soc med platform, BTS do not deserve toxic fandom.
Catalytic Turtlee
Catalytic Turtlee Dag sedan
It was 106° today in Nebraska
DevilRobbe Dag sedan
Dating a BTS fangirl is all fun and games until she leaves you for a guy called junglebook
YG Drake
YG Drake 8 timmar sedan
*junglecock* *to* *be* *exact*
Aayush Yadav
Aayush Yadav Dag sedan
Ben Adams
Ben Adams Dag sedan
Kav looking built like Mr Bean.
KurtTale Dag sedan
Woqh bro ur intro 3minw solid Lol
static Dag sedan
its tough love
scopezxsnakez Dag sedan
All this is so tru