Andrewo Mennah 🐉
Andrewo Mennah 🐉 6 timmar sedan
The moussaka didn't look bad tho, just a bit too much oil
justIn_ 6 timmar sedan
" chef Ramsay called an emergency meeting " me: it cant be...
Chinmay H
Chinmay H 6 timmar sedan
Bravo You need to change But I don't want to 😂
Scott McAleavy
Scott McAleavy 6 timmar sedan
I never thought I could want to hit someone I've never met before - I want to commit GBH to david
Lilac_Alien 6 timmar sedan
5:20 Belly dancers : *exist* Gordon : No *locks himself in the fridge*
THE DAILY VLOG 6 timmar sedan
he says everybody comes in and likes his food.Guess what they came in your dreams
Sheev Palpatine
Sheev Palpatine 7 timmar sedan
I have no experience in running a restaurant but Sebastian needs to F*ck off and let one of his rather intelligent staff manage it
Liam Huisman
Liam Huisman 7 timmar sedan
the pure evil SMILE Sara had, aboslute legend
URPAL JESUS 7 timmar sedan
Why does gordon always act nice with Brits but not the americans
Mo Yo
Mo Yo 7 timmar sedan
"OH GOD WHAT IS THAT SHIT?" *digs fingers deep into mystery goo*
Viggevigg E
Viggevigg E 7 timmar sedan
Is this restaurant still opened?
Leo Deniaru
Leo Deniaru 7 timmar sedan
If I was ever the bosses, I will fire workers/crew who are cupid lovey dovey during work. Not to mention Martin with phone. Imagine if that era already have a smartphone with whatapps, facebook, etc, will make him worst and neglect his duty. Friendsters and Myspace already killer if smartphone was exist on that day. Mohamad are too soft.
Artem Artem
Artem Artem 7 timmar sedan
after binging kitchen nightmares UK - I can't even watch KN clips from the USA anymore - the music and sound effects are so aggravating.
Afiq Irfan
Afiq Irfan 7 timmar sedan
You're so in a denial you need *Nino*
Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate 7 timmar sedan
2:45 _i thought he was pissing for a moment_
British Empire V2.0
British Empire V2.0 7 timmar sedan
"You are so in denial, you need NINOOOOO"
DeadLight_ 7 timmar sedan
I have never seen Gordon so damn calm
Croissant 7 timmar sedan
Somethig about seeing 2 englishmen fight is very amusing
dibidabi_ 7 timmar sedan
Italian Restaurant with Barilla Pasta (5:15) haha
echo 123
echo 123 7 timmar sedan
What is concerning people wiping their hand on their nose then touching food!!!!
supernuest 7 timmar sedan
the other chef is probably enjoying his time seeing gordon rip his boss apart. 🤭
Yağız Bağdatlı
Yağız Bağdatlı 7 timmar sedan
He has the weirdest British accent I've ever heard
Jeffrey Morton
Jeffrey Morton 7 timmar sedan
I can't get over the idiots with no experience or training who buy restaurants thinking they will be successful. Because they cook an occasional, acceptable family meal does not qualify them to run a kitchen or have anything else to do with a restaurant for that matter. Top it off with improper food handling procedures and general health violations, and amateurs running an eatery is a recipe for disaster. Like paying a neighborhood kid $20 to fix your brakes...
Patricques Ctarrues
Patricques Ctarrues 7 timmar sedan
👁️ 👁️ 👄
Sharpie 7 timmar sedan
The editor is ruining the channel but i like it
Justin Tay
Justin Tay 7 timmar sedan
what a man-child
ツBlue 7 timmar sedan
From 0:34 to 3:08 Cool the chef is really good at making people disgusted I guess
Shirin 7 timmar sedan
If KAREN was a person...
Kanye west
Kanye west 7 timmar sedan
24:55 why did he say "shut up" with a French accent I’m dead 😂
M Something
M Something 7 timmar sedan
1:02 that is a genuine laughter ^^
Not Nameless
Not Nameless 7 timmar sedan
Chef Mike, a very hard worker. Basically does all the work. When he died, they cheered. People are sick.
Joshy Craft
Joshy Craft 7 timmar sedan
These titles are getting better 😂
Beyonder Prime
Beyonder Prime 7 timmar sedan
There are cooks who should be banned from working for life. "That lobsters fresh. Even though it died, it's still good" With this statement, the bastard qualified for it.
Toad Hairy legs
Toad Hairy legs 7 timmar sedan
wait what? come on now were half way thru 2021 last year cant be effecting us this bad anymore can it?
kiel beldia
kiel beldia 7 timmar sedan
Gordon rocking them crocs 😂😂😂
Diamond 7 timmar sedan
To much second hand embarrassment from Sharon oh God
ethanimperial 7 timmar sedan
bruh i rly don’t get y these owners ask for help and when they get it they get so fucking defensive
Michael Montalto
Michael Montalto 7 timmar sedan
The illegal cucumber remarkably educate because ex-wife ganguly queue including a next valley. zesty, redundant camel
kolim jone
kolim jone 7 timmar sedan
2010, the episode was filmed in May 2009 and is Kitchen Nightmares season 3 episode 11.
GoldSkula 7 timmar sedan
fresh frozen out of the can is something that never gets old
Ahmed A.
Ahmed A. 7 timmar sedan
I think “expectation” is what broke him, and lost his way and confidence... that’s why he drifted from his responsibilities as a chief in the new opening, he doesn’t want to be in front and in charge, it is stressful for him, so he escaped by doing other things...
Gas Mask Production
Gas Mask Production 7 timmar sedan
Sara has a devils smile at 5:04 lol
Valter Kittler
Valter Kittler 7 timmar sedan
we all need NINOOOOO at some point of our lives.
Navjot Kaur
Navjot Kaur 7 timmar sedan
how much food they are wasted
Macquaanew Viarah
Macquaanew Viarah 7 timmar sedan
The accidental milk preauricularly tame because jasmine scully lock as a symptomatic athlete. roasted, disastrous pansy
Valenteena Gentles
Valenteena Gentles 7 timmar sedan
Best compilation 👌
Scwirmy 7 timmar sedan
Tilly I know it's u controlling this channel u better tell me
IMa Go now
IMa Go now 7 timmar sedan
6:00 I will be pretty amazed if these couples are still couples
Afiq Shukor
Afiq Shukor 7 timmar sedan
if I'm the owner i will fired pinto for sure . chance after chance has given . but still , pinto suck
Ayub Faisal Annas
Ayub Faisal Annas 7 timmar sedan
I like that restouran
joe done
joe done 7 timmar sedan
I agree with davis totally on the lobster issue you can't tell ...........
pilotjagoan 7 timmar sedan
full episode?
steven Hoff
steven Hoff 7 timmar sedan
"I just gave him shit" *stutters and calls his parents*
Onur 7 timmar sedan
Ahh lovely “fresh frozen”
IVAO04ify 7 timmar sedan
So fire the head chef; Update the other chef. Seems like problem self resolves itself.
Rae 7 timmar sedan
You know it’s bad when gordan says you NEED therapie
Eluwzi 7 timmar sedan
Pause 28:56 - he is trying to trick them by knowing the difference of a real pizza or not and someone is peaking at him saying that lol
Macquaanew Viarah
Macquaanew Viarah 7 timmar sedan
The hateful pair demographically prevent because south africa recently cover during a steadfast vacuum. wiggly, serious jeff
Gannonyt Bambrylg
Gannonyt Bambrylg 7 timmar sedan
The violet alloy ophthalmoscopically reduce because chef technologically blink in a flimsy hood. natural, aloof body
Niko Lay
Niko Lay 7 timmar sedan
0:08 is that a dog with fucking sunglasses on a boat?
DJ Coda
DJ Coda 7 timmar sedan
the description hahahaha
Pyrocominical 7 timmar sedan
this gives me a smile on my face
DJ Coda
DJ Coda 7 timmar sedan
Andrez Manon
Andrez Manon 7 timmar sedan
10:07 a fucking frozen lasagna looks better than that
ABEL SHOEDON 7 timmar sedan
The tart hall moberly hunt because bathtub histomorphometrically screw onto a mighty cylinder. tawdry, obsolete cockroach
FREYJA 7 timmar sedan
Whoever is running this account ily will u marry me
Obi Have
Obi Have 7 timmar sedan
Previous restaurant. Closed so he brings EVERYTHING to the new restaurant.. think he's missing the point here
Kidult 7 timmar sedan
The vibe of this restaurant was awesome. Everyone got along so well.
Ice cream
Ice cream 7 timmar sedan
Navi Sacdalan
Navi Sacdalan 7 timmar sedan
man she's like Catalina from GTA
Boor Haave
Boor Haave 8 timmar sedan
Ramsay's wittiest moment (check out how proud he is with the comment) - 1:55
Andrez Manon
Andrez Manon 8 timmar sedan
Bro the abc restaurant is so dumb they fire someone for “Are you sure?”
Jemar John Lumingkit
Jemar John Lumingkit 8 timmar sedan
Normal people:. *has 5 senses* Gordon Ramsay: *can sense if fresh or frozen/ maybe fresh frozen*
Kidult 8 timmar sedan
Is it just me or does her mixed accent make her sound Australian? It's weird.
MlemUwU 8 timmar sedan
4:44 dat lady watchin in da back doe
Alan Wong
Alan Wong 8 timmar sedan
The efficacious tsunami philosophically drip because snowplow unprecedentedly occur aside a alike burma. grumpy, useful difference
Devine Deeem
Devine Deeem 8 timmar sedan
The best, most competent chef I've seen on the show. Chef Richie is The best I've seen so far. And to be honest it's the first Ramsey actually likes. This was one of my favorite episodes. 😊
Jaroslav Dzurilla
Jaroslav Dzurilla 8 timmar sedan
Something doesn't feel right about this. Ingredients quality is one thing but taste is very subjective. Most people, I dare say even cooks, didn't try food from dozens of top class chefs to be able to tell how some recipes are supposed to taste like. But I understand that there needs to be set a limit to how much something can be tweaked before it becomes something else. Also because of the show, he is going there with mindset to find any flaw and utterly destroy them for it. I imagine It's very difficult to please person like that.