Alexander Lilliehöök
Alexander Lilliehöök 8 timmar sedan
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757 Superfan
757 Superfan 8 timmar sedan
Alexa Maxine aguilar
Alexa Maxine aguilar 8 timmar sedan
Help me reach 2k with notis
Help me reach 2k with notis 8 timmar sedan
“Roses are dead” “Violets are dying” “Outside iM smiling” “But inside i’M crying” I just wish people would notice my content
Hmt 8 timmar sedan
6:45 "What do you want trimmed off it?" *The FaaAAaAat*
paul luap
paul luap 8 timmar sedan
Props at the channel owner.
xx_Moon_xx 8 timmar sedan
I am basically living off of watching Kitchen Nightmares lmao-
{ Rain }
{ Rain } 8 timmar sedan
ThunderX300 8 timmar sedan
Jesus is king 👑
chii-bee !
chii-bee ! 8 timmar sedan
1 view but 13 comments *yeah this seems fine*
Made in China
Made in China 8 timmar sedan
Thank you
DylMASON 8 timmar sedan
FIRST.. 0 Comments, No Views, First Like by Me and Uploaded 7 Seconds Ago........That's was just Prue LUCK!!
ThunderX300 8 timmar sedan
Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven amen 🙏🏾
Gerardox Gaming
Gerardox Gaming 8 timmar sedan
15th comment!
ThunderX300 8 timmar sedan
Daily reminder Jesus loves you amen 🙏🏾
Padmaja Km
Padmaja Km 8 timmar sedan
There is an Indian chef guiding them. Any Indian noticed that
FroZznSky 8 timmar sedan
Nice, love to see this pop up in my feed :D
Respect The Ducks.
Respect The Ducks. 8 timmar sedan
1 view 10 likes and 6 comments :) dRuNk YoUTuBE ○~○
Dgrayman2013 8 timmar sedan
pineapple not looking so bad now
Renz Daniel
Renz Daniel 8 timmar sedan
Marc Preston
Marc Preston 8 timmar sedan
His face at 2:31 hahahah "Everyone loves da bomb..."
Haroon Shahid
Haroon Shahid 8 timmar sedan
i have never been this early and I just realized that the vids are actually years old
Sean Slyngstad
Sean Slyngstad 8 timmar sedan
Back2 Brawl ツ
Back2 Brawl ツ 9 timmar sedan
Schnapsbrenner 9 timmar sedan
Strawberry garlic shrimp almost got vomiting just from watching the man eat it.
TheCursedIlluminati 9 timmar sedan
the 2 dislikes are the owners of the resturant
Draw4yourlife3 9 timmar sedan
Thanks for the heart, love the channel
abel 9 timmar sedan
I really like the vidios,plz do not stop realising them,plzzzzz
Pro Gamer
Pro Gamer 9 timmar sedan
Fareez Fairuz
Fareez Fairuz 9 timmar sedan
Never have I been this early
yiepie 9 timmar sedan
Charliejoe 9 timmar sedan
whoever runs this channel is a legend
Frostwire Gaming Network
Frostwire Gaming Network 9 timmar sedan
audio at 12:00 got intense
SpeedySingh 9 timmar sedan
TheMrMantequilla 9 timmar sedan
I like when Gordon ask waiters or owners who are not the chef to taste the food.
Enthalpy endothelial
Enthalpy endothelial 9 timmar sedan
The unknown cart acutely treat because humor meteorologically ignore including a spiky gasoline. unadvised, cynical statement
misolou fout
misolou fout 9 timmar sedan
That was great!
venom146 9 timmar sedan
14:02 "Yeah I'm fine" gets me everytime
Random Commenter
Random Commenter 9 timmar sedan
Whoever is in charge of this channel needs a raise
Sam 9 timmar sedan
@14:30 gordon has cut his finger, dripping blood and is just sliding his hand through years of rot!
Mythic Gamer
Mythic Gamer 9 timmar sedan
why does gordon think hes the boss and hes the best he fricking sucks
Piotr Wojtyna
Piotr Wojtyna 9 timmar sedan
That couple Amy and Sammy omg! They totaly worth each other. What a horrible attitude. I would not last a day in their food serving place as an employee. God save us from people like them.
Delta 1
Delta 1 9 timmar sedan
67 mil veiws coz very rare
VelvetThunder 2000
VelvetThunder 2000 9 timmar sedan
Whoever runs this SEmost channel needs a pay rise
sphony 9 timmar sedan
Bruh when the roaches came out I got goosebumps.
josh waterman
josh waterman 9 timmar sedan
Says Ramsay isn’t a chef. Like I don’t get these idiots.
Alena janova
Alena janova 9 timmar sedan
in my opinion I think that if you dont get paid why do you work there like wtf
Lottie bowers
Lottie bowers 9 timmar sedan
the waitresses are always so nice
PrimalX60 9 timmar sedan
Old Hag: What's that strong flavor I'm getting Literally anyone in the world: *f l a v o r*
Isabella Pennacchiotti
Isabella Pennacchiotti 9 timmar sedan
i love when gordon is a cutie patootie with sprinkles innit
Nicholas Leeflang
Nicholas Leeflang 9 timmar sedan
who tf runs this channel
FealSmart 9 timmar sedan
The word for today kids is "NARCISSISM"
niko Loar
niko Loar 9 timmar sedan
whoever they hired to run this account was definitely the right choice lmao seeing the title on an official account gave me wiplash..
misolou fout
misolou fout 9 timmar sedan
That was great!
ed me
ed me 9 timmar sedan
hispanics make albondigas and that is what he was probably making. they can also be a tasty dish if done right.
Kushal Purkayastha
Kushal Purkayastha 9 timmar sedan
We need this show back!
preethish kapila
preethish kapila 9 timmar sedan
So you can go to L.A for free only by serving shit food to gordon
SCARFACE GAMING 9 timmar sedan
When the description is wrong because every video on this channel is a banger
Nightdogmusic 9 timmar sedan
What a fucking entrance from Gordon.
Je Cal
Je Cal 9 timmar sedan
I remember going to a restraunt in L.A i waited 45min for lamb just as small as this. I laughed and walked away they tried to make me pay for it but again i just laughed and walked out
Gina Ocampo
Gina Ocampo 9 timmar sedan
Fun fact: I'm actually watching this at 3am-
Archis Marathe
Archis Marathe 9 timmar sedan
4:50 my dad just walked in, the video was here, and boy does he have questions.
steady 9 timmar sedan
TeaAddictZ 9 timmar sedan
she literally said: 👁👄👁
BB_Bean Aye
BB_Bean Aye 9 timmar sedan
Gordon: How long has this been out? Waitress: *Laughs and Smiles* "Thats been out for months! They haven't cleaned it in years! *Gordon Cussing Out The Chefs and The Waitresd Telling Him Everything Wrong With The Place While Laughing*
Elad Mashiah
Elad Mashiah 9 timmar sedan
Is Gordon wearing a bath robe?
Saadi 9 timmar sedan
*People Fighting* Gordon Ramsey: O_o
PsicoGames 9 timmar sedan
Pinto in my language means dick, or small chicken... Hen?
Ian Jack
Ian Jack 9 timmar sedan
george Takei the 2nd
steady 9 timmar sedan
Steve T. Chailloux
Steve T. Chailloux 9 timmar sedan
Bitch !
Babsi B.
Babsi B. 9 timmar sedan
That Lobster Machine thingy is absolutely disgusting :(
MegaHellrasier 9 timmar sedan
This is history in the making and you people need to acknowledge this
Ian Miguel Manansala
Ian Miguel Manansala 9 timmar sedan
here i thought i was watching WWE LOL
Tom Millard
Tom Millard 9 timmar sedan
We just witnessed the murder of chef Mike and no one is going to say anything??
HerrLendo 9 timmar sedan
the title amazing hahahah good job !!!
Gary Mullin
Gary Mullin 9 timmar sedan
I really wouldn’t be pleased if I had the staff of another restaurant signing people up for reservations while they are currently at my restaurant. Does anyone else thing this is weird?
Apramit Ray
Apramit Ray 9 timmar sedan
Gordon at times is so annoying
•Geeky •
•Geeky • 9 timmar sedan
I am incredibly shocked how gordon puts up with her bullshit. I visibly cringed watching this.
BeastyAnt 9 timmar sedan
That doughy pizza did look good tho 😩
Noman 9 timmar sedan
24:28 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ♾