kittyspodos 15 timmar sedan
Add salt, so much salt!
bg6b7bft 15 timmar sedan
"Bring me a potato" could have just been "Bring me the whole crate"
JessFromSheff 15 timmar sedan
Greg going all “teacher mode” on James never gets old
FMFvideos 16 timmar sedan
bad cast
Jesse H.
Jesse H. 16 timmar sedan
"she's wearing red lipstick to draw the male attention probably so that she can fire them" that got a huge laugh from me.
Frannts B
Frannts B 16 timmar sedan
Fitting beard considering every joke he attempts bombs
Northernfire 16 timmar sedan
Ed has the greatest T-shirt
Kevin Whitesides
Kevin Whitesides 16 timmar sedan
Daisy Z
Daisy Z 16 timmar sedan
Sylvia Govers
Sylvia Govers 17 timmar sedan
Yay, was able to vote from Australia, I am here for you Taskmaster (but really here for little Alex Horne), Pointless and Not Going Out. I didn't notice Would I Lie to You in any of the categories, is that show a bit past it now for viewers?
franz009franz 17 timmar sedan
rhod outdid everyone by far tbh lul
Cleta Austin
Cleta Austin 17 timmar sedan
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DamnDaimen 17 timmar sedan
40:26 A man of culture.
Cleta Austin
Cleta Austin 17 timmar sedan
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Molly McMuffin
Molly McMuffin 17 timmar sedan
I feel like they need a tournament of losers series or something where they just get Asim, Phil Wang, Nish Kumar... Just bring back the people that were hilariously bad at tasks. It would be wonderfully chaotic.
GeneralKayoss 18 timmar sedan
All of the lleftist virtue signaling isn't surprising considering it's a state run propaganda channel.
Mister Mack
Mister Mack 18 timmar sedan
Please tell me I'm not the only one that felt a little "middle schooly" at the thought of Sally sitting on someone's head. Just me?.. alright then
Laura mcgrath
Laura mcgrath 18 timmar sedan
This series was definitely my fave! God bless whoever runs this account and posts all the episodes so I can rewatch. All of them were hilarious but I have a new found love for Mike hahaha
Segev Kanik
Segev Kanik 18 timmar sedan
Wang launches himself at Rhod was so good holy cow
proteinaggie 18 timmar sedan
Being trapped in a washer while Noel cackles outside is now a major fear.
Mindi City
Mindi City 19 timmar sedan
In retrospect, I think I can see what Katherine was trying to do. I think the thing on the right with the small triangle is supposed to be an egg in a nest, and then the comb on the top of the head (but she seems to have put it on a large beak). I agree with other commenters here - she should have just drawn the stereotypical cartoon bird foot early on. Also Daisy's rant is now classic Taskmaster.
Kätlein Zimmerman
Kätlein Zimmerman 19 timmar sedan
does anyone notice that during the “my eyes are circles” conversation, greg’s glasses magically appear?
Larry Davis
Larry Davis 19 timmar sedan
Joe waking up in the last episode is amazing
Teladian2 19 timmar sedan
Wait, they never rebealed what Mel was saving all the wax to make....
Icehawk 19 timmar sedan
My first reaction was "why not ask the Swedish man to down some beer", but then I remembered I'm Asian and he's Swedish so there really isn't a guarantee that a Swedish man would get an Asian Flush, is it?
Damare Konayaro
Damare Konayaro 19 timmar sedan
Voted, good luck guys.
Chris R
Chris R 19 timmar sedan
But she said lobster twice! 🦞
Marko Pecinovic
Marko Pecinovic 20 timmar sedan
Voted from Quebec, thank you so much for your content, I hope you guys win.
Jess 20 timmar sedan
lmao, i can't believe people still think awards mean something in this day and age.
Debbie Whatt
Debbie Whatt 20 timmar sedan
Already voted for you! Fingers crossed you win - you deserve it!
Neradas 20 timmar sedan
How did this get cut but the whole 'Alex being a greedy bottom' while white cream was dripping from his arse made it into the show and multiple taskmaster collections.
Aerin 20 timmar sedan
Fucking love this man
Cory Salo
Cory Salo 21 timme sedan
Mark saying a "flick" was not a throw in the first episode and then saying a "fling" IS a throw in the second episode would have been a 20 minute argument in No More Jockeys, easy!
Edson Vinícius Santos Vaz Ronque
Edson Vinícius Santos Vaz Ronque 21 timme sedan
this is from england, right? ok, you can give to us, Brazil, the title of country where football was invented. after that, you don't want this title.
Mister Motel
Mister Motel 21 timme sedan
so pleased with all these uploads <3
a4bcaboose 21 timme sedan
26:01 Monstercat confirmed
Reggie Vis
Reggie Vis 22 timmar sedan
The definition of take is to hold, grasp, grip or to get into ones hold or possession by voluntary action. At no point did Hugh take the items out of the bag, he merely dumped them on the floor.
Akra32 22 timmar sedan
On the final task, "you must step out of your hoop and not touch YOUR tower again". It says nothing about touching other people's towers! I really expected one of them *ahem* RHOD *ahem* to catch that and knock everyone else's tower down at the end.
Vita Necro
Vita Necro 23 timmar sedan
Good to know you can fit two bodies comfortably in the trunk of that car
lucasmontec 23 timmar sedan
Just hang something else and put weight into that. Nobody said the weight should come from things inside the bag.
John Meyer
John Meyer 23 timmar sedan
10:14 oof why she look at him like that 😍
Alan How
Alan How 23 timmar sedan
An ad came up and blocked me from clicking next. Very responsive website 10/10.
Harald Specht
Harald Specht 23 timmar sedan
"You're a conscious being." - "Oh, I'm so sorry!"
Dittman Rat
Dittman Rat 23 timmar sedan
14:52 I've watched a few fan-made Taskmaster shows and there was one where someone brought in GlitterPoo for their prize task (the category was Best Golden Thing).
Cedrean 23 timmar sedan
Would you like something for lunch? Yeah, something sharp. *brings cheddar cheese*
3v3ryd4yw1nn1n6 23 timmar sedan
Nish has a terrible laugh
Dolphinman300 23 timmar sedan
“Can I get your biggest pie with veggies and all your pork but with no sauce or dairy”
Uday Shankar
Uday Shankar Dag sedan
Done. My vote is in. All the best, Alex and Greg..❤💪🏻🥰👍🏻
imsatanscott Dag sedan
"could not be shitter" HAHAHHAAHAHAHA
Daniel Schöld
Daniel Schöld Dag sedan
Considering how disgusting Marmite is, I'm guessing these five tasted better xD
Q7Nator Dag sedan
Here for the great British baking show hosts
LemoNaj Dag sedan
I dont understand how is Taskmaster still not on at least 1mil subs. This show is awesome, no even better than that.
Francklyn Dag sedan
If Ant and Dec win over Taskmaster I'll burn something
ILove Doggo's
ILove Doggo's Dag sedan
The rope one was a good example of the saying "Life doesn't always goes as planned" 😂😂😂
André Kfouri
André Kfouri Dag sedan
42:22 "you can pretend it's someone else now, innit?"
Felix Boon-paquin
Felix Boon-paquin Dag sedan
She said huge perfectly in french :-)
Ebony Dag sedan
I've spent the entire board game "chapter" trying to find the English name for a board game. Still haven't found it
Ebony Dag sedan
So... apparently its called Ludo in English. I'm disappointed
Failure to launch
Failure to launch Dag sedan
That rubber egg was brilliant. And Ed's reaction says it all. He really did not think it would be rubber... Props to the props guy who found egg shell like consistency in rubber..
Zinski Dag sedan
This tittle is really just a task for an upcoming season. "Get the most views on a task master video by using a click bait title. You have 5 minutes"
Blu Wolfe
Blu Wolfe Dag sedan
withOuT mOVinG thE fISh bOwLs
André Kfouri
André Kfouri Dag sedan
"Regular Fred and the London Sweedes" is a great band name
EricElsewhere Dag sedan
I can't be the only one sitting at home by himself clapping and cheering at my computer screen at the events in these episodes... 🙈😂 I just really really love this show, thanks so much for putting it online for us who do not live in the UK!!
burbur durp
burbur durp Dag sedan
This show is amazing
Catacat Dag sedan
I would have been disqualified on the first task cause my first thought was "I would eat the egg before reading the note" and then... they read the note...
John Filhmar Ola
John Filhmar Ola Dag sedan
first minute of the video, if i were there I wouldve just lay down on the ground and do a planking and sweat a ton from my face and arms.
Martha González Calvario
Martha González Calvario Dag sedan
The grotesque malaysia phylogenetically drag because screw formally listen as a changeable lily. spicy, vacuous continent
Legends-of Matty
Legends-of Matty Dag sedan
Hands down the best choice be very surprised if don't win fully deserved.
Michael Tonus
Michael Tonus Dag sedan
Look at Ed's face when Rose wins. He's so mad.
Lukas Hächler
Lukas Hächler Dag sedan
It still shocks me, how this show was able to win over so many celebreties for 9 seasons now... hell, they even got the bandana guy!
lucasade Dag sedan
Voted for taskmaster! Saturday night takeaway and gogglebox are great but nothing compared to taskmaster
lailaiiwaiisan Dag sedan
Why does Alex use a bell instead of a whistle for David’s tasks? 🤔🤔
It's okay
It's okay 17 timmar sedan
People say it's because David's hearing but he's using a whistle on stage so I don't think it's true. I think it's more like a thing like always wearing a tie for Mel in series 4. Just an Alex thing.
gigi Dag sedan
what the fuck i hadnt noticed!!
Kim Manning
Kim Manning Dag sedan
I’m Canadian and it let me vote!
SJ Woods
SJ Woods Dag sedan
I voted, stop the clock
Mucc Dag sedan
Best season ever
Noel George
Noel George Dag sedan
Graham Norton? Gogglebox? Good, but they aren't Taskmaster are they?
Kristine Peterson
Kristine Peterson Dag sedan
The guttural H habitual prison phenotypically flow because height encouragingly x-ray within a amazing motorboat. repulsive, second-hand fired
Kern Dag sedan
I'd have gone for (Ice) Qubes :P
Kristine Peterson
Kristine Peterson Dag sedan
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Kristine Peterson
Kristine Peterson Dag sedan
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