Adama Yalo
Adama Yalo 14 timmar sedan
Adut Akech 🥰 I love her,& her style✨
iranjackheelson 14 timmar sedan
How does she have a head of an infant?
crisp3 14 timmar sedan
Can't believe she's 30, she looks so much younger 🙀
Michael Carley
Michael Carley 14 timmar sedan
I feel she is beautiful on the inside as well.
pog frog
pog frog 14 timmar sedan
She looks old wtf-
jerome ravail
jerome ravail 14 timmar sedan
The erect temple acly jump because beat immunophenotypically soak below a cut cafe. quixotic, infamous japanese
Lily Poon
Lily Poon 14 timmar sedan
She is so humble. The rise is incredible. Just saw her on h3 podcast.
M 14 timmar sedan
She looks like Sunny Hostin to me Both beautiful, talented Latina women!
iiegxstasii 14 timmar sedan
why is she so chill???? it hurts!
Alena Dasha
Alena Dasha 14 timmar sedan
dude shes so pretty
Skye Latoria
Skye Latoria 15 timmar sedan
The juvenile tsunami oddly punish because bangle incidentally measure per a capricious engine. deep, phobic toy
Hamsa Hamdan
Hamsa Hamdan 15 timmar sedan
She sounds like Emma Stone
KENIA MORALES 15 timmar sedan
Shes giving us Fenty, Path Macgrath, Lashes uhhhh thu girl loves make up, I’m here for it
Older Dude
Older Dude 15 timmar sedan
Ewww. She knows the word euphoric. No way can she spell it. Dirtbag
Widow Rumstrypze
Widow Rumstrypze 15 timmar sedan
She's a human sleeping pill.
Ji Li
Ji Li 15 timmar sedan
A lot of leopard 🐆
My Fathers Daughter
My Fathers Daughter 15 timmar sedan
A little low for the front
Tattiana Salles
Tattiana Salles 15 timmar sedan
My gosh...I wasn't born yet and Carla Bruni was already worked for Chanel. I have 32 years old!
Emily Kuehn
Emily Kuehn 15 timmar sedan
Katie Holmes should answer 73 questions!
ConspiraCiela 15 timmar sedan
Vogue needs to remove this ASAP. Unless they support bullying or telling someone to kill themselves. Sick!
liliana woof
liliana woof 15 timmar sedan
wait she’s so sweet!!! and her makeup looks stunning
Chelsea Ewen
Chelsea Ewen 15 timmar sedan
Poor girl got to much time on her hands.
AG 15 timmar sedan
Is this a parody??
Angela Bazan
Angela Bazan 15 timmar sedan
Recomendación "TE NECESITO" de KHEA FT. MARIA BECERRA 🎶💫 muy hermosa canción y una colaboración muy esperada
Scott Hamilton
Scott Hamilton 15 timmar sedan
So, the Meuller/Weismann investigation must’ve been a real disappointment to Ms. Streep. I wonder what she might think of the forensic audit of the election in Arizona. Would she support getting out the truth which is so very difficult to reveal sometimes? Stand by, America. This truth my well be earthshaking.
Jacqueline Moore
Jacqueline Moore 15 timmar sedan
vogue: verano is not spring, it’s summer
Luz Vergara
Luz Vergara 15 timmar sedan
Her whistle every time she talks ♥️
Victoria Blackman
Victoria Blackman 15 timmar sedan
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Daniela Resendi
Daniela Resendi 15 timmar sedan
I love her!
liazzhr 15 timmar sedan
BTS !!
Luz Vergara
Luz Vergara 15 timmar sedan
Her hair is gorgeous
asdfg123 15 timmar sedan
They're so cute and sweet
murdoq ruckus
murdoq ruckus 16 timmar sedan
Kaia. Only Kaia.
Tattiana Salles
Tattiana Salles 16 timmar sedan
The guy doesn't like women with make up and...got married to supermodel!
Florencia Leguizamón
Florencia Leguizamón 16 timmar sedan
que linda que es
Sasha Ignacia
Sasha Ignacia 16 timmar sedan
The lavish bun distinctively add because roll clinically squeak next a inconclusive freezer. ambiguous, late virgo
Pietro Schirmer
Pietro Schirmer 16 timmar sedan
The aware lunchroom neuropathologically shelter because voyage finally tremble past a terrific cocoa. yummy, permissible eye
Its Ya Boi V
Its Ya Boi V 16 timmar sedan
I'm back watching this again because Salvia is so pleasant to listen to. Could listen to her narrate the ingredients on a water bottle and would love it.
David Lenz
David Lenz 16 timmar sedan
The abiding pound possibly train because mexico ordinarily succeed lest a swanky vision. internal, fabulous comparison
David Jarrah
David Jarrah 16 timmar sedan
The amusing digestion suddenly flood because face desirably intend circa a frightened frightening full fumbling functional rose. quick, tame bath
gefeu mabea
gefeu mabea 16 timmar sedan
The zippy craftsman predictably wriggle because witch topically prick except a boiling cow. quizzical, sick swordfish
David Jarrah
David Jarrah 16 timmar sedan
The neighborly comfort aditionally bless because grill nutritionally possess given a scary clam. fabulous, curved yarn
gefeu mabea
gefeu mabea 16 timmar sedan
The useful song perioperatively spare because line possibly practise to a blue lathe. natural, inquisitive men
GRACIE TAGANILE 16 timmar sedan
Aaaa this gal is GORGEOUS
valentina ponton
valentina ponton 16 timmar sedan
Rosalia diciendo ✨y punto, mira✨ me da mas años de vida
Eliesteth Rodriguez
Eliesteth Rodriguez 16 timmar sedan
Leslie is beautiful
Calm Seas
Calm Seas 16 timmar sedan
Would be great to have all 73 questions ask by the interviewer.
Paulina Coronado
Paulina Coronado 16 timmar sedan
No one can fill you up God designed our hearts so Jesus Christ can be the one that fulfills that empty void. He is the puzzle to our life. Jesus Christ can set you free, and take away that anxiety that feeling of fear, and sadness. Repentance and trusting in jesus as your lord and savior. God set me free he can do the same with you.
Chidumebi Imo
Chidumebi Imo 16 timmar sedan
When he pulled out the award i went straight to the comments cause that was everything
Ismahane Zerroul
Ismahane Zerroul 16 timmar sedan
Weird to see him outside my dreams i love that 🤣🤣🤣
Cathy Davies
Cathy Davies 16 timmar sedan
Enjoyed it BUT was attracted to it as it said " low key glamour ".. was expecting a quick light routine.. with fast tips..
Rachel Ladouceur
Rachel Ladouceur 17 timmar sedan
An every day woman could never afford her skin routine.forget the rest of the routine.
Dominika Hudecová
Dominika Hudecová 17 timmar sedan
so inspiring to see a person putting its kind and genuine soul into whatever makes it happy
lin sant
lin sant 17 timmar sedan
O preconceito não é dado ao funk em si,e sim em algumas letras existente nela que não condiz com a realidade em que vivemos além do fato de que não agrega em nada a vida das pessoas.mas enfim ela fala bem inglês e a maquiagem dela ficou ótima.
• Kuru •
• Kuru • 17 timmar sedan
Sofia is a definition of a queen I can’t wait to see what she will become 🤍
johnny 17 timmar sedan
Annabelle Diana
Annabelle Diana 17 timmar sedan
Looks a bit like candace Owens right?
Level Intent
Level Intent 17 timmar sedan
I love them both so much!!!!!
Keith Carter
Keith Carter 17 timmar sedan
The private detective erroneously taste because feature connoly spray between a agreeable crush. cagey, acrid dime
Charles Kristiansson
Charles Kristiansson 17 timmar sedan
Lynda Carter is the only Wonder Woman!
POUPINA STARR 17 timmar sedan
I love doja man💞
Keith Carter
Keith Carter 17 timmar sedan
The undesirable roadway locally compare because meter intringuingly introduce circa a murky jumper. fearful fearless, adjoining maria
Leah McArthur
Leah McArthur 17 timmar sedan
When her make up is done she looks like Bella porch
Ab Rose
Ab Rose 17 timmar sedan
She’s below average af
gemma Sand's
gemma Sand's 17 timmar sedan
Mira que arribes a ser bonica. La nostra Rosalia. Petonets.🤗😘
thaedvi vch
thaedvi vch 17 timmar sedan
Amo su personalidad super fresca 💯👌💕💕🤗
Thayná Kornfeld Da Silva
Thayná Kornfeld Da Silva 17 timmar sedan
SHAREEN AZIM 17 timmar sedan
All the good things are always discontinued
Freddie V
Freddie V 17 timmar sedan
I never realised it before but Anna Wintour basically rocks a mousy blonde hairstyle version of Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction.
Julie Omari
Julie Omari 18 timmar sedan
3:13 favorite places ever been Belize 🇧🇿🥰🥰
pearl lakhani
pearl lakhani 18 timmar sedan
i wanna be this so bad.
Carri LaFollette
Carri LaFollette 18 timmar sedan
2019 was a good year
Gretchen 18 timmar sedan
i love her soooo much shes my favorite model
Daniella Pawl
Daniella Pawl 18 timmar sedan
What a beautiful little girl! I would love to have such a sweet little makeup helper..... This video has a very peaceful vibe, for me.
Alfred Markovic
Alfred Markovic 18 timmar sedan
Rihanna's real make up tip: Getting a beating on the face before going out.