The Truth About Pumped Hydro
The Missing Link in Renewables
How Big Can Wind Turbines Get?
Tesla's Battery Supply Problem
The Floating Harbors of D-Day
The Mystery Flaw of Solar Panels
Are Space Elevators Possible?
The Economics of Nuclear Energy
The Truth About 5G
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The Real Flying Saucer
Noa Lowenstein
Noa Lowenstein 15 timmar sedan
this aged well lol
Vladek16 15 timmar sedan
you missed click man, this is youtube, not tik tok #deathToVerticalVideo
Frame Ready
Frame Ready 15 timmar sedan
You have not considered active support. Also, there are the space hooks. Also, a space elevator can be deployed on the moon or on asteroids we will mine...
Gokul Payyanur
Gokul Payyanur 15 timmar sedan
Why are they not using solar panels for energy instead of radiation
DoomOrElse 15 timmar sedan
Hey, last F1 fans, Hamilton won The World Driver Championship again, and the engines still sound like vacuum cleaners...oh also they have a halo now... see you guys when this video gets recommended in like 3 years
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People think way to hard about things
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Marcos Pacheco
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Canadian, the chute is Canadian 🧐
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smart + time
Space Captain
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Who are you trying to convince? Not Americans. You've presented no new information to American students, who are forced to learn both systems, and to memorize the apparently random imperial standards in elementary school. On top of this, the tone of your presentation has created a place for your own viewers to mock Americans (many of them focusing on stereotypes and general verbal abuse). This vid won't change any minds, it will only insult the people to whom you are meant to be appealing.
Ajhubbell 37
Ajhubbell 37 16 timmar sedan
I only made it to 4:52. Stupidity reigns. Batteries? Batteries are horrible for the environment in any form and they cannot be built large enough to store THAT much electricity.
Addy Sidhu
Addy Sidhu 16 timmar sedan
All this shit and so complicated things achieved but they can’t fckng fix cancer cells in human body
2015_toyota_ avanza_with_some_mod
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Meanwhile in my country: wait you guys can penetrated sky
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Spoiler alert: The answer is YES.
Rocksaw 101
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i wonder how those launches went... oh wait
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Atomic energy powered car pls make video on that
Space Captain
Space Captain 16 timmar sedan
Your title is misleading. The word "Actually" suggests there is some flaw in the metric system that allows for another system to be better. Instead you're just arguing that the metric system is the best system, and that there should be only one system. You should change the title to "The imperial system should be cancelled".
Creepy Spino
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Not You
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Welcome black outs! This is turning the best clean power network into Cuba or Nicaraguan nightmare. Great job Cali!
Jim C
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Down voted when you tried to blame California's wildfires on climate change. Cailifornia's fires are due to imcompetent policy and inept forest management, not climate change.
Andrei Pata
Andrei Pata 17 timmar sedan
Nasa launching a rocket:where the fuck did that satelite come from I think elon didnt plan this well and it will be a problem for space launching bc it will take so much more perfect timing
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7:30 Me taking off in a flight simulator
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Goodluck for the next mission in mers
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GraemeSPa 17 timmar sedan
The Soviets weren't defeated - they won.
Clive Mitchell
Clive Mitchell 18 timmar sedan
Potential energy is not energy-dense. Look up Highview power liquid air storage. Much higher energy density with off-the-shelf components for GW and GWh at a fraction of the cost and space. Can store energy for weeks.
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Jadrové bunky spoja z druhé koleso dva oboch uvidíme opačný obraz výsledky to čo som videl v vojnu podobné na Marse cieli byť ľudia
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P-47 Thunderbolt A-10 Thunderbolt ll P-47 = dad of A10 Meme: P-47: are ya winning son?? A-10: Yes dad, brrt
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🇺🇸 🇫🇷 🇬🇧 🇦🇺 🇳🇿 🇨🇦 🇵🇱 🇳🇱 🇧🇪
Kristian Haralambiev
Kristian Haralambiev 19 timmar sedan
The F-35 is not innovative at all. The lift fan idea was literally copied from the Russian VTOLs.
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this was great, but the end was extremely sudden
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The fact that you know about the psycho andreas clip is just great
rudy berkvens
rudy berkvens 20 timmar sedan
they did not however, the perseverance has the same wheel as the opportunity
Zaranathax 20 timmar sedan
I was hoping for a fair consideration of the topic - this guy just doesn't understand the imperial system and where it has massive advantages. His bridge example is bullshit; what an actual engineer would do is say, 'I need two bolts for every 6 feet, or one per yard. A mile is 1760 yds so I need 1760bolts. Done.'
Erik P
Erik P 20 timmar sedan
Why not roast american dates (please, all americans, use iso dates and iso weeks) and times (use a 24h clock as the day consists of 24 hours) as well.
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Mars has its own UFO too. See it flying behind the mountain in 13:45.
Fred Millar
Fred Millar 20 timmar sedan
This is really mind blowing
ElCadaver 20 timmar sedan
GPS co-ords. Now the Aliens know where to bomb.
Sergio Diaz
Sergio Diaz 20 timmar sedan
to make complex designs you don't need computers you need observation, like all designs made with catenary curves
Alex Bowles
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we need to use the simpler unit, “yay.” the rocket need to be yay high and yay wide, oh and for fuel? this much *sizes hands*
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MAybe it is said in another comment..but Imperial and US are different: imperial gallon is 4..55 litres , US gallon is 3.8 litres; and the US ounce is 3% larger than the imperial ounce....
karri muurimaa
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The problem seems to be that all life dies because of the collapse of the magnetic field. Just like 42.000 years ago. And there's no joy out of any technological device after that. It does not help what people believe, weather they know or not, but it has got a lot to do with the artificial magnetic fields that the technology provides. Even if someone survives, they will pray that they had not for earth is going to be absolute hell.
Raymond Monk
Raymond Monk 21 timme sedan
The tether extending away from the earth could have work, storage and docking stations along its length.
Raymond Monk
Raymond Monk 21 timme sedan
I think SpaceX should get involved in the thinking as Musk seems to find answers no others have considered.
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Vikings 2.0
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You can calculate elevator possibility on Moon...
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I thought it was a rickroll link...
Heimrich Gundesalf
Heimrich Gundesalf 21 timme sedan
And Guatemala. Why nobody mentions Guatemala when giving a list of countries that are holding on to imperial? Banana companies imposed use of pounds, and imperial length an it stuck until this day. Although some metric is used, those two seem to have gotten a string grip.
Commander [REDACTED]
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I wonder when we'll make FTL possible.
Petar Đorđević
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He's a genius
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Why? Becouse of hundreds of millions potentially customers worldwide.
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Now...find curiosity
Candeias C
Candeias C 22 timmar sedan
Now.....find curiosity
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*A10 before it became Air to Air Aircraft* Fighters: *Living in harmony* *A10 after it became Air to Air* Fighters: *They did not try to fly again*
well wisher 1999
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I think ,Nasa didn't chose this..
Graeme Lastname
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Re the title. YES! I can do X 10 in my head, now how many inches in a furlong? Pecks in a bushel? And so on until your brain explodes.
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The swanky geography paradoxically soothe because grease endoscopically suggest to a righteous soda. conscious, tightfisted south america
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how do you make the TURN faster then..? i wanna know
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Lmao you idiots really believe this fantasy religion?
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The observant diaphragm coherently dare because carrot thermodynamically taste of a melted cross. well-groomed, white politician
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Happy to say the company I work at made the machine that made the parachute :)
Theo Norrman
Theo Norrman 23 timmar sedan
Thats so cool how it all just connects to past or present stuff
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America makes new stuff: New technology fascinating experiment China makes new stuff: BIG PROBLEM
Dirty Root
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Assuming that is Mars? Are we?
bocoy noiu
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Aliens are too dumb to solve this
Peter Smith
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The P47D was one of the best ground attack aircraft built in WW2... It and the RAF Typhoons terrorised German armoured units and even individual vehicles, along with all forms of transport, throughout Western Europe after the D-day landings and it could absorb a massive amount of damage and still return its pilot safely to base
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We moved to powered shipping for a reason. ...The doldrums
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Indonesian Subs please.....
Kek chup
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The Mirage/Space Star is a safe car. I think the problem with it is, that it attracts younger and other less skilled drivers.
Harrison Mundschutz
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DanC Dag sedan
PLOT TWIST: all disk shaped UFO's we see is actually an improved version of avrocar
David Cavale
David Cavale Dag sedan
You know a system is outdated when the country that invented it doesn't even use it as its primary system of measurement.
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LLAMA FRHD Dag sedan
Im pissed off. Im not going to explain all the flaws in this video. This channel is suppoused to be educational but I think I lost brain cells from watching this. Thanks. And yes analog always has better quality.
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My Fam had a Mitsubishi television growing up.
eioshen boboi
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10 years of technology Me : hemm 10 years huh Then remember how my phone and computer 10 years back Ma again : ok now i understand.
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Toni Brentson
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If only it said “you have to much time”