Prank Calling FaZe Clan Members
FaZe Clan $10,000 Real Life BINGO
Meet FaZe Bizzle
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The FaZe Clan 2020 Election
Tlgis Qkr
Tlgis Qkr 5 timmar sedan
Mohammed Nazlawi
Mohammed Nazlawi 5 timmar sedan
Dis m.a
Dis m.a 5 timmar sedan
Yessir 😂
Mohammed Fahad Nasyam(Student)
Mohammed Fahad Nasyam(Student) 5 timmar sedan
Yes sirrrrrr
Mohammed Fahad Nasyam(Student)
Mohammed Fahad Nasyam(Student) 5 timmar sedan
Let’s gooooooooooo
lk1footballfun 5 timmar sedan
when kay said your a f******* animal and f******ing kill him I was laughing my head of but faze up
Barbarian Rage
Barbarian Rage 5 timmar sedan
Jarvis is the only SEmostr that I can see that could make it professionally in boxing if he stuck with it. He has the dedication of disciplining himself mentally and there's something in his eyes that gives off this killer vibe.
الزوي Alzwe
الزوي Alzwe 5 timmar sedan
Good shit
idkhonestly 5 timmar sedan
Of course Jev's is an hitmarker hahaha sick
Menames Mech
Menames Mech 5 timmar sedan
16:00 reminder for the time I stopped watching
Statum Tv
Statum Tv 5 timmar sedan
I always find myself coming back to this video. Such nostalgia and amazing editing!
Dbzboy 5 timmar sedan
EDEN'S GATE 5 timmar sedan
Insane Reflex
Rosalynd Sembler
Rosalynd Sembler 5 timmar sedan
The murky ukrainian conceptually flap because beat coherently fetch than a wicked tendency. idiotic, lame index
Emilia Te
Emilia Te 5 timmar sedan
2:14 Me: that's sussss
Jennifer Newman
Jennifer Newman 5 timmar sedan
Jarvis’s older brother looks like he’s on one where he looks into the camera, so could be the Molly or could be the blow.
Pasta Number 1
Pasta Number 1 5 timmar sedan
17:02 bahaha good job lol sick knock out
KrYpTo Klipz
KrYpTo Klipz 5 timmar sedan
i love how he respects the sport and is taking it serious good shit jarvis !!!
Tony Son
Tony Son 6 timmar sedan
“He’s lookin pretty big” - Nikan
zaawrah on insta
zaawrah on insta 6 timmar sedan
0:42 the power of a dictionary lul
Jayden FN
Jayden FN 6 timmar sedan
People who are here when jarvis used aimbot on micheal le
Hyperr Reign
Hyperr Reign 6 timmar sedan
Barrett 6 timmar sedan
Coming from Ex. Faze Bazi winning the first FaZe5 back in 2013 when the channel had 300k subs. This is wholesome to see. You guys are really taking this brand to the moon. I'm on a different path today but still YouTubing. I guess it's all of our destiny's
Wafa Kreidi
Wafa Kreidi 6 timmar sedan
I miss jarvis playing fortnite ;(
muzzle 6 timmar sedan
Mad max 🐐ed film
Jahshshdhdgsh 6 timmar sedan
Jesus is lord and savior
ziddypro147147 6 timmar sedan
What happend to faze apex
Dalaney Gonzalez
Dalaney Gonzalez 6 timmar sedan
I just want to say something it is not michael le fault that he lost the fight he is textually blind when his glasses are off and when Jarvis punch him his contact fell off
Zanop 7 timmar sedan
day before everyones pupils were large "hungry for the fight"
Vivaan Vaidyanathan
Vivaan Vaidyanathan 7 timmar sedan
Faze will never stop doing legendary stuff it is crazy
LuissMaro 7 timmar sedan
Faze up 🙏🏽 no cap got me in tears when he won 🏅 🥺
Green Joshua
Green Joshua 7 timmar sedan
Homie just wanted a Popeyes sandwich 😂
Walter_ the goat
Walter_ the goat 7 timmar sedan
You muted me on my birthday-Faze adapt 34:44
Jared Osei
Jared Osei 7 timmar sedan
Michael lee career ended
Scythe fn
Scythe fn 7 timmar sedan
"FaZe Fights" so that means there's gonna be more 😏
Frederico Da costa
Frederico Da costa 7 timmar sedan
When a 21 year old gets knocked out by a 19 year old and stops posting
Waj Ikram
Waj Ikram 7 timmar sedan
I knew u could do it
Dylan Summers
Dylan Summers 7 timmar sedan
Am I the only one with the thought that Jarvis is going to go far in boxing. I can see him going pro man the passion
Xavier Smith (vFiyahhh)
Xavier Smith (vFiyahhh) 8 timmar sedan
APEX is that kid 😂😂
Neomi Castellanos
Neomi Castellanos 8 timmar sedan
Why did this documentary make me emotional lol seeing how far Jarvis has come is truly incredible mate :)
SAHIRU FONSEKA 8 timmar sedan
Why does Jarvis have black teeth? Am not making fun..
Joe 5 timmar sedan
It is a teethguard to stop them being knocked out
Swifti 8 timmar sedan
hey at least michael was not being toxic like anywhere
Influenza Musk
Influenza Musk 8 timmar sedan
Man that’s a killer instinct
Dev_ 2k
Dev_ 2k 8 timmar sedan
6:57 he call it
John 15:7
John 15:7 8 timmar sedan
John 3:16-18 Jesus loves you, and died for our sins. Jesus is coming back very soon to judge this world and set up his kingdom that will reign forever and ever. Hell is real, hell wasn't made for humans but for fallen angels but if you reject Jesus and his sacrifice you will end up in hell. Repent before it is too late. Please i plead with you for the sake of God..
Anh-Tuan Do
Anh-Tuan Do 8 timmar sedan
I have no idea what is going on
Beastednocap -
Beastednocap - 8 timmar sedan
Tommy boxing would be crazy
ResPawnGaming 8 timmar sedan
Crowd: aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaa Teeqo: F**k tik tok Me: yesssir 😂😂😂😂😂
Im Niceisit
Im Niceisit 8 timmar sedan
Holy cow! Kay really cares about Jarvis
ROYALxDRIP 9 timmar sedan
I feel like Faze have Created a Monster
Hariharan Prakash
Hariharan Prakash 9 timmar sedan
3 week of quarentine! its gunna be chill. me: hey guys! day 592 of quarentine
The one and only Allen
The one and only Allen 9 timmar sedan
I’m glad Jarvis won but I kinda feel bad for Michel
ImKurtzy 9 timmar sedan
That man said "Is that it?"
sam serrano
sam serrano 9 timmar sedan
Fousey tube trying so hard to be relevant again 🤣🤣🤣
Michael Robles
Michael Robles 9 timmar sedan
I can feel the anger it motivates me to keep grinding
Jennifer Weikle
Jennifer Weikle 9 timmar sedan
FAZE FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Melissa Rosales
Melissa Rosales 9 timmar sedan
Jarvis is fine
Homers IQ
Homers IQ 9 timmar sedan
My guys recording through a ring camera
Umarabel 9 timmar sedan
“It’s soo hard”
O.J (AsiaofAwsomeness)
O.J (AsiaofAwsomeness) 9 timmar sedan
If it weren’t for all of them, I wouldn’t know who Logic was…..I wouldn’t know OG Faze members…I wouldn’t know about Faze Adapt the type of guy to. These guys made an impact on my life and to see them like this is like going back to their prime time.
Melissa Rosales
Melissa Rosales 9 timmar sedan
What was Jarvis doing on his computer
Cristina Lamanna
Cristina Lamanna 9 timmar sedan
Yeah Faze for Life👊🏻🥊
Zyfed 9 timmar sedan
17:43 😂😂😂😂
itzintel 10 timmar sedan
Lol the end tho give me the money 💴 I’m in
Justin Fleming
Justin Fleming 10 timmar sedan
Yo those epic games employees better watch it they’re next on Jarvises list😂😳
Jorge 10 timmar sedan
Faze rug is pushing the air watching the great meeting
cameron joe
cameron joe 10 timmar sedan
Hello 👋
Rock girl
Rock girl 10 timmar sedan
Jarvis knock the f out of him Congratulations Jarvis
whodidwhat !
whodidwhat ! 10 timmar sedan
Jordan 10 timmar sedan
He seems passionate about this fighting shit. He’s only 19. Maybe he’s got a future here. Obviously a natural athlete and competitor
ThatKidDalt 10 timmar sedan
honestly was the most awesome fight i saw that week
Preston McKinney
Preston McKinney 10 timmar sedan
Roland Eckstein V
Roland Eckstein V 10 timmar sedan
:( take me back
Jahseh_123 10 timmar sedan
Tsunami 10 timmar sedan
Marie beat the shit out of him Jesus
NsFx313 R6 (NsFx313)
NsFx313 R6 (NsFx313) 10 timmar sedan
Gyatt less than 1k dislikes.
Gmoney 51
Gmoney 51 10 timmar sedan
POV: your here after Jarvis won the fight
Fiqqzyfn 10 timmar sedan
miss u jarvis
lakus 10 timmar sedan
Back again :)