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Felipe Fasanella
Felipe Fasanella 9 timmar sedan
AB is really being bullied. For a show SO against David (I don't like him by the way), but just quit the jokes towards AB.
Zach G
Zach G 9 timmar sedan
I find it kind of hypocritical for Trisha to dismiss the fact that AB was having a hard time with all the hate and death-threats and so on by saying "you put yourself online...don't be on camera or have a youtube channel", as if to say that if you can't handle whats to come then don't be online or public in that way. Isn't that just reversing the whole reason as to why you were mad at him by saying what he said in the first place? He could say the same thing about you and how he felt and his take when watching the vlog squad videos. At the end of the day, for Trisha, AB, or anyone at all, if you can't take it when people share their opinion about what they see in reference to you or what you have made public, then, as she said herself, don't be on the internet. That's straight from Trisha @ 8:00 mins. But ofc, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, even those in this comment section who may disagree with me.
Double Vision
Double Vision 9 timmar sedan
The podcast just wouldn't be the same without Dan laughing at the sound bytes in the background
karen o'connor
karen o'connor 9 timmar sedan
Hair by Jay is an absolute nut job!!! What a weirdo.Trisha didn't deserve that crap
Jenny Bangz
Jenny Bangz 9 timmar sedan
She seems like your sweet, everyday girl. Very chill. 💕💕💕
Charley raven
Charley raven 9 timmar sedan
More love more love
Charley raven
Charley raven 9 timmar sedan
Hey joker more love to the world 😍🃏 is tbe way
Mel 9 timmar sedan
Both of these people have been piece of shits, and have gone to the really low depths but it’s so mesmerizing that they’re together and admitting, reflecting on the shit they do. It’s so good. It’s incredibly easy to hate someone one sidedly but this allows me to look deeper than a 2d story if that makes sense
Mel 9 timmar sedan
We’re not any better. Not just people on social media, everyone should get the habit of doing this. I’ve been open to admitting my faults and showing my vulnerabilities. It’s so much better and freeing.
David Potter
David Potter 9 timmar sedan
Ethan comes off very very judgmental
vic 9 timmar sedan
Ethan being a burger is his true self
Bubbijs 9 timmar sedan
Hila looks amazing she’s glowing!!!! It’s important to exfoliate and moisturize!
Boiling Tea
Boiling Tea 9 timmar sedan
Hila is ageless, she’s glowing
Georgia Lambert
Georgia Lambert 9 timmar sedan
The false familiar famous stream evidently suspend because root disappointedly wink on a humorous comb. scared, actually play
Meme REVultion
Meme REVultion 9 timmar sedan
Seriously, SEmost, you're recommending me more drama? *Sighs* I hope the new FNAF release could stop any kinds of drama in SEmost due to its possible trend.
Ellie Hannah
Ellie Hannah 9 timmar sedan
I have absolutely fallen in love with this podcast!!! it’s shown me how much of a good person trisha really is❤️and I’m here for itt
Audrey Paige
Audrey Paige 9 timmar sedan
as someone who works for a very large retail corporation, we’re TRAINED to “engage” with customers and it’s a literal policy that i need to hear two no’s to leave you alone. our management pressures associates to constantly be on customers about everything.
the komakino
the komakino 9 timmar sedan
hila saying she doesnt have a skincare routine and has skin like that!?! ive had dogshit skin since i was 10 years old with a skincare routine :( just goes to show its mostly just good luck and good genes to have good skin
Auntkornicob 10 timmar sedan
this is so chaotic
Chocolate Milk
Chocolate Milk 10 timmar sedan
Trisha: Beeb 👁👄👁
antonina 10 timmar sedan
1:08:50 how do you ironically die in a car crash
Chahana Cintury
Chahana Cintury 10 timmar sedan
Trish is lowkey delusional. Lol
Freeze 10 timmar sedan
It's so cute how Trisha freaks out about someone coming close and Moses just says It's ok and She clams down.
Jamie Evans
Jamie Evans 10 timmar sedan
"You almost just peace and love'd me." ~Hila
Carly Paris
Carly Paris 10 timmar sedan
Stalking the page waiting for a new episide hehehee
Freeze 10 timmar sedan
The Eating in the Rolls Royce reminds me of the Shawarma Eating in Avangers.
Melissa Sayers
Melissa Sayers 10 timmar sedan
How did I miss this episode and only watched the highlights videos, sorry trish 😅
Keighley Smith
Keighley Smith 10 timmar sedan
Complete missed opportunity to play “shoutout to his family” When Ian was talking about the shoutout to the island fitness plan
Janell Solis
Janell Solis 10 timmar sedan
Why his eyes and eyebrows do that? 😂😂
Harribo ;P
Harribo ;P 10 timmar sedan
They’ve split the room like there’re in a teen sitcom.
Maria 10 timmar sedan
disgusting disgusting disgusting!! Jason's explanation of the kiss is so disgusting he doesn't even realize what's so wrong with that. He didn't signed up for this. Ugh
Opened Eyes
Opened Eyes 10 timmar sedan
It’s really hard listening to Ethan speak on politics because he is so uneducated. Who do you think pays for socialized healthcare and free education? Who do you think pays for higher minimum wages? It trickles down to the citizens who are ultimately left with less money and less choices. Republicans believe in lower taxes, deregulation and a free market.
Abby Winckler
Abby Winckler 10 timmar sedan
Opened Eyes
Opened Eyes 10 timmar sedan
The reason why people come out of college with liberal ideologies is because of indoctrination. Liberal professors pushing Marxism and communism.
L calle c.
L calle c. 10 timmar sedan
Put frenemies on Monday nite ugh I can’t wait 😜
Carla Marie
Carla Marie 10 timmar sedan
If you guys dont already, i think you should do kid sizes for teddy fresh, there some clothes in there I think my daughter would look so cute in. And about all these youtubers/influencers that you speaking of have to get it together. There will be a day where people will not just sweep stuff under the rug, and say enough is enough. I reached that point quick bc i dont accept any type of abuse on other people, or any repeated bad behavior. I understand if you made a mistake or some mistakes nobody is perfect, but man up to it, apologize for it and change. But if they will continue to do bad things like if nothing, no bye.
Sarah Driscoll
Sarah Driscoll 10 timmar sedan
Ethan just totally glossed over the fact that most colleges are left-leaning.
mheners 10 timmar sedan