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servetu0131m 20 sekunder sedan
With all my respect, I think November Rain should be both here and in top 20 guitar solos
Ron Bryant
Ron Bryant 24 sekunder sedan
As a working musician, I've had venue owner's or staff ask me to let a friend/relative sing, and am always assured that they are very good. They then get on stage and sound horrible and then sometimes they will turn to me and say "turn the autotune up" it sounds bad.. "I don't have autotune sister girl. I've been singing all night! Get the hell off my stage!" Very few modern singers can actually sing...
Mark Sawyer
Mark Sawyer 29 sekunder sedan
Just a nobody saying things to attract attention to himself.200 years ago there was no internet so no one could look back at music from the past. There is now, add in rolling stones, pink Floyd led zeppelin queen. And mamas and papas , beach boys and so many more. I don't see one direction in this list though. 😆
Gemini Jinxies
Gemini Jinxies 32 sekunder sedan
Pop music is candy turned into sound. I don't mind the Auto-tune there. It's when they use it in heavy or hard rocking songs that I start to cringe since it sounds too polished and commercial. Perhaps in the future this craze will go the way of the disco and suddenly die because the masses got fed up with it ..only to be replaced by something worse that makes us miss the good ol' days of Auto-tune.
Scentless Scents
Scentless Scents 45 sekunder sedan
Totally addicted to this when came out, learned to play the drums with.. Still to this day one of my favorites.. Thank you Rick
Patrick Rapp
Patrick Rapp Minut sedan
AI will write, record and release it´s own generic songs, if that is not already the case. To make people get used to listen to artificial, emotionless voices, Autotune was slowly introduced to the listeners ear.
RICHARD WRIGHT 6 minuter sedan
RICK ALWAYS TOP!!! Great video dude. Love it soo much! I live in Italy, and would love to come to the US and spend some time talkin' bout music with you man!
Sam Kay
Sam Kay 7 minuter sedan
What software are you using to isolate the instruments? @RickBeato
Meghann Robinson
Meghann Robinson 10 minuter sedan
the knowing laughs of Rhett during this whole thing crack me up
Brett Morin
Brett Morin 11 minuter sedan
Hey look I made a new song in G, C, D! And I solo in the key of D Major! (90% of rock music on the radio) /s.
Caio Bortoletto
Caio Bortoletto 12 minuter sedan
Charles Williams
Charles Williams 14 minuter sedan
It's a good thing they didn't use it on Gimme Shelter.
MrShepardDog 14 minuter sedan
Nine out of ten of these are folk-rock tunes from the early seventies. Come on, Rick. No Lennon-MCartney? Maybe you never heard of their group. It was called "The Beatles". Look them up. And as many others noted... no Leonard Cohen? He was from this same era that you seem to love so much. Also... there was this singer from Jersey... wrote a bunch of tunes... what was his name.. oh yes, Bruce Springsteen! Chrisee Hynde and her group -- maybe you heard of them -- "the Pretenders". She wrote ALL their songs. Only sold about 11 million records, so I guess that is not enough to be included..... Jeeze. Next time, call me, and I can help you out..
dbevit 14 minuter sedan
You forgot to mention Elvis Presley, who surely didn't need autotune.
Thomas Kline
Thomas Kline 15 minuter sedan
Don’t forget Joe Ely ,
HATED BY MANY 17 minuter sedan
The movie (spun) number of the beast, djali zwan. Opening song.
Joe Pilimai
Joe Pilimai 18 minuter sedan
Every time Rick gives us a "WhooOOooOOoooo!!!!" an angel gets its wings...and I know I have heard something cool.
Joaquin Sanabria
Joaquin Sanabria 19 minuter sedan
También me parecen unos desordenados
05yoav 19 minuter sedan
Great video, but how can you talk about drum sounds without mentioning the "Toy Matinee" album?????
Camcolito 20 minuter sedan
My hand never stops moving like that and I don't even have a guitar.
Bryan Steele
Bryan Steele 21 minut sedan
Linkin Park is probably the last band I ever witnessed becoming a total phenomenon. I think their first album sold 20 million albums in its initial run. crazy.
PortCharmers 22 minuter sedan
It's a bit like a lot of modern design. It is inferred that "modern" is per se virtuous, so "modern"is the selling point. But in reality it's just cheap to produce.
Jaap van der Tuuk
Jaap van der Tuuk 23 minuter sedan
Problem with auto-tuned songs is that the music is often also crap.
Patrick Cannon
Patrick Cannon 23 minuter sedan
Rick, what model Strat are you playing in this?? Is that a later '60s?
reg richard
reg richard 24 minuter sedan
Infectious and revealing. In Beato we trust.
Art Vader
Art Vader 25 minuter sedan
Batman Forever!
Tom Brückner
Tom Brückner 25 minuter sedan
I hear you, man.
Mach 26 minuter sedan
You have to be one of the most italian looking people I've ever seen
Playpianokey 27 minuter sedan
Composing great lyrics also makes up for poor vocals. Bob Dylan for one.
Ferre Franckx
Ferre Franckx 27 minuter sedan
One of my all time favorites, nicely explained and put the right parts in the spotlight :)
enilenis 27 minuter sedan
Best use of autotuning/vocoding, in my opinion, is by "Magic Mushroom". Songs like "Demons of Pain" or "Saeed". They drive vocals till they break down and become instrumental. Most creative use of this technology. When the vocalist can sing perfectly without tuning, it becomes art. Otherwise, it's a cheat.
Krzysztof Kaliński
Krzysztof Kaliński 28 minuter sedan
Auto tune makes always perfect (p/b)itch - but only one option is available at once... So some people make a bad choice. 🤪
munyones 29 minuter sedan
The style and ideas of this journalist-pretender makes me know clearly who he votes for president.. but I'll keep it to myself since I don't want to open Pandora's box... 😂 (Mind you, I'm european and I don't vote in North America. I just look at it from the outside. But I guess he probably mistakes the right to opinion and to be non PC with writing crap.)
Ben Holbrook
Ben Holbrook 30 minuter sedan
I bought it a couple of days ago, but haven't received the sign on info...have you started delivering the info yet?
Daniel Rogers
Daniel Rogers 31 minut sedan
"Who would think of something that unusual? I'm gonna call Seal and ask him"
kurt van hook
kurt van hook 33 minuter sedan
Is it me or does Rick intentionally not utter Scott W.’s name in any of his stp song dissections?
nath cascen
nath cascen 33 minuter sedan
i studied unfortunately only 3 years piano,but still remember my teacher litterally obsessed with bach,he was according to her the father of music.
Jack Maddox
Jack Maddox 33 minuter sedan
Are ANY vocal tracks recorded without Auto-Tune anymore...? When I first came across it in the late 90's I thought ok, a useful tool to correct some of the more egregious errors in vocal tracks, just smooth over the rough edges; I never, ever imagined then that it would literally become like the new reverb for vocal tracks: used on pretty much EVERYTHING...!
C Armistead
C Armistead 34 minuter sedan
I am betting that "musicians" of today cannot even read sheet music. Music of today is so simple which makes it so BORING! IMHO!
Punk Floyd
Punk Floyd 34 minuter sedan
Hey Rick, thank you so much for the content of your channel and thank you Seal for putting this out! I loved that song in my youth. I am close to tears when I hear it now. But I decided(?) to be a "metal/rock guy" so I have never come back to listen to it. And becoming a metal guy was mainly because pop music in most cases did not touch me. Banging my head to some serious metal (NOT any!) seemed to be more rewarding. Rick, how about you set up a Spotify channel with your favorite songs? You can always come back to make a "What Makes This Song Great?" Episode of all of them. I would certainly listen to it and there would be channel I seriously could recommend to my kids. Cheers!
Ian W
Ian W 35 minuter sedan
What if they had more than one braincell????
Angel Matos
Angel Matos 35 minuter sedan
Alvin Lee?
Quin atakara
Quin atakara 35 minuter sedan
Where the fuck is dimebag?
William Lawrence
William Lawrence 37 minuter sedan
I think Gary Rossington player one of the best sliders in the game
Peter Bonanno
Peter Bonanno 37 minuter sedan
Rick. I cannot find that tele anywhere. Any suggestions??
William Lawrence
William Lawrence 38 minuter sedan
Wild cherry opening to play that funky music , great jive and jam
Angel Matos
Angel Matos 38 minuter sedan
Bobby Enriquez?
Rick Rolled
Rick Rolled 39 minuter sedan
just shows you don't have to have much voice talent anymore, its more about how you look and your persona
Mario Zammit
Mario Zammit 39 minuter sedan
Always so entertaining, thank you yet again! Nice to have our home town boys acknowledged too eh!
FICKFEHLER 39 minuter sedan
There's a reason why a poorly sounding mono track recorded in 1965 will continue to outlive anything produced digitally perfect today. Because talent & emotion makes a good song. Not by clicking a mouse in NLE's like a spreadsheet ! Until blood's being spat on the mic by a singer, keep re-taking it until it's finally done fuckin right !
Don Ho
Don Ho 40 minuter sedan
I just assume that ALL of Bieber’s stuff is a copy-and-paste job. I’m pretty sure Bieber himself is a hologram. The guy who shows up for live interviews is a lookalike from the William Morris Agency. They have to find a new one every 3 years, so that the Beeb will never age out of his listener demographic.
David White
David White 40 minuter sedan
What's wrong with modern music is not that singers sing on key. What's wrong with modern music is that it is "dumbed-down".
Tracy Gun'z
Tracy Gun'z 40 minuter sedan
Fav band of all time. It fking sucks Layne passed away, pisses me off!
atomic critter
atomic critter 40 minuter sedan
Im too lazy to watch the whole video but Im guessing this does not have Meat Loaf - Bat Out Of Hell - only one of the biggest selling albums ever, solid all the way through and in its way created a a genre
Luca Eri
Luca Eri 41 minut sedan
thank you
William Lawrence
William Lawrence 41 minut sedan
Lay it on the line triumph. Hard intro to play,it's like you need 9 inch fingers to hit it.
Floris Kruijssen
Floris Kruijssen 42 minuter sedan
Thank you thank you thank you
Allan Stokes
Allan Stokes 42 minuter sedan
5:00 Out of these eight works alone (with only The Art of Fugue perhaps many decades too far ahead of its time), how does a composer manage to be largely forgotten for a hundred years, much less everything else he composed? Had Shakespeare been a better student of history, he might have realized what a giant risk he was taking with his legacy when he diluted _Romeo,_ _Hamlet_ and _Lear_ by penning all that other second-rate garbage.
MrShepardDog 42 minuter sedan
Can't stand Katie Perry.
Thomas Kline
Thomas Kline 46 minuter sedan
Dylan thought it might be a Jesse Winchester song!
kurt van hook
kurt van hook 46 minuter sedan
Fantastic song. Fantastic analysis.
SiSenor 46 minuter sedan
IMO the better Foo Fighter guitar intro is 'Times Like These'.
Dave Kenney
Dave Kenney 47 minuter sedan
I am an old jazz musician/composer and I remember Charlie Parker creating the tune "Donna Lee" (very cool piece) using the chord progression from 'Back Home in Indiana'. He originally wanted to play Back Home but because of copyright issues he created Donna Lee which I feel is a much cooler tune, really a improv by Parker. So I am no copyright expert but I thought you could not copyright a chord progression but there you go I learned something new. Keep up the good work Rick.
PRODUCE MUSIC AT HOME 47 minuter sedan
Eight thousand comments! 😳 Rick, u are killing it! Wow
frank saraceno
frank saraceno 48 minuter sedan
What makes this song great is that rick Beato didn’t write it
geo GELLER 49 minuter sedan
Dont stop now you’re on a roll / do more rants / live them and you too
Christopher Pitbladdo
Christopher Pitbladdo 50 minuter sedan
I stumbled across this, and am utterly bamboozled by just about everything that you said... but fascinated, too! This album was written, in part, in a friend's living room in North London.
Bill Lunna
Bill Lunna 52 minuter sedan
Hi Rick. I think a good example of great harmonies minus auto tune is The Association.
Candice Bliss
Candice Bliss 53 minuter sedan
John Denver? Really?? In this song about West Virginia, he sings about “Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River,” which aren’t actually in West Virginia! Of course, I’m originally from Colorado, and no one I knew there could stand the guy either. Okay, rant over 😜😜😜
Max Kline
Max Kline 55 minuter sedan
Another vote for Trevor Horn. Seal IS fantastic and Trevor Horn finds all the ways to realize Seal’s music.
Ian Johnson
Ian Johnson 55 minuter sedan
This song is just incredible! Max Martin is in a class of his own.
MrShepardDog 56 minuter sedan
One of the most beautiful, sad, timeless and contemporary pieces of music, both the instruments and the lyrics.... puts 'rap' singers to shame....
William Phillips
William Phillips 57 minuter sedan
Paul McCartney? Or maybe I missed it.
Anders Estes Jacobsen
Anders Estes Jacobsen 58 minuter sedan
If someone had told me this, when i started playing guitar, I would have quit. 1 minute in, and im gone.
Matthew Yaron
Matthew Yaron 58 minuter sedan
Nice to know I can just keep listening to TooL and I haven't missed a thing in Rock!! Did see Royal Blood open for QOTSA they were good!!
Jakub Glaser
Jakub Glaser 59 minuter sedan
Actualy where is Sing Sing Sing!? Smegheads...
Jim Beam
Jim Beam Timme sedan
Really? Sober? of all the fills by Danny? alright. edit: It's probably because your drummer buddy can't play them. Stay cool BEATO!
Dana Morton
Dana Morton Timme sedan
You have so much insight into music. You are great I love you commentary. I heard that when Shar came out with her hit a number of years ago. Compare that with Sony and Shar in the sixties it just had more character or Timbre.
Ken Fowler
Ken Fowler Timme sedan