Alexi Bear25
Alexi Bear25 13 timmar sedan
17:16 that poor guy is like just there and is like what are these guys doing
Keith Alvarado
Keith Alvarado 13 timmar sedan
I just noticed that tommy is wearing jschlatt merch
Kingston Burns
Kingston Burns 13 timmar sedan
User C8D
User C8D 13 timmar sedan
19:40 all girls are the same
Rachael Howe
Rachael Howe 13 timmar sedan
I feel bad for you tommy you know when I was in 2nd grade I had a gf and she moved to another school so I feel you
NotVexE 13 timmar sedan
Phil once said: Life is hardcore, it can lose like my world
Sharla Wildheart
Sharla Wildheart 13 timmar sedan
Tommy is the only person who would scream at the top of his lungs, “WIVEESSSSS” then follow that up with “GOGGGGGGY”
Gwar Richmond
Gwar Richmond 13 timmar sedan
💄🤡🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅........ *I JUST GET SO EXCITED WHEN THE CIRCUS COMES TO TOWN !!!!* 😁😁😁
Shadow Panther
Shadow Panther 13 timmar sedan
Either I feel really bad for Tommy, or I’m scared at how good Tommy could act.
NotVexE 13 timmar sedan
In the second ride Tommy's speech was kinda like Niko Bellic talking lol
De gamr
De gamr 13 timmar sedan
“UNWET ME PHIL” thank you that made my day and made me laugh
DiamondOrPoor78 13 timmar sedan
GP am I right?
PolloIsVeryCool 13 timmar sedan
I hope for Tommy's sake that the end was scripted but if it wasn't, my god that is perfect.
Jaggy Boi54
Jaggy Boi54 13 timmar sedan
Come to a certain fair in America and they do two rides similar to the blade. One is the blade but called something else and the other one spins around and almost flips upside down while the safety thingy squeezes the shit outta you
ryan cielen
ryan cielen 14 timmar sedan
•GxchaLia• 14 timmar sedan
This video made me laugh so hard that my face hurts now:)
Riley Kessie
Riley Kessie 14 timmar sedan
Phil is the dad and Wilbur us the older brother
kiingshadow midnight
kiingshadow midnight 14 timmar sedan
nice video
Solar.Eclipseo 14 timmar sedan
I’m like so much younger then Tommy and LOVE roller coasters like- NANI!?
REALA_ JBGAMER 14 timmar sedan
Go get her tummy
Conor Peters
Conor Peters 14 timmar sedan
That endpart where wilbur hugged tommy and philza said it was alright was so emotional. I almost cried. Then they started laughing
Savitar 14 timmar sedan
Tom Simons has to be a different guy than Tommy
Femboy Hooters
Femboy Hooters 14 timmar sedan
Not tommy talking about gogy the whole time
CJ Pixolotl
CJ Pixolotl 14 timmar sedan
Jaydon Ruble
Jaydon Ruble 14 timmar sedan
The homely swing conversely hammer because wedge philly balance alongside a understood house. overrated, impolite coil
Lin Chen
Lin Chen 14 timmar sedan
pro gamer isa
pro gamer isa 14 timmar sedan
"Phil... Any last words-" Tom Simons 2021
Bees 14 timmar sedan
Alternative title: Three grown men scream about tubs full of water
Valeria Suarez
Valeria Suarez 14 timmar sedan
8:45 TOMMY’S FACE 😭😭😭😭😭
Choco. AJ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Choco. AJ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 14 timmar sedan
Aww poor Tommy 😪
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Error 404 14 timmar sedan
That last second pain in his eyes I still cant forget it...
Gwar Richmond
Gwar Richmond 14 timmar sedan
💄🤡🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅........ *I JUST GET SO EXCITED WHEN THE CIRCUS COMES TO TOWN !!!!* 😁
Steven Taylor
Steven Taylor 14 timmar sedan
but it is kind of sad
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Error 404 14 timmar sedan
Vertical date another word for..
Jonah Depthh
Jonah Depthh 14 timmar sedan
Uk water parks aren’t it
seviec 14 timmar sedan
what a nice family vlog
Mcsquee_Scguee 14 timmar sedan
20:00 aww brothers
Pykuny 14 timmar sedan
And they still live to see another day
GeOrgiE 14 timmar sedan
5:00 why is it blog gun vibes lmaoooo
Mohammed Bakhour
Mohammed Bakhour 14 timmar sedan
zaber w ayrr btemak🤤🤤🥒🥒🍆🍆zaber w ayrr btemak🤤🤤🥒🥒🍆🍆zaber w ayrr btemak🤤🤤🥒🥒🍆🍆zaber w ayrr btemak🤤🤤🥒🥒🍆🍆
cheesy bees
cheesy bees 14 timmar sedan
phil is the dad wilbur is the older brother and tommy is the younger brother sucking up to dad
jordan vigil
jordan vigil 14 timmar sedan
Thats sad she didn't even know him
CJ Pixolotl
CJ Pixolotl 14 timmar sedan
will trying to kill tommy the entire time
BlaDezGIX _FN 14 timmar sedan
usually he will call for phil but "GOGGYYYYYYYYY" just did it for me
MrCookie Man HATER
MrCookie Man HATER 14 timmar sedan
If you are From the USA I don't like you.
Robert Wiersma
Robert Wiersma 14 timmar sedan
Roller coasters are my biggest fear
CodeKit_ 14 timmar sedan
Did undynes music just start playing?
CodeKit_ 14 timmar sedan
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Error 404 14 timmar sedan
10:25 "Fun in a box" Im not going to comment bout how that sentence is funny
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Error 404 14 timmar sedan
@Liam Ltc u wont get it innocent one
Liam Ltc
Liam Ltc 14 timmar sedan
No fun not funny
Evy Gil
Evy Gil 14 timmar sedan
crazy mates hahha!
Francisco49ners 14 timmar sedan
That’s how I almost died on a ride that’s similar to the blade 😃
Cloud 14 timmar sedan
“Diary of a Wimpy Kid Tommyinnit can’t hurt you, it doesn’t exist.” Diary of a Wimpy Kid Tommyinnit: *zOo WeE mAmA*
supmoW 13 timmar sedan
MC FAN 14 timmar sedan
Nick Sperrazza
Nick Sperrazza 14 timmar sedan
I moving 2 England
Steven Taylor
Steven Taylor 14 timmar sedan
Dylan Metcalf
Dylan Metcalf 14 timmar sedan
oooohh, tommy can do the blade. 😏
Doofus7177 14 timmar sedan
Pause it and go on 8:46
shannonsnetworks 14 timmar sedan
my biggest flex rn is i’ve been there😎
Mas 14 timmar sedan
loded diper
Julainy Gore
Julainy Gore 14 timmar sedan
"OI IM FRIENDS WITH GEORGE''' caught me off guard :,) I was DYING
Aiden Johnson
Aiden Johnson 14 timmar sedan
0:03 A wild George has appeared.
ウィープWeeb 14 timmar sedan
Went there today
go away
go away 14 timmar sedan
*how its that 6 year old shounting "I LOVED IT"* tommy.. i think thats a 3 year old..
GreatDane77 14 timmar sedan
I can’t believe she said yes
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Error 404 14 timmar sedan
O shit its da blade grab
BeFourTee 14 timmar sedan
Christian Claydon
Christian Claydon 14 timmar sedan
What park is this, cuz I wanna go!!
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Error 404 14 timmar sedan
I thought when Will called Tommys crush he was gonna invite her or something bruhhh Something tells me if he just invited tommys crush and ditch tommy let them be together alone lmao
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Error 404 14 timmar sedan
O shit its da blade rollercoaster
uNded Valour
uNded Valour 14 timmar sedan
Then there’s me that went on the Orion aka the tallest, fastest,longest roller coaster multiple times 🤔
Big 14 timmar sedan
Tommy are you ok with all this twitter stuff happening. Hope your doing ok
denis zelinschi
denis zelinschi 14 timmar sedan
tommy try going in space
HANNAN MONTANA 14 timmar sedan
You good lmfao?-
sierra stokes
sierra stokes 14 timmar sedan
They’re dumb
I wish I had a NERF gun
I wish I had a NERF gun 14 timmar sedan
Let's hope bad boy halo don't watch this and see all the cussing
Donald Le
Donald Le 14 timmar sedan
Tommy you have went skydiving before
Emma Scott
Emma Scott 14 timmar sedan
wilbur is such an older brother omg