Alan Marr
Alan Marr 5 timmar sedan
We will see > there is also the strong possibility there will be more mutations
James Bunyard
James Bunyard 5 timmar sedan
Don't believe a word he says. Not just him, anyone in the political parties. Next will come the excuses to stay in lockdown.
Freedom Club
Freedom Club 5 timmar sedan
Boris :"we'll have to continue the lockdown because we're not sure our vaccines will work against the South Africa Variant" also boris: " no reason to believe our vaccines don't work against Brazil variant" ah how quickly the goalposts can move when the government have a vested interest. funny that.
Pragmatic Optimist & N7
Pragmatic Optimist & N7 5 timmar sedan
So.. With all the likely 'variants', isthe intention to shut things down over and over again as the only. people most negatively impacted WON'T be those that *CAN* afford it
wozzatronic1 5 timmar sedan
More lies!!!!!!
zzirSnipzz1 5 timmar sedan
But they cant gurantee it works against coiv full stop? thats what i read i am so confused over the whole thing
mathew gurney
mathew gurney 5 timmar sedan
"Stop people coming in over our borders, that's why we have a tough regime" Is this peak hypocrisy yet ?
Anthony Lane
Anthony Lane 5 timmar sedan
Ah...the caveat in the roadmap to reopening....the Variants of Change.
SEZAQ 5 timmar sedan
the fact that i see more than 0 likes on this video frustrates me
John APPLESEED 5 timmar sedan
Why does Boris look like he smells of feet or coffee and has that teacher Coffee breath?
Secret Billionaire
Secret Billionaire 5 timmar sedan
Of course because these variants are made up.🤬
Virginia Lover Productions
Virginia Lover Productions 5 timmar sedan
That's a prop, not a fighter jet.
Sam Leo
Sam Leo 5 timmar sedan
Well done you English people , We were talking about this week's ago , money to their pals for phoney contracts , better late than never .
Robin Holt
Robin Holt 5 timmar sedan
4Q utube 🖕
VIE 1683
VIE 1683 5 timmar sedan
This guy is a snake.
Tristan Miller
Tristan Miller 5 timmar sedan
If your going to agree that the lockdown helps stop transmission, then you should have shut the boarders a year ago .
Unbreakable The bear
Unbreakable The bear 5 timmar sedan
Is that his office ?
dan davis
dan davis 5 timmar sedan
The people have got every reason to not believe anything you lot say! Protect your families and children from this poison
Big Basil
Big Basil 5 timmar sedan
He can't keep track of his own lies
Salma Al-roubi
Salma Al-roubi 5 timmar sedan
I'm disgusted 😒
MrHellvis69 5 timmar sedan
Robbie Maton
Robbie Maton 5 timmar sedan
State of him embracing
Mark Richards
Mark Richards 5 timmar sedan
Groovadelic 42oh
Groovadelic 42oh 5 timmar sedan
That was definitely a cat whos lawyer filter was malfunctioning
Daniel Hunter
Daniel Hunter 5 timmar sedan
I THINK!!!!!!
puds boi
puds boi 5 timmar sedan
I will have the vaccine . If it’s out the same bottle as his
Mat Simmons
Mat Simmons 5 timmar sedan
Dose anyone believe a word this bumbling fool says?
The Tin Foil Hat Channel
The Tin Foil Hat Channel 5 timmar sedan
They need to send our Coppers over there if they want it stopped
CDH2020 1
CDH2020 1 5 timmar sedan
No reason to think a variant came from Brazil. But hey! That’s The one rule we all follow. One rule? Hmmm 🤔
Roger Demaine
Roger Demaine 5 timmar sedan
Clothes horse.
Strawberryfields Forever
Strawberryfields Forever 5 timmar sedan
It doesnt work on the variants we already have so why should this one be any different lol
Solutions Provider
Solutions Provider 5 timmar sedan
Why people dislike 👎🏻 this video? Can someone explain? 😂
Rob White
Rob White 5 timmar sedan
He's the worse sort of person they could use to try and force this vaccine on people. Zero trust, zero credibility. He just comes across as lying psychopath with no charisma.
adi varso
adi varso 5 timmar sedan
No Reason.....YET
Austin-Tyler 5 timmar sedan
What a freaking pansy
Arfa Illahi
Arfa Illahi 5 timmar sedan
Props to this guy he had the guts to say it to his face 👏👏🙌🙌
Louise Anderson
Louise Anderson 5 timmar sedan
All lies ,,vax is poisonous
lefthandedpolack 5 timmar sedan
What a giant loser.
Susan Keelan
Susan Keelan 5 timmar sedan
Here is pinnochio with his lies 👺
Roland Lawrence
Roland Lawrence 5 timmar sedan
too right. law is the law. you have to love dutch humour though. their customs guys are so polite. i cant believe the UK is pulling out of nato too because its too much like a european army.
Julie Emmison
Julie Emmison 5 timmar sedan
How much did you get guardian ??
andrew cobb
andrew cobb 5 timmar sedan
£500k reward for those who find the missing Brazil variant person - anyone can claim, including the person. Great fun.
Richard Scales
Richard Scales 5 timmar sedan
Research The Great Reset.
Geralt Of Rivea
Geralt Of Rivea 5 timmar sedan
Labour = yesterday's men
Alexis Cowdell
Alexis Cowdell 5 timmar sedan
This is amazing lolll
Tylor Phillips
Tylor Phillips 5 timmar sedan
0:31 "Im not a cat" sus
Kal El 1987
Kal El 1987 5 timmar sedan
Come on anyone still believe this nonsense.
Allennium Falcon
Allennium Falcon 5 timmar sedan
Brazil refused the IMF bribe to destroy their own economy
Mark Raymond
Mark Raymond 5 timmar sedan
Shut the boarders.should have done this months ago .and stop the migrants from France. They could bring it in .only to run off through Dover. So clever our goverment.
Riley fozz
Riley fozz 5 timmar sedan
It's all by design. They are not silly.
Anna Firth
Anna Firth 5 timmar sedan
There's not really any reason to believe that there are any new variants. Or that this shot is a vaccine.
vipan puri
vipan puri 5 timmar sedan
By the time finish all elderly people died near Christmas thank you sir
Mike 649Foxx
Mike 649Foxx 5 timmar sedan
And the countless dislikes from the tinfoil hat brigade.
Jumping Scared
Jumping Scared 5 timmar sedan
Guys a pleb 22 billion on a app to his friends the little worm
Collin Covid
Collin Covid 5 timmar sedan
No mask, as per usual with these vile people that continue to promote and out and out lie
Tom D
Tom D 5 timmar sedan
I guess that it wasn't a pub landlord that organised the vaccinations
Bombay 15
Bombay 15 5 timmar sedan
Biden “I’ve been in a lot of locker rooms.” Oh we know
Leonel Leo
Leonel Leo 5 timmar sedan
What next? North Korea variant.
Bombay 15
Bombay 15 5 timmar sedan
This aged well
Pal Gurung
Pal Gurung 5 timmar sedan
Yes why blaming USA and UK sometime frome china some time Brazil south Africa houmany people death in your country?
Kristina Winter
Kristina Winter 5 timmar sedan
Is his hair some kind of trolling joke?
Jeffreys Neck
Jeffreys Neck 5 timmar sedan
Ryan Clarke
Ryan Clarke 5 timmar sedan
at. this. present. time.
Nigel Lush
Nigel Lush 5 timmar sedan
They are not vaccines Boris you straw headed chump!!!!
Major 5 timmar sedan
It was Dominic Cummings's spaceship landing to take him back to Epsilon 5.
HeHe HaHa
HeHe HaHa 5 timmar sedan
Year 2022 Iran shot down Trump plane from Florida to saudi arabia 🥺🥺🥺 opps 2024 won't happen Trump.
Dan Jones
Dan Jones 5 timmar sedan
it was a bio-weapon candidate that escaped into the wild have an Aids test - the thing is spliced up Aids/flu + nanobots
British Pride
British Pride 6 timmar sedan
Boris got drip
Paula Musumeci
Paula Musumeci 6 timmar sedan
Here for these comments.... oh dear matty boy, not much faith in you is there....
Kevin Thornley
Kevin Thornley 6 timmar sedan
Stand down you useless mess.
Batman Wayne
Batman Wayne 6 timmar sedan
Frank Spencer
Frank Spencer 6 timmar sedan
We don't think at this time, so later we can completely change what we originally thought.
LEO 6 timmar sedan
Turn off your TV.
Pat Burnsy
Pat Burnsy 6 timmar sedan
Young King TV
Young King TV 6 timmar sedan
Woow Boris look very stress ..
Tom Inman
Tom Inman 6 timmar sedan
"No reason to believe this vaccine won't work on the Brazil variant" Translation: Yeah this won't work on the new variant, you need another vaccine These UK politicians are so easy to read, ffs get better at lying
Take off Your Mask
Take off Your Mask 5 timmar sedan
Just have to use it first before it's expired.
Strawberryfields Forever
Strawberryfields Forever 5 timmar sedan
@Dean Thorpe Conditioning
Dean Thorpe
Dean Thorpe 5 timmar sedan
You have it wrong. He is actually being truthful here. But look how easy it is to give you the idea that a new variant is real and different and something that could make another jab needed. That's what they want, to know they don't even have to say it and the ppl will expect it and not question it when they actually do tell you this.
zeeshan fraz
zeeshan fraz 5 timmar sedan
Was going to say that too 😂
Rory Vins
Rory Vins 6 timmar sedan
No to vax pass !!
Steve Parker
Steve Parker 6 timmar sedan
In a video 1.29 long, he jumbled out 14 Errrm sounds, really installs the British public with confidence.....NOT.
loveofpeace 6 timmar sedan
. Those who do not remember their past are condemned to repeat their mistakes.
Dick Tatter
Dick Tatter 6 timmar sedan
and still his BANK BALANCE GROWS with ever jab
Maria Koleva
Maria Koleva 6 timmar sedan
So the person who brought the new variant was kept in the quarantine hotel....and despite this very tough regime he managed to infect other people. Doesn't quite add up somehow