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NF - Change (Audio)
NF - Options (Audio)
NF - Leave Me Alone
NF - Nate (Audio)
NF - Returns (Audio)
NF - Trauma (Audio)
NF - Thinking (Audio)
NF - Time
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NF - When I Grow Up
NF - The Search
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NF - If You Want Love
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NF - Let You Down
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NF - 3 A.M. (Audio)
NF - Destiny (Audio)
NF - One Hundred (Audio)
NF - My Life (Audio)
Ian Hazard
Ian Hazard 21 timme sedan
By far the best line: “Ripping the teeth out of the back of my mouth's The closest you get to my wisdom” Comment if you agree or disagree and give me and the video a like! 👍
Enrico Rizzo
Enrico Rizzo 21 timme sedan
This fukn dude is what rap should be
polish cow
polish cow 21 timme sedan
Music teletransportation looks cool
Oumar Ly
Oumar Ly 21 timme sedan
3years ago and I listening to 🎧
Oumar Ly
Oumar Ly 21 timme sedan
On fire 🔥 like ever💪🏽
NotLessNotMore 21 timme sedan
March 1st 2021 who still here 👀 :)
S[t]even Day
S[t]even Day 21 timme sedan
Never sang before but I've done a lot of talking. Like hitting things but can't afford a drum. Never know the moon but can clearly see the sun.
lydialynettedaniels 21 timme sedan
Peicectrlslackz 21 timme sedan
10 mil views already It’s only been a week
Oumar Ly
Oumar Ly 21 timme sedan
S[t]even Day
S[t]even Day 21 timme sedan
Come pick me up and we can make a record. Maybe once I get down from the ceiling.
Finna Des
Finna Des 21 timme sedan
NATEEEEE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
ZarhEver 21 timme sedan
Let's go for 10 millions👀
Aaron Barnes
Aaron Barnes 21 timme sedan
Kind off feels like in each scene he's subliminally saying he doesn't fit in (like he doesn't belong here) Genius!
fast bowling
fast bowling 21 timme sedan
This will go as the best song of the past present future I will ever listen
Max Bass Boostd
Max Bass Boostd 21 timme sedan
I can just SMELL the dance challenges on TikTok...
AALIYAH GARCIA 21 timme sedan
I cried because these thing actually happen it's real life.But even after this happened NF still made amazing music
Man 21 timme sedan
I’m here again and again before 10m views!
Oumar Ly
Oumar Ly 22 timmar sedan
Forever the best ❤️
Kaynx 22 timmar sedan
3rd time on the repeat ...
KeksMandarine 22 timmar sedan
der sind iwi aus wie Podalski xD
Chew D3
Chew D3 22 timmar sedan
No comments, step up punching holes like dents, folks no love, but you can’t shout it out, let it fly away no dove, you can’t speak out stop shout know the love
josh0091 josh0091
josh0091 josh0091 22 timmar sedan
Hollywood here he comes
DevilDog 22 timmar sedan
You have such a dope cadence, and got bars.... bro........ you and Dax and tech n9ne doing songs together would be insane.
snappykingjake 22 timmar sedan
The american dream. Aka Disneyland
u comment
u comment 22 timmar sedan
3:08 sound like eminem
Bettie 22 timmar sedan
This is so fing great!!!!
michaela robison
michaela robison 22 timmar sedan
i just want one person to have never told me i laugh and joke around too much. it hurts hearing someone say the way you express happiness is annoying to others
Çakır ipek
Çakır ipek 22 timmar sedan
When I close my eyes, either my childhood is in that dark or not.
artemis 22 timmar sedan
who else didnt expect this music video to be so funny
midnightmood 22 timmar sedan
nf has spoken
Trazer25 22 timmar sedan
lilpopa Dess
lilpopa Dess 22 timmar sedan
Cap Revosa
Cap Revosa 22 timmar sedan
Who else say biggie smalls In the bar scene?
Charles Wanless
Charles Wanless 22 timmar sedan
I personally want to see nf and token or hopsin kill a track. Maybe Tech N9ne.. Mercules...
Nikki 21 timme sedan
NF has hopsin and tech 9 featured on his mixtape coming out
Rabid Wolf
Rabid Wolf 22 timmar sedan
This song is what ive been looking for ages its epic
Suicidal boi 001
Suicidal boi 001 22 timmar sedan
Dude Nate are you makin music videos or movie trailer like dude this shit was tight and the fact that for a good minute he used a 4 sellable rhythm bro that shit is the best yo this hit hard as fuck
Angel Antoine
Angel Antoine 22 timmar sedan
Anyone here 2021?
Austen Tanguay
Austen Tanguay 22 timmar sedan
NF is the videos real when you make songs even if it is not real the videos are still so cool
StaninePlaysRoblox 22 timmar sedan
josh0091 josh0091
josh0091 josh0091 22 timmar sedan
Other rappers: swearing, cars. NF: want some balloons???
Bubble Whip
Bubble Whip 22 timmar sedan
Yo guys. I just wanna say that we are living in the last days. Just take a look at the world around you. Jesus is coming back soon. Repent from your sins and turn to The Lord before it is too late. Wake up!❤️ I mean this with love guys. I do not want you to end up in hell. Jesus Christ can save you because He died on the cross and took the punishment for your sins🌟✝️
Pain Free
Pain Free 22 timmar sedan
I've been raising my nephew since he was 1 thru CPS. (His parents asked me to help)He went back and forth to his parents when they would complete the regulations. Things got bad when he was about 4yrs old. His mom Overdosed and passed away. His dad didnt comply with CPS and signed his rights away thinking I was gonna give him back so they wouldnt mess with him, but I couldn't bc I know he was on another level. (His dad wants to catch me at the park when I play ball but I know God has me) Point is, everytime I let my nephew(soon to be adopted 5 yr old son) play games on my phone, he doesnt want to hear the noises of the game while he plays...He says, " I want to hear the Guy In The Hoodie! Thank u NF
Adam James
Adam James 22 timmar sedan
Bro your energy is on another level, who the phuck ever say white boys don't have the power and soul in us, phuck all y'all Yakub mothaphuckas
AidenMakesVlogs! 22 timmar sedan
YOoo Whens the full mixtape out?
Nikki 22 timmar sedan
March 26th
killer4life xxx
killer4life xxx 22 timmar sedan
I used to be a fan since the search now I'm a whole air conditioner
jessicasierra 22 timmar sedan
Not going to lie most of the views on this video is from me rewatching it over and over and over again....
Lekh Bahadur
Lekh Bahadur 22 timmar sedan
Watching, listening, shaking heads also fingers on rhythm. How busy I am
Supernatural Fanboy
Supernatural Fanboy 22 timmar sedan
Remember: Within 7 hours of the this songs release, it already over 1 million views. And over 400k likes.
its hard to tell if its march 26 27 from the guy at the start of the sonng and 29 as 429 for the burning house
Supernatural Fanboy
Supernatural Fanboy 22 timmar sedan
I've already been listening to this song for over a week and it STILL doesn't get old. It sounds like it came out only recently.
bluze indo
bluze indo 22 timmar sedan
1:07 gg
Supernatural Fanboy
Supernatural Fanboy 22 timmar sedan
Challenge: We listen to this song for twenty-five days until "CLOUDS THE MIXTAPE" comes out on 26th.
-Tear Dr0p Rxse-
-Tear Dr0p Rxse- 22 timmar sedan
Skalippan Balippan
Skalippan Balippan 22 timmar sedan
I keep hearing Eminem.
Supernatural Fanboy
Supernatural Fanboy 22 timmar sedan
25 days left!!
Nkomi Moagi
Nkomi Moagi 22 timmar sedan
Those of us who KNEWWW Nf before Tiktok and before he blew up 😌😌
BlACK HART 22 timmar sedan
"The King Back "
Shawn Martin
Shawn Martin 23 timmar sedan
Had to re-watch this old video after just listening to NF give his testimony back in 2015 on stage. RRReally hoping Clouds the Mixtape has a lot more healing and hope during the struggles. Anyone else?
Dylan Kitchen
Dylan Kitchen 23 timmar sedan
Almost 10 mill views in one week. Absolutely mad🔥
M S A 23 timmar sedan
What if NF - Clouds is the trailer of Jumper 2? :3
Rojan Dahal
Rojan Dahal 23 timmar sedan
Wanna see him taking over charts lets go fam
Alex'sVlogs 23 timmar sedan
the 4 syllable flow was so great
keigger1 23 timmar sedan
I'm 47 yrs old and I'm in the same exact position, moms left for the last time when I was 10, shes still here but I dont know her, lives 4 hrs away from me but no connection........
Jack Weissgarnix
Jack Weissgarnix 23 timmar sedan
"...I get mistook for a lame, with no weight to his name, [...], Even my B-Sides throw em off". Is that a slight shot at Eminem? People often compare him to Em and now that he released the Side-B album of "music to be murdered by" the second line would also make sense here.
Jack Weissgarnix
Jack Weissgarnix 23 timmar sedan
@Nikki ohh thanks for the clarification, didn't know that. Just thought that it could be a dig because so many people compare them
Nikki 23 timmar sedan
Not a shot. Nf has b sides like paid my dues. Etc
Lucky 23 timmar sedan
eminem finally managed to separate slim shady from his body.
Yt Byxe
Yt Byxe 23 timmar sedan
Anyone else notice the car from I just wanna know?
Solomon Davy
Solomon Davy 23 timmar sedan
I want to be like you
Keaton Craft
Keaton Craft 23 timmar sedan
Thats definitely how I walk through grocery stores
Thomas Clark
Thomas Clark 23 timmar sedan
this fire
Pranay Pokhriyal
Pranay Pokhriyal 23 timmar sedan
Me: stays home for 1 min home: 2:20
Dan Maloney
Dan Maloney 23 timmar sedan
It usually just goes better if I fly my own planes.
Dan Maloney
Dan Maloney 23 timmar sedan
sometimes just fly on, its not like i always want to pilot
Solomon Davy
Solomon Davy 23 timmar sedan
NF I've. Music. I want to see you
Sabrina Koralewski
Sabrina Koralewski 23 timmar sedan
Sabrina Koralewski
Sabrina Koralewski 21 timme sedan
@Nikki yeah but still there are to many dislikes for this masterpeice
Nikki 23 timmar sedan
Lol the ratio is amazing. You do the math you will see it is extremely amazing. No one will have a song where everyone likes it
TRG Gaming
TRG Gaming 23 timmar sedan
damn how did i miss this I love this song
Tahir Bayramov
Tahir Bayramov 23 timmar sedan
NF- "Nuclear Fire"
xXD 23 timmar sedan
who think the dislikers are idiot? press like 👇
Team Outcasts
Team Outcasts 23 timmar sedan
ugurxsad 23 timmar sedan
his back!
Waseem Journalist Sialkot
Waseem Journalist Sialkot 23 timmar sedan
Nathan Bday is comin at 30 march and mine is at 22 march