edgar de leon
edgar de leon 20 timmar sedan
This guy got koed by Munguia.. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
panama 20 timmar sedan
montiel losses by ko whit munguia...charlot is going to kill him .i think.pleases.
David Johnson
David Johnson 20 timmar sedan
BABY JOSH Official
BABY JOSH Official 20 timmar sedan
yeah lets go ...im excited to watch the fight let seee
Sleepy Chin
Sleepy Chin 20 timmar sedan
Montiel by KO in 5
bloodcorpse gamer
bloodcorpse gamer 21 timme sedan
Kaiser this trying to Hype the f****** fight up Bros Charlo is going to whoop this dude's ass oh yeah I am Hispanic too yes I am backing up Charlo going to knock his ass out
Laker Suarez
Laker Suarez 21 timme sedan
Not a big fan of the Charlos but Jermall got this one for sure.
Sleepy Chin
Sleepy Chin 21 timme sedan
Charlo sleeping on this guy and will get ko’d
lee cooper jr
lee cooper jr 21 timme sedan
Never could figure out which brother I didn't really care for.. definitely not this one.. it's the other brother who doesn't seem to have any humility..
Reginald Haynes
Reginald Haynes 21 timme sedan
After Charlo stretches this dude....he needs to move up to 168
Pete EZ
Pete EZ 21 timme sedan
He better go running
Ledouchy 92
Ledouchy 92 21 timme sedan
Sorry fight
Pete EZ
Pete EZ 21 timme sedan
Charlo is going to lose his belt on the scale. Smdh
moz228 21 timme sedan
Cherry-pick gone wrong incoming lol
Leonel Delgado
Leonel Delgado 21 timme sedan
Gracias a Pagani quien hizo referencia a esta pelea mientras desmentía esos mitos del futbol moderno, llegué a este video......sensacional "locomotora" Ahor tengo que ver la pelea completa
Pete EZ
Pete EZ 21 timme sedan
You the champ and can't make weight. Embarrassing Smdh
Basukasoh 21 timme sedan
Henry Ortiz
Henry Ortiz 21 timme sedan
And adding his own twist 🤣 to everything smh
moz228 21 timme sedan
Charlo is almost 40 years old and still has the resume of a prospect. Hypejob
Juwan Rummels
Juwan Rummels 21 timme sedan
@moz228 bruh you said he has a resume of a prospect tell me one prospect that has beaten 3 world champs he beat chenko in September who got robbed split decision by ggg charlo will dominate ggg stop it casual
moz228 21 timme sedan
@Juwan Rummels oh yeah, real killers lol cherry-picking charlo will get smoked by canelo and GGG
Rene Garcia
Rene Garcia 21 timme sedan
He barely turned 31 wtf most boxers are still in their prime at early 30s
Juwan Rummels
Juwan Rummels 21 timme sedan
He has two former unify champs in his resume wtf are you talking about casual
luis gonzalezrosario
luis gonzalezrosario 21 timme sedan
Mercedes Wilkins
Mercedes Wilkins 21 timme sedan
Some of Mayweather haters had secretly betted on him to win the fight. They ain’t stupid they know to put their money on the Money.
Henry Ortiz
Henry Ortiz 21 timme sedan
Yoooo this translator is make shit up and not translating correctly
moZOart 21 timme sedan
Mercedes Wilkins
Mercedes Wilkins 21 timme sedan
After re-watching the fight today, I score the fight 118-112 Mayweather. Mayweather win with 118 and maidana lose with 112. Noticeably in the first fight I score it 117-111 For Mayweather. On this match the boxer just added an extra point to the previous fight score. however, maidana would had been at 113, but I had to deduct a point in the 10 round like the referee had said. I gave the 10 round to Mayweather so maidana would had a 9, but with a point deduction, I had to give him a 8. Money may all fing day
Pete EZ
Pete EZ 21 timme sedan
Every professional fighter should have a scale before the weigh in. Smh
The BrotherHood
The BrotherHood 21 timme sedan
They rigged the scales trying to drain Charlo smh. Charlo bout to lose.
Youssouf Sylla
Youssouf Sylla 21 timme sedan
A half pound doesn't seem that much, unless when you're already drained. I Hope this doesn't affect Charlo's performance
1 TWO 21 timme sedan
What headphones was he running with??
Nathan Delgado-Schreck
Nathan Delgado-Schreck 21 timme sedan
these guys are foolish trying to talk up montiel like he has a chance to win this lmao
Southpawjojo 21 timme sedan
23:42 nice voice crack
SmashMe Mate
SmashMe Mate 21 timme sedan
He sounds like u deadass Saddo🤡👻
rapheal cross
rapheal cross 21 timme sedan
I like Deontay and think you and bro and him should sit down in private someday but today guess what get em killa,get em killaaaa.
FRESH BX 21 timme sedan
*Jermall better make the weight & I believe he will. But who else remembers when he had a lot to say about Andrade "not being able to make the weight" in one of his lives cause he was talking about going to 68? 🤔*
UGC FLAME 21 timme sedan
FRESH BX 21 timme sedan
*The Hitman vs The Boogeyman WBC+WBO Unification Winter 2021 early 2022. PBC make it happen! 🗣*
Angelo 10•6
Angelo 10•6 21 timme sedan
Goodfella said Charlo missed weight, was it for all 3 attempts or did he make it?
Beazy Boy
Beazy Boy 21 timme sedan
@Jose Trejo yea .4 is literally like the underwear he got on
Angelo 10•6
Angelo 10•6 21 timme sedan
@Jose Trejo ok thanks
Jose Trejo
Jose Trejo 21 timme sedan
Lol I don’t think for all 3 attempts, you can lose .4 pounds quick
8848 Tvx
8848 Tvx 21 timme sedan
Tv7 Vun.fyi
Fishing with Wazza
Fishing with Wazza 21 timme sedan
“I’m ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ ᵃⁿᵈ ˡᶦᵏᵉˢ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ
Barrios is going to get ko'd I'm sorry to have to say it, but once he feels the pressure he's not going to be able to handle it and he's a great fighter no doubt and a true warrior I like the guy, yet Tank is going to destroy him fight night. Barrios will lose this fight but it will be a great fight night nonetheless
Courtney Jeffries
Courtney Jeffries 21 timme sedan
I love this family man side of Deontay.
Cyber Bro
Cyber Bro 21 timme sedan
22:58 does anyone know where that is I wanna go see it irl
rapheal cross
rapheal cross 21 timme sedan
Ooowee from memphis Tenessee. This fonna be a slobber knocker. Damn Deontay and Tyson. These boys ready to die. The young will lead the old mane. G###[email protected]#m me
Arnette Current
Arnette Current 21 timme sedan
The motionless aluminium chiefly long because himalayan probably spill except a uncovered brown. first, tense zebra
Good Life
Good Life 21 timme sedan
I see why he hired him as head trainer so they can both make excuses for this ass whippin he’s about to get….
James Caleb
James Caleb 21 timme sedan
worst cherry picker in boxing. just disgraceful.
Mauricio Alucard
Mauricio Alucard 21 timme sedan
🔥i'm from México, Sinaloa , charlo All day, My respect always, the hungry lion, 🤟
Taffarie Williams
Taffarie Williams 21 timme sedan
Logan won idc
PPV Dizzle
PPV Dizzle 21 timme sedan
BELLATOR Expanning the rosters, Cards are ok but the Wrestletor thing had me crackin up
John Valencia
John Valencia 21 timme sedan
The trainer reaches stardom the fighter reaches stardom
Suka free GANG
Suka free GANG 21 timme sedan
ranger0209 22 timmar sedan
like people said when Mikey fought Spence…. They have weight classes for a reason 🤷‍♂️
Louie Thao
Louie Thao 22 timmar sedan
I haven't watched boxing in a minute, I don't know none of these new generation boxer's, the only 1 I know is Canelo Alvarez bkuz he was around when Floyd and Manny were around
Mercedes Wilkins
Mercedes Wilkins 22 timmar sedan
The first fight, I score 117-111 for money Mayweather. Mayweather with 117 and maidana with 111
Euge Beats
Euge Beats 22 timmar sedan
Anyone know the song at 20:45 please?
Frankie Martinez
Frankie Martinez 22 timmar sedan
Not even a million views .. and it's been a week . Says a lot of how garbage the event was 😆
ruben gutierrez
ruben gutierrez 22 timmar sedan
I want Jermall Charlo to fight Jaime Manguia after this fight.
ruben gutierrez
ruben gutierrez 22 timmar sedan
Jermall Charlo's probably the strongest middleweight in the World! Charlo can hurt you throwing a jab which isn't even his strongest blow. Charlo's straight right hand and upper cuts destroys cats, yo!
Donte Mott
Donte Mott 22 timmar sedan
16:10 he puttin his shews on too that's Baltimore all day
mothafuckathomaselliot 22 timmar sedan
I didn't know tank was a rock fan? Good shit.
Edward Gonzalez
Edward Gonzalez 22 timmar sedan
There are no coincidences in life. Scott took the dive, acted like he was in the race for an Oscar and now he’s training Wilder. 🤔
mrovertime4 22 timmar sedan
I'm here because of Chad Johnson and he keeps bringing them up on I Am Athlete!!
itsover16 ?????
itsover16 ????? 22 timmar sedan
Hope one day I can meet him. I'm a big fan.
Tom Guy
Tom Guy 23 timmar sedan
"I get out there and I T-Rex bitches!" Lmao FACTS!
The Body Snatcher
The Body Snatcher 23 timmar sedan
This is gonna be a good fight 🔥 Go Charlo!
Jaylon B
Jaylon B 23 timmar sedan
You made a big bag off this video
Trey Stubbs
Trey Stubbs 23 timmar sedan
These fights are so cherry picked. Tank needs fight Haney that's the fight that should happen.
Solid Steel
Solid Steel 23 timmar sedan
Umm tank never beat anyone best at 130 135 or 140 he ducker Loma lol and others 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 these some azz kissing friends he has
Sandra Nino
Sandra Nino 23 timmar sedan
Charlo= CLOWN
Jashear Sadiq 777
Jashear Sadiq 777 23 timmar sedan
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Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson 23 timmar sedan
I see all black people with money got the same problem............. blowing it!
Pohn Osha
Pohn Osha 23 timmar sedan
A real Azteca doesn't pledge allegiance to gringo flags .. Awebo !!
komodo 23 timmar sedan
Tank wid da heavy metal shirts dope AF
Lou Agui
Lou Agui 23 timmar sedan
A winners strenght is not of the physical form...is more of the mind strenght. 🤙🏼🤔
James Caleb
James Caleb 23 timmar sedan
typical athlete. living way beyond his means with no ability to make a realistic budget. he'll be broke 7 years after retirement.
Ben Oliver
Ben Oliver 23 timmar sedan
If you sparked someone out with one punch would you then hire them to train you for the biggest fight of your life? Or are you keeping them around because your worried what they may say…
Eli Morales
Eli Morales 23 timmar sedan
That quote is not relevant to Tank because he never fought the best at 130 or 135 😂
Miguel Garcia
Miguel Garcia 23 timmar sedan
At least Tank is fighting another champ I guess. I would love to see Lopz vs Tank, Devin vs Tank.. and Lopez vs Devin. See who is #1.. current boxing politics suck
James Caleb
James Caleb 23 timmar sedan
this guy is an embarrassment. the worst ever in boxing. he is terrified to fight a real fighter. and he's living beyond his means. he needs to get a better financial adviser who will tell him the truth and not what he wants to hear.
Omar Garcia
Omar Garcia 23 timmar sedan
The deeply conifer dewailly reach because arithmetic archaeologically accept onto a tall cupcake. statuesque, useless carpenter
Haha and he thknk scotts gonna help him out against fury hahah cant wait too hear the excuses
Rolland Curtis
Rolland Curtis 23 timmar sedan
Perhaps Breland spiked Malik Scott’s water. 😯
Michelle Cook
Michelle Cook 23 timmar sedan
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