mrgood189 22 timmar sedan
This poor guy Malik Scott got stuck answering for all of Deontay's Bozo actions
Kalay Official
Kalay Official 22 timmar sedan
Interview felt like a real one on one conversation. Really well done. 🙏🏽
SEANDAWG 22 timmar sedan
deontay and his team are a disgrace to boxing wishing fury to die in the ring they should be careful what they wish for
Jernyx 22 timmar sedan
"I like to be lowwwkey... down low" had me dying 😂😂😂🤣
Tanner Tan
Tanner Tan 22 timmar sedan
Such a try hard douche
Jon Hollins
Jon Hollins 22 timmar sedan
Wilder has been having nightmares about Fury til this day!
Shannon Schmitt
Shannon Schmitt 22 timmar sedan
selling the fight
N C 22 timmar sedan
Bitter frank lol
ricky right
ricky right 22 timmar sedan
Is his eyes fury is perfect
JR Jazz
JR Jazz 22 timmar sedan
Radio Raheem is an idiot . And obviously a pawn ♟.
ricky right
ricky right 22 timmar sedan
This guy Raheem is a big fury fan boy
Matthew Wren
Matthew Wren 22 timmar sedan
His new promoter and manager it seems. Hanger on more like.
Arsene WengerIN2022
Arsene WengerIN2022 22 timmar sedan
Lord have mercy 🤦‍♀️😂😂 I said Aj would have trouble finding a sparring fighter and this is the proof in the pudding !Respect to Gashi but he's NOWHERE near Usyk 🤣🤣
Marcus Johnson
Marcus Johnson 22 timmar sedan
THIS didn't age well! SMH LOL... Fury, you forgot to give him the cheat code on the Magic Gloves! HAHA
Max Bean
Max Bean 22 timmar sedan
Malik King is a terrible guy to try and have make explanations for you.
Blackhood 22 timmar sedan
Was deji never ripped ? Feels like he never actually worked out till now
Cee Jay
Cee Jay 22 timmar sedan
Fury has won throw the belt in the bin. The stare down was the final nail in the coffin for deontay Wilder, come fight night, Wilders gonna be scared and anxious as he knows Fury will execute just like the last fight. Wilder will see he then has been beaten twice by the better man. Hope Fury then gets the Joshua fight and retires a happy life with his family.
Jazza Dickens
Jazza Dickens 22 timmar sedan
I love this fellas faith! thank you Jesus!x
LadyChann Dun Dem Season
LadyChann Dun Dem Season 22 timmar sedan
Why didn’t Raheem ask why he wasn’t suing Wilder for deformation of character ?
lj j
lj j 22 timmar sedan
This is the right training for him I like this trainer
Daniel Urrutia
Daniel Urrutia 22 timmar sedan
This poor guy has the difficult task of trying to defend Wilder’s pathetic behavior.
Shannon Schmitt
Shannon Schmitt 22 timmar sedan
Dude being SO disrespect to Raheem..radio staying cool and NOT GIVIN IN
Shannon Schmitt
Shannon Schmitt 22 timmar sedan
Malik talking out his ASS
Shannon Schmitt
Shannon Schmitt 22 timmar sedan
So he said he wants to DECAPITATE FURY, but then he says people are gonna TWIST his words
Mr. Green
Mr. Green 22 timmar sedan
Wilder is done, bet the house on fury , he's knocking this clown the fuck out mark my words
N 22 timmar sedan
I see this guy going far 🥊
Mr Psycho
Mr Psycho 22 timmar sedan
Please for the love of God stop repeating the surnames of the fighter's.
Adam Evert
Adam Evert 22 timmar sedan
Raheem on the microphone destroyed this chump...made him look silly without even trying
justin hunt
justin hunt 22 timmar sedan
He can't form a complete sentence
prston bell. Bro u got smashed
prston bell. Bro u got smashed 22 timmar sedan
The truth beat em twice
Shashi Shah
Shashi Shah 23 timmar sedan
Dude gonna get fired on 24 July 😏
capucho123 23 timmar sedan
Strong smell of Lemon off this fella.
Adam Evert
Adam Evert 23 timmar sedan
Deontay chose Jay Deas over Breland what a dumass
jimmyrourks 23 timmar sedan
Malik took taytay wilder money to hold his hand thru an ass whipping. Good business
Keir Bills
Keir Bills 23 timmar sedan
"A tongue is more sharper than a double edged sword" 🤔 I'm pretty sure that's two phrases cobbled together topped off with some atrocious English 🤣 love you Tyson!
Richard Aponte (NUYORICAN)
Richard Aponte (NUYORICAN) 23 timmar sedan
Well this is a "Triller" to hear. Looks like that purse is gone bye bye! Stupid on his part for not being vaccinated and staying safe!
Adam Evert
Adam Evert 23 timmar sedan
At 0:16 when he started with "you've never..." I felt he was going to finish it with, "...been in a championship fight in any way, shape or form..." and then onto how it feels!
Jonathan Rayne
Jonathan Rayne 23 timmar sedan
Wilder is going to DECAPITATE Fury.
Nik Gnashers
Nik Gnashers 23 timmar sedan
Tyson Fury, the best fighting man on the planet.
B Turay
B Turay 23 timmar sedan
Lol I love this.
Melanin Popping
Melanin Popping 23 timmar sedan
I wanna know what RR is like in his personal life. He’s an interesting guy.
Salitur Rahman
Salitur Rahman 23 timmar sedan
Wilders legs are smaller than Furys Arms
Jordan Lane
Jordan Lane 23 timmar sedan
Goggle eyes Haha him and arum bad for boxing lately times change and they stand still 5 years from now when people younger get a shot boxing will rocket
Wesley Andries
Wesley Andries 23 timmar sedan
black jack1171
black jack1171 23 timmar sedan
The man who took a dive is his trainer now 🤣
Ps5 Stew
Ps5 Stew 23 timmar sedan
Hope he comes out in wilder suit or similar in the trilogy 😂😂😂
Cantona7 23 timmar sedan
You do box for money fury you bullshitter
junior jones
junior jones 23 timmar sedan
Good fighter but bit too cocky
Jay 1878
Jay 1878 23 timmar sedan
Money bags under warren do me a favour dennis i could tell ye what your best payday will be
Durii 'EL
Durii 'EL 23 timmar sedan
Chill champ
Grübl*er 23 timmar sedan
Sad to See how little he cares for us boxingfans.. admiting that he boxes only for himselfe and doesn't care about legacy. Sounds like another excuse for not getting in the ring with Joshua in the future. Very poor in my opponion!
Jay Gambino
Jay Gambino 23 timmar sedan
11:10 He's Scared To Answer A Simple Question😭😭 "There Just Things"?? Yeah BAD Tings I Don't Like This Interviewer You Give Him A Answer But He Wants A Different One Like What??
twinriddles919 23 timmar sedan
Malik cant give up the gameplan.
fun boxing
fun boxing 23 timmar sedan
Raheem always asks the questions. Happy he is back
Jay Gambino
Jay Gambino 23 timmar sedan
"I Never Seen Nobody Head Knocked Off They Shoulders" Duh Bit** Like Is This Not Boxing????
Jay Gambino
Jay Gambino 23 timmar sedan
Boxing Is A Violent Sport. He Heard "Decapitating And Violence" And Got All Well THaTS NoT hOw boXINg IS HOw yOU GonnA KEEp hiM focUsEd on BOXing?? Wilders Head Coach Is Literally Telling You He Wanna Hurt Fury Bad And You Not Accepting It Like Wdf
Midnight Madness
Midnight Madness 23 timmar sedan
Radio raheem the 🐐
Locky 23 timmar sedan
People keep saying we are going to see a different Deontay Wilder this time and that’s what Deontay Wilder says - I believe we are but he needs to be different, if he doesn’t change his approach then there’s no reason why he’s not going to get beat again - I don’t think anybody can deny he has the punching power but it’s a matter whether he’s got the skill set to deal with Tyson Fury!🥊🥊
im Inc
im Inc 23 timmar sedan
Apparently DDD’s dad is a handful to work with
Mollie-May Smith
Mollie-May Smith 23 timmar sedan
10.44 got me howling raheem to funny with it 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Juniper Wood Green
Juniper Wood Green 23 timmar sedan
All that talk pal is going to destroy your voice and if you're not careful you don't want to have a cold be hitting you on the night of July. God can be kind but he can also be...nuff said. Deontay's not speaking, best thing he ever did. God works in mysterious ways Fury. Just saying. You really need to stop speaking it's energy reserves you need to be storing...
Juniper Wood Green
Juniper Wood Green 23 timmar sedan
He ain't seeing this cos he doesn't surf so he might get scrubbed...
Edward Bouchrest
Edward Bouchrest 23 timmar sedan
Wilder is a weirdo v unlikable .
Andreas Mengri
Andreas Mengri 23 timmar sedan
He beats Ben easily.
ali bhatti
ali bhatti 23 timmar sedan
damn how many gloves is he going to sign.
shannon miller
shannon miller Dag sedan
Hahahahaha! “He’s a boxer, not a murder”. This fight is already off the rails
James Cale
James Cale Dag sedan
Very tough questions that only Wilder shud be held to answer. Fury has Wilder figured for the man he is & isn’t.
P St
P St Dag sedan
Mr. Rahim well-done nothing but a class interview from you sir. As a sitting Psychoanalyst, Mr. Wilder has unconsciously lost you can see it in his eyes his demeanor he's lost and again, and he will lose for the 3rd time. He is trying to hype himself up with silly words. He will lose or I am not a Psychoanalyst )))
Jose Campos
Jose Campos Dag sedan
Black live may never ever ever matttaaa
leon musa
leon musa Dag sedan
Fury will bully wilder and wilder has no legs this is a problem for wilder
Diky Kollickan
Diky Kollickan Dag sedan
Radio a little biased on this on. But still good.
Loral Oral
Loral Oral Dag sedan
Interviewer is a puppet that doesn't like wilder anyway going back to the til this day interview had no idea what wilder felt or was talking about
Steven Perry
Steven Perry Dag sedan
Fuck sake lol, no warren fighter is the money bags, tyson biggest name and yet Aj is the money man of his divisions and hes a mostly bob fighter anyways this guys fought tin cans
J P Dag sedan
U failed to adjust tactics during the joe joyce fight 😬