Card Collecting Therapy
Card Collecting Therapy 17 timmar sedan
When vision enters the hex he has to change. I bet he changes into Ultron...
Kenia Monterroso
Kenia Monterroso 17 timmar sedan
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Jorge Carbajal
Jorge Carbajal 17 timmar sedan
I wonder what kind of role Batroc the Leaper is going to play. Will he be a recurring character or just a single cameo?
HGN 2 17 timmar sedan
What if the snap turned the non-dusted half into zombies
Talha Patel
Talha Patel 17 timmar sedan
Great I won't even have to watch the finale anymore lol Nice analysis
Mason-Lee White
Mason-Lee White 17 timmar sedan
I've got " double vision " 👀👀
Mason-Lee White
Mason-Lee White 17 timmar sedan
That was my favourite theory for the MCU I've heard to date.. Brilliant Eric 👏👏
BcwGames 17 timmar sedan
Lol the german part
Vert3x _
Vert3x _ 17 timmar sedan
That what I was thinking too
Comic Hero
Comic Hero 17 timmar sedan
All theories are complex impossibilities. The real way how Ultron can come back is ----- When Ultron was programming vision in the van he almost transferred 20% of his data, his goals and mind. That time vision had soul so he could overcome the ultron. Now vision is soul less. It's an open door for Ultron to take over the robotic body.
Jeriah Eager Music
Jeriah Eager Music 17 timmar sedan
What happened to Eric? Did he visit Miami and come back? 🤣
Oska Ivanovich Smirnov
Oska Ivanovich Smirnov 17 timmar sedan
BANG you looking for this? Mr: NOOOOOOO
Nena Restrepo
Nena Restrepo 17 timmar sedan
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SoapCanMan 17 timmar sedan
SoapCanMan 17 timmar sedan
Simon Swain
Simon Swain 17 timmar sedan
Just wondering - why would white vision regress to a form 10 years younger by walking through the hex wall? Monica did not de-age?
Antonie de Koning
Antonie de Koning 17 timmar sedan
This video hits different in 2021
Kenia Monterroso
Kenia Monterroso 17 timmar sedan
The unequaled fine cephalometrically number because swan essentially fry under a enthusiastic watch. tasteless, cowardly revolver
nino i doesn't care
nino i doesn't care 17 timmar sedan
ESM Spicy
ESM Spicy 17 timmar sedan
Me watching this after wandavision 👀
WaTcHiT MoviesTv
WaTcHiT MoviesTv 17 timmar sedan
Adel Seifeddine
Adel Seifeddine 17 timmar sedan
I don't think this friday will be the last episode. They still have a lot to unpack and many not answered questions, so I think they will have us wait for another week-end to see this show's conclusion. And besides, maybe Disney is giving us something to get for next week, keeping us booked for Disney+ and making sure we're sticking with them by filling the week gap between Wandavision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.
elliot mercer
elliot mercer 17 timmar sedan
David BM
David BM 17 timmar sedan
The scrawny icicle overwhelmingly x-ray because camp intracellularly punch save a better oboe. stupid, like oyster
Evolved Bloxy
Evolved Bloxy 18 timmar sedan
i mean if tony did leave his head exposed he might have survived
Priscilla Sepulveda
Priscilla Sepulveda 18 timmar sedan
i would love ultron to re-enter the MCU! and although I know there's way more to the Wandavision finale, I just hope that we get our ultron again.
David BM
David BM 18 timmar sedan
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BOUNCY_ WINDOW 18 timmar sedan
looks like the real sacrifice was tony... im still sad about that and it still breaks my heart , i miss mr. stark
Felix B.
Felix B. 18 timmar sedan
Much Love from Germany!
Mark Cruz
Mark Cruz 18 timmar sedan
Jarvis, Banner and Stark are also a part of Vision doea that mean Stark can return as well? I think Ultron being a part of Vision is just a saying that Ultron is part of his creation he is one of his fathers.
Jeremy Beyer
Jeremy Beyer 18 timmar sedan
And never trust wegotthiscovered. I don't know why people keep believing their nonsense.
Brack Miller
Brack Miller 18 timmar sedan
I was just thinking that the mcu obviously considers any powers from the infinity stones to be magic which is kinda weird. It shouldn’t all be considered magic in my opinion. Also, does that make doctor strange a warlock? There has to be a point in which plain ol magic isnt as strong as infinity stone power/magic....anybody picking up what I’m putting down?
carlos Herrera
carlos Herrera 18 timmar sedan
I know whos that is
Eric Joly
Eric Joly 18 timmar sedan
Ever thought of the Necronomicon for the book that’s in Agatha’s basement 🤔
Reef Battle
Reef Battle 18 timmar sedan
Advertising Raycons while wearing AirPods 😂 Nice one Molina
Pablo Romo
Pablo Romo 18 timmar sedan
I think it’s okay to have two funerals.
pizzaface guy
pizzaface guy 18 timmar sedan
did anyone notice the bat on the fire extinguisher?
Hazel James
Hazel James 18 timmar sedan
If you watch 3:17 in 0.25x you’ll see what happen
FACEHUNTER504 DAT 18 timmar sedan
This is the longest week ever!
Nigelb22 18 timmar sedan
Ultron just like Vision is more so mind than the body. The only person that can recreate Ultron is no longer living and that's Tony Stark.
Nigelb22 18 timmar sedan
At this point they just have a glorified Tony Stark robot, the real question is, is he self-aware because he does look at his hands when he comes online
H1GHL4ND3R 18 timmar sedan
THEORY: The cameo Paul Bettany was teasing was actually White Vision. He will act as color Vision against colorblind Vision. An actor he has always wanted to act alongside is himself.
Jackie Frankie
Jackie Frankie 18 timmar sedan
Lilly Ahmer
Lilly Ahmer 18 timmar sedan
More importantly, Voss, Germans don't equal Bavarians ;) Up north in Germany, we actually make fun of them. Bavaria is kinda our Texas ;)
Ryan B
Ryan B 18 timmar sedan
We will get Winds of Winter. We will never get A Dream of Spring. Martin is too old and wants to enjoy the rest of his life. I don't really think he cares about Legacy
Matthew Marvel
Matthew Marvel 18 timmar sedan
I just started to watch the movies (not for the first time) in chronological order (for the first time). Chronological order I think is the best.
akar akar
akar akar 18 timmar sedan
I hope ultron returns, he is one of my fav villains
Eric Joly
Eric Joly 18 timmar sedan
I like the way you think 🤔
Robert M
Robert M 18 timmar sedan
Everyone that got dusted never died they got erased. soul, conscious and all wipe from realty into non-existence. So unfortunately no astral plane plain while blipped.
osamh XGamer
osamh XGamer 19 timmar sedan
That shirt was about to sell out 3 weeks ago.
Uncle Darthy
Uncle Darthy 19 timmar sedan
Google is not a source and neither are the other media sites you posted
ZarHakkar 19 timmar sedan
God... Please...
Matthew Marvel
Matthew Marvel 19 timmar sedan
This movie is so underrated. I mean, it isn’t like endgame but it still is really entertaining to watch.
Crab Apple
Crab Apple 19 timmar sedan
My god that would be siiiick
Carol L
Carol L 19 timmar sedan
I love Wanda Vision
CDR 19 timmar sedan
Alexander Joseph De Leon
Alexander Joseph De Leon 19 timmar sedan
Do people actually buy Bang Energy or its just me?
James Brookes
James Brookes 19 timmar sedan
Food Reacts
Food Reacts 19 timmar sedan
teynor parris is so fit, so beautiful
Too Tall
Too Tall 19 timmar sedan
I bet the big actor will be Sir Ian mckellen or better known as Magneto
Disca TV
Disca TV 19 timmar sedan
How old is Loki again?
Rolf 19 timmar sedan
Has been my theory since age of ultron
Philip Philips
Philip Philips 19 timmar sedan
Yes!! I really hope ultron comes back his plan was to have visions body anyway an he couldn’t get it before an now he does even tho he doesn’t have the mind stone he still has the body he actually wanted
Automi 2020
Automi 2020 19 timmar sedan
I’ve been waiting for spader to come back as ultron! So excuse you 🤣
PadillaFilms 19 timmar sedan
Nope! Lol - this is a bit of a stretch.
Alexander Graetzer
Alexander Graetzer 19 timmar sedan
i feel like you guys overcomplicate it a bit, don't think this will happen
Yautja Prime
Yautja Prime 19 timmar sedan
Scarlet Vision doesn't have any advantage in this fight sadly. Imagine a Vision with no conscience and not holding back at all. Take the best fighter in the UFC and make a copy of him that is remorseless and then have that version attack the first without them even knowing a fight is happening. It would be over in seconds. The element of surprise and being a super computer with all of his abilities would be very hard to deal with. In fact, only Wanda can.
Alexander Devaux
Alexander Devaux 19 timmar sedan
GTFO with these rags posing as "legit sources"
Jason Jones
Jason Jones 19 timmar sedan
if thanos is purple is his d%@k blue or the same color
9ine9ine1ne stoopid
9ine9ine1ne stoopid 19 timmar sedan
No one actually uses the foreign dubs though. Like people from other countries watch the english dub with subtitles... and most people who can afford disney plus probably knows a bit of english...
Conor 19 timmar sedan
I think the hex will be expanded to cover everywhere on earth to create/awaken mutants. Possibly Hugh Jackman as wolverine as the cameo?
Rachums McOne
Rachums McOne 19 timmar sedan
Paul Bettany will win of course!
Alex P
Alex P 19 timmar sedan
Of course its from going down on women. Can't possibly be all the years of smoking.
Justin 19 timmar sedan
Vision looks at his left hand so the audience are aware his wedding ring is gone. We see his ring manifest within his Vision form and even Eric once mentions it while Vision and Anges spoke a few episodes back. With the ring gone we know that this isn't entirely our Vision at the mkment.
The Ice Cream Queen
The Ice Cream Queen 19 timmar sedan
yeah if you type into google clone wars cast it comes up with like darth talon darth nhilus and darth revan Me just like did i miss something
Myart Smash
Myart Smash 20 timmar sedan
It could be an after credits scene after being defeated and taking on damage
kink kee7
kink kee7 20 timmar sedan
Thomas Wayne was an absolute bastard; the photo and his message showed that...they're brothers.
Eliezel 20 timmar sedan
Spectral Vision would be able to walk through the Hex because he is powered by hex magic. Maybe?
Ferdinand Miruya
Ferdinand Miruya 20 timmar sedan
Isn't ultron masquerading in the blacklist as a human being named red 🤔
akhil vellanki
akhil vellanki 20 timmar sedan
In Avengers Age Of Ultron when ultron was having his final meeting with vision he was his left arm In WandaVision episode 8 when Hayward's vision awakens he looks at his left arm admiring it.
Iron Mat
Iron Mat 20 timmar sedan
My theory is that since Ultron downloaded almost half of himself inside vision's body right before the avengers took it and charged him but since the Minds Stone is gone then Ultron is now able to take control
Zach Robinson
Zach Robinson 20 timmar sedan
I want quicksilver back