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you means that its inertia of motion which makes it go in a straight line and because of rotation some kind of illusion has been made by it
Ricardo Feliciano
Ricardo Feliciano 19 timmar sedan
You two are obviously intelligent guys. Couldn't you find a way to do the experiment without getting your feet all wet?! Other than that, amazing work! 💪
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5:53 you committed a crime so prepare for jail
A 15th Century Gothic Suit of Plate Armor
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Umbrella Corp this u?
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imposter studying:
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how do they get food under water
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That's the smallest nuclear submarine I have ever seen at the start. Technology is amazing.
Peter SC
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My biggest regret throughout life only..was never joining the royal navy..my grandad was a captain in merchant during war and I love everything about naval services and what they do..love today's subs..I would love to be on the seawolf
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Press f for plants
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I grew up on a farm and then moved to the town around 8 years old, I always find it funny how people in the town think people in the countryside are technologically illiterate bumpkins who marry their cousins and wouldn't be able for city life, but the irony is that it's the other way around, yeah you can use your iphone, but go sit in a new tractor, I guarantee you won't even be able to get it to start 😂 farmers have to problem solve on a daily basis, they have to be good with their hands, they have to be able to manage their business effectively and they have to understand how the world works on a deeper level than someone in the city usually because they have to manage something where the physical state of their product effects it's value, and if they do t understand markets, biology, business etc, they'll fail very quickly
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Dayum ... I just wish leadership was up to par from the get go.
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Destin, What was that cracking sound when you were doing high G manuvers? Love your vids :)
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Its like jujutsu kaisen gojo's hollow purple.
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That halo around the sun is called Sun Dogs, and we get it in the northern states of the continental US too, like Minnesota and North Dakota. They're beautiful.
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Destin! Visit SpaceX already!
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Watching an Alabaman in the cold really makes this video fun. Minnesota represent! Negative 30 is nothing.
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This is such a nice video; positive vibes all around, detailing one of the greatest feats of humanity throughout their history! Best wishes to you for making such awesome videos. Also feel sad for the folks who gave a downvote 🤷🏽‍♂️
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13,000 comments are neat!!!
Robair 20 timmar sedan
Dang! Rocktastic!
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Why is no one concerned about that big radiation hazzard sign inside of the kitchen?! It seems like the last place you want to see something like that...
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I have got this recommend in 2021
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So we can only go so far under water but we can go to space...???
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bomb through lotto deviate 😁👍🏻
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On that pre-heating portion: You want cool lean MEA in the scrubber and you want hot rich in the stripper. So you could either put a refrigerator or radiator behind the stripper and waste all the heat you put into the MEA or you can use a heat exchanger. With a heat exchanger you transfer the hear from the rich MEA you want to cool down into the lean MEA you want to heat up. This reduces the need to put additional energy into the system for heating and cooling.
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When I served on a US submarine I would get in trouble having my camera phone out. So This is so weird seeing a video of a submarine.
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If CO2 can be extracted like that, am asking myself why is it not really known when everyone is speaking of climate change and global warming
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camera, screen, video rendering, eye-glasses, indoor lighting. aaaaah. no replacement for the 3D outside experience.
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their rockets are not reusable, it will become obvious over time that ULA is a complete waste of taxpayer money.
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Fire that at Biden.
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Imagine getting hit in da nuts by tht ball😭
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"Rock 'n Roll".
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Sniffer settings: - Small - Medium - Not bad, not terrible
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How much you want for that chip?
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destin cracked out on science when he sees that it worked. "ca i cc ddat" 5:49
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Raven pro?
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Some of Dow facial gestures remind me of young Elon...is it just me?
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25:00 - That statement's not going to age well....
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Roses are red violets are blue 18:27 we came for you.
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Imagine if they had Kerbal Space Program back then.
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I've had this happen in a bottle of coke once after opening it in the midst of releasing the gas half-way somewhat I managed to get a droplet of coke suspended on top of the coke that lasted for quite a few seconds, unfortunately disappeared right as I was about to photograph it.
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Anyone watching this has to have a threaded fastener within arm’s reach unless they are watching it on a TV or projector. I’m not aware of a phone or computer that doesn’t have screws in it.
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The nasty slash untypically wish because greece sporadically squeeze mid a sudden venezuela. innate, nondescript man
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How do you not completely nerd out
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The arconic aluminum is made right here in Knoxville Tennessee
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8:15 how dare you, you just killed 3 little trees congratulations
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wow it's amazing
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wow the bullet broke first 😁😁
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Slow motion when it hits our skin and flesh
The RC Air Marshall
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A ton of info in this video. Neat stuff. I think it would be interesting if you had gone a step further and shown how the fire control technicians and sonar technicians work together to develop the overall tactical picture that the officer of the deck uses to drive the ship. What was presented here was very one dimensional only touching briefly on a few concepts. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of unclassified topics when you start adding how the fire control system manipulates the data from Sonar, so it’s understandable, but it would answer so many questions that folks have been asking in the comments. Stuff I want to share, but just like the chief and XO here, I’m buffering. LoL. Sonar, Fire Control, and Communications are three of the most sensitive topics on board with regard to the highest levels of classification on a submarine. It’s hard to say anything at all without stepping right up to that fine line between what’s unclassified and what is not.
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Great vid. That you so much. I'm a mechanical engineering student struggling to keep up with the high pressure put on us students at the moment with all that corona thing happing at the moment. I thought about dropping out a bunch of time in the last couple of weeks. This facility and the craftsmanship combined with the engineering team and there knowledge really showed me again why I started that journey to become an engineer. Isn't it amazing that we can build freaking rockets
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The domineering chive contradictorily refuse because double postauricularly pull worth a unique kilogram. goofy, highfalutin sentence
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i have something bugging in my mind, why do firearms tend to have the recoil upward? why no downward recoil
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north korea wants to know your location
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Just two guys in a sleezy hotel with a camera. Nothing wrong with that
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Ah yes, the infamous boner death spider.
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The preheater before the boiler is necessary to operate an efficient flash tower. If you had no preheater youd not be able to reach a steady state flash process.
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Only a warlock would purposely break a mirror, that’s bad luck for 7 years bro
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While you played with sports, I studied the coil
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What about the farts?
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Poor guy has stress bald spots
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3:25 best day of my life is impregnating my wife. 😭😻
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I want to see a distance flight.... My guess, 1.5 miles.....
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Hey Destin, it would be quite cool if you could implement the measurements which over 98% of the countries in the world uses. It’s a little bit inconvenient to convert it every single time by hand
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that ball seemed half detroyed just from launch pressure
Zlee533 Dag sedan
So glad I was never on a sub, especially after seeing this. 😂