One Burger To Rule Them All
Extra fluffy pancakes
A Game Changer for Onions
Maximus Shabanov
Maximus Shabanov 11 timmar sedan
show him your carrots
Grim Reaper667
Grim Reaper667 11 timmar sedan
If you know you know!
Kal El
Kal El 11 timmar sedan
Looked delicious...I've been making chicken parm since I could reach the knobs on my stove and this recipe looks and seems just as delicious as old school traditional....Sonny u are the man !! Do u have a blooper video you could share with doubt it would be comedy gold !!!
TheDevilguy04 11 timmar sedan
Body shot...THROW IN THE [email protected] TOWEL!!
leonardo dicaprio
leonardo dicaprio 11 timmar sedan
Show me your carrot
Patrick 11 timmar sedan
Please stop giving stuff like broccoli to dogs. They can't digest it properly and they don't need it whatsoever. It would be like trying to feed meat to a horse.
Sonali sanjay
Sonali sanjay 11 timmar sedan
Everytime he tastes the food he just made and say Mmm I imagine the fridge saying oh no 😂😂
Mariah C
Mariah C 11 timmar sedan
I'm hungry. You always make me hungry dam it.☺💓
Pekpeka 11 timmar sedan
Haha Shrek juice go brrrrr
Krishnaveni Gundlapally
Krishnaveni Gundlapally 11 timmar sedan
I bet a whole taco that the only reason we watch this guy is for fridge smackin
MaeljinRajah 11 timmar sedan
Looks yummy hear something similar that I do take kohlrabi and shredded or grate it. Then make to slaw. It's kinda like that, but crunchier.
Cameron Bryant
Cameron Bryant 11 timmar sedan
Might have to try this one out!
Eri Werox
Eri Werox 11 timmar sedan
"Show me your carrot!!" Zipper sound open up
Yeet Guy
Yeet Guy 11 timmar sedan
I showed you my carrots, pls notice me
Awakening Enthusiast
Awakening Enthusiast 11 timmar sedan
One sure way to ruin a steak is by cooking it in a pan
Cameron Young
Cameron Young 12 timmar sedan
My area of the uk’s signature dish is called a parmo and it’s pretty much this dish but Bechamel sauce and lots of cheddar instead. The kinda of dish to knock a few days of your existence everytime you eat one lmao
TheSiltOut 12 timmar sedan
I added the 10 tbsp unsalted water but I feel like it needed butter.
Pk _sgc
Pk _sgc 12 timmar sedan
Him: enjoys food Fridge: ah shit here we go again
Salty fish
Salty fish 12 timmar sedan
"Show ne your carrots"
Riley GShep
Riley GShep 12 timmar sedan
Show me the carrots you donut
God's Office ལྷསང།གཧ _ གངས
God's Office ལྷསང།གཧ _ གངས 12 timmar sedan
They make it in different way in india I think you are missing maybe one ingredient called rawa I ate it in aurangabad. This one seems like from the local hotel which is not bad but lacking compared to what your family makes for you 2 naans with your favorite curry and you won't eat for a whole day.
Alex Gormley
Alex Gormley 12 timmar sedan
I beg to differ... you'll need to get back on your game son as this was pish...
J H7
J H7 12 timmar sedan
Nats what I reckon wants to know your location about the jar sauce #fuckjarsauce
legend of doom
legend of doom 12 timmar sedan
kit eシ
kit eシ 12 timmar sedan
Nonsense 12 timmar sedan
The question is, is really talking about carrots
butters the ginger cat
butters the ginger cat 12 timmar sedan
butters the ginger cat
butters the ginger cat 12 timmar sedan
Wow that PANNED out really well
butters the ginger cat
butters the ginger cat 12 timmar sedan
Roger Chawngthu
Roger Chawngthu 12 timmar sedan
I thought you work very hard but you can purchase only that much tini tiny waygu slice 😀 Big fan ✋🏻
Glockamole 12 timmar sedan
Am I the only one who thought it didn’t look that bad?
butters the ginger cat
butters the ginger cat 12 timmar sedan
Will this work for cats?
ace castillo
ace castillo 12 timmar sedan
Silly Siji
Silly Siji 12 timmar sedan
That Guy
That Guy 12 timmar sedan
Sergeant Gilbert... You don't happen to be a Beatles fan do ya? Sergeant pepper?
butters the ginger cat
butters the ginger cat 12 timmar sedan
Gordon,that chef is FUCKING RAW you didn't roast him right
Mayomanitshere 12 timmar sedan
can i eat it
Discoloured 13 timmar sedan
Try not to salt Wagyu of that grade at the beginning if you have sauce
awesomefrankrapid 13 timmar sedan
No cheese on seafood , add basil later on
Rockdy Moctors
Rockdy Moctors 13 timmar sedan
Poor Mr Gilbert. . . Why did he get canceled???
Nemaster 13 timmar sedan
I feel bad for his fridge every time
Partho Ghosh
Partho Ghosh 13 timmar sedan
Two kick from two dogs is something I want to see
Jaden Starnes
Jaden Starnes 13 timmar sedan
Stole that outro from demo ranch
Notsoslimchris 13 timmar sedan
Looks like a homemade flour tortilla thoooooo
Arjun Ral
Arjun Ral 13 timmar sedan
God man watch the fridge 😂😂😂
oh_look_its_eli 13 timmar sedan
Look like celery
Nathan Price
Nathan Price 13 timmar sedan
I showed you my carrot please reply...
Ruben Rodrigues
Ruben Rodrigues 13 timmar sedan
Hahahaha the glow up now is insane
x Lokiju
x Lokiju 13 timmar sedan
The japanese just know what they do
Ketreena Williams
Ketreena Williams 13 timmar sedan
That poor refrigerator
MustachioMan17 13 timmar sedan
I broke my plate :/
Uli Peterson
Uli Peterson 13 timmar sedan
But you have to taste it first to know if it's good or not.
A Bell
A Bell 13 timmar sedan
Way to copy demolition ranch with the outro....
Paul David
Paul David 13 timmar sedan
Man the fridge legit has dents on it. Nice fridge abuse
cale dokja
cale dokja 13 timmar sedan
i pity that fridge
Roger Chawngthu
Roger Chawngthu 13 timmar sedan
I won’t hesitate to eat that You people are so rich
MAPP Gaming
MAPP Gaming 14 timmar sedan
"Why you play connect4 with those carrot" LMAO
Ra Shreeharish
Ra Shreeharish 14 timmar sedan
I tried to hit the fridge like this my father has to buy a new belt.....
alejandro labella
alejandro labella 14 timmar sedan
The fridge dude hahahahaha
Geo Leo
Geo Leo 14 timmar sedan
The fact he slaps the table and all ALWAYS reaching over it like he practice this intro is actually impressive
DEVOROX 14 timmar sedan
By the way Gordon was pranking because at the end he smiled saying that why are you playing with your carrots
N Ds
N Ds 14 timmar sedan
Show me your carrots!
Kota Kusanagi
Kota Kusanagi 14 timmar sedan
How ps5 scalpers be after selling there ps5 what they feed there family they claim
Abel Zechariah
Abel Zechariah 14 timmar sedan
Soon that fridge will hire a lawyer
Rithika Kharey
Rithika Kharey 14 timmar sedan
Did my ear just heard it right? Ramsay complimenting him?😂 Well done man!👍
Conqueror DEEP
Conqueror DEEP 14 timmar sedan
Sultan Saeed
Sultan Saeed 14 timmar sedan
Ur adding the basil way too early boy
nugget 14 timmar sedan
What did that fridge do to deserve this
Random Content
Random Content 14 timmar sedan
can i make this for my puppy
Random Content
Random Content 14 timmar sedan
and if i to i thaw it before feeding him this...or can i just give him out of the fridge
Jarek Allvee
Jarek Allvee 14 timmar sedan
Koton Bads
Koton Bads 14 timmar sedan
Eat one.
Yung Ddub Maniak
Yung Ddub Maniak 14 timmar sedan
Crazy how monotone he was . SEmost really hyped him ! That’s good keep it uo
Томирис Танаткан
Томирис Танаткан 14 timmar sedan
Ол неге нанды лақтырды тупо
skull manji
skull manji 14 timmar sedan
So I guess 8:15 is the moment he started losing it with the fridge
nefyyn 14 timmar sedan
Kamal LB
Kamal LB 14 timmar sedan
I wonder how many dents and scratches his fridge has.
HChen 14 timmar sedan
Dude hit his fridge with the 3 hit combo. That's how good that steak was.
Arekkusu- 15 timmar sedan
Diptangshuman Das
Diptangshuman Das 15 timmar sedan