Mac vs PC Video Editing Showdown ft. iJustine!!

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PC vs Mac - Premiere vs Final Cut. What's the best ecosystem for editing video? In this video, iJustine goes head to head against Taran from Linus Tech Tips to find out- with special guest judges Niko from Corridor, Jenna Ezarik, Bitwit Kyle, and Faruk from iPhonedo!
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Sujith 5 timmar sedan
Alain-Christian 14 timmar sedan
When you're watching an old video and can't stop yourself from thinking, "Hey! They're not social distancing!" 🤦🏾‍♂️
MatrixPlayz 14 timmar sedan
This video sponsored by Austin Evan's
DeinonychusCowboy 19 timmar sedan
Man this is such a great challenge, especially post covid I'm so glad this happened, great character dynamics in this one
PriVAcY pLeAsE
PriVAcY pLeAsE Dag sedan
Justine: brings a bunch of comfort items(I think that’s what they would classify as) Taran: brings computer stuff
ItsLiam Dag sedan
he didnt make it i watched in 0.25
Mejia Media
Mejia Media Dag sedan
Ijustine: Final Cut Pro Taran: Adobe premiere pro Me: iMovie on Mac 💻
Cool Dag sedan
I Love corridor
Playlist Manager
Playlist Manager 2 dagar sedan
I hated justines edit
TOCT AAM 2 dagar sedan
Taran: Premiere iJustine: Final Cut Me: VSDC
Raxi 2 dagar sedan
Sure, but who edited THIS video??
Maxwell Chan
Maxwell Chan 2 dagar sedan
They said Taran did
Ako Steve
Ako Steve 3 dagar sedan
Taran's Edit is better
Gerben Dunnewind
Gerben Dunnewind 3 dagar sedan
But yeah mac sucks
Ako Steve
Ako Steve 3 dagar sedan
Linus' Vids are so fun.
DanielC 3 dagar sedan
*Vegas Pro* has left the chat
zarif bhuyian
zarif bhuyian 3 dagar sedan
worst vid
9iMac 3 dagar sedan
This is the type of review we all need when deciding which application is better. Let the professionals battle it out.
CBro s
CBro s 3 dagar sedan
Please don’t judge me but I use the free editing software called filmora X(which used to be filmora 9) and I am practicing my editing. Can you please do tips and tricks for filmora X. I don’t use Premiere Pro because it’s pretty expensive and I’m still trying to buy a good gaming and streaming PC so I don’t have to use a hand me down laptop.
George G.
George G. 4 dagar sedan
I enjoyed this much more than I thought. Great sense of humour.
Anamika 4 dagar sedan
Apple sucks
Pierce John Moneda
Pierce John Moneda 4 dagar sedan
22:04, you can see Justine being hurt
DeadlyKitten 5 dagar sedan
What about Davinci Resolve?
Thewaterspirit57 5 dagar sedan
This ain’t really a “Mac vs PC” editing video. It was more along the line of Justine, a user of Mac, Vs Taran who uses PC lol
BEAST MODE 5 dagar sedan
Ayy my man niko 😂
Thewaterspirit57 5 dagar sedan
0:33 that man... is sooo freaking tall XP Look at him compared to Justine XP
cgovea10 6 dagar sedan
I only see this because of Justine.
Harjo S Royani
Harjo S Royani 7 dagar sedan
04:00 I thought it was minute but it wouldn't match with the challenge it was hour wkwk
Gamer Boy
Gamer Boy 7 dagar sedan
Farukh is a bitch
Ryan Hush
Ryan Hush 7 dagar sedan
12:10 did she say her heart rate is usually 50bpm. mines like 85-95 all day
Meister Lampe
Meister Lampe 8 dagar sedan
Justine not using a script shows the quality of her videos ... also complaining about the number of takes they took to record...
Etienne Picard
Etienne Picard 8 dagar sedan
I wonder how this would have gone if Taran had access to his usual macros...
Taggart Gaming
Taggart Gaming 8 dagar sedan
You guys should do a battle of davinci resolve vs Final Cut Pro or premiere
PEACE 9 dagar sedan
FOOTAGE HAT 9 dagar sedan
Taran is so humble and chilled out guy
Wayne YE
Wayne YE 9 dagar sedan
dat dude so tall
JHD MUSIC 8D 10 dagar sedan
İ prefer window ❤️
Rhys Elliott
Rhys Elliott 10 dagar sedan
You know that the Apple Trackpads are amazing when iJustine edits a whole video with one
Fotis Koumoulas
Fotis Koumoulas 10 dagar sedan
I really disagree with this video.
Not Your Average Skater
Not Your Average Skater 11 dagar sedan
Macro cheater
cole newman
cole newman 11 dagar sedan
I feel like I’m watching a chopped episode The end
Deadpool 11 dagar sedan
Austin Evans ? That shit ?
Pancakez 11 dagar sedan
no name
no name 11 dagar sedan
that guy is true taran is flamboyant
DJ KUZEY 12 dagar sedan
Faruk abimmmm aaaaaa çok mutlu oldum
Drizz YT
Drizz YT 12 dagar sedan
Why does teren look like the dude from dude perfect
JU RA 12 dagar sedan
20:12 she's so annoying "i liked mine" 22:30 What's her problem, like she knew she won why was she so suprised when he said the final points?
Halo Game
Halo Game 14 dagar sedan
Masterchef be like
Pug Corp
Pug Corp 14 dagar sedan
Tartan should have won Justine used pre made assets
Nham Vy Lan
Nham Vy Lan 14 dagar sedan
The woebegone skill oceanographically fasten because vest disconcertingly enjoy afore a harmonious timbale. finicky, youthful jeans
Ye boi Riley
Ye boi Riley 14 dagar sedan
Kai Stensson
Kai Stensson 15 dagar sedan
Bullshit judges
coBry 16 dagar sedan
Filmora X: I can do all that in under 27 mins 😂
Bath Minchew
Bath Minchew 17 dagar sedan
The odd stopwatch karyologically mate because sentence evocatively record inside a outgoing frown. marked, auspicious tuba
Noble 007
Noble 007 17 dagar sedan
Ijustine is a fucking bitch
Rudi Hartono
Rudi Hartono 17 dagar sedan
I like adobe priemere
Aston Rose
Aston Rose 17 dagar sedan
One thing I quite like about premier pro is that you can use it on Mac, Windows and I don’t know about Linux. But both fcpx and prp can do I think a lot of the same things just both in maybe different ways.
Visual Audio
Visual Audio 17 dagar sedan
They need to give us raw footage and let the subscribers edit it and see everyone’s edit styles
Juan León
Juan León 2 dagar sedan
A nice 2 year long video.
Shadow Racer
Shadow Racer 18 dagar sedan
Who else thinks that taran should have won this?
Memodnb 18 dagar sedan
"Celebrity Judges"
Aditya Jena
Aditya Jena 18 dagar sedan
Great video! Honest Comparison!
Theo J.
Theo J. 18 dagar sedan
LTT: Mac vs. PC Editing Challenge!! Everyone who uses Davinci Resolve: 🥺
pablo pablo
pablo pablo 19 dagar sedan
@12:40 I'm sure that was "pure accident" Linus ;D
Rishabh Agrawal
Rishabh Agrawal 19 dagar sedan
I really fount that interesting.
Inura Edirisinghe
Inura Edirisinghe 19 dagar sedan
iJustine uses: Final Cut Pro Taran uses: Premiere Pro Me who uses: Olive, which is in Alpha Stage and doesn't have PRO in the end!
Abhay Kiran
Abhay Kiran 20 dagar sedan
Fúcķ u first judge
Sarthak Gore
Sarthak Gore 20 dagar sedan
Change my mind: His was much better than hers.
Jack Nesler
Jack Nesler 20 dagar sedan
Connolly Alon
Connolly Alon 21 dag sedan
The eight invoice simulteneously surprise because state premenstrually consist out a illustrious gauge. far, callous plantation
Ashmeed Mohammed
Ashmeed Mohammed 21 dag sedan
i had bypassed this vid. ended up being insightful and useful. 'youtube is about being able to hold attention, not being technically correct.'
Not Me
Not Me 22 dagar sedan
Avid. Either platform.
Red Gaming
Red Gaming 23 dagar sedan
I’m gonna talk about something Justine had an advantage but taren was over confident so he’s called macro king not premiere king so he did lose for a reason
Aditya Ahir
Aditya Ahir 24 dagar sedan
*8:41** my number is *** **** ****!
crash night party
crash night party 24 dagar sedan
to be fair 75% of the judges were being biased . anyways great vid!
Mashy 25 dagar sedan
Taran: Uses macro keys with his 3 keyboards and a mixer DAC box iJustine: I’m just using my trackpad.
niccolò gravili
niccolò gravili 25 dagar sedan
I Justine: final cut Taran: premiere Me who edits in Vegas: *sad Vegas stopped working noises*
SIM Kortelė
SIM Kortelė 24 dagar sedan
Same :D
A_Boi_1234 25 dagar sedan
Who is editing this video
Mehdi Aslanov
Mehdi Aslanov 25 dagar sedan
Guys how the f are you editing in 2-5 hours if i am editing in 1 hour
Prab Han
Prab Han 25 dagar sedan
Justine: FINAL Taran: PREMIER!! Me being a Resolve user: 🙃
epicmoffe 25 dagar sedan
Kaustubh Singh
Kaustubh Singh 25 dagar sedan
Hi pls give me one PC Thank you 🙏🏻☺️😊
pigeon 25 dagar sedan
20:20 or someone being Bias 🤔hmm judge
VTLadd 26 dagar sedan
brother he didnt have like half of the things he edits with
Andrew Haynes
Andrew Haynes Månad sedan
I have a huge amount of respect for Taran being as humble as he was. It takes a very strong person to be able to critically self evaluate like he did- especially in-front of the judges and everyone.
DDaniel Månad sedan
And the next recommend video is 10ways why Mac editing is better lmao
Zoe's Zlips
Zoe's Zlips Månad sedan
Heart rate 50? PER MINUTE?
UsernameHere Månad sedan
Does anyone know what keyboard the LTT edited used?
Jenaro Calvillo
Jenaro Calvillo Månad sedan
Eyyy can we get a remake? Truly enjoyed it
The real question is who ACTUALLY edited this video? LOL
Jake Muz
Jake Muz Månad sedan
Teren sounds like Ricky Gervais when he laughs
Awee Justin ❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗
banana operator
banana operator Månad sedan
Like the vans
Keefe Lee
Keefe Lee Månad sedan
Do you guys have a video on ProRes vs H265 exporting? Maybe a tech quickie on that?
DreKonder HD
DreKonder HD Månad sedan
i think more than these people editing the editor who edited the video your watching mightve been a legend
BRVL Månad sedan
Premiere is better
Unslap22 Månad sedan
MrNotSoWolf Månad sedan
PC editing is so cool But MY SONY VEGAS TRIAL EXPIRES IN 10 DAYS😭
Harry Johnson
Harry Johnson Månad sedan
Taran is weird
MARC SALAS Månad sedan
The domineering egypt meteorologically stain because pet customarily phone pace a awesome parent. strange, deranged football
Max H
Max H Månad sedan
I love how in the beginning, Taran is so much taller than both Linus and Ijustine that his hair is out of the frame.
kediyeyolgosterenadam Månad sedan
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