Why I Didn’t Play Guitar for 25 Years

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Rick Beato

11 månader sedan

In this video I discuss how I got back into playing after 25 years because of this channel.

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Paul McCabe
Paul McCabe 5 dagar sedan
Rick...I am an old Jazzer right into all of those legendary Jazz Guitarists...Now here I am at almost 80 with a worn out left hand where you have got all of my attention...I was a Guitar Teacher for many years ...But Man you are much more advanced than anywhere that I got to...I love your enthusiasm & generosity ...Five Stars To You Rick !!
El Cid Gaming
El Cid Gaming 10 dagar sedan
6:37 When I started learning classical I now hold a guitar like this. now I am short so I actually get by without a foot stool. Its amazing how much I improved just by holding it like this
Brianne Vieira
Brianne Vieira 12 dagar sedan
Rick, thank you for sharing that story. For YEARS I berated myself for abandoning my violin (my first instrument) for three years while in music school. I was at a private school (ALMOST went to ithaca, actually, but I said NO to SNOW) in NY, I returned home to the local Uni bc money. Said state Uni has NO string program, and my other instrument was voice (classical/theatre). So I put my poor violin in the closet while I finished up at school. In place of Violin, I decided to ALSO study jazz & jazz vocal style. I became a better musician bc of that choice. And picked up my violin 3 years later to see it in a COMPLETELY different light. Now I play 5 instruments (AND sing in various genres). Sometimes that old adage "When a door closes, a window opens" becomes a life-changing reality. Your story is so much more enthralling, but gave me so much validation. THANK YOU.
Alias Bam
Alias Bam 14 dagar sedan
Dang man I'd never guess! I was similar with drums and stopped after doing military stuff.. hadn't touched them for 7 years and really want to do it, just figured I've fallen far behind
David Stair
David Stair 14 dagar sedan
I’m only now starting to travel to the edges of the universe guitar wise… at 45!!!
Kattra Kee
Kattra Kee 17 dagar sedan
I’m glad I stumbled on your channel a few days ago, I’m impressed and I’m happy to learn what you teach and what you say and to listen and think about the things that you have experienced. Thank you for being here on SEmost it’s a great great joy to me to hear you !!😄
Jai Guru
Jai Guru 18 dagar sedan
Clever cookie
Termin L. Faze
Termin L. Faze 18 dagar sedan
Yup, that’s why classical players hold their guitar like that-makes extensions of the third and forth finger a lot easier.
Wavy Gravy
Wavy Gravy 20 dagar sedan
Why I didn't play guitar for 25 years straight
V Lord
V Lord 20 dagar sedan
That's fascinating about the change of how you held the guitar.
1967DS21 21 dag sedan
yes, if you hold your guitar close to the standard classical guitar playing style, the playing is a lot easier. Both your arms/hands are in their natural resting position
pat wheeler
pat wheeler 22 dagar sedan
A friend of mine had a mild stroke 10 odd years back he was an engine technician in the mining industry mostly over ground work but he couldnt work as a result of the stroke but with mighty effort hes got himself back to where he was and better reading ur tale brought that all back to me so good on ya goos sir.
pat wheeler
pat wheeler 22 dagar sedan
I'm thinking a whole lotta players should have taken a long sabatical might have done their playing no end of good.
Carl Dulcie
Carl Dulcie 22 dagar sedan
stopping practice is not the same as not playing guitar
Christopher Geraghty
Christopher Geraghty 22 dagar sedan
I'm 47 and feeling a similar plight. I focused on art and a career, but now looking to pick it back up, after about a 30 yr hiatus. Rick and his humble exuberance has brought me back, honestly.
Analytics805 23 dagar sedan
alan johnson
alan johnson 26 dagar sedan
Holy cow you must of herd of Orleans todd hobin elf
alan johnson
alan johnson 26 dagar sedan
Valex recording studio mgm
alan johnson
alan johnson 26 dagar sedan
805 duke juniper
Two Otters
Two Otters 26 dagar sedan
I cut off a huge chunk of my middle finger left hand. I couldn't play for about 3 years while it healed, grafts and infections. Once the bandages were off and it had healed I found I couldn't even play anymore. I had to relearn how to play. Another year or more. Now before this I could shred. After the accident I could play chords let alone and leads. I was close to throwing all my gear away when I head BBKing. Hearing him solo changed my life. You don't HAVE to shred. Now I have my own way of playing and soloing and I get many compliments about the way I play. Thank you Mr B.B. King.
ethan cas
ethan cas 28 dagar sedan
I started playing in that position and still do, only because my B.C. Rich warlock is so comfortable in that position
zengalileo 28 dagar sedan
So you didn't stop playing guitar for 25 years.
Dave Mitton
Dave Mitton Månad sedan
What a gifted guy !
Aadityakiran S
Aadityakiran S Månad sedan
Get a Strandberg*.
Bobby S
Bobby S Månad sedan
Meet Mr. Wizard
Jetstream Månad sedan
Rick, only 1 thing. I’d like to know what you think about Tina S?
Nalin Sharma
Nalin Sharma Månad sedan
Rick is such a modest genius, love him with all his materials.. no BS only great teachings from his years and years of hard work. Need I say he is simply incomparable to any musician out there! He is one of the greatest ever, Rick must make albums to become immortal in history of music, fantastic man mind boggling ideas!! So much love from India!!
Patrick TAYLOR
Patrick TAYLOR Månad sedan
That's why classical guitarists have played like that for a couple hundred years now.
Robin Sommarström
Robin Sommarström Månad sedan
So E altered scale is the same as E locrian (7th mode)?
Relish Guitars Switzerland
Relish Guitars Switzerland Månad sedan
Paulo Nideck - Inglês direto ao ponto
Paulo Nideck - Inglês direto ao ponto Månad sedan
Rick Beato is the real deal!
aceto1900 Månad sedan
No, the real deal is Rick Beato
Pop Warner
Pop Warner 2 månader sedan
I'm sure Rick at least picked up the guitar in those 25 years. He said that he didn't practice. Sometimes some of your best stuff comes from doodling.
Lutemann 2 månader sedan
Rick, you should always use a strap when you are sitting down. This holds the guitar in a position where the wrists can be relatively straight and you don't have to hold the instrument with your right arm. Classical guitarists are now starting to hold the guitar using a strap.
Jxnas p
Jxnas p 2 månader sedan
I think the longest time i havent played guitar in my 5 years of playing was just one week when i had holiday in another country lol.
Mark M
Mark M 2 månader sedan
Wow, Rick. “I (basically) just started in 2016.” That is EXTREMELY discouraging.
Jazzadrin 2 månader sedan
It’s fundamentally inaccurate though. He obviously had vast amounts of music theory knowledge, knowledge of the art of practicing and he previously had almost 20 years of guitar playing experience prior to his hiatus. So it’s not like he picked up his guitar and had to start over, but rather took the opportunity to completely reinvent his playing.
Scott Messer
Scott Messer 2 månader sedan
Played in working bands from ‘78 to late ‘90s We used to try to power the house with huge, loud amps from the stage. Just blaring loud. Gradually moved to having a remote board, a main speaker system, good floor monitor mix, smaller amps mic’d and electric drum triggers. Had to hire a soundman to run rhe board, but at least we quit arguing about who was too loud-or trying to sneak to turn up when no one was looking. lol But its a lot of work moving & setting up all that gear. Soldering a loose wire 2 minutes before showtime. ...all for those gratuitous solos... IMHO, thats all a song is-a set up for my SOLO. (kidding, but kinda not)
Steve Trimble
Steve Trimble 2 månader sedan
Glad my trash pick up is tomorrow...so I can put my guitars out
jmtheboat 2 månader sedan
That flat9 sounds really sweet. You’re so right. Really enjoying your videos. Rock on.
UNagJac 3 månader sedan
Rick's always rocking the haircut
toyotasupra97 3 månader sedan
Isn’t this how classical guitarists play, with the guitar more upright like this?
JonniVanPlatoni 3 månader sedan
"And then I just play this"... That's not "just" to the rest of us Rick :D
auroraName x
auroraName x 3 månader sedan
Did Rick eventually annouced the reason why?
Robert McCloy
Robert McCloy 3 månader sedan
Maybe I’m being a bit of a geezer here, but I often think I’d like to hear less distortion, effects, etc. It would be especially helpful when dealing with tight inner voiced chords. It’s hard to track the movement of the voices. That clarity and definition is what makes me love my Robert Ruck classical guitar.
Rooster J
Rooster J 3 månader sedan
I played for 20 years straight from the day I learned my first chord. I couldn't get enough. I played at least a couple hours a day or more. I discovered pain medication and went for about 15 years without playing. I would play a little here and there, but only enough to show somebody I could play a little. As of tomorrow I will be 4 years clean and sober and going on 3 years of playing daily. I found my mojo I guess. One of my biggest inspirations for picking up the guitar again is Mick Mars. He had to slowly get back in the game after his own issues with pain meds. I'm so glad I started playing again.
DC0014 3 månader sedan
Wowww I can't believe it... I started when 14 1989.. learnt from book tabs, never a teacher. Played about 5 years then reached a plateau and finally just stopped. I played with friends in bands but then it stopped. After 20 years .. now relearning woth the internet which didn't have back then, ny mind is blown what im learning now
Lisa Eischens
Lisa Eischens 3 månader sedan
This last year I totally lost my drive to keep playing and now I have to go through all the pain of getting my calluses back and I hate that pain but I know I just have to slowly build up my skin again, one day at a time. I’m feeling so disgusted with myself. I also have back problems especially with my mid back and just sitting can be painful. Just got to do it. I was really making some positive gains & really want to make it happen again.
chrysippus2 3 månader sedan
oh my god, this totally took me back to 8am theory class with that mean old lady. what was her name? actually super nice when you're not in her classes, and she had zero respect fro musicians that hadn't gotten to a certain level of theory.
Napoleon Bonapathy
Napoleon Bonapathy 3 månader sedan
L I E S .
Michelley B.
Michelley B. 3 månader sedan
It seems odd of all things to want to make a music channel after leaving it behind for the last 25 years
Dan Morris
Dan Morris 4 månader sedan
Sweet! Just, sweet!
Billy Vitale
Billy Vitale 4 månader sedan
Rick... please make a guitar album... we all want it... bad... do it!!!! 😄
cowboygypsey 4 månader sedan
I stopped playing for the last 12 years after an injury and have only just rediscovered it. Its very hard starting again thinking you can just go back to the level you were at? My fingers have gone back to tender beginners stage . But i will persevere and maybe discover a new level of creativity. Thanks for the inspiration. Its great that we have You Tube and all this input compared to when I started , You put a record on and went from there .
Jonathan Allen
Jonathan Allen 4 månader sedan
Rick Beato, he's older than your dad but cooler than you.
Lance Niesen
Lance Niesen 4 månader sedan
Rick's playing reminds me alot of Eric Johnson..
Soupy Steve’s Guitar & Arts Extravaganza.
Soupy Steve’s Guitar & Arts Extravaganza. 4 månader sedan
All I’m hearing is , blah blah, blaaa,,,,,, Your showing stuff like we’ve all been to Juliarts music university. You make guitar playing seem like advanced algebra. If you were my teacher , I’d quit and probably smash my guitar then burn it, then piss on it , throw gas on it and burn it again. No offence, your an awesome player.
Soupy Steve’s Guitar & Arts Extravaganza.
Soupy Steve’s Guitar & Arts Extravaganza. 4 månader sedan
This is completely beyond most people, ... might as well be speaking “ Feraguie”....
Soupy Steve’s Guitar & Arts Extravaganza.
Soupy Steve’s Guitar & Arts Extravaganza. 4 månader sedan
I hear you, I’ve been in and out for years.
silvio napoli
silvio napoli 4 månader sedan
I stopped playing 25 years ago. 4 years ago I tried to restart plaing but I could not play as I expected , I felt my hands too old and less elastic. I could not play a chords and I stopped. Now I restart from about a month and I practice 1 hour a day enjoying very much . And trying to learn something new,. Thanks for your videos
Jan Enemark
Jan Enemark 4 månader sedan
Wow, didn't play guitar for 25 years and practiced 10.000 hours oh man, how old are you really?
auddoc99 4 månader sedan
That's the best fusiony playing I have heard from you. Molto grazi!
ReRe Ficoli
ReRe Ficoli 4 månader sedan
It wasn't clear to me from watching the video (twice): WHY did you stop practicing for 25 years?
mah38900 4 månader sedan
Mna I hate wide vibrato. Best way to make your playing sound corny and bad in my opinion.
Andrewkafp 4 månader sedan
Looks like a Gibson spirit
Omar Malkosh
Omar Malkosh 4 månader sedan
I just got the book. Can’t wait
Guy Michel
Guy Michel 4 månader sedan
Rick, hello-you did not "not play guitar for 25 years". Maybe you weren't practicing minimum 4 hrs./day avg. as you did in the first blush of your youth or so, but you were still playing, and son: if you play, even for just 5 mins. - you're practicing. Your body/brain remembers. A guitar teacher has to be a guitar player, but not nec. vice versa. Butt hay: more power chords to ya!
Doome drummer
Doome drummer 4 månader sedan
Awesome!!! U R Tha Man Rick ! Love your videos... I am a drummer of 30 years, guitar player of 10 , I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge.
Stewart Campbell
Stewart Campbell 4 månader sedan
Totally Amaz'in' How Mouth'in it CAN'T Keep up with the Finger'in & "Tickillat'in" of those Wire's & Machine Head's ! YYZ , Mohawk-Planker ...
Alex Monras
Alex Monras 4 månader sedan
This is really cool
Duncan Walduck
Duncan Walduck 4 månader sedan
Whoa, this is a surprise. But SO much like me and computer programming. So many years with not a thought of coding a damn stroke, then Arduino (etc.) comes along: I'm looking towards it, not for itself (at first) but reluctantly, because it 'comes with' and seems to be a base level (pre-)knowledge to something I AM frantically interested in all of a sudden... and I see "Dammit, this is piss easy - this is kids' stuff". Yes, for 'whizz kids' (- yes, it's for turning out more of those.) I got this quote from Adafruit: To me programming is more than an important practical art. It is also a gigantic undertaking in the foundations of knowledge.” - Grace Hopper Likewise, I read in a (physical) newspaper recently that education in musical performance (on an instrument [inc. vocal, I guess]) is not just a practical art, but rather is an introduction to ANOTHER WAY OF THINKING - ::BECAUSE:: All music is [empirically shown (by brain scans etc.) to be] played by ear. J.S. Bach in his organ loft, with practically the musical power of a full orchestra under his fingers is PLAYING BY EAR - ultimately. BTW, "Every time you write parallel fifths, Bach kills a kitten". : I don't know what he does when he hears power chords sliding!
Duncan Walduck
Duncan Walduck 4 månader sedan
ANYWAY, to leave aside Bach and his godly smiting powers for a moment, What was it that got me to that place ultimately? It was a lust for the Yamaha THR series instrument amplifiers. "Circuit emulation": - You can't install a valve (=tube), because then you'd have to make a high-quality analog circuit, and they're expensive anyway... so why not just use however many million transistors on a custom ASIC instead? Mind blown: The reality of modern electronics. It was music first.
Duncan Walduck
Duncan Walduck 4 månader sedan
OR, "Is this lake Geneva? I see *smoke on the water* : Did someone's hotel just blow up?"
Duncan Walduck
Duncan Walduck 4 månader sedan
Well, he probably says, that's a beefed-up melody, but not harmony, punk!
Phil 4 månader sedan
I stopped playing for about 1 year. Once I started again, after about 3 weeks, I noticed I was better then before I stopped. Very strange.
Daniel Janoštík
Daniel Janoštík 4 månader sedan
It's because your brain is refreshed. I had some troubles with tendons so I can practice only hour a day, yet I'm better than I used to be when practicing 4 hours a day. Less is more I guess.
MG W 4 månader sedan
I got a guitar when I was 11 and played everyday into my early 20s and just burnout. I never had an ambition to make a career out of it.. Went years without playing...now in my 40s I'm back to playing every night just for fun.
Jazzadrin 2 månader sedan
That’s the way!
joey 4 månader sedan
What would you guys recommend studying/practicing in order to write cool songs and be able to improvise solos? I'd greatly appreciate any advice
elias granero
elias granero 4 månader sedan
I imagine Max Ostro watching this video and digesting the stuff as I digest fresh orange juice... give me more aaaaahh
Konstantinos Bikos
Konstantinos Bikos 4 månader sedan
"I am Negan"
Dean And The Beans
Dean And The Beans 4 månader sedan
Definitely heard Guthrie play something similar - might have been Flatlands?
Paul Palmeri
Paul Palmeri 4 månader sedan
Great sound on that guitar
Paul Palmeri
Paul Palmeri 4 månader sedan
Rick..wish I could switch off youtube...it’s 4.20 am here in the Uk and can’t stop watching your vids...I got your Beato 2.0 book a dear training .....so excited to get stuck in.😅🇬🇬👍🔥💎
Stinky fish
Stinky fish 4 månader sedan
How many hours do you practice now mr. Beato?
Eric Rulifson
Eric Rulifson 4 månader sedan
Reminds me a bit of Terje Rypdal’s shredding. Fascinating!
Wick Beavers
Wick Beavers 4 månader sedan
i keep coming back to this lesson... TONS of great ideas in here. I agree. My ear detests the common 7ths, especially E7 in any arrangement.
Daniel Philipp
Daniel Philipp 4 månader sedan
"way easyer to play like that" yes, thats why they use it on the classical guitar since forever ;)
Animal Mother
Animal Mother 3 månader sedan
Doesn’t look that cool tho
John Strikwerda
John Strikwerda 4 månader sedan
Hey Rick, I’ve been binge watching all of your videos. Just want to say, you really stepped up your lighting / video game! Looking so well lit and crisp. Please do another U2 song for “what makes this song great!”
Darryl Sundstrom
Darryl Sundstrom 4 månader sedan
I play bass mainly because no matter what I did I'd never sound like George Lynch! In my small mind if I can't sound like that why bother? Truth is I never put the work in. I have had my late Aunt's Sigma 10-9 forever and have ever only noodled. Same with bass really only noodled with it. About 3 years ago I committed to trying to play bass in bands and play out. I am finally starting to believe in myself because people want to play with me. In fact I am 53 and took my first guitar lesson last week in 35 years. I know I'll never be a shredder, but if I can learn to play melodic leads that is my goal. I saw my surfing for 2 years 45 year old buddy drop in an 8 foot wave at Middles in Puerto Rico screaming " out of my way"! It's never too late until it's over!!
Joseph Mofield
Joseph Mofield 4 månader sedan
dayummm! I’ll take two Beato books please!
Simon Tain
Simon Tain 4 månader sedan
my god the hair styles in your classroom.
2gobeyond 4 månader sedan
It all sounds great!
bruh 5 månader sedan
Thank you so much for this... I had no time to play while in college, and it's been 8 years since I've played. Been picking it up again recently!
HabAnagarek 5 månader sedan
Oof I get dizzy trying to keep up! I need to study the extended chords (which I only touched on in my youth).
HabAnagarek 5 månader sedan
"being a college professor really didn't pay anything" - I assume you were an adjunct.
Radishmonster 5 månader sedan
sorry, you're a liar for just flat out saying you practiced ten hours a day. You know you didn't and that you slipped up from time to time but instead you decided to say "without skipping a beat" you practiced ten hours a day. Also your ear training program is a complete ripoff and you also know that. Have fun with that, Rick.
[man among men]
[man among men] 5 månader sedan
wow, very tasty Mr Rick, thanks for the share, very inspirational, :)
Flavio Oliveira
Flavio Oliveira 5 månader sedan
And I'm still playing the same pentatonics for 30 years but I'm happy rssss
Alfred Dowaliby
Alfred Dowaliby 5 månader sedan
Rick, this was a fascinating story and great lesson. I just subscribed. On the clip from Instagram you played at 4:56 (awesome playing, BTW), would you mind sharing what equipment (guitar, amp, pedals/effects) you used to get that fantastic lush sound? That beautiful guitar appears to be a PRS, and I would guess a core/U.S.A. made, but not sure which model....
Michael Lawrie
Michael Lawrie 5 månader sedan
You are kinda blowing my mind here, man. Wow.
MARSHAL BAEK 5 månader sedan
How much did that Les Paul cost when you were 15? I'm your age - and a Les Paul was really expensive back in the day!
Colin DeWolfe
Colin DeWolfe 5 månader sedan
This guitar position is what classical guitarists do, for the same reason.
Hossein Fouladi
Hossein Fouladi 5 månader sedan
How should start practice again?
Timothy Hall
Timothy Hall 5 månader sedan
Now you need a guitar cushion to place under the guitar and on your lap... classical guitarists use it to hold the guitar in position.
Steve Collierk
Steve Collierk 5 månader sedan
Great video rick. All those techniques sound badd ass
SeanDaRyan 5 månader sedan
...I learned Knockin On Heavens door yesterday......
James Bruce
James Bruce 5 månader sedan
I love the sound of the door slamming and someone clomping down the stairs during the recording at about 1:13. Thank you Rick Beato! Your work is inspiring.
EB 1
EB 1 5 månader sedan
Don Fagen please call Rick Beato...
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