Apple is not what it used to be.

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From the original iPhone to the iPhone 12 now,, Apple has changed. The Apple you know is probably not what Apple is now...Limited Time Offer: Go to and enter promo code BOSS for 83% off and 3 months free!
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Mrwhosetheboss 2 månader sedan
You know what's funny, I'm never first 😭 V curious what you think to this one, and if you agree on the shift I've seen in Apple!
TekCheetah 13 minuter sedan
It's finally getting more accessible
Ujulud _
Ujulud _ Dag sedan
What’s the name of the Beat that you used in the beginning of the Video
Anton De la Cruz
Anton De la Cruz Dag sedan
The reason is likely the lack of innovation in smart phones and apple is trying to squeeze every last cent out of them. The tech is one and a half decades old. Steve jobs would have had some innovation ready to blow our minds by now. Apple has their new super fast mobile cpus that can stomp desktops but its not clear how they can innovate with that. Yet. Tim cook is good at numbers. Perhaps the revenue apple will get from all their pedestrian brand extensions will allow him to pay enough brains to squeeze out jobs-esque innovation.
Anton De la Cruz
Anton De la Cruz Dag sedan
Interesting stuff except afaik apple does (did?) not consider iphones luxury products, but just the best possible products at the best possible price.
Luis Eduardo Fernandez Molina Urquijo
Luis Eduardo Fernandez Molina Urquijo 24 dagar sedan
I literally scrolled through thousands of comments and no mentions of the "Get a Mac" ads around 10 years ago. They are doing something they already did and it worked. Nothing new, not even changing. Same old apple. (those ads were the best, search "hi I'm a Mac" and check them)
Smokey 502
Smokey 502 12 minuter sedan
Wait a year and get last years model lol. Especially when you can get, say an 800 dollar s10 for less than half that now.
Matthias 6 timmar sedan
Quit worshipping Apple
heeman 2
heeman 2 6 timmar sedan
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Dillon Snowder
Dillon Snowder 7 timmar sedan
Obviously it’s not what it used to be. They care about money more then innovation. Used to be the opposite
Cath L
Cath L 13 timmar sedan
4:23 Twitter user Karen @Hideyourmanager
SigmoidBread430 Dag sedan
This is something middle school white girls clearly don’t understand
123gaurav Dag sedan
Best analysis ever... 🤔🤔🤔
Ushay Madhav
Ushay Madhav Dag sedan
No apple device is cheap in South Africa 😭
Brandon Sarsland- brunner
Brandon Sarsland- brunner Dag sedan
Yeah I’m gonna get a new iPhone in about 4 years when my 12 is to old
bagel charls
bagel charls Dag sedan
Title : apple is not what it used to be. me : yea.. I know
KokaEnte Dag sedan
Apple smartphones WOULD be nice, but 60hz....
Richard Peter Shon
Richard Peter Shon Dag sedan
No steve jobs, no apple. Its just another lost pc company.
Gagandeep singh
Gagandeep singh Dag sedan
Essentially there is a ceiling to how much processing and camera quality a person wants in the phone. Now since that ceiling is mostly reached apple is investing in digital marketing to grab the attention. Thats the natural progression I think and does not represent company’s struggle or decline. - Posted through Samsung
ian Dag sedan
Apple is not gettint cheaper, it is just the iphone SE price that make your numbers look like that. You sound like you wish apple phones were justo for rich people, but they are more now than ever in countries where you can not pay 1000 dollars for a phone as easily as it could be in USA. And I know people who are not definitely rich but choosed to buy one, now or years ago (mostly years ago)
soggie Dag sedan
I feel like tech company's should watch this
ALLEZSYS Dag sedan
上司は誰ですか Tシャツが気になってしょうがない。 That "who's your boss" Tshirt draws too much attention for Japanese viewers...
KoalaGaming Dag sedan
Darkstar The Therian
Darkstar The Therian Dag sedan
I remember when I wanted an IPad mini, but instead i got a Zonko K105 android tablet. But then I wanted a Samsung galaxy tab s6 .
Darkstar The Therian
Darkstar The Therian Dag sedan
Time for IPhone 13 pro max lol I'm a Samsung and Android user, so that amuses me.
Michael Brunell
Michael Brunell 2 dagar sedan
Thats Because 🍎 is 💩 they keep losing more & more customers every years & keeping them brain wash Isheep everybody inknoqnthat switch to Samsung or Android they Never Go Back ... Real Talk ..
K Dumi
K Dumi 2 dagar sedan
Nice hair mate
iosk pad101
iosk pad101 2 dagar sedan
Apple users switching to Samsung, Samsung users switching to Apple...😂😂😂😂
Kavya Aggarwal
Kavya Aggarwal 2 dagar sedan
Noticed HIMYM great show mann😀
Мартин Петров
Мартин Петров 2 dagar sedan
Never buy an Apple product. Buy some apples instead.
Andrew Baker
Andrew Baker 2 dagar sedan
Apple: our processor is better than Intel's AMD: (pimp slaps Apple) BEGONE THOT!!!
cutroc350 2 dagar sedan
And not a mention of how every Chinese phone maker that threatens to out sell Apple get "banned"? I'd say they really want those customers.
雪ディアナ 2 dagar sedan
I'm not a fan of apple, but I can't hate them cuz they buy their chips from Taiwan. And I'm taiwanese. BTW I'm more of an asus fan
Annie Beanie
Annie Beanie 3 dagar sedan
I got iphone at work --> 100% convinced now i want to stick with Android. Byeeeeeee iOS
L J 2 dagar sedan
Panda XP
Panda XP 3 dagar sedan
So if iPhone isn’t the most expensive phone anymore it means that it isn’t as premium as Samsung phones are? When I see these new Samsung flagship phones made of plastic and more expensive then iPhones.. I just can’t believe that.
headintheclout 006
headintheclout 006 3 dagar sedan
Aplle saying pcs are slow is like THE most hypocritical thing ever.
Nidstang 2 dagar sedan
Yeah I've never really understood that. Them also saying "oh look, our processors are faster than Intels" while using Intel chips for the last, what, 14 years? I get they changed to their own proprietary chips... But I don't know if they should be saying that sort of stuff whilst their competition is on the verge of the next big jump in processor power.
kodaloid 3 dagar sedan
You don't browse the internet anonymously if you login to accounts whilst doing it, which is near impossible to avoid. Baffles me that this would need to be pointed out.
eastlondonhustler 3 dagar sedan
When they mention the screen, they NEVER mention that it's a SAMSUNG screen!
eastlondonhustler 3 dagar sedan
Apple shill channel. 👎
Sunrise Water Media
Sunrise Water Media 3 dagar sedan
Karen's tweet @ 4:24 lol
Ariadlus Daedaladne Enigmus Proximo
Ariadlus Daedaladne Enigmus Proximo 3 dagar sedan
Let's just say Apple has taken a couple of more bites out of itself.
bondanoz 3 dagar sedan
Technology was moving so fast it was worth upgrading regularly. I think we're at the point of deminishing returns and so it makes sense that we're upgrading less often.
Yordi Cheung
Yordi Cheung 4 dagar sedan
With every new iphone i got from my dad every year he had a new iphone and gifted me his “current” one i felt so special using my new iphone! Now i got one again because he got the iphone 12 pro and i now got his iphone 11 pro from the xs. Im just like yeah it’s a bit faster cool.
Shoulda had pants
Shoulda had pants 4 dagar sedan
So they started using proper data analytics...big deal!
Егор 4 dagar sedan
To be honest, I like the new Apple more. Their older image felt somewhat snobby. And yeah, I might be the exact type of those new customers they are looking for.
AfterShokke 4 dagar sedan
Dropshipping with Coach Vinci
Dropshipping with Coach Vinci 4 dagar sedan
He is just a legend! Thanks for the content -much love from the Philippines
Eb Tjang
Eb Tjang 4 dagar sedan
This is misleading. Apple has claimed thinnest smartphone, MacBook Air in the past when applicable.
Buddy Bruh
Buddy Bruh 4 dagar sedan
BTW your last video was 6months ago ,and most things happened at that time
Aditya Dixt
Aditya Dixt 4 dagar sedan
But i think its a good thing for the company.
Litespark 4 dagar sedan
Android phones of 2020 have way more class than any iphone. Change my mind. Also lolwat? Apple only recently invented widgets, customizable homescreens, and picture in picture? "Revolutionary :O" -apple fanboys, probably
Litespark 4 dagar sedan
It's the image drop that gets me every time 😂 Iphones are now the choice for rich vapid morons and extremely fanatic cultist fanboys who will ignore absolutely everything bad apple does.
LX Contemporary
LX Contemporary 5 dagar sedan
I've been wanting to have an iPhone for 4 years now, im quite loyal to apple. But i still can't afford them😭😭
Erasmus Edewor
Erasmus Edewor 5 dagar sedan
Apple reminds me of rockwell automation. Software older than the company. AMERICAN companies boom
Erasmus Edewor
Erasmus Edewor 5 dagar sedan
Its simple why Apple is now cheap. The software is same forever. Services same, hardware same except camera chip. Infact Apple is static.
Senthil Vignesh Kumar
Senthil Vignesh Kumar 5 dagar sedan
Lock in mechanism of apple is the one most people hate to switch to apple...
BlueCrow 5 dagar sedan
8:15 ._. bruh. Just saying Xiaomi MI10T lite is basically as good as iphone 12 Pro Max specially camera wise.
BlueCrow 5 dagar sedan
The last innovative thin apple did was using fingerprint sensors on a phone. Its been a while since.
KDoggg2017 5 dagar sedan
Very well done! As always
Devansh Shah
Devansh Shah 5 dagar sedan
Mrwhoosetheboss: people are upgrading their phones less. Me: sorry bro we are not bill gates we live off our parents money 😛
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard 5 dagar sedan
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Toussaint Louverture
Toussaint Louverture 5 dagar sedan
Great analysed
Ben Neeley
Ben Neeley 5 dagar sedan
Apple saying they are better then Intel is like saying you run faster then a 4th grader
Ben Neeley
Ben Neeley 5 dagar sedan
Apple’s only chance of existing in the market is being luxury and exclusive The second they start being more for the general population, people are gonna compare them to Samsung, One Plus, and Google, where they are going to be severely outclassed
Etek Dav
Etek Dav 6 dagar sedan
Windows Mobile and Blackberry were out long before Apple dropped the iPhone so saying that Apple made the first smartphone is simply not true. You can't even say Apple had the first touchscreen smartphone because LG Prada was out before the iPhone also. Apple just takes ideas and improves them, mostly.
TotalPurplen 6 dagar sedan
"Apple is getting cheaper" Me: sad Asia noises**
BM1x 6 dagar sedan
“Apple is getting cheaper” *iPhone SE is $700*
Cesar Lopez
Cesar Lopez 5 dagar sedan
Its $400
Alton Pereira
Alton Pereira 7 dagar sedan
I'm never gonna swith with apple.
Zahra Ahsan
Zahra Ahsan 7 dagar sedan
It is 3:24
Dylan Elstob
Dylan Elstob 7 dagar sedan
12:15 charge ur laptop dude
AGILECT 8 dagar sedan
I’ve got a feeling that the reason for this is because of jobs death and someone else took over and he probably has different plans
Gregory Kitchens
Gregory Kitchens 8 dagar sedan
Another big reason is that Samsung has blown way ahead of Apple in market share. Apple has to be more aggressive to catch up. Obviously more people have always bought androids more, because there are so many options as far as price goes. But slowly more and more people are buying android. So they are playing catch up. But its puzzling to do so while going backwards in design.
Gregory Kitchens
Gregory Kitchens 8 dagar sedan
None of it is going ot be enough, not when theu are going backwards in design.
smol.asian.potato 8 dagar sedan
It's getting cheaper but you'll get that expensive price again when you bring to their repair service center
FanDeDrift 8 dagar sedan
Apple winnig the best budget phone ? You mean the best overpriced budget phone !
G 8 dagar sedan
People who are this happy creep me out.
Philipp Schmid
Philipp Schmid 9 dagar sedan
Cutting edge design is a bit off apple rarely has that going for them because they adapt to what works.
Corey B
Corey B 9 dagar sedan
I’ve been considering moving back to android. I’m tired of how expensive they’ve gotten. I’m sure I’d be happy in mid-range market. But with Apple I don’t want a phone that looks 5 years old if I go to mid-price. Slowly breaking out of the eco-system, canceling my services, also tired of too many monthly fees. Just me though
Nidstang 2 dagar sedan
Personally, the first true smart phone I ever had was an IPhone 5. It felt too restrictive. I hated that it was so small. The camera was alright but the glass protecting the camera scratched easily. I liked some aspects of the UI, mostly the patented ones, but everything else seemed like a hassle. After that one, I got one of the Samsung water proof smart phones from back in the day. Sadly, I got mugged and lost it two weeks after getting it. My next phone was a Sony Xperia z3. Having my own launcher, a plethora of apps, free or paid, having the ability to install apks, actually useful widgets, since I could rearrange my background in whichever way I liked... That's what really killed Apple for me. I don't care much for the brand nor what people think of me for not having a "hot product". I want something fast, that allows me to be productive and that I can make "my own". With apple, I have the plastic sensation of conformity and tons of forced updates that somehow make my phone slower. With Android I have deep customization and services that don't require me to buy an over priced, aluminum slab of a laptop to use.
Mika Gaphelo Chiusiwa
Mika Gaphelo Chiusiwa 9 dagar sedan
For anyone curious, his shirt says 上司は誰ですか/Joushi wa dare desu ka' which means 'Who's the boss?' EDIT: I just realised the name of this channel
Charliehorse! 43 minuter sedan
That's Mr. 上司は誰ですか to you.
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha 13 timmar sedan
Seferio 9 dagar sedan
Apple is still way to expensive
Graham 9 dagar sedan
If only apple wasn't such a scammy company, making their phones literally unrepairable...
Vision YT
Vision YT 9 dagar sedan
Apple should make there own social media
Aditya Gupta
Aditya Gupta 10 dagar sedan
Great Mystery
Great Mystery 10 dagar sedan
I used to like Apple. Watching on my Redmi Note 8 Pro. (;
Aaron Adams
Aaron Adams 10 dagar sedan
Smart man. I agree with all of what you said. I think nearing peak-smartphone is a big part of the strat.
Pam Cervantes
Pam Cervantes 10 dagar sedan
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Jonathan Sansome
Jonathan Sansome 10 dagar sedan
I’m an Apple customer and left the ecosystem for one phone (Galaxy 3). I had a persistent unresolved problem with the camera and whilst supposedly being repaired via the Vodafone store, my phone details were sold causing even more problems. I went back to Apple and felt completely trapped in their fake woke ecosphere, but not anymore! As Ricky Gervais said at the Golden Globes, they pretend to be woke, but run sweat shops in China!”. Although the average price of their phones may be falling, the price of their premium phones is rising exponentially. For those of us who want the best model available (or else why swap), a choice is starting to emerge because the competition is becoming too difficult to ignore. The budget phones were put out there to capture a new audience, so shouldn’t be used to dilute the greed that epitomises Apple. As Apple produce successive minor improvements, accompanied by a massive price hike at the most desirable end of the range, their ecosystem doesn’t feel as much of a trap as it once was.
chandel prince
chandel prince 10 dagar sedan
0:03 common be frank Apple has the reputation to be OVER PRICED
Atte Gröhn
Atte Gröhn 10 dagar sedan
apple turned into the scamming machine it is today when they released the iphone 6 series, 5 and 5s were the last actually good devices worth every penny you paid for them, not the outdated budget device specs for stupid amounts of money compared to the trash you get these days.. even the software has gone to shit, only positive changes were dark theme and widgets, both of them still inferior to what the androids have to offer, it pains me to see apple stoop this low after what they once were, its like seeing a great successful man fall into poverty scamming and scheming to ruin people's life experiences, just not worth it man, i have been a long time apple fan even after all the horrible disappointments they have released, and i'm starting to think they will never be a good company again, only hungry for money and not caring about the average consumers, more greed less quality with every release of a new device..
Maya Hodzen
Maya Hodzen 10 dagar sedan
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SpecEX1 11 dagar sedan
the saddest part is the new macbook chips are probably faster than my intel desktop cpu
A.R Achterberg
A.R Achterberg 11 dagar sedan
I regret every and each single day of my life where I used an Android. I do regret it.
sn3192 11 dagar sedan
i suppose they realized that they've milked the iSheep for all they're worth and need to start competing for android users to grow now
Kevin Nogiets
Kevin Nogiets 11 dagar sedan
The change you refer to, is a topic that has been fought over on numerous platforms for Years. All points being made here ,are things the market, the consumer and probably the most... the shareholders, demanded from Apple. I had pointless discussions with people,who mostly didn’t even own a apple sticker... that the company needed to “change”. The budget models are somewhat what apple needed to do, according to the “experts” to survive. Result is that the bougie factor of the brand got through the roof, and that Apple doesn’t take notice of what their initial clientele expects from them. I need my shit to be as stable as it possibly can be. What “the market” wants, mostly get’s decided by a bunch of mouth-breathers ranting in internet, demanding apple’s engineers are related to Gandalf the White🙄. As a result, their ecosystem (or mine,if you will) get’s more and more unstable... little by little. I don’t need every device going off when i get a phone-call or message. This was just a example of a lot of “features” which make their OS noticeably less stable. And i really didn’t need a average pc user,who can barely turn his pc on and off, to tell me how my computer should work. The countless fuck-ups they make with each and every update they bring, the fact i still can’t update to Big Sur ...because if i do, there’s a shitload of 3rd party software and hardware which becomes useless. And one could point the finger at all the third party manufacturers... but if it’s ALL of ‘m... i think Apple has a little part in it too🤷‍♂️. The worst thing for Apple, in my opinion... is the passing of Steve Jobs and Tim Cook launching the brand to the planet of the snobs. Regardless of that... the finishing of their products, build-quality and longevity...still knows no competition.
Tj Sims
Tj Sims 11 dagar sedan
All ur paying for on the iPhone 12 is just the different exterior design
Nagy Levy
Nagy Levy 12 dagar sedan
For a long time they were alone. Then they had competition but it could barely catch up, let alone overtake them. Now, they have a quickly developing opponent that is already superior in some ways and is outselling them. Of course they are changing. I just hope that it isn't too little too late.
Lordcool 12 dagar sedan
He’s taking about prices in dollars in the US ... that’s not the reality elsewhere
Mikey2k 12 dagar sedan
Devansh Chaudhary
Devansh Chaudhary 12 dagar sedan
Mrwhosetheboss : Apple is getting cheaper. People : We want a fast charger in the box instead of a normal 5-10 wat one. Apple : We wont give you a normal one either. People : Please....... Apple : ARE WE A CHARITY TO YOU ?
EsPiGuard 13 dagar sedan
Jason Howard
Jason Howard 13 dagar sedan
I can't believe people are so influenced by the advertising and desire to own a specific phone. Nobody uses the full potential of these devices whether it be Apple or Android, so why are people so keen to upgrade every time a newer deice comes out? I bought my Sony XZ1 Compact purely on the fact that I wanted a small phone and that it was reduced from £300 to £200 on the Sony webstore. It takes photos and vids and stores and plays my music and movies (a feature I have never used in nearly four years of ownership).
Rakesh Pandey
Rakesh Pandey 13 dagar sedan
4:24 Karen @Hideyourmanager
Jeff Ashun
Jeff Ashun 13 dagar sedan
sumsung is king period 💯🥂🍻
DoomOfConviction 13 dagar sedan
Apple should talk more about there update services!!! Everybody cry’s about the price of an iPhone but a S20 ultra is USELESS after 3 years like all android devices! Android devices get max. 2 years of software and one of security updates! You need to flash to a new OS if you want to use a Samsung Smartphone longer than 3 years and iPhone 5 has software support 8 years down the line. Btw. to produce a smartphone costs almost that energy to use a smartphone for 10 years!
Zenobia Footman Beckett
Zenobia Footman Beckett 14 dagar sedan
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