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2 år sedan

What a complete honor. Please click here to tweet thanks to Tory Bruno for allowing me to do this! → bit.ly/TweetToryBruno ←
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My thoughts on this visit in written form:
Delta IV Heavy
United Launch Alliance
ULA's page about the Parker Solar Probe Launch
Rocket builder.com
More Detailed Interview here:

Dr. Eugene Parker's 1958 Paper.
Checkout the instruments of the Parker Solar Probe:
University of Chicago announces the naming of the Probe:
Incredible media made by NASA Goddard Scientific Visualization Studio
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John Dag sedan
This guy is a absolute legend!!!! His passion flows through this video! As someone who knows nothing about rockets I loved watching this!!!
normdoty 2 dagar sedan
i don't believe that you didn't show the launch..
Drino Zhao
Drino Zhao 2 dagar sedan
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Tyler Evans
Tyler Evans 3 dagar sedan
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Aaron S.
Aaron S. 3 dagar sedan
Watching Destin Geek out is worth the price. I love watching people who are passionate about a subject get to meet a hero.
NoNameNeeded ToWatchVideos
NoNameNeeded ToWatchVideos 4 dagar sedan
God bless German American co operation and furthering of human development
Swapshots 5 dagar sedan
Excellent interview & tour.
Favs702 7 dagar sedan
Tory is so cool. I would love to work with him someday.
Mary Lagua
Mary Lagua 7 dagar sedan
Great leader seems like 👍
Pixo Bixo
Pixo Bixo 7 dagar sedan
Tory Bruno is truly amazing. Absolutely down the earth guy who knows what he is talking about. One of the best CEOs I've ever seen.
Lee Lemoine
Lee Lemoine 12 dagar sedan
20 years ago; I met a CEO like Tory.... approachable, very knowledgeable, and someone that moved up through the ranks and has the experience and knowledge to know how things work in great detail, but still with broad strokes. Being able to represent the abilities of your teams and articulate that type of knowledge instills great virtue; and I still aspire to be a CEO like Tory someday. Phenomenal career and interview!
cralix thegameking
cralix thegameking 13 dagar sedan
Kerbal space program
David Bowman
David Bowman 16 dagar sedan
I would love to be at the dinner table with Tory and his family. Great job Dustin
William Beckman
William Beckman 18 dagar sedan
My dad and his entire graduating class from college started at NACA the predecessor of NASA after completing basic training for the Army. He worked on all the rockets from the beginning through Gemini. He was one of the electrical engineers that designed circuits from the launch pad to the control room there at Cape Canaveral. This video was really cool. I hope you were able to go up and see some the signatures of the fore fathers of NASA on the beams just under the roof.
James Boone
James Boone 18 dagar sedan
I love how he reacts when you said something that was on his page and he says you're right. Rockets are very cool and dangerous 😎 👌 👍
skywatcher Santos Dumont
skywatcher Santos Dumont 18 dagar sedan
Good luke to all launchers around the world. We ( ALLA) be saboted four years ago, but we are more strong now. Thanks. God bless the VLS1 staff , (21 rocket scientists) from Alcântara's base in Brasil , dead in a misterious " acident".... We know what happens...the motivation and the autor... The UN too. We are waiting for justice.
easygroove 19 dagar sedan
that "hat"Helmet ..
hi me
hi me 19 dagar sedan
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Gregg Rco
Gregg Rco 20 dagar sedan
Such a joy to listen and hang out with you two !!!
ROHIT S 20 dagar sedan
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NICOSENT NICOS 20 dagar sedan
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Steven Purcell
Steven Purcell 20 dagar sedan
I find your content amazing. Love You Sir... V‐Cool
Vinson Dong
Vinson Dong 20 dagar sedan
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Alexandr Petrov
Alexandr Petrov 21 dag sedan
It’s cool to listen to someone who loves what they do as much as it’s apparent he does
Nauman Javed
Nauman Javed 21 dag sedan
Anyone else going Groundhog Day circa 9 to 10 minute mark?
Dylan Alex
Dylan Alex 21 dag sedan
Is his Cowboy hat a Safety Helmet as well? 🧐😂
Chris C
Chris C 22 dagar sedan
Literally in awe of Tory and his wife. Not only because of the sheer genius factor but the guy seems about as down to earth (pun intended) as my best friend that runs a backhoe. You run a brilliant channel man. Thank you man.
AZshooter 22 dagar sedan
I grew up in the Valley where Rocketdyne built engines for the space program in the 60's. The Santa Susana engine test facility would often conduct engine burns at night - the sky would light up as bright as daylight - absolutely awe inspiring. Parents active in my Boy Scout Troop worked at Rocketdyne and other companies building components for NASA.
Bob Rogers
Bob Rogers 22 dagar sedan
This had to be as fun for him as it was for Destin
Ian Mercaldi
Ian Mercaldi 22 dagar sedan
I am a mechanical engineering student and this is exactly what I want to do. This is so cool!
BestFriend 22 dagar sedan
yeah we will only have about a million miles of ballistic projector
Justin Mills
Justin Mills 22 dagar sedan
Wow blowing my mind. Crazy how much goes into rockets.
Jay James
Jay James 23 dagar sedan
11:18 The ladies eyes like.. Im on youtube!:)
Jay James
Jay James 23 dagar sedan
Am I stoned or was there a double clip?
harvey jones
harvey jones 17 dagar sedan
Yeah there was... back to back... I thought my internet was playing up or something 😂
rpbajb 23 dagar sedan
Good stuff. This video alone makes the channel suscribe-worthy.
Bryann Lucas
Bryann Lucas 24 dagar sedan
Space cowboys are real
Richard Batka
Richard Batka 25 dagar sedan
Can a baffle dissolve at a certain pressure, interaction or time? Can a baffle dissolve into propellant after it's no longer needed?
Richard Batka
Richard Batka 25 dagar sedan
or be magnetized to the wall and ejected through a man-trap like device?
Carabus 03
Carabus 03 25 dagar sedan
Epic! No other words...
Mister Professor
Mister Professor 25 dagar sedan
You can see Elon Musk's charisma advantage.
Jeff Allen
Jeff Allen 25 dagar sedan
What a cool guy Tory Bruno is!
Audio Source - No Copyright Vlog Music
Audio Source - No Copyright Vlog Music 25 dagar sedan
Tory Bruno is such a humble soul
2779mattie 26 dagar sedan
Wow that is so cool!!
Ewan Prior
Ewan Prior 26 dagar sedan
What a guy, what a video. Braingasm.
Heiko 27 dagar sedan
He seems so layed back. I really like this CEO...he is even subscribed to your Chanel and you didn't say anything like thanks. That hurt my heart, mate.
lmk lmk
lmk lmk 29 dagar sedan
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Arthur Pearson
Arthur Pearson 29 dagar sedan
Glad I found this site! The videos so educational and enjoyable. I have supplied sensors and components with most of these companies in the space program for nearly 40 years and this is great. Keep up the great work😉
Jason Lin
Jason Lin Månad sedan
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Parker Leatherwood
Parker Leatherwood Månad sedan
Imagine being named after a solar probe
rocketEVM Månad sedan
The fact that the entire Bruno family are aerospace engineers is beyond comprehension. Tory building rockets at 9 with old dynamite is probably the most badass thing I've ever heard.
Bram Moerman
Bram Moerman Månad sedan
I’ll leave it up to you to ask the questions. . . especially the “follow ups”
Ed Månad sedan
Dustin, I know this is old, but... ...YOU ARE THE MAN!!! That was so awesome. Thank you for sharing!
Leighton Kempf
Leighton Kempf Månad sedan
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H S Månad sedan
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trace richmond
trace richmond Månad sedan
These two are way smarter than I am and a lot of.thwse questions are over my head. Then the moment where the question was asked "Is there a dampener there as well?" And I said no, it's rigid at the same time as the rocket engineer C.E.O. did. I felt so smart.
Biggspeed Månad sedan
I could listen to Tory all day long. Brilliant but understandable.
John Lewis
John Lewis Månad sedan
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J Shepard
J Shepard Månad sedan
Delta IV is a cool vehicle. I wonder why they throw it away?
apple apple
apple apple Månad sedan
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Job Nonnekens
Job Nonnekens Månad sedan
at 26:00 that photographer gets the task to frame you with tory. thats pretty cool
Andrew Månad sedan
Man I don't know anything about rockets but listening to two people be so enthusiastic about anything is just captivating.
flurpes Månad sedan
This dude really misses slaves energy...
Mary Lagua
Mary Lagua Månad sedan
👍 watched it
ISHAN PATEL Månad sedan
28:05 Kerbal Space caught them
ISHAN PATEL Månad sedan
1:14 Oh wait its destin
Wi Jr
Wi Jr Månad sedan
Its awesome how humble you seem an are. An how they seem just has humble.
Peter Lago
Peter Lago Månad sedan
Off subject question.. what is that silver remote control looking thing with the random lighted buttons in the background of your room next to the map?.. I see it in a lot of your videos
Danny Malesh
Danny Malesh Månad sedan
Tony Bruno clearly became a CEO due to merit, not politics/nepotism. Fantastic mind and I'm certain he's well respected by his people
908 resell
908 resell Månad sedan
"How rockets are made to be used once, then thrown away."
Donna Gordon
Donna Gordon Månad sedan
this must be THE MOST EXCLUSIVE CONTENT THAT "ANY" SEmostR CAN "EVER" GET!!!! Thank you very Very VEEEEERY MUCH Des:))
Richard Cooper
Richard Cooper Månad sedan
Amazing.. For him to give u the time for ur vlog is so cool he's such a nice guy.. He's seems like he's so happy to educate you an us as the viewers is so brilliant I love how he's so open to answer any questions you have. an as a viewer he's nailed every thought an question I had to ask him . Good video Dustin keep them cumin ur so amusing 👍👍👍👍
Bertha Cox
Bertha Cox Månad sedan
I love how impressed Bruno is whith your knowledge and lingo...even when yall toured the assembly building he was grinning nonstop. Thats why he picked you for these priveledges and guided tours of his babbies...good job
Dorothy Gray
Dorothy Gray Månad sedan
Can we get one of those "delta heavy pins" like Tory has on his lapel?
Chris Laughren
Chris Laughren Månad sedan
🇨🇦 What a fascinating man.
Aoru Månad sedan
Listening to Tory is somewhat ASMR.
Vogo Beats
Vogo Beats Månad sedan
8:59 till 10:00 is a replay double clip
Charles DaSilva
Charles DaSilva Månad sedan
9 years old, found a case of old dynamite....
The Marty Parsons Project
The Marty Parsons Project Månad sedan
You are a smart guy, and sometimes I have trouble following what you're saying, but this gentleman is on another level. You must have been in nerd heaven on this one! Very cool stuff! Very cool
Jack Dewald
Jack Dewald Månad sedan
This video needs more likes.
Tillan Camille
Tillan Camille Månad sedan
this must be THE MOST EXCLUSIVE CONTENT THAT "ANY" SEmostR CAN "EVER" GET!!!! Thank you very Very VEEEEERY MUCH Des:))
alex hebert
alex hebert Månad sedan
Sloshologist, rocket insulation, fuel starvation, I've learned so much in the past 30 minutes. This is by far my favorite SEmost videos of all time! Thank you all who put the time and effort to make this!
Josh Talbott
Josh Talbott Månad sedan
What a rad human, hahaha, with all ten fingers.
Joey Månad sedan
Such a cool Thanks Destin! I sent this to my wife who is a Solar Physicist . I'm pretty sure she uses data from the probe in her research!
Joey Månad sedan
The story about dynamite and making his own rockets..... mind blown and the stupidity and awesomeness
James Peters
James Peters Månad sedan
My room mate father worked for JPL at Houston, as a propulsion scientist on the Gemini program. His engines are on Voyager 1 and 2. His name is Sanford Jones.
James H
James H 2 månader sedan
What happens to the booster rockets during the launce AFTER separation? Do they fall back to Earth or stay in orbit?
cuffyx cuffyx
cuffyx cuffyx 2 månader sedan
That's one of the most interesting videos I've seen in ages and what amazing CEO who really knows his business and the staff. Other CEO's should take notice...
kathy lerner
kathy lerner 2 månader sedan
Thank you so much I love watching your channel , I'm lucky enough to see alot of rocket launches being that I'm a little over an hour to KSC in florida and your videos gives me alot of information that I would never know . Smarter every day 👍👍👍
Peri Pheral
Peri Pheral 2 månader sedan
Pay a camera man dude!!! Jesus.
Dmitry Sivolovskiy
Dmitry Sivolovskiy 2 månader sedan
when you gum is so important, so you chewing it even on such interview
Henry Spradlin
Henry Spradlin 2 månader sedan
What a flex: "yeah, my dad worked on Apollo"
smtxtv 2 månader sedan
Complicated .... fuel flow consistency and sloshing at MECO and zero G. Whoa ! One tiny aspect.
Todd Warr
Todd Warr 2 månader sedan
That’s the kind of person you want to work for
danimardani 2 månader sedan
I can read HAPPYNESS on your face, at the end, man! Not only smarter, but greater every day! Your channel is in the positive side of You Tube! YOU give value to SEmost!
Fed up
Fed up 2 månader sedan
Its really nice to see that the rocket has in the memory of Andrew A Dantize. i dont know who he was but he must have been awesome. well done Sol
fellpower 2 månader sedan
ULA tried the rockets in KSP first...lol ;)
ROHIT S 2 månader sedan
I 'random subscriber' hereby formerly request a collaboration video between starter everyday and Scott Manley .
Just Gonna Get Better
Just Gonna Get Better 2 månader sedan
I'm from the future, this is the start of a beautiful friendship.
heris30 2 månader sedan
Wow that was amazing. It is amazing haw much You know. And that was amazing how much is going when its made or else. Big Thank You.
K F 2 månader sedan
No twitter account but THANKS Tory Bruno
Mary Lagua
Mary Lagua 2 månader sedan
I can see you really love this things. You look emotional.
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