WORST Team Of The Season XI!

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Fernando Cillo
Fernando Cillo 7 dagar sedan
I can't tell if the attack is the 'worst' team of the season or just Brazil in 2018 world cup starters
j8lech 15 dagar sedan
If Burki is BVB’s keeper next year I’m just gonna say that the dumb dumbs running the club don’t want to win anything.
andrew peltz
andrew peltz 18 dagar sedan
PSG and Man City will never win the UCL there is no valid argument against that statement
Red Devil
Red Devil 19 dagar sedan
Martial with 16 G/A in 36 games yet being put into the worst XI?
Red Devil
Red Devil 19 dagar sedan
Also you clearly haven't watched us if you think that we're a creative side.
Luxury World
Luxury World 21 dag sedan
Arsenal xi will make this team..
dazzaburger 22 dagar sedan
Surely a Juventus player should feature here seen as they were just one point above a Europa league spot after a disappointing league campaign under Pirlo
oi oi
oi oi 22 dagar sedan
Koke joke
many a true gamer
many a true gamer 25 dagar sedan
do u watch dortmund, burki has been great its the defence
Aidan Vitticore
Aidan Vitticore 26 dagar sedan
Why in the world is Koke here
NathanTP 98
NathanTP 98 28 dagar sedan
Firmino - ‘At nearly 31’ he’s not even 30 yet... a few stinkers dropped in this vid
Boughatii Lovren
Boughatii Lovren Månad sedan
Dortmund should get summer
Jërk Månad sedan
Koke shouldn't be here
VegaPhil Månad sedan
Went too early with firmino
Noah Vranken
Noah Vranken Månad sedan
jullie kennen echt niets van voetbal
NOVA Pulze
NOVA Pulze Månad sedan
Disliked because he said dockerty instead of Doherty
LG Phobia
LG Phobia Månad sedan
burki coutino firmino out of there, ur dumb if u think firmino is in the worst team, he makes assists thts what hes supposed to do, create plays, false 9
Jack Stopford
Jack Stopford Månad sedan
How is Tomas partey not in heat
Gerald obasi Obasi
Gerald obasi Obasi Månad sedan
I think asensio has been decent
Nick B
Nick B Månad sedan
Koke 😂😂 did a blind person make this decision
Ray Narzry
Ray Narzry Månad sedan
At 1:07, wondering who marco rosa is?
Bob The Builder
Bob The Builder Månad sedan
don t u dare put bobby there
seven davis
seven davis Månad sedan
poor poor list this
Philippe Hunt
Philippe Hunt Månad sedan
It’s funny because Firmino just had a great performance against United
United boy
United boy Månad sedan
Bruv saul has 3 goals and 1 assists in 39 games this season. Where is he on the list?
Stubz Månad sedan
Lol this was posted a week before Firmino made old Trafford his private dance floor
Leon Don
Leon Don Månad sedan
Bobby scored twice yesterday to beat man u at home lol
Pete Lucas
Pete Lucas Månad sedan
Bobby Firmino in this list need you eyes checked 😂
Jayson Danger
Jayson Danger Månad sedan
And Big boy Bobby scored a brace against United
BubblegumNeko Månad sedan
Tom S
Tom S Månad sedan
Sander Berge being included in this is a joke
John Coster
John Coster Månad sedan
Koke ? Might aswell put Messi and Lewandowski in next
DaBaconKing Månad sedan
The fact that Koke is on this list is absolutely ridiculous. Koke has been consistently one of the best performers for Atletico Madrid this season. He's had to fill in for DM and also fits in our double pivot. The fact that Koke has only 3 goal contributions this season is not relevant for his position. He's not a forward!!! I remember pundits were calling Iniesta washed up for not having great goal contribution numbers, but footballers provide more than just stats. Please speak to a La Liga fan before posting this mallarkey.
Noel Costello
Noel Costello Månad sedan
Koke? You're having a laugh.
Eel Eye
Eel Eye Månad sedan
Berge was injured for 70% of this season ffs
Bertil Sivager
Bertil Sivager Månad sedan
Please do a list of the best players of all time
WRXV Månad sedan
Koke should never be here
SAGE Central
SAGE Central Månad sedan
How can you put Firmino in that when he has more goals and assists than Richarlison. Yeah he's not been great but there's been so many more worse players.
Nikhil KARNAM Månad sedan
Asensio really Bravo to this SEmostr U haven't watched football for past 1 year Name ur self in worst football fan
Hrishiraj Rabha
Hrishiraj Rabha Månad sedan
Sander berge is a perfect example why Clubs shouldn't sign after watching FD and EFD videos 😂😂😂 Honestly no one talked of that guy except you guys.
Amir Castilla
Amir Castilla Månad sedan
There are news Madrid wan't Aurier
Shubham Chauhan
Shubham Chauhan Månad sedan
Philipe countino barely even played this season like this fact virgil van djik should also be on this list
Richard Beck
Richard Beck Månad sedan
Would have said Ollie mcburnie over sander berge
Total Outcasts
Total Outcasts Månad sedan
At nearly 31? He's 29?
SLim CRis Official
SLim CRis Official Månad sedan
Well if u want to make the worst 11 from the top 5 european leagues take a player from the bottom/relegated team
francis borges
francis borges Månad sedan
I always come back to watch Football daily videos for their lack of knowledge 😂😂😂 these guys just make videos for views with no insight of the game.. again u did it by adding Koke 😂😂😂
pro pro
pro pro Månad sedan
I'm a Liverpool fan but the goal keeper has to be Alison
Theodor Cornelius Brøseth Tyvold
Theodor Cornelius Brøseth Tyvold Månad sedan
sander berge? then joe gomes as well=?
Skully Fade
Skully Fade Månad sedan
Couhtino was injured all season
Yankie frenz
Yankie frenz Månad sedan
koke has been decent for Atletico this season..! i think you are mistaking Diallo for Kehrer
Philip Henderson
Philip Henderson Månad sedan
Rhian Brewster should have been on worst Starting XI
Maximus McParland
Maximus McParland Månad sedan
Eric dier plays tennis
Bi773n Månad sedan
unnecesserily long video. could have just put a picture of arsenal's squad.
Gigsaw Soljier
Gigsaw Soljier Månad sedan
there are far worst centre forwards this season then firmino. origi for one. i think you based him off a year ago
archipiratta Månad sedan
Time for Utd to move on from Martial
Joe White
Joe White Månad sedan
I understand this isn't actually the worst players in the top five leagues this season (unless you're seriously telling me koke was the worst midfielder in the entire league) and the title is just complete clickbait, rather than calling it "most underwhelming", but even then not including hazard, the single most disappointing player in world football because you've already talked about him is still crazy. And to say "it's harsh to put him in the worst team of the season" is stupid to, you wrote the script.
Simas Månad sedan
0 serie a players?
LCM Månad sedan
I feel like we are missing brewster
Mr. Litty
Mr. Litty Månad sedan
Koke shouldnt be here its just completely wrong
Bessi Månad sedan
How tf can u put koke in there,he’s literally atletico’s best midfielder this szn
Neo Månad sedan
what about nathen ake
No Energy
No Energy Månad sedan
Shame for Burki, I used to really rate him
Christopher Davis
Christopher Davis Månad sedan
As a United Fan, Phil Jones should be a shoe-in for this squad like CR7 in 2008 United squad lol...so just always have that LCB spot open for him...and he also deserves the armband....no player/coach
JJ WHU Månad sedan
Think it’s the first time a West Ham player hasn’t been in contention in the worst XI for years , you love to see it COYI ⚒
Benji Montal
Benji Montal Månad sedan
As a psg fan i think that diallo has been very good and our best fullback this shows u dont watch our games and u base your thoughts on stats which are sometimes meaningless
Fernando Corral
Fernando Corral Månad sedan
Diallo has been good and far better than Kurzawa
Becks Dennis
Becks Dennis Månad sedan
Sander Berge? He’s played like 5-7 games this season. Put John Lundstram instead
John Donohoe
John Donohoe Månad sedan
Man said Twenty twenty twenty one
Drifted_Realist Månad sedan
Skip to 0:55 to hear 202021
Muhammad Aizad
Muhammad Aizad Månad sedan
eric garcia
Mr. Yeet
Mr. Yeet Månad sedan
Asensio has been good wdym
Baiiley Månad sedan
Mane could have easily been in
kenny Månad sedan
How you gonna go in on Martial and not even mention that he has been injured for a good chunk of the season?
Hoka Turki
Hoka Turki Månad sedan
Where is Mane? Having an absolutely disastrous season
Shemar Patterson
Shemar Patterson Månad sedan
"Somebody from Dortmund's backline had to make our side." Lol I'm offended 😂
Koke in your worst eleven means you do not watch spanish league (barça fan)
Black Pharaoh
Black Pharaoh Månad sedan
Nastasic was a wonder kid in fifa 14, and now he's just a waste of talent. So disappointing 😔
ZAKI Månad sedan
I hope coutinho finds his form and becomes one of the best midfielders in the world again he’s pure talent
it's Dixinie 0
it's Dixinie 0 Månad sedan
loved him at liverpool what he needs to do is go to Dortmund or Leipzig and maybe lyon or lille it would benifit if he went to a farmers league where he can learn how to score
neven patrk
neven patrk Månad sedan
Remember when you said Dortmund will win the title this year? Yeah I will never forget that.
DnoNixiux Månad sedan
Anyone who actually has watched Atletico Madrid playing this season can see Koke hasn't been his usual self, largely why they’ve struggled to remain on top, there's a hole in that midfield, not that i think he should be here necessarily but honestly i get why he is.
Charles Beasley
Charles Beasley Månad sedan
I think man utd should offer Dortmund; David de hea as part of the Sancho deal. Both sides benefit!
Kelvin Tosh
Kelvin Tosh Månad sedan
Let's take a minute to appreciate the fact that Kepa didn't make this team
EliteFifaGamer Månad sedan
Firmino being in there even tho he only has 11 goal involvements is a joke that's the same or more than gabriel jesus, jota, cavani, el-ghazi, james rodriguez, tielemans, soucek, richarlison, mount, sigurdsson, saka, greenwood, neto, pulisic, martial, neves, ferran torres, havertz, giroud, saint-maximin podence, eze and so many others and that's just in the prem
Leart Dinaj
Leart Dinaj Månad sedan
I disagree with the Asensio one
Ross Urquhart
Ross Urquhart Månad sedan
You forgot to put Shane Duffy in it...
rmzidann Månad sedan
The first name on the sheet for this team must be Eden Hazard!! Total 💩 of a player
Kutloano Mokoena
Kutloano Mokoena Månad sedan
Arsenal's backline has been leaking for a good decade😭😭
DaPokeBoss Månad sedan
Have the 3rd best defense in the league this year
Mario Hamilton
Mario Hamilton Månad sedan
To say a decade is a bit of an exaggeration. The team had one of the leagues better defensive records once Koscielny and Mertesacker played, surprisingly. Maybe the last 4-5 seasons.
RDQMusic Månad sedan
This really has been one of firminos worst seasons, and it shows from the lack of goals we have scored this season... when firmino plays good out front three play great, when he disappears so does our front three
PokemonGo Fanatic
PokemonGo Fanatic Månad sedan
Lol 3:49 currently sitting second in a one team league
Turner Welborn
Turner Welborn Månad sedan
Firmino has played more games than you said. He has 43 appearances in all competitions and 6 total goals scored. Plus 5 assists. Shambles. Woeful. Embarassing. Mane is horrendous too.
Turner Welborn
Turner Welborn Månad sedan
Gini Wijnaldum should be on here. 2 goals zero assists and played every game.
Jamie Murray
Jamie Murray Månad sedan
What way are you pronouncing ‘Doherty’ ain’t that hard 🤣
Jonas Månad sedan
Just put in the whole Schalke team
chandu20db Månad sedan
U suck at telling. Your voice so annoying
Sindbad AL-Darweesh
Sindbad AL-Darweesh Månad sedan
firmino nearly 31.... he is 29
Prashant Savla
Prashant Savla Månad sedan
10 positions can only be filled with Juventus except CR7
Aman Raj
Aman Raj Månad sedan
firmino 31?
Carmel Reilly
Carmel Reilly Månad sedan
Why do all the english say dokerty and not Doherty it is so annoying
Cahinho Månad sedan
Respect coutinho
Tony Martins
Tony Martins Månad sedan
Chelsea dodged a bullet with Willian.
Rich Reyes
Rich Reyes Månad sedan
Why the hell do Arsenal love signing Chelsea players 5 years too late. 34 y/o Petr Cech 32 y/o David Luiz 32 y/o Willian
The Big Quack
The Big Quack Månad sedan
Koke?? Are you insane???
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