What If: Thanos Had to Fight The MCU's Villains?

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Comic Books vs The World

3 månader sedan

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Comic Books vs The World
Comic Books vs The World 3 månader sedan
The first 1000 people to use the link will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership: skl.sh/comicbooksvstheworld04211
snarky Månad sedan
Thunderbolts vs Thanos!
Szymon Kowalczyk
Szymon Kowalczyk Månad sedan
I think like Mandarin would give better fight than most expect. Red Skull was equal to Cap, so also here fight would not be as one-sided. Also you should include Ronan, Surtr, and Agatha Harkness. Maybe also White Vision (White Ultron?).
silent scopes
silent scopes Månad sedan
Bruh if the mandarin had all 10 rings they would go back and forth with one an another
Bao Le Anh
Bao Le Anh 2 månader sedan
Hera > thanos no stone armor , power stone thanos >all
GERHARD 2 månader sedan
What if: Thanos has to fight Omni man?
Shadow Jenkins
Shadow Jenkins 7 timmar sedan
Yeah because a lot of these super villains needed multiple superheroes to defeat them too. If all the super villains teamed up against one other super villains, fairly certain the lone super villain would be fucked.
WOLFDawg 606
WOLFDawg 606 12 timmar sedan
Short answer, no
ImT2 Game
ImT2 Game 14 timmar sedan
More like who's the main character, that'll answer this
Veegz 16 timmar sedan
Donovan Muse
Donovan Muse Dag sedan
The real question is: “Could he beat the DCU villians tho?” 👀
Sakarias Fjellstad
Sakarias Fjellstad Dag sedan
Ultron is the most powerful villain in the mcu
Spoof 2 dagar sedan
Lmao just surtur could take thanos down
Drum being Drum
Drum being Drum 2 dagar sedan
I would love to see Ultron v Thanos... Time to make it myself
Toasty Animation Stuff
Toasty Animation Stuff 2 dagar sedan
Now how about all of them. Villains and heroes.
Evan Dorrel
Evan Dorrel 3 dagar sedan
Surtur could just Insta kill him
Shay Rose
Shay Rose 3 dagar sedan
Hela, Ego and Ultron all working together could take Thanos imo.
Gilberto 3 dagar sedan
Theyd turn Thanos into purple mush... But being a boring realistic person lets think... Thered be no Human on the Team as Ultron would have killed them all. Ultron would probably not fight Thanos until Thanos himself came after him for the Mind stone, as he doesnt care if half of all human beings get snapped as hes artificial... Hell, the only way I see he wanting to go after Thanos would be for him to get the stones for himself and actually snap all living beings in the universe leaving him to rule alone! Hella would probably go after Thanos by herself and so would Ego but theyd definently do the Job by themselves! Heres the thing, I do believe that itd only take Kang as shown in the Loki show to fuck up Thanos for good!
Sam Higson
Sam Higson 3 dagar sedan
No gauntlet, hela stomps, caesillias stomps, Dormammu stomps. Maybe even yellow jacket could trap him in the quantum realm lol
Duke Thadon
Duke Thadon 3 dagar sedan
Hela alone could've handled Thanos
Harvey Alejo
Harvey Alejo 4 dagar sedan
The avengers won because they're all *family*
Live Feedz
Live Feedz 4 dagar sedan
I don’t like how they nerf all these characters
Iron Brute
Iron Brute 4 dagar sedan
I clicked for iron monger... Just saying...
Bobby Schmirda
Bobby Schmirda 4 dagar sedan
Infamous 4 dagar sedan
Might as well disqualify doormamu, that guy would erase thanos in a quarter of a nanosecond
WhiteNegative 4 dagar sedan
The question is why werent they trying to stop him youd think they wouldnt want to take that chance of being erased
Time Variance Authority
Time Variance Authority 4 dagar sedan
Our analysts deemed that yes, the Titan named Thanos would have been defeated in 1 to 2 minutes, altough in that meantime, the individuals going against Thanos that do not possess any special ability/power will die quickly.
Pancake Man
Pancake Man 4 dagar sedan
This would be a cool episode of marvel what If tbh
Dutch Van der linde
Dutch Van der linde 4 dagar sedan
Won't matter if they all bombard him at once if he has the infinity gauntlet that's one stone away from being complete he still kicks there asses.
Basement Dweller
Basement Dweller 5 dagar sedan
Interesting what if.
Lion_ Film's
Lion_ Film's 5 dagar sedan
Reminds like lego dc I mean marvel villans
Joseph Paulson
Joseph Paulson 5 dagar sedan
Individually Thanos could beat every single villian in the MCU one-on-one, bar Dormammu (unless he had the infinity gauntlet, then he could just stop his invasion of reality at the very least. Ultron might be able to put up a pretty big fight, and would have a good chance of beating Thanos (unless he had his army or the gauntlet) everyone else is just gonna get killed just as easily as he killed Loki. If he had to fight them all AT THE SAME TIME, then Thanos would just lose cause that's like fighting the entire MCU all at once, unless obviously he had the gauntlet to which he could just snap them away. Edit: And some of the other big players mentioned in this video would have a pretty fair fight against Thanos, but even Hela would just get overpowered by his gauntlet.
Mowgli 5 dagar sedan
Provided enough time, Ultron could have become the strongest thing in the MCU.
Spoofy 88
Spoofy 88 5 dagar sedan
Thanos: “I am inevitab-“ Kilgrave: “OH SHUT UP!” *Villains win*
Gilberto 18 timmar sedan
@Andrija Nikolic most definitely. Killgrave is a gangstar at most
Andrija Nikolic
Andrija Nikolic Dag sedan
@Gilberto Thanos is resistent to telephatic powers of moon dragon,prof x and other strong telephats,and kilgrave tried to use his powers in one run on dr doom and it didn't phase him at all because of determenation.And dr doom and thanos have similar will power when it comes to that so probably thanos would be immune also.
Gilberto 3 dagar sedan
Buddy, I love that villain (OK, maybe love is a strong world when talking about a rapist) but lets be honest, he was powered up and yet couldnt stop Jessica from snapping his neck... Im pretty sure there'll be a billion excuses for Thanos to not be phased by Kilgraves powers... Specially since I think his powers were due to hormones or something... An alien wouldn't really be affected at all!
Moth Boi
Moth Boi 5 dagar sedan
I feel like this would be a solid what if episode as in the marvel show coming up
The Gaming Crow
The Gaming Crow 5 dagar sedan
5:00 you forgot about the totally useless "Mandarin", who wasn't the Mandarin at all. That was confirmed by Marvel itself back in 2014, in the one-shot "All Hail the King". Spoilers: in the end of that official video the "Mandarin" gets a callo from the henchmen of or even the Mandarin himself, who wasn't very pleased. I think it was also put on some versions of the Thor Ragnarok BlueRay or something, cannot remember. I saw it here on youtube back in the days.
Damian Ellnoir
Damian Ellnoir 5 dagar sedan
This is why Marvel is interesting & DC is trash (including comics).
Liam 5 dagar sedan
You say redskull would have the space stone and ultron would have the whatever stone, but how? Thanos already has them in that fight how can they have em too?
Mr. McCain's Monologue
Mr. McCain's Monologue 5 dagar sedan
Everyone is talking about what the villains would do but no what Thanos with 4 infinity stones would do lol
Mr. McCain's Monologue
Mr. McCain's Monologue 5 dagar sedan
Couldn’t Thanos just use the reality stone and turn like all of them into mice?
FNAFMASTER 5 dagar sedan
I think the only villains in the mcu Thanos would be killed by like, dormamu or maybe hella, A BIG MAYBE. He would floor ultron, yellow jacket, kill monger and abomination. And with the stones he would would destroy ego with little struggle.
Nich Hustler
Nich Hustler 5 dagar sedan
The only real problem with the initial part of this theory that disqualifies Ironmonger & Vulture, and any other low powered person is that the heroes who fought Thanos on Titan nearly won with several low powered heroes. Drax, Star-Lord, and The Cloak of Levitation were crucial in creating the moment the stronger heroes needed. I imagine it would be much the same as long as they could all co-operate.
Black Timbs
Black Timbs 5 dagar sedan
Wasn’t the entire reason he struck when he struck because the most powerful beings have died and won’t be able to stop him?
Juyoung Kim
Juyoung Kim 6 dagar sedan
Thanos fights the MCU villains: Thanos: You're weak Thanos: I'm you
Gordon Fiala
Gordon Fiala 6 dagar sedan
The dormamu worshipper really would have messed him up. Because unlike Strange he wouldn't focus on the army's dmg to earth. He'd focus on Thanos, likely. Kasinius. aND acolytes.
Gordon Fiala
Gordon Fiala 6 dagar sedan
Strange might have called success, getting out alive. 1-24 000 000. Not thanks loses @those odds. ***
Gordon Fiala
Gordon Fiala 6 dagar sedan
But they are IN The mirror dimension. And it's a space. So. But a moment of WhatWhereHowWhoWhy!?When!? that can be put on him like a charm when he thinks he is about to do something incredible.
Gordon Fiala
Gordon Fiala 6 dagar sedan
Igor was a genius too. Ironmans whip adversary. With time he"d develop a warworthy ship.
Gordon Fiala
Gordon Fiala 6 dagar sedan
Hulk's father. Self important survivalist, elemental. Argueably he ages and the integrity of his mind collapses though, and may die first decay before Thanos*.
Gordon Fiala
Gordon Fiala 6 dagar sedan
Gordon Fiala
Gordon Fiala 6 dagar sedan
Venom. Is a villain*.
Gordon Fiala
Gordon Fiala 6 dagar sedan
Carnage would want to not risk 50% chance of sure death.
Gordon Fiala
Gordon Fiala 6 dagar sedan
Mandarin. Advocates in-toe.
Gordon Fiala
Gordon Fiala 6 dagar sedan
Cree would realize they have a 50% chance of death and fight thanos with their fleets. Inhibiting the RainFire tactic.
Gordon Fiala
Gordon Fiala 6 dagar sedan
Frost giant army to fight the 4armed Devil's..
Gordon Fiala
Gordon Fiala 6 dagar sedan
U left out Hydra. A fascist willing to die army.
Gordon Fiala
Gordon Fiala 6 dagar sedan
Oh ho! Crazy question. I'm sure they didn't want to die and randomly risk losing 95%-10% of their forces.
Qulzix 6 dagar sedan
People in this commentsection be like hela and ego can defeat him bc theyre gods and celestrials but Guys dormammu is the litteral ruler of the DARK universe and possible the strongest character in the MCU... What we see in the doctor Strange movie is like 1% of dormammus power and Even then the only option Strange had was bargain... Dormammu would completely destroy thanos and his army to ashes if he entered their realm.
yessum15 7 dagar sedan
*Thanos was going easy on the superheroes* because he needed them alive to guide him to the infinity stones. Going all out Thanos can kill all these guys easy. A single infinity stone might be enough. He has 3.
Idogaming Yt
Idogaming Yt 7 dagar sedan
What if he had all the infinity stones?
JohnTron 9000
JohnTron 9000 7 dagar sedan
ultron took a hit from iron man thor and vision
Snow 7 dagar sedan
Might I add that the heroes were that close to defeating him as well wo too too much issue, except Starlord let his emotions get in the way and jeopardized the whole thing last second
Shahar G-S
Shahar G-S 7 dagar sedan
0:47 why you say tanos need to fight those ppl but tanos is also there so it tanos bs tanos with 100 more op villans so ye he lose :)
JFlint GAMING 8 dagar sedan
You should make videos on what if this villain won and how would it effect the timeline.
Bird Boy
Bird Boy 8 dagar sedan
dr doom would kill him instantly
Joseph Galyean
Joseph Galyean 8 dagar sedan
That comment about Abomination having extra mutations aged VERY well
iam_mycall 8 dagar sedan
If Thor took down Thanos in Endgame, Helas" stomping him. You dont need a army to fight Thanos but you need one to fight Hela
Red Phoenix
Red Phoenix 8 dagar sedan
The heroes could've stomp Thanos there in titan, the only problem was that Thanos fought them separately. Thanos had a hard time with tony, strange, and the guardians because they had a strategy, the only issue was that they didn't have enough man power to help them out. If hulk, thor with new hammer, and everyone were there Thanos would've been defeated. And even if Thanos had all of the infinity stones, it wouldn't work either because of thor's immense power and someone could just go and take the gauntlet before he snapped.
Master yoda
Master yoda 8 dagar sedan
Ego would knock hes ass out. Hela too
Chip Chipperson
Chip Chipperson 8 dagar sedan
I would love to see the reality stone vs Mysterio
Idk a good name
Idk a good name 9 dagar sedan
Galactis is missing
Not a Person
Not a Person 9 dagar sedan
I'm just here to see if bucky counts
Zhello 9 dagar sedan
Blonsky can put up a decent H2H fight with Thanos compared to MCU version of the Hulk.
Bubbalubagus 9 dagar sedan
This is such a fkin cool concept, MCU/Marvel needs to do an actual What If series episode on it
Loki Laufeyson God Of Mischief
Loki Laufeyson God Of Mischief 9 dagar sedan
Mountain sized surter thanos stands no chance
Kerr Wallace
Kerr Wallace 9 dagar sedan
Comic Dr Doom could pretty easily kill thanos from what I’ve heard
kronos1794 9 dagar sedan
Hel, Surt, and Ego would have been enough alone. Thanos waited till they were off the table until he was bold enough to participate himself.
Montan 9 dagar sedan
ngl, I think Hela alone could beat Thanos
Logan Bruh
Logan Bruh 9 dagar sedan
Red skull was a super soldier, though granted captain America got clapped an the end of infinity war.
The Yeetphemer
The Yeetphemer 10 dagar sedan
Dormamu or however you spell it
Tyrome Biggums
Tyrome Biggums 10 dagar sedan
He is inevitable
demroles6996 _
demroles6996 _ 10 dagar sedan
Imagine thanks losing to snowflake and safe space he would probably commit suicide
SASAGEYO 10 dagar sedan
Something I think would be a good plan is ultrons robots holding open thanos’s hand so he can’t use the stones so then hella can just easy headshot him
Feedsomefood 10 dagar sedan
5:49 no as hulk won.
Spencer Burgess
Spencer Burgess 11 dagar sedan
Bro, Thanos could take them all on with just the reality stone… he’d just immediately turn them into bubbles.
TheFinalFarewell 11 dagar sedan
@Spencer Burgess I think that's the one downside of establishing such powerful objects in a universe. It adds consequence, but it does so to such a degree that the writers have to make the user dumber in the moment to make things interesting. The power stone or reality stone alone should've been enough to kill practically all the Avengers, the power stone is a planet killer and the reality stone makes reality whatever you choose, so allowing anyone to have those is bound to create plot holes. I mean, how could anyone logically lose with those if they kept a clear head? Then again, it'd be a pretty boring movie if Thanos just turned everyone to bubbles, so I'll give the writers a pass, it did make for some super fun fight scenes after all
Spencer Burgess
Spencer Burgess 11 dagar sedan
@TheFinalFarewell Yeah what the heck lol. I wish we saw more of him using the stones.
TheFinalFarewell 11 dagar sedan
Except he didn't do that to the Avengers even though he could've. He had so much power but he was kinda dumb about using it. He pulled that move on the Guardians, but somehow wasn't bright enough to use it again
Joshua Green
Joshua Green 11 dagar sedan
Who’s the octopus lookin dude in the middle at 11:04
SKULL88 yeet
SKULL88 yeet 11 dagar sedan
Crossbones is cool so he stands a chance
Dakota Holl
Dakota Holl 11 dagar sedan
Oh I thought MCU was like superman batman and them but that's DC huh? my mistake but i have disappointed myself lol. Thought I was gonna see something like The flash vs purple man or superman vs purple man
Zachary 11 dagar sedan
I’m sure there’s a whole bunch of comic characters that could kill Thanos but couldn’t marvels Swamp Thing take him out no problem? Like I thought he’s just as powerful as Swamp Thing who’s basically invincible. That being said i assume Man Thing (is that his name) could easily kill Thanos
TheZanzibarMan 11 dagar sedan
My rational is that all the villans were beaten by 1 or more of the heroes, so if the heroes all had to team up to beat Thanos than how could the arguably weaker villans have a chance? But I've yet to watch the video.
TheZanzibarMan 11 dagar sedan
@TheFinalFarewell I suppose that is true for some, Ultron springs to mind.
TheFinalFarewell 11 dagar sedan
I see it the opposite way. Some of the villains took several heroes to be taken down, meaning that there are several MCU villains each stronger than any individual hero. If they teamed up, Thanos would be in danger
blob 11 dagar sedan
Short answer, after seeing only the title: Yes he could, because the villains have the exact same powers as the heroes. Like, almost every single one.
Mace Windu
Mace Windu 11 dagar sedan
Thinking about this it could never happen
Ali Plays
Ali Plays 12 dagar sedan
this dosent evan include sutur or galactus
Chance 12 dagar sedan
Ik we'll probably never get it (unless they make a season 2), but this is the What If episode we absolutely need!
asmoking P
asmoking P 12 dagar sedan
he would loose to dormamu, sultur, kang the conuerer from loki, and maybe Hela..Idk ultron. He would beat ronin without infinity stone and he would loose to ego for sure. So pretty much eveyone beats him cause now that i think about he is just a "smart" hulk.. He only strong because of the infinity stones.
Cheems 12 dagar sedan
what if Thanos fought the doom slayer? easy win for the doom slayer
Luis Alfonso Pinto
Luis Alfonso Pinto 12 dagar sedan
Gauntlet? He loses to Scarlet Witch. (Since she can just mindhax with a wave of her hand and knows Thanos has to close his hand to activate stones + bloodlusted.) No gauntlet? Loses to Hela.
Darth Canic
Darth Canic 12 dagar sedan
Realistically any existing villain would have shown up to help. In a real life scenario everyone would go and kill thanos to stop him from the snap. But thats too much for a movie to handle.
Prince 13 dagar sedan
Kang can just go back in time and strangle baby thanos Mephisto will also destroy thanos Wanda can kill thanos it's confirmed she might make thanos a ballerina if she wanted too
Lucifronz 13 dagar sedan
Even though this video is interesting and you're taking it from the right approach for entertainment value, I do feel the need to point out that Thanos' main skill isn't just his giant army or his brute strength. His greatest strength is his planning. He would not make himself overly-known to the villains of the MCU and would plan around them the same way he planned around the Avengers. He wouldn't go into a fight the way the artwork depicts him (and for that matter Iron Monger wouldn't be in the fight at all, I imagine, after he killed off Tony Stark). If he were to go up against a serious threat like Hydra or Ultron, he'd wittle them down from the inside. Hydra'd probably see that coming, they're all about espionage, but he could probably use unknown technologies and magics to undermine them enough to weaken them and take them out. Likely at the same time he'd be working on taking out Ultron, finding a way to cut him off from his other selves. But yeah, that's a whole other bag of worms that gets into too much speculation for me to handle. I mean I don't know enough about how Ultron works to know if you can ever completely shut him off from others as they're all kind of full copies, rather than remote drones. Just at various states of development.
ShadowQrow 13 dagar sedan
Wouldn't Dormammu just step on him?
Cornelius, Consumer of Calzones
Cornelius, Consumer of Calzones 13 dagar sedan
Everyone knows MCU flash thompson would stomp thanos
Bharat Justa
Bharat Justa 13 dagar sedan
mapvectorEX 13 dagar sedan
Heroes only beat the villians in the picture because they got lucky Thanos is probably the strongest still but could not win
19RISTLCE013 Khoda Kara
19RISTLCE013 Khoda Kara 13 dagar sedan
I think dormammu is stronger than ego and hela ... Dr strange with time stone had good time with dormammu... I think thanos with infinity stones destroys every villain .... Remember thanos lost only once out of millions of possibilities
Magnus Maximus
Magnus Maximus 13 dagar sedan
I mean... The heroes defeated the villains in the first place, so I don’t see them winning against Thanos who also got defeated by the heroes lmao.
terkel hegelskov
terkel hegelskov 13 dagar sedan
Can you please do a "Thanos VS. DC heroes/villans"
Adam T-F
Adam T-F 13 dagar sedan
Isn't Hela's power tied to Asgard? Like she's weaker when she's not surrounded by Asgardians, right?
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