Random BOOMER Journalist Says WHAT About Paul Simon???

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Rick Beato

2 månader sedan

In this episode I discuss an NBC News Think article that attempts to predict the historical importance of Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Bob Dylan and The Beatles 200 years from now. And Fails!
The article:

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Anthony Markley
Anthony Markley 44 minuter sedan
Good points, but who cares what age someone is? What's with all the relating people to their age as if it's some kind of insult?
Christopher Kent
Christopher Kent Timme sedan
Rick, you are a musical hero! Very nicely done.
Jack M
Jack M Timme sedan
"I am sitting in the smallest room of my house with your critique in front of me. It will soon be behind me." Fritz Kreisler
Angel Matos
Angel Matos Timme sedan
blas·phe·my /ˈblasfəmē/ Learn to pronounce
Boogietized 2 timmar sedan
I think the writer's goal was to go viral by insulting some sacred music icons. He'll get some undeserved press over this and it'll likely be a career boost. It's a cheap shot considering Paul Simon's age and his massive contributions to music over the decades.
annika 3 timmar sedan
As much as I love Rick and his brilliant musical insights, I can't listen to what this useless goon (Jeff Slate) has to say about Paul Simon. He must be missing the part of his brain that processes music and lyrics. I am leaving. I am leaving! (But maybe I'll let the video play through on mute to add to the number of views.😉)
Mark Fish
Mark Fish 4 timmar sedan
I've been saying Beat-Oh instead of Be-ah-toh all this time. I don't think I can change it now because it makes more sense that way, for obvious reasons. Perhaps Rick will consider changing the pronunciation of his name for me.
Kenny Phillips
Kenny Phillips 7 timmar sedan
To be fair, it was an _opinion piece._ And in my opinion, an ignorant opinion piece.
Paul Wallis
Paul Wallis 8 timmar sedan
Just superb! Rick, you're an inspiration. Thank you!
Martti Suomivuori
Martti Suomivuori 8 timmar sedan
NBC News Think is raw garbage through and through, This is just a sample.
maf74 9 timmar sedan
I'm in my 50s. I think there is some very good, intelligent and catchy, emotional 'new music' coming out. But the 'so-called critics' have always been crap. In the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and beyond, I think idiots just wanted to be noticed, got the gig as a 'critic' and set aside making themselves a 'name'. It's very sad. Mostly, it comes from a complete lack of understanding, but just a huge belief in themselves being right all the time.
Ronald Ganze
Ronald Ganze 10 timmar sedan
"Centurial or Millennial scale." That's all we need to know.
kontemplate music
kontemplate music 10 timmar sedan
In 200 years the only thing that will be relevant to historians will be X Factor. As an example of a dying art and degradation of the culture
JCBarber 11 timmar sedan
Guy was looking to make a bit of a kerfuffle and ruffle a few feathers to drive clicks to their site. Mission acheived.
Habichiwoowoo 17 timmar sedan
If someone were to ask me what I'd do with a billion dollars if I had it, I'd tell them, "Give it to Simon & Garfunkel to make just one more album..."
Habichiwoowoo 17 timmar sedan
I might get some shade thrown my way for this, but, I think Bob Dylan sounds best when someone else sings him...
cjpreach 18 timmar sedan
P.S. I doubt that Paul Simon is losing sleep over this guy's little post. Simon has given us some brilliant rhythms, BTW.
cjpreach 18 timmar sedan
"Ahhh, Bach." Radar O'Reilly
Jim Epley
Jim Epley 18 timmar sedan
Spot on, Rick...
cjpreach 18 timmar sedan
I don't know the future, either. But I can see "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" moving people emotionally for centuries.
Tim Koss Music
Tim Koss Music 21 timme sedan
You are correct - NBC news should be ashamed - not to factcheck their stories and opinions. Esp. something so full of wordsmith-hyperbole. And, sadly, it's not just with music, and it's not just NBC. Yeah - "Hello darkness my old friend..."
Chris Banach
Chris Banach 21 timme sedan
No wonder this "journalist" 's band was called Mindless Thinkers
Dwight Haas
Dwight Haas 22 timmar sedan
The difference between Dylan or The Beatles or Paul Simon has much to do with timing and promotion. Dylan, has great songs, as sung by other people, but not sung by him and was in a time when there were not many good writers and then joined a super troup, then me popular again. Paul Simon was and is under rated and that is really his style and genius.
Simon Smith
Simon Smith 22 timmar sedan
Don't hold back Rick, tell us how you really feel! Great piece, great examples. Keep it coming.
crosscatch Dag sedan
I wonder what Paul Simon did to that guy. It seems to be personal.
K. P. Redmond
K. P. Redmond Dag sedan
Completely agree with Rick on this. Leaving aside my admiration for Paul Simon (whom I idolize), this article is just dumb. It's more an insult to his fans than to Simon himself. I suppose journalists are paid to fabricate controversy but the only result is to feed the public's distain for that "profession."
LUNCHBAUX. Dag sedan
Simply NYC click bait, totally pathetic. Truly sad a songwriter would every say such words.
LUNCHBAUX. Dag sedan
Omg dude. Seriously. Please rant more. I'm angered by this story right now. High five and let's just make art, not worry about what's gonna happen 200 years from now haha!
David Y
David Y Dag sedan
The people.. also known as so-called journalists... who work for major media are totally hopeless totally have their own agenda or agendas. That's why this SEmost channel is so great! Intelligent independent sophisticated down to earth exchange of ideas!. Mass media is garbage whether they're talking about music, the presidency, international affairs, science especially science for example hopefully by the time I finish writing this we won't all be dead from global warming lol
David Y
David Y Dag sedan
The writer probably has a personal gripe against Paul Simon for some reason. That's what it seems like..
Ricardo Bernardo
Ricardo Bernardo Dag sedan
Sunil Bhattacharya. Just a few know about him right now. But people certainly will be talking about his music in two centuries from now...
Redipstick Dag sedan
As a historian I can say that “reporter” has no idea how history functions. History has so many layers this room for lots and lots of stories. To say decades of music will be reduced to Dylan and the Beatles is idiotic
Marc R
Marc R Dag sedan
I love Bob Dylan... in parts. Yes he was a cultural icon, part of a time specific counter culture, but musically and live, he was patchy. Some albums I love (weirdly albums like Street Legal and Slow Train Coming, which others hate), however I adore Paul Simon. Paul Simon wins every time - intelegent lyrics, interesting musically. In reality, it's hard, if not impossible to split 2 icons, they are both giants on who's shoulders a lot of subsequent music has been built. The articule is clickbait, nothing more - tbh, I already forgot the authors name.
HHB368 Dag sedan
It's obvious the writer was looking for reaction to get reads. I don't know about 200 years from now but thank god we have Neil, Joni, Paul, and Bruce to listen to now.
Tony Hofmann
Tony Hofmann Dag sedan
Brother, I'm right there with you a hundred percent. I wouldn't worry too much, though. I doubt there's a single person on the planet that thinks this guy Slate can predict what's going to happen 200 seconds from now, let alone 200 years. Like you said, "No editor." So, this dude's just bloviating. Just wanna say, I'm really loving this channel. It's great that you communicate in a way that's both insightful and engaging, about something that pretty much everybody loves, music. Please, keep it up.
William Hartley
William Hartley Dag sedan
Bob Dylan was a great folk poet. Paul Simon was great musical poet. Dylan was thought provoking. Simon was mesmerizing. ... I'm still playing Simon and Garfunkel 55 years later on the original vinyl. I'm pretty sure there's a Dylan album around here somewhere.
kevin mcconnell
kevin mcconnell Dag sedan
Come on Rick every one knows Stupid can’t be fixed!!
Youngatom Dag sedan
Rick the 60's/70's was the most creative time in popular music, there was not the control exercised on the music like no and there was not auto tune. The music o this time will live forever, all good music is timeless, I do enjoy your channel - but what about some good Aussie music, like "Mental as Anything, Billy Thorpe and LRB".
Rich Proctor
Rich Proctor Dag sedan
Typical critic!
Hondo Trailside
Hondo Trailside Dag sedan
They are both right. Where are the Bing Crosby or even Sinatra in the series What Makes This Song Great. Or even people who were their contemporaries. How many people still listen to jazz? History is cruel, and while it will be possible, probably, to hear the work of these masters in 200 year's time. The way things are going, it isn't even clear white people will be part of anything in 50 years.
THaggerty Dag sedan
Actually The Beatles actually did have a recent hit. It was their best selling CD collection of #1 hit singles.
Matthew Tyson
Matthew Tyson Dag sedan
I've been to the St. Thomas Church also :)
Matthew Tyson
Matthew Tyson Dag sedan
Rick assassinates an asinine instance of professional jealousy.
Bruce Newton
Bruce Newton Dag sedan
Johann who? Oh! Carl Phillippe Emmanuel Bach's father...
Ric Ellingson
Ric Ellingson 2 dagar sedan
Joni, Paul, and Bruce, footnotes? Why even give this dope time Rick?
Radcliff Katherine
Radcliff Katherine 2 dagar sedan
Omg this journalist hasn’t a clue while bashing the greatest musicians of our time.
ya boi
ya boi 2 dagar sedan
graceland is an absolute classic album.
WeAreTheHighway 78
WeAreTheHighway 78 2 dagar sedan
That's terrible . Was never a huge Bob Dylan fan for what it's wort, him and Justin Timberlake must have been bowing to the Satan for sure.
Paul Handley
Paul Handley 2 dagar sedan
There’s something very satisfying about righteous anger when it’s unleashed by someone who really knows what they’re talking about. I’m sure in 200 years they’ll still be watching RB vids for the privilege of sitting at the feet of the prophet. As an aside, if anyone used the words ‘Joni’, ‘Mitchell’ and ‘irrelevance’ in my company I’d come out swinging too. Very enjoyable - thank you. 👍
Manuel Passarella
Manuel Passarella 2 dagar sedan
Vinnie Colaiuta will be talked about 200 years from now and my personal hero as guitarist: John Coltrane.
Alex Mackie
Alex Mackie 2 dagar sedan
One of the problems of today's media is that haters get noticed, yeah clickbate.
oliver pinelli
oliver pinelli 2 dagar sedan
why would you even mention idiots like this writer...Don´t give those people any attention. They poison the world.
Sommerfeld 2 dagar sedan
Kapellmeister Beato is the thinking man's musician. Bravo.
ken duncan
ken duncan 2 dagar sedan
A very smart reply to a charlatan.
david deyell
david deyell 2 dagar sedan
Beato 2024!
cet0056 2 dagar sedan
I realize that personal opinions are fleeting and almost meaningless, but I consider Bookends one of the pillars of modern music. Along with Night at the opera, Dark side of the moon, and Hotel California. I still listen to Bookends on a regular schedule.
Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan 2 dagar sedan
Angry Rick is the best Rick. 😆
PatinOmaha 2 dagar sedan
Has anyone listened to the Paul Simon song, "Run that Body Down"? He double tracks his vocals on one spot in the song, and plays the two tracks singly, on each of the two channels.
pipers glen bb
pipers glen bb 3 dagar sedan
Led what?
Malcolm Hunter
Malcolm Hunter 3 dagar sedan
Hey, Rick - Ithaca 5-Year Non-Degree program here from 81-86 - I think you studied with Steve in the Jazz program perhaps? Anyway, the best experience I had with Paul Simon was the Central Park Concert in 92, I believe - 1 Million People in Central Park and nary an incident - when peace was present in the City... Thanx for your channel, man!
Paul Hare
Paul Hare 3 dagar sedan
Meaning no disrespect to Bob, but can anyone imagine him putting something like Graceland together?
Paul Hare
Paul Hare 3 dagar sedan
Meaning no disrespect to Bob, but can anyone imagine him putting something like Graceland together?
John Lucente
John Lucente 3 dagar sedan
How old is this guy? How can a Boomer not have a real appreciation for Simon? I’m 60 a late Boomer and I have loved Simon’s music almost my entire life.
John Lucente
John Lucente 3 dagar sedan
Every song on Graceland.
Bruce Freedman
Bruce Freedman 3 dagar sedan
Rick, this guy is just an uneducated wannabe! Don’t waste your energy on him. As for “Bridge Over Troubled Waters”, that is a classic piece of 20th century songwriting, along with “Riders On The Storm”. Two of the best songs EVER written! I’m a massive Genesis fan btw! Rock on Rick! I love your videos! 😊
fireflee111 3 dagar sedan
Hater trying to make a name for himself.
Steven Jacobson
Steven Jacobson 3 dagar sedan
For all we know, 200 years from now all music might be composed on computers by computers with no human involvement.
Music Soul
Music Soul 3 dagar sedan
Compare the redness of Rick's face from 1:04 to 10:17.
M Behringer
M Behringer 3 dagar sedan
Neil Young? I thought he was talking about Angus Young! Anyway, it's gunna be Boy George.
Pedro Bouzada
Pedro Bouzada 4 dagar sedan
How can someone who doesn't understand what's happening now try to say what will be relevant in 200 years. Fucking Van Gogh died as "nobody". Fact: The sound of silence is a super popular meme song lol, theyre very relevant between teenagers just by being a meme song lol
Carl Carlson
Carl Carlson 4 dagar sedan
We love you Rick thank you. The Joni Mitchell thing got me pissed as well. You are so right.....Thank you.
brian kurek
brian kurek 4 dagar sedan
Bacon With Beau
Bacon With Beau 4 dagar sedan
Got you riled up! Lol
thepianoplayer416 4 dagar sedan
We don't know which singers / songwriters would become relevant in the future. No matter how unpopular someone becomes, everybody would find an audience online. Old recordings get rediscovered all the time. 5 decades after the Swedish group of 4 Abba no longer produce music together, their music is as popular as ever.
user name
user name 4 dagar sedan
Classical is a red herring. This is popular music. Name some of the popular acts from early 20th century, just 100 years ago. Exactly. Lost to history. No one but musicologists will remember any of these artists in 200 years.
Pascal SIMON
Pascal SIMON 4 dagar sedan
In my point of vue, Bach, Vivaldi, Mendelssohn, Satie, were precursors in music and expression In each generation of musicians, some are most influenced and creative and for sure their name could stay in History only 100 years ago in many houses there was a piano and the best way to listen some music was to learn to play an instrument Today, with the multiplicity of medias it is so easy to listen to music, and particularly the one you like the most. but I unfortunately believe that some incerdible composers and songwriters could disapear in the clouds of History. This is a bit disapointing but it is evolution. Be fore, you had to make efforts be able to listen to your beloved composer or songwriter now it is so easy, too much easy maybe!!! Who remembers Charpentier, Lully, and so many others that are slowly but surely fading in the past and Music History even if they left major works behind them. All of us, musicians, composers, lyricists are on a slow, slow way to become an old forgotten stuff Greetings from Belgium
cab03004 4 dagar sedan
I’m surprised Rick forgot to mention American tune which is actually a Bach piece I believe from Saint Matthew passion.
Edward Kenny
Edward Kenny 4 dagar sedan
Very well said. This is sadly, just this guy's opinion and we all know what they say about opinions.
Charlie OBrien
Charlie OBrien 5 dagar sedan
BTW, the song "Bridge Over Troubled Water" contains one of the most beautifully written and moving bridge sections of any song ever. And that is no coincidence.....that is genius expressiveness in songwriting. "Sail on silver girl Sail on by Your time has come to shine All your dreams are on their way See how they shine Oh, if you need a friend I'm sailing right behind..."
rasmus birk
rasmus birk 5 dagar sedan
c stoner
c stoner 5 dagar sedan
Paul Simon and his music helped guide me in my teens (1960’s) to become a decent person. As great a poet and musician that he is, one of my favorite Paul Simon moments was when he won a Grammy award, and while accepting the award, he thanked Stevie Wonder for not making an album that year!! Some of the greatest people of all time know how to be humble! Great poet, musician, and amazing human.
U2WB 5 dagar sedan
Paul Simon is BRILLIANT. The only one single interview which made me go “huh ?” was when he told some journalist that he’d run out of musical ideas and had started listening to hit records backwards and using the reversed melodies as a starting point. (Ok, HUH ?) I’ve always assumed that statement must have been taken out of context.
Kevin Fletcher
Kevin Fletcher 5 dagar sedan
We have a newspaper here in the UK called The Guardian which by and large is a balanced, honest newspaper but I have long been convinced that their music journo`s are about 15 years old. Just a couple of examples. A few years ago a singer who had been runner-up on a TV talent show released her 2nd album and the music critic said "this puts her up there with Aretha Franklin and Dionne Warwick". That was just before an article that concuded that 2008 was the greatest ever year for pop music! Just last week an article about Hall and Oates said, "Hall, the singer, and Oates, the guitarist" what a way to sum-up a couple of outstanding singers and musicians. I know that we all have our opinions but honestly folks!
SKaR 5 dagar sedan
I question whether Slate is a musician or a writer.
Karen Baumgartel
Karen Baumgartel 5 dagar sedan
Yikes! What a harsh article! Added: harsh and stupid! I really appreciate that Rick Beato knows (and is interested in) classical music too. Added again: hire a musicologist? That would be way too obvious, and they would never pay for it. And it would actually be grounded in real knowledge and research, something that seems to be completely disregarded these days.
Charlie OBrien
Charlie OBrien 5 dagar sedan
Failure dipshit writes : Paul Simon is insignificant... Rick Beato : Beats said dipshit over the head with Johann Sebastian Bach and "The Well Tempered Clavier" What a takedown!
david Mason
david Mason 5 dagar sedan
This is not just the music, Welcome to the stupid and ignorant era my friend
join the conversation
join the conversation 5 dagar sedan
Never did care for Bob Dylan's voice. Not sure WHAT he wrote that is all that famous? Do know quite a few compositions by Paul Simon and a number of songs that were done when He and Garfunkel were together.
Adam Hill
Adam Hill 5 dagar sedan
D Po
D Po 5 dagar sedan
I will always pick Paul Simon over Dylan... Dylan kinda bores me 🤐
Parabola 5 dagar sedan
The saddest part of that article is Sound of silence is one of the greatest songs of the past 50 years
jvanorden011 van orden
jvanorden011 van orden 6 dagar sedan
John Prine will be one of those who will be talked about 200 yrs from now....
jvanorden011 van orden
jvanorden011 van orden 6 dagar sedan
NBC.. ..... purveyors of fake news across the board
Brian Lipka
Brian Lipka 6 dagar sedan
Rick is pissed! His Italian is coming through. I feel his angst.
matt reeves
matt reeves 6 dagar sedan
In order to guess what historians will find important musically you would have to know what political stuff is going to happen. If say for some odd reason the United States had a big collapse and Asian countries became the driving force people like Dylan and the Beatles would not matter. They only matter as long as the U.S. is in some form together to make the British invasion have relevance. As far as what musical tastes from now will be important good luck guessing that. I heard a country version of Purple Rain and that really just damaged my soul....and I am an atheist.
Meadow Moss
Meadow Moss 6 dagar sedan
Epic rant!!!👍😅
Andrew Atwill
Andrew Atwill 6 dagar sedan
In 1989, in recognition of Paul Simon's efforts, The United Negro College Fund bestowed upon Simon its highest honor, The Frederick I Patterson Award. The Berklee College of Music named him for an Honorary Doctorate of Music in 1986, and 10 years later, Yale University extended a similar honor. These awards are given for their contributions to music without genre isolation.
Tom Tetreau
Tom Tetreau 6 dagar sedan
That guy you are talking about Rick is someone who gets out a dictionary and types a lot of fancy words to appear that he is wise & relevant.
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