TOP 20 Inventions that CHANGED Music

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Rick Beato

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In this episode I countdown the TOP 20 INVENTIONS THAT CHANGED MUSIC.
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Gary Shepard
Gary Shepard 57 minuter sedan
Pipe Guy - I was just about to say the same thing. I really enjoyed this video and the history behind some of the important inventions. NOTHING would ever have been recorded on any media without the invention of the mighty microphone (until MIDI). It deserved a high ranking appearance from my point of view and is on everything ever recorded prior to MIDI. Good job otherwise!!
Davide Cittaro
Davide Cittaro 3 timmar sedan
You can also make a top20 inventions that didn’t have an impact on music. I’ll start: the minidisc!
Robert Stuart
Robert Stuart 4 timmar sedan
How about the mixing board?
Xavi Conde
Xavi Conde 5 timmar sedan
The first personal computers (accepting the term refers to a home computer at affordable price) were available around the 70s. Computers in the 50s would only be found in big companies and universities, and were extremely expensive.
Heimburger Music
Heimburger Music 7 timmar sedan
I'd add instrument sampling and sample libraries. It's been around for a long time, but it's really only recently reaching a point where a composer can record a piece that sounds like an actual orchestra from their computer. MIDI is a part of it, but you also need good quality sounds to control. In the composition world, it's a lot like ProTools is in yours. Modern sample libraries have significantly lowered the barrier of entry for music composition, especially for anyone wanting to be a film, game, or media composer.
LostPath 7 timmar sedan
What about Electricity?! (Did I miss it?...)
Rafał Wylegała
Rafał Wylegała 8 timmar sedan
Super cool, but what is the microphone ? :)
Robert Mack
Robert Mack 9 timmar sedan
Top 10 = Drums, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Microphone, paper & pen (to write music and song lyrics). Amplifiers, Loud Speakers, Music Notation.
Michael Valenza
Michael Valenza 13 timmar sedan
What Makes this Song Great should be in the list!
Sai Prasad
Sai Prasad 14 timmar sedan
What about LSD ?
Brien Miller
Brien Miller 19 timmar sedan
So number 1 is two different things, and the electric guitar and key board are the only two instruments. Completely Western and modern technology-centric. A very strange view of "music" and what changed it.
David Karas
David Karas 19 timmar sedan
ac vs dc or electricity would be on my list...cant have internet,radio,tubes or even the idea of electric guitars....and edison and tesla were right there at the forefront, edison made your list. my 2 cents
Dan Habecker
Dan Habecker 20 timmar sedan
I would say MIDI is a standard and the connector is part of that standard. Also when you mentioned radio, it appears you were inferring just radio broadcast. If you think of the invention of just 'radio' then you can start to think of all things wireless.
D Bolger
D Bolger 20 timmar sedan
The Fairlight preceded Protools and was the DAR pioneer, I believe.
Egil Andreas Aasheim
Egil Andreas Aasheim 22 timmar sedan
Thanks for putting music notation on top. There is no discussion...!
DIY Dad 22 timmar sedan
What about magnets? No microphone, speaker, tape recorder or harddisk works without them.
Charles Justice
Charles Justice 22 timmar sedan
Hmmm, what you guys mean by music is a kind of narrow focus on popular music in the twentieth century and twenty-first century. I see music as global and mostly folk, in the sense of something people play in a locality. Here are my top 20 inventions: 1. musical scales 2. chords 3. strings 4. woodwinds 5. percussion 6. rhythms 7.brass 8. tuning systems 9. choirs 10. song form 11, bands and orchestras 12. time signatures 13. audiences 14. diatonic scale 15. chromatic scale 16. well-tempered system 17.musical notation 18. keyboards 19. recording technology 20. mass media
danthrax Dag sedan
A couple of fried eggs with fried potatoes and fried Spanish chorizo ​​with a beer (not fried), the best after a rehearsal to clean bleeding ears bc of the drummers.
Joris De Winter
Joris De Winter Dag sedan
As soon as I saw this video's title, I thought 'music notation', haha. You missed the microphone though. Great stuff anyways.
Marco Tada
Marco Tada Dag sedan
Sony invented the Walkman brand, but the idea of a portable cassette player was not from Sony, but from an german-brazilian inventor named Andreas Pavel, who invented the Stereobelt in the early 70's. In 1977 he filled patents for his invention in various countries, and sued Sony for the release of Walkman. Eventually they settled out of the courts. But Pavel recognized the great idea of Sony with the name "Walkman", which became synonym of portable sound for an entire generation.
harvey Pipher
harvey Pipher Dag sedan
Yeah man, What about the microphone?
Marco Tada
Marco Tada Dag sedan
I thought you would put in the list the autotune. This marvelous invention that enable bad singers to sell music today.
steve poling
steve poling Dag sedan
Where would prog-rock be without the Moog Synthesizer?
Roger Cawkwell
Roger Cawkwell Dag sedan
Intereresting that you put notation first (it's very important to me & I use it every day) but you do sometimes come across anti-notationists (a bit like anti-vaxers) or even anti-music-theoryists. I can't help suspecting that many of them just can't be bothered to make the effort to learn & justify that attitude with scorn.
Tim Gummer
Tim Gummer Dag sedan
Electromagnetism - which encompasses Microphones and Speakers and pickups, amongst other things.
Tim Gummer
Tim Gummer Dag sedan
The Sampler. "Nuff Said.
Tim Gummer
Tim Gummer Dag sedan
The Splicing Block - Von Karajan used to say that the greatest technical advance for recording wasn't digital, but the capacity to edit the ultimate performance - which preceded it. (For better or worse, in some classical listener's opinions). And then later as the fully creative Pre DAW tool that it became as pioneered by Eno etc
Tiedo Groeneveld
Tiedo Groeneveld Dag sedan
Music? TECHNOLOGY. I was waiting for innovations in music itself. Geez… Silly me ;)
Alan Hightower
Alan Hightower Dag sedan
Nothing even resembling a concept of a 'personal computer' was invented in 1956. It wasn't until the microprocessor and LSI that brought about kit computers of the 1970s that the average Joe could gain access to computing in general. It was the 'personal' in 'personal computer' that significantly contributed to music. And that wasn't 1956!
John E1
John E1 Dag sedan
Guys! What about RIckenbackeric’s first electric guitar?
John E1
John E1 Dag sedan
Rick, before watching your video, I’m going to say that the invention of the piano with its 3 foot pedals was technology driving the music. Now the sheet music gained dynamics and there was a way to achieve them, thanks to those 3 foot pedals. Credit: Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin for that insight into early technology of the piano with 3-foot pedals changing how music was composed and written.
Gerald Groulx
Gerald Groulx Dag sedan
How about electricity?
Left is Unhinged
Left is Unhinged Dag sedan
I can't believe you did not credit 'Equal Temperament' celebrated by Bach with his Well Tempered (tuned) Clavier. This was important to why we have the 12 tone scale in Western music today. Everything is subsequent to this!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dave O'Neill
Dave O'Neill Dag sedan
ELECTRICITY - most other things on this list are meaningless without it.
Jeff Brown
Jeff Brown Dag sedan
Guitars, keyboards, but no drums?!? Huh?
Elliott Shuchat
Elliott Shuchat Dag sedan
somewhere in there, along the same lines as. the FUZZ, I would have expected to see the LESLIE SPEAKER. As fuzz relates to Guitar, Leslie Relates to how we heard the organ
Robert Harland
Robert Harland Dag sedan
Metal, wound and nylon strings plus metal tuning machines. They are the reason that guitars, pianos, harps and the violin family are clearly audible and don't go out of tune, and why electric guitars can have those expressive bends and even their pick-ups. For all the music was wonderful, the original classical orchestras would have sounded out of tune and had their strings keep breaking. Also, no acoustic guitar in the list? Maybe just having guitar (as opposed to just electric) as a category.
Doug Cronkhite
Doug Cronkhite Dag sedan
How about.. Electricity.
chookalana 2 dagar sedan
Great list. How about the Microphone?
Artur Nowak
Artur Nowak 2 dagar sedan
Jerry guitar Kelk
Jerry guitar Kelk 2 dagar sedan
To think, I was at work, on a computer, before there was an Internet. I had a walkman, and iPod and still have an email address that's about 40 years old. Wow - I'm so ancient!
45 th Parallel
45 th Parallel 2 dagar sedan
Microphone and synthesizer
Chris Mead
Chris Mead 2 dagar sedan
Rick, have you ever done a vid on Tom Dowd?
Dean Thompson
Dean Thompson 2 dagar sedan
Christopher Frasher
Christopher Frasher 2 dagar sedan
How is the speaker not number 1?
Christopher Frasher
Christopher Frasher 2 dagar sedan
You're wrong about Napster; to wit: It didn't allow anyone to *steal* music - It allowed users to _share_ music. Big difference.
Eemus 21 minut sedan
Just like money counterfeiters. They are not stealing money..
Donald Bell
Donald Bell 2 dagar sedan
How could you miss the multitrack recorder. Invented by Les Paul. He also Invented the four track cassette recorder witch I saw him demonstrate with his Son playing drums back in the early 70's. So many songs were written using it.
Dumpy Goodness
Dumpy Goodness 13 timmar sedan
the STANDARD for this topic should be..... WHAT MUSIC COULD'VE BEEN MADE WITHOUT THIS INVENTION. Almost all music could STILL have been made if recordings didn't exist, see? But, as someone else pointed out, TRY doing rock music if guitar was never invented! I agree that millions of recordings NEVER could've existed w/o multitracking, but that still puts it lower on the list.
Brian White
Brian White 2 dagar sedan
Although I'm a guitar player, I would have to say that the keyboard allowed for more study of music theory than any other invention. Keyboards are very well organized visually. And, being calibrated both tonally and spatially, they allow for the player to "see" the music that hadn't been previously achieved. Just my thoughts. God Bless!
Ftumsch Syncopath
Ftumsch Syncopath 2 dagar sedan
Yep, maybe microphone or speaker?!
Wallace Foster
Wallace Foster 2 dagar sedan
Thank you Rick,
Salvador Pérez
Salvador Pérez 2 dagar sedan
What about stereo recording? 🤔🤔🤔
Justthe Facts
Justthe Facts 2 dagar sedan
Wasn't Satisfaction riff on a overdriven tape recorder that Keith had. He also used the same technique on "Street Fighting Man" with an acoustic through the tape recorder (with no limiter, which causes the over drive)
Mark Ferreri
Mark Ferreri 2 dagar sedan
I don’t know where it stands in your top 20, but even as I watched, I too, think the microphone should be in there somewhere.
Jay Fulton
Jay Fulton 3 dagar sedan
I wanted to hear Synthesizers, the creation of sound from its raw components and properties... I suppose it could be collapsed under "Keyboards", but there's a pure electrical component that is different than the older keyboards such as harpsichords, pianos, clavinets, marimbas, xylophones, glockenspiels, pipe_organs, etc. I played the early yamaha monophonic analog synths in the 80s. They were a revelation.
Cheez Factory
Cheez Factory 3 dagar sedan
Presumably there was a time when people were a bit like birds, vocalizing a tune pattern over and over, or randomly humming notes. Then someone organized these sounds so they could be remembered and taught to others, thus inventing the thing I would put in the #1 slot: the song. I also think strings should be on the list.
D W 3 dagar sedan
P.A. System
osu9400 3 dagar sedan
My guess for #1 was "paper," so I was close, but I'm surprised that metallurgy/blacksmithing didn't get an honorable mention.
osu9400 3 dagar sedan
Apple didn't invent the MP3 player. They get too much credit for this. Yes, they paired it with software they bought and renamed to itunes and streamlined the purchase process (some people say they "forced" you into a single merchant). I had two MP3 players before there was even a thing called Ipod.
Rio Riggs
Rio Riggs 3 dagar sedan
What an amazing idea for a video! Simply amazing stuff guys!
Larry's Music Channel
Larry's Music Channel 3 dagar sedan
To me, the top 5 are the staple instruments - Guitar/Piano, organs/Percussion/Bass/Organ...Because without them, the internet, pc, MIDI, etc., wouldn't have any musical benefit.
sslaytor 3 dagar sedan
Don't forget the quartz guitar/instrument tuner! Suddenly everyone could find middle C (or A440 for that matter). A good thoughtful list.
chrispq12 3 dagar sedan
I STILL HAVE cakewalk for Windows95
William Olsen
William Olsen 3 dagar sedan
If I could afford a 24 track reel to reel I would get one. I prefer recording with tape, but it just is not something that I can afford.
The Rocker
The Rocker 3 dagar sedan
... Umm... Women !!! Definitely changed music, lol,,, but I guess that invention gets credited to another ;)
Tim Wendel
Tim Wendel 3 dagar sedan
Check out Eddie Durham. He was a trombonist, arranger, guitarist, and inventor. He was making recordings with guitars that he applied electric pickups to in the 1930s.
chrispq12 3 dagar sedan
Ummm you can replace protool with cakewalk as the FIRST DAW
LUIS HURTADO 3 dagar sedan
BUEN VIDEO SALUDOS..............
GBPaddling 3 dagar sedan
Electricity was rather important dontcha all think?
WolfSmack 4 dagar sedan
The obvious choice for number one is the invention of music itself. Invented over 35,000 years ago.
David Forney
David Forney 4 dagar sedan
Just a footnote, the iPod was not the first MP3 player (just as the iPhone wasn't the first cellular computer tablet). Apple just has better marketing people than everyone else, and a die-hard following that pretends Apple did it first.
David Forney
David Forney 4 dagar sedan
Lots of great comments about possible omissions (drums, microphone, etc)
Western NOIR
Western NOIR 4 dagar sedan
This is more abstract than I would have thought. I was waiting for drum machine, reverb, delay, microphone.
Peter Downey
Peter Downey 4 dagar sedan
Transistor...germanium...coils Transformers.
Tom Wilson
Tom Wilson 4 dagar sedan
Disagree but one of your best. Excellent show 🤟
Paul Croteau
Paul Croteau 4 dagar sedan
How can you forget the microphone? The sampler. You could also consider the .mp3 since it radically altered how music could be distributed... without the .mp3 Napster would not have happened. And, I'm a little biased, but the saxophone changed the world after centuries of brass instruments boring people. ;)
Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson 4 dagar sedan
Where would any of these inventions be without strings to vibrate the signal.
Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson 4 dagar sedan
Can I suggest nylon strings or steel strings.
KA T 4 dagar sedan
Guido D'Arezzo's invention is the most important thing happened to music.
Lorenzo Cacciotti
Lorenzo Cacciotti 3 dagar sedan
@KA T Guido D’Arezzo did not invent music notation
KA T 3 dagar sedan
@Musica it's music notation.
Musica 3 dagar sedan
Maybe it can be the keyboard instrument
Todd Wayne
Todd Wayne 4 dagar sedan
Why isn't the 12 tone equally tempered scale on the list, for Western Music? It enables notation, other instruments to play together...
Jimmy_Jim_ Jim_1234
Jimmy_Jim_ Jim_1234 4 dagar sedan
Internet #3????? There was music before the internet, but not before the Harpsichord.
Paul Marshall
Paul Marshall 4 dagar sedan
Rick, what about the camera????????????????????????
Henry W
Henry W 4 dagar sedan
I thought you were going to have items that changed MUSIC (as the title indicates), and you do have a few. Most on the list though changed the music INDUSTRY. Maybe I'm splitting hairs for a SEmost video, but there is a big difference between the two. An item like the Gene Parsons/Clarence White StringBender for example changed music (country rock specifically), but not the music industry per se.
Marcelo da Luz
Marcelo da Luz 4 dagar sedan
My top 3 1-pentatonic scale 2-electricity 3-Tik Tok
David W
David W 4 dagar sedan
I guessed number 1 as I'm listening through. You nailed it.
S. Lander
S. Lander 5 dagar sedan
Where is the Drum!
therealmrfishpaste 5 dagar sedan
...the vibrating reed....the brass embouchure....strings...the resonating acoustic body...
Marcos Scheidegger
Marcos Scheidegger 5 dagar sedan
The acoustic body is the #1 for me
Vector Selvan
Vector Selvan 5 dagar sedan
Dear Rick! Such a wonderful video done really well. You both have put in a lot of thought into it! Always a joy to watch and learn from your videos🥰
William Heckman
William Heckman 5 dagar sedan
You left out the microphone!
Xiantic Flowers
Xiantic Flowers 5 dagar sedan
Rick you mentioned PC and internet. How come you missed electricity? :D
George Ray
George Ray 5 dagar sedan
Well Done . . . THANKS !
David O'Neill
David O'Neill 5 dagar sedan
"Microprocessors and Music" by Hal Chamberlin - yup practically every box in your studio has one. DSP anyone!
Tim Childress
Tim Childress 5 dagar sedan
Love your show, but I just have to express my disagreement with the hyperbole used currently in all forms of electronic media and TV lately. Everybody's always saying "amazing," "perfect," "crushed it," "killed it," "best ever," etc., etc., ad nauseum. If you think about it, the phrase "best ****** of all time" actually implies that time is over, if you look at it literally. There is no future and we are looking back on history. Just sayin.'
Lex Vermazen
Lex Vermazen 5 dagar sedan
Psychedelic drugs 🍭
Martin Wall
Martin Wall 5 dagar sedan
Brave and well done.
Lex Vermazen
Lex Vermazen 5 dagar sedan
Great vid guys! At #10 I started thinking; "they are forgetting notation!".... than the hammer hit the nail!
mark wilding
mark wilding 5 dagar sedan
Did Edison invent the phonograph? He was given credit for the light bulb and didn't.
Quatsch Bond
Quatsch Bond 6 dagar sedan
And, lets face it: Drugs .... most important for Making music
Quatsch Bond
Quatsch Bond 6 dagar sedan
And you forgot Pizza delivery Service
Quatsch Bond
Quatsch Bond 6 dagar sedan
You forgot Electricity
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