My Thoughts on Reality Shifting

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Holy shift kids are trying to cross the multiverse just to be with Draco Malfoy. Second channel ➤
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Hey if you're reading this, thanks for checking out the description. Sorry that I've been gone for awhile, but don't worry I've still been working hard. Pretty soon (and I mean this as 'odd1sout' amount of soon) I'll be dropping big news. It's the biggest news I've ever dropped. I can't wait until I'm allowed to talk about it! Thanks again for reading and have a day!!!

Oshi Games
Oshi Games 14 minuter sedan
I like how he thinks kids watch him
Absent Culture
Absent Culture 15 minuter sedan
But Honestly James, out of curiosity and not that I think you’re super cute.... are you gay? Circle Yes or No 👀
peachydelrey 33 minuter sedan
this is so wrong all of it all this misinformation ive lucid dreamed plenty of times in the past and shifted starting last month and they literally feel so different they don’t feel the same they aren’t the same ion wanna argue with anyone just wanted to put it out there beautiful people xx
Kayla Inashay
Kayla Inashay 54 minuter sedan
That bakugo stuff hit me hard James: back off bakugo he's mine Me: i beg to differ
SWAGTASTIC Timme sedan
if i was gay, shoto todoroki all the way sorry james
Audrianna Morse
Audrianna Morse Timme sedan
wait so if i reality shifted could i go to multiple mha reality's and date every one i simp for?
andria blue
andria blue Timme sedan
How do u know vaccines work? How do u know they have NO RISKS? Do u know that these GLOBAL vaccine roll outs are being pushed like NO MEDS EVER BEFORE? Did u know there's NO LONG TERM STUDIES TO DETERMINE LONG TERM & GENERATIONAL EFFECTS? Did u know MMR, Polio & Guardasil vaccines in Sudan, Chad & India made people sick and some actually DIED? Do u think they would've survived to this day, if they never took their vaccines? Did u know that less than .005 of 1% of global population has been a covid fatality, and 94% of that death tally has been proven false positive in the US ( like someone dying in a motorcycle accident but the death was ruled covid, happened in Minnesota)? Ur spreading of " the fear culture " is fear porn propaganda and its as toxic as the vaccine and covid itself. Adopt a better philosophy, one based in ACTUAL RESEARCH, NOT STATE FUNDED OR SOCIAL MEDIA APPROVED INFO I CALL 🦬💩 on ur ridiculous ideas and consider ur ideas dangerous I call those ideas of carefully considering medical treatment PRUDENT! Let's wait n see what happens U go rush in line to become a statistic in an experiment Have u ever WATCHED UR CHILD CHANGE BEFORE UR VERY EYES U KNOW, U SEE, THEY'RE DIFFERENT THAN BEFORE THE SHOT ( im not talking about covid now either )? If u have no experience or relevant actual study to back up ur love of shots, KEEP UR IGNORANCE TO URSELF. The Dept. of Health Ministry in India sued Merk for the Guardasil shot, deaths occurred and families wanted ACCOUNTABILITY for the damages and an admittal that their vaccine had a death toll and risk attached to its use. They claimed the vaccine producers did not disclose any information on risk. The company has an international protection over its practices that make them immune to law enforcement and punitive consequences. In Chad the oral polio vaccine infected an entire village's children. In Sudan, the same with MMR. The videos are available on SEmost and are from 4-9 yrs ago, since they'd been released. Natural News & MotherEarth News has stories on these as well. U can search their websites. Im tech-tarded and dunno how to copy and paste links but I do know how to search and read. I suggest u do the same before spreading ur pro-vax propaganda of, " vax now, don't ask questions later. "
x1Witchy_unicorn1x Timme sedan
Ur so interesting
x1Witchy_unicorn1x Timme sedan
Omg I used to watch u all the time I never knew u were still posting ahhhh And ur voice is still the same concrats
Pop Sody
Pop Sody Timme sedan
Ummmmm * hides paper to go into the anime world * James is right we all dream about places itsnotlikeitalktomyselfandthinkmyinaanimeworld ehhh…………you heard nothing
Richard Wright
Richard Wright Timme sedan
"This video is about reality shifting" bro this is about harry potter likeeeee
The Axolotl
The Axolotl Timme sedan
i think there's something you need to admit
Angel de Jesus Torres Romero
Angel de Jesus Torres Romero Timme sedan
make mor vids
Trivator0517 Timme sedan
I hope there's realty where the MHA fandom is not toxic as crap
Magentazav 187
Magentazav 187 2 timmar sedan
Excuse me, bakugo is mine😀👊
rochikcraft 2 timmar sedan
2:55 you can say that again
OH NO NO BOI 420 2 timmar sedan
This was not 3 weeks ago this was like 2 months ago yt on something
MattStorm2187Gaming 2 timmar sedan
MattStorm2187Gaming 2 timmar sedan
yoooo no bakug belongs to deku ya nerdy boi
Anann_L 3 timmar sedan
My english is bad but this channel is so good *screams in spanish*
Shelley Lemaire
Shelley Lemaire 3 timmar sedan
I didn't even know what reality shifting was
vishnu naidu
vishnu naidu 3 timmar sedan
This guy is alive ??????
Jola Słojkowska
Jola Słojkowska 3 timmar sedan
Ó? Polish U?
Becca W.
Becca W. 3 timmar sedan
I really don’t think it’s that deep, but you made some valid points. But like why are you grouping people who are just trying to have fun with anti-vaxers?
xxXGloom rainXxx
xxXGloom rainXxx 3 timmar sedan
i have one question WHAT THE FUC-
DomForShort 3 timmar sedan
The 27k like are people who couldn't shift into a reality where they're in a relationship with draco malfoy
Shreeya Garg
Shreeya Garg 3 timmar sedan
i believe in alternate and parallel universes but this is so bulshitly funny
Daði Árnason
Daði Árnason 3 timmar sedan
Somebody said you were canceled
Iris Sanchez Manzano
Iris Sanchez Manzano 3 timmar sedan
This is me, someone who doesn't really know what she is talking about, explaining things in the vid because I don't want to do my HW so take all of this with a grain of salt... :) I am knew to this so like feel free to explain anything I get wrong or don't have an answer to 3:58 When you shift you don't force out their consciousness.Maybe you just suppress it, so it's like they are there but asleep? Or maybe they shifted too and that left their mind 'open' for you to enter? Maybe to push them to their subconscious and you take control 4:28 The clone isn't actually a 'clone'. The word is misleading. It's just a part of your subconscious, that has always been there, being used to live out your life while you're in your DR. Like Autopilot. 4:46 Wanting to shift to the exact same Dr You aren't forced to share, I think this can be explained as the universe sees your Dr and gives you the one you ask for, but there are always a small difference so you don't go to the same one. Like if you and another version of you want to go to the same DR you'll go there but it'll be different for both of you in a way you can't or won't notice. Like in Dr #1 some on the other side of the world chose a purple shirt And in DR #2 they chose blue. This way they are the same but different. 4:53 Yes they are all real. when Thanos snapped we didn't get affected because he only affected his reality so his universe. It won't or wouldn't affect us. Lmao yes, voldemort can shift(?) but does tiktok even exist there? Isn't it like taking place before tik tok was made? I haven't watched the movies so idk. He would first have to know what it is though.... actually people have accidentally shifted which JEALOUSY Also we aren't leading him to us since people won't know that you have shifted or about shifting unless you or someone else tells them 5:13 So I think i can explain this (maybe not) because when you shift you can shift to anime like MHA where people have mutated to the point where quirks exist. So we have us A and them Z the 'journey' isn't A-B It's A-Z where the genes are slightly different until quirks are normal. SO like alleles and genotypes mutating until this mutation makes quirks the norm. Like if you want to shift to a Dr where your hair is naturally blue (why?) the it would be A-blonde hair ( lets say that your hair is blonde) to Z-blue hair. In Between the hue of your hair gets closer to blue. so A- blonde and somewhere in between is a pastel blue to z-blue. So this can also be with things like the laws of physics (?) Slightly different until things are allowed like magic and flying brooms and talking hats! 5:30 It's not dreaming. Lucid dreaming has tells like your hands look weird and you can't feel pain (this can happen in ur Dr if you specify it to.) In dreams you can summon things like you can think of a fruit cake appearing. In ur Dr (unless it's like ur superpower or something) you can't do that. People who have shifted have also run tests, that you can too. Like reading a book in ur Dr that also exists in ur Cr but you have never read. I've never read the harry potter books, so if I read it in my Dr and then in my Cr and they are the same then that's proof. How would I know whats in the books unless I already read them? I'm pretty sure you can't read in ur dreams either. You can learn things in ur Dr but not in lucid dreaming because when lucid dreaming your just using knowledge you already have. Also there are awake methods where you don't have to fall asleep to get to ur DR. You can even shift while standing! Amazing! yes shifting can become an unhealthy obsession... and have some bad side effects like being so focused on it and not do ur homework (like what im doing right now) I think it's fine as long as you don't obsess over it still live ur life and stuff Yes be mindful of where you get ur info do your own research tik tok has misinformation 7:59 Bold of you to assume I'll be alive in 10 years 8:11 You don't give up this reality (unless you want to you can) some people Shift while they are asleep so they still 'come back' when they wake up. You can leave for a week and let your 'clone' deal with stuff for a while. But you can always come back. I think it's a good idea to make your Cr as close to ur DR as you can. Make everyday better for yourself ya know? Love yourself! Accept Yourself! (get the reference?) Be happy with what you have But like I change the fact that magic doesn't exist in my CR! Anyway this is what i interpret it as. I could be wrong and always do your own research. I haven't shifted yet but I'm so close! SO if anyone can comment stories of their own it will be appreciated :) Thank you for coming to my TED talk
Iris Sanchez Manzano
Iris Sanchez Manzano 3 timmar sedan
This is so long :/
Wicked Panthers
Wicked Panthers 4 timmar sedan
but you can go to hogwarts its in California!
Rafael Ribeiro de Freiras
Rafael Ribeiro de Freiras 4 timmar sedan
I like the Ideia. Because I love british boys.
Random Guy
Random Guy 4 timmar sedan
Hi I really like your animating style, but just a question. How do you make them and what do you use?
Zizulaa 4 timmar sedan
look in the description
DoggoWoggo 77
DoggoWoggo 77 4 timmar sedan
Finally. Gay. Harry Potter. Draco x jame (I don't be like this-) The room of the fanboy of draco(please don't please no-)
Riley Garcia
Riley Garcia 4 timmar sedan
You’re the reasons why my siblings fighting for the remote
liamjellybean 4 timmar sedan
I just downloaded TheOdd1sOut game and now I find myself yelling at demons 👿😈👿😈... AAAAAHHHHHGGG!!!!
Nave-Hello 4 timmar sedan
The pandemics changed James, for example! James before pandemic: DrAgOn TaLeS!! Jame in pandemic: CRAZY people.
こんにちは 4 timmar sedan
Granny : right bakugo Bakugo: DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mujeeb Nauman
Mujeeb Nauman 4 timmar sedan
Wait a minute If you leave behind a clone What on Earth stops the clone from following you.
Meatballs And bread
Meatballs And bread 4 timmar sedan
I don’t fully believe in shifting but it gives me hope and it’s better then being depressed this is just my way of coping with the current events going on in the world and thinking of what I could be doing in my fav shows is really fun ( sorry for having no punctuation😌)
A P 5 timmar sedan
I've never heard of this. I thought this was going to be James talking about his opinion on reality bending characters like Bill Cipher...
Lalrinpara Sailo
Lalrinpara Sailo 5 timmar sedan
Sydney Ricker
Sydney Ricker 5 timmar sedan
James you are my favorite SEmostr
Vxcky Bxbbles
Vxcky Bxbbles 5 timmar sedan
When James said "Bakugo is mine" I was like: U WANNA FIGHT ME?
Sydney Ricker
Sydney Ricker 5 timmar sedan
Thank you James
ツbruh 6 timmar sedan
The pickle rick reee mcdonalds reference tho :0
Adrianna Ryan
Adrianna Ryan 6 timmar sedan
Zomebodynoty 6 timmar sedan
this video is weirder than his normal vid.
yzxsheesh 6 timmar sedan
he’s bac And most importantly he just atacced
Rusty but not okay
Rusty but not okay 6 timmar sedan
People are getting to the point where people are making maladaptive daydreaming a conspiracy and I hate it
Paul nathan Meneses
Paul nathan Meneses 6 timmar sedan
"back off bakugou is mine" Me:DUNNO MAN SEEMS KINDA GAY TO ME
HAPPY 6 timmar sedan
Funny Valentine did this
Niko Butler
Niko Butler 6 timmar sedan
3 months for a 9 minute video. Noice
Ifiok Bassey
Ifiok Bassey 7 timmar sedan
Have you ever had a friend
Tariqoben 7 timmar sedan
James im sayin this nice to you but bakugou is mine
Vyas Deshbhandari
Vyas Deshbhandari 7 timmar sedan
Mohammed Muslim
Mohammed Muslim 7 timmar sedan
Do Arabic translation in your videos I'm Iraqi
Mohammed Muslim
Mohammed Muslim 7 timmar sedan
daniel burke
daniel burke 7 timmar sedan
I l o v e j a m e s
Mason Dehorty
Mason Dehorty 7 timmar sedan
i forgot he changed his drawing style but its still good i havent watched him in a whileeeee
Faith Marie
Faith Marie 8 timmar sedan
my b day is on may the 14th too
JustinReyes 911
JustinReyes 911 8 timmar sedan
La miniatura Adiós Yo : seguro es en espańol Entró : Solo ay Suptitulos ._.
Tavemanic 8 timmar sedan
I think James has gone off the deep end
levi calebe
levi calebe 8 timmar sedan
tem algum BR aqui?
Witherstormfan0324 9 timmar sedan
The answer to life the universe and everything is 42.
Guido Guido
Guido Guido 9 timmar sedan
How does this have 27k dislikes?
Stickman Animations
Stickman Animations 7 timmar sedan
People who think realtiy shifting is real
Guido Guido
Guido Guido 9 timmar sedan
Obviously Hogwarts cannot be real! No matter how hard you decide things, magic will never be real! (Edit: 5:12 thanks, exactly)
whitney_lynn1 9 timmar sedan
Please post more I love you vids❤️!!
The Dog
The Dog 9 timmar sedan
You are my favirote youtuber and if your an introvert I think I’m with ya
br ni
br ni 9 timmar sedan
i see what u did at 2:51 at the last portal
SkyShot Films
SkyShot Films 10 timmar sedan
people from tik tok be like- VOLDEMORT IS DEAD
shukla shukla
shukla shukla 10 timmar sedan
4:40 nope every one is 1
Strawberry Heart
Strawberry Heart 10 timmar sedan
I don't reality shift but I do something similar, it's called dissociation. It's how I survive life and it's really really cool :D
shukla shukla
shukla shukla 10 timmar sedan
U are just roasting me 😅 and I can do it
shukla shukla
shukla shukla 10 timmar sedan
It's just too hard
Μαρια Κατσιμπρινακη
Μαρια Κατσιμπρινακη 10 timmar sedan
i understand that tiktok is bs
Scarcity 10 timmar sedan
Truth is I'd just live in a simulation my whole life, it's technically the same thing, I dunno like that one Dragon Quest movie. Truth is, this world will always be shitty, even of humanity gets its shit together, the natural world will always find a way to fuck us over in the end, plus, who wouldn't want to be in a world where we have a purpose in life?
GAMING DUDE- Plotagon, Gacha and More!
GAMING DUDE- Plotagon, Gacha and More! 10 timmar sedan
Manly Pomeranian
Manly Pomeranian 11 timmar sedan
I find it funny watching this video after I watched harry potter
Reem Ezer
Reem Ezer 11 timmar sedan
Is theood1sout love boys and girls to? And uraraka id my so dont even try deku
Heena Patel
Heena Patel 11 timmar sedan
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeees you are back
Joyce Nabatanzi
Joyce Nabatanzi 11 timmar sedan
Lordy you are so loud and so wrong 😭😭
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer 7 timmar sedan
What proof do you have of being able to shift realities
FABLE 12 timmar sedan
MiniNightmare 12 timmar sedan
6:40 Mr. Frizzle??? 6:51 and Cloe from life is strange?????
Kenyattak Khamula
Kenyattak Khamula 12 timmar sedan
I will never go a week without watching your videos
nick milson Pereira
nick milson Pereira 12 timmar sedan
I imagine a lot
Brooklyn Stone
Brooklyn Stone 12 timmar sedan
I'm waiting for the miraculous Ok
Trix. K.J :D
Trix. K.J :D 12 timmar sedan
Dam he kinda flopped
Laras Abigail Aprilia
Laras Abigail Aprilia 13 timmar sedan
8:42 4 yr old me when spelling bee lessons
anonymous 567
anonymous 567 13 timmar sedan
as an ex Muslim I wanna point out to something, 0:34 Islam IS a religion against dogs, because Islam says that Angels will never enter a house as long a dog is inside it, also it says that if you touch a dog your prayers will not be accepted for 60 days and if a dog interrupts you while praying you have the right to kill it, so yeah
Zebra E
Zebra E 13 timmar sedan
I-I thought you were cancelled. James: My Cancellation was greatly exaggerated.
Koewz 13 timmar sedan
couldint there be a reality where reality shifting is not real and this reality is that reality ._.
BlazBomber Ex Kamen
BlazBomber Ex Kamen 13 timmar sedan
This is just a virtual "Final Fantasy House"
zainab osama
zainab osama 13 timmar sedan
I wouldn't call these shifters Potterheads, since Albus Dumbledore himself once said, "It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live"
Assassin Gem
Assassin Gem 14 timmar sedan
Me: still doesn't understand yet Me: also doesn't understand why James is mentioning HP, and MHA
theEnderBoy785 14 timmar sedan
2:17 Is it me or did I see a flat earth?!
dfyi dfg
dfyi dfg 14 timmar sedan
Don't throw the poor kids
shoto todoroki
shoto todoroki 14 timmar sedan
i wish this how the world works but no it dosent
chip man
chip man 14 timmar sedan
This person debunk your video a normal person would know that reality shifting is fake.
chip man
chip man 14 timmar sedan
Yeah tru
Ralts 14 timmar sedan
reality shifting is just controlling your dreams admit it
Phoenix SP
Phoenix SP 15 timmar sedan
Welp hes now done with his vids aka hes now cancled for good
Ari_otay 15 timmar sedan
Me: "Voldemort died sIr-"
Theodd1 sout
Theodd1 sout 15 timmar sedan
Thanks for the feedback...for more information +1/6./0./8../4../7.../8.../7./1../5../8 W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P••••M•E
Tulavu Mata
Tulavu Mata 15 timmar sedan
Do you like comments?
Theodd1 sout
Theodd1 sout 15 timmar sedan
Thanks for the feedback...for more information +1/6./0./8../4../7.../8.../7./1../5../8 W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P••••M•E
dodoc.o 16 timmar sedan
This is very s t u p i d
Shadøw 7 timmar sedan
@Chezball I know but they won't admit it
Chezball 7 timmar sedan
@Shadøw but the function of it is lucid dreaming
Shadøw 9 timmar sedan
@Chezball it's the belief that you can go to fictional worlds like harry potter or anime
Chezball 10 timmar sedan
Isn’t shifting just controlling your dreams
Chezball 10 timmar sedan
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