First Wash Audi RS4 Avant SAFARI after Matt Farah Filthy Muddy Off-Road Rally

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This is an Audi RS4 Safari imported from Japan and rebuilt by AI Design in Tuckahoe, NY. This vehicle is incredibly special because it wasn't made for the American market. To have one in the Studio is super special...especially since it is absolutely disgusting, filthy, and covered in mud from head to toe. Just the way I like it. We had to pressure wash the mud, dirt, and grime off of every surface prior to the full car wash and detail. When we were done, we had 26 lbs. of mud removed from the surface of the matte wrap exterior paint. We cleaned and detailed the undercarriage, interior, and mud and rock covered wheels, revealing a stunning example of an Audi RS4 Safari wagon. Hope you enjoy! -L


Products used in this episode_______________________

TITAN 12 Degreaser:
OBEY Glass \u0026 E-Cleaner:
Paint Soap:
Paint Coating:
Wheel \u0026 Metal Coating:
Interior Cleaner:
Carpet Cleaner:
Interior Brush:
Scrub Pad:
MF Towels:
Wheel Cleaner:
Brute Wheel Soap:
PRO Foamer:

Carpet Brush for hand drill:
Rapid Adhesive Remover:
Mini Shampooer:
Headliner Adhesive:
Window Squeegee:
Induction Heater:
Festool Vacuum:
Steam Machine:

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Grit Guard \u0026 Washboard
Stanley FatMax
Rupes Paint Light
Clay Bar
Wash Mitt
Invisible Glass
Megs D300
Foam Applicator Pads
Foam Gun
Wheel Woolies
Tar Remover
Tire Gel Applicator
Festool Vacuum
Rupes Polisher 21
Rupes Polisher 3-in.
Megs Foam Polishing Disc 6"
Megs Foam Cutting Disc 6"
Rupes Bag
Positector Paint Depth Gauge
Mercury Spray Bottle
CR Spotless Water Filter
Elcometer Paint Depth
Scangrip I-view
Scangrip D-Match 2
Gorilla Gloves
Long-handled Window Scrubber
Loew-Cornell Fine line painting pen
Fight Tech Dust Mask
Carpet Brushes

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thedizzle 27t
thedizzle 27t 7 timmar sedan
how do they have a legit RS4 in the states already? this is one of my dream cars, i have a little obsession with the Audi B5 models lol
Fool Of Daggers
Fool Of Daggers 2 dagar sedan
This would probably be fascinating to someone who studies soil types.
Levent Fabio Avci
Levent Fabio Avci 2 dagar sedan
U forgot the brake disc
Saddedude 3 dagar sedan
Funny watching greenhorns wash legitimately dirty vehicles from the bottom up 🤣
jervin rodriguez
jervin rodriguez 4 dagar sedan
Incredible job on that incredible car just perfect Dude I Need That Brand of cargo pants hehe
Ronald Abelskamp
Ronald Abelskamp 6 dagar sedan
Very satisfying video, thanks.
Zac Smith
Zac Smith 6 dagar sedan
Does anybody know if he has a video on removing dog hair from a car
Mardini Willdern
Mardini Willdern 7 dagar sedan
In no time we won’t have enough water to wash our cars like that…
Veoul Shith
Veoul Shith 7 dagar sedan
This is the only channel that I've watched the full video on detailing.
Miguel Sedek
Miguel Sedek 10 dagar sedan
It is time to get a dry ice blaster for ice blasting
Bergadapupi 11 dagar sedan
"Basically undrivable" Sound like someone who should have bought a camry would say
Samuel Tipple
Samuel Tipple 12 dagar sedan
Wheel nuts/wheel studs are a dry fit fastener. Shouldn’t be any grease
Jay 13 dagar sedan
you should have had a wash bay with a draining area so you dont have to turn around and clean your floors
Thomas Dalley
Thomas Dalley 13 dagar sedan
Regan Littlewood
Regan Littlewood 13 dagar sedan
What would you recommend for washing brand new matt paint? Nearly a week ago I bought a new motorbike and all the frame, areas painted black, are matt black.
Burhanuddin M.Shabbir Tambawala
Burhanuddin M.Shabbir Tambawala 16 dagar sedan
Can't you just remove the seats from inside to clean, making it very easy
arctan 16 dagar sedan
would have been interesting if you weigh the car before and after. I wouldnt be suprised if there was atleast 50kg mud on the car.
bierbrauer11 18 dagar sedan
Making me want to wrap my 07 forester XT in NATO Green matte
hughtube 18 dagar sedan
loved the video but it made me think, are there drains in the floor of the workshop cause i dont remember any being mentioned in the build video and for a car like this would seem like a useful thing to have
James Bernardino
James Bernardino 20 dagar sedan
Larry, I’d like to ask, What’s the story on that 1/4 ton Jeep in the adjacent bay Mud bath? Ug. Reminds me of “Pigpen” from the “Peanuts” comic strip. B-T-W How were the radiators, air cleaners?
Rizwan Azeem
Rizwan Azeem 23 dagar sedan
Lol rally cars do be like that
Raccoon gaming channel
Raccoon gaming channel 24 dagar sedan
WhAt about the jeep in the background
AMMO NYC 23 dagar sedan
Video coming. :)
Dankest Media
Dankest Media 24 dagar sedan
i wouldn’t imagine that a 20 year old audi would be so rare, only 6000 units made in the whole world, wow! a 🦄 indeed!
Abbas Allamy
Abbas Allamy 28 dagar sedan
I love the music on 5:10 I also love the cars and the channel
Roblox_god 28 dagar sedan
How much to buy the car in cash?
Attended Mite
Attended Mite 29 dagar sedan
Here in Balkan that car is like... you see it every day. Lile everybody has it🤣
Escola de Trânsito com Você
Escola de Trânsito com Você Månad sedan
Belo trabalho! Parabéns!
You Guys are the Best. Love Every Single Detailing Video of Yours. Would Love to See More of it. Great Work. ❤️🔥👍💯
Feline Faye
Feline Faye Månad sedan
Where is your drain in your floor??
Tyler Cai
Tyler Cai Månad sedan
Fiqri Rihyawan
Fiqri Rihyawan Månad sedan
You solo cleaning the car ? holy fuk
Michael Pullen
Michael Pullen Månad sedan
I have a question. Seeing that you clean cars and other vehicles a lot is it possible for the power washer to spray the paint of the car off?
Devil Is In The Detail Gbr
Devil Is In The Detail Gbr Månad sedan
great video, love seeing the transformation of super dirty cars to making them clean again,
Nikhil Singhal
Nikhil Singhal Månad sedan
I always feel you should have a separate covered section inside your shop for all power washing and high-dirt stuff.
TitanWolfZord Månad sedan
i really want to know the musics that this channel uses
WreckIt Ralph1415
WreckIt Ralph1415 Månad sedan
I don't see in the video what pressure washer you use. So which one do you use?
The channel Nobody asked for
The channel Nobody asked for Månad sedan
Such a beautiful car! Matt finish is way beautiful!,
vijay VR46
vijay VR46 Månad sedan
Cleaning 🧼 clear main solution to keep our vehicle superb ever & ever👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
a70mic Månad sedan
34 thouusand loomins!
Fauzi Lofian
Fauzi Lofian Månad sedan
You should had drain system inside
Ztbe05 Månad sedan
Where did you get the wheel holder?
Ramil Sultanov
Ramil Sultanov Månad sedan
Not sure if these have been modifies but there should be side intercoolers, which are reachable from under the plastic cover in the wheelwells. Those are usually super dirty after winter, in this case they are most probably clogged up.
MellowSlice Månad sedan
Does anyone know what collection he visited last year were he detailed some cars as well
flon faurillo
flon faurillo Månad sedan
Missed opportunity for glazing, i say.
Naoki K
Naoki K Månad sedan
Sticker from @9:15 is in Japanese, must’ve been in Japan before and got serviced at PitWork
Farooq Fikree
Farooq Fikree Månad sedan
Larry why don’t u do a video on motorcycles? I would love to hear your 2 cents on how washing can be improved from the days of just 2 buckets of water and some cloth. Do a Ducati panigale v4 cuz they really do pop in videos
Belle Morley
Belle Morley Månad sedan
Belle Morley
Belle Morley Månad sedan
Can you do the motorcycle pks
Rocco .mbb. Zoccoli
Rocco .mbb. Zoccoli Månad sedan
Wish we saw the engine bay
Andrew Mitchell
Andrew Mitchell Månad sedan
Hi how do you get rid of swirling off paint.
William R
William R Månad sedan
I always wondered watching your videos, how washing a car inside on a lift works. Like the water never runs off anywhere. You have to gather it every time? Why not build some sort of system right next two or in between the lift.
reign4life Månad sedan
Out of curiosity, what products did you use before making ammo?
Kenny Chen
Kenny Chen Månad sedan
That’s tag is Japanese. It’s wrote this car do inspection on 2014.10.28
Kevvy Dawg
Kevvy Dawg Månad sedan
Looks more like clay to me. Nice work.. That audi looks awesome
Alex Degrat
Alex Degrat Månad sedan
I would have ran that muddy hog through a local "no touch" car wash first to get all the heavy stuff off before bringing it into your nice shop.....js
R. Vail
R. Vail Månad sedan
Did you list the brand, model & PSI rating of the power washer?
Eric Lalonde (MrLalonde7)
Eric Lalonde (MrLalonde7) Månad sedan
looked better stanced
DC Månad sedan
That beautiful work place in combination with that mud, its hurt 😢
Product Of My Environment
Product Of My Environment Månad sedan
Such a beauty! Love it. Great job as usual on the detail! Love how popular these cars are becoming! As a fellow owner of a URS4, B5S4 sedan, and a B6 S4 Avant! I truly appreciate these videos
SonicBlur Månad sedan
Man, it was so much better looking before the new owner jacked with it. Shame...
Simon M
Simon M Månad sedan
Hmm.. Was it really naturally that dirty to start with?
Nicholas Kowalczyk
Nicholas Kowalczyk Månad sedan
love me some Eddie Bauer pants
James Z
James Z Månad sedan
26 lbs of mud? Sounds like a typical winter drive on Nebraska backroads! 😄
Hypnotizin' Detailz
Hypnotizin' Detailz Månad sedan
Absolutely brilliant as always! 👌🏻🤩👍🏻
Finesse Rossko
Finesse Rossko Månad sedan
these kind of cars are the best to clean. always shows the best before and after
Chris Månad sedan
The music in the first Segment sounds EXACTLY like 'Here Comes the Fuzz' by DJ Format just with different sounding instruments. Wonder if he knows it's been knocked off.
Norman Xiong
Norman Xiong Månad sedan
Awesome edit
Mike Perry
Mike Perry Månad sedan
Why not foam it first?!
Domnick Jacob
Domnick Jacob Månad sedan
This guy hates doing engine bays.
Linas Månad sedan
Larry, do you use a hot water pressure washer? Heard heat makes things easier to remove like oil and dirt.
Unnecessary Comment
Unnecessary Comment Månad sedan
Welll done
Elias Barajas
Elias Barajas Månad sedan
Does anyone know what kind of glasses Larry uses?
Vorch Månad sedan
I didn't realize they left the whole underside unprotected. That's a very half-baked "rally car" build. Functionally no better than the previous stanced version.
Jesse Barraza
Jesse Barraza Månad sedan
Tang0Fox1 Månad sedan
That dirt reminded me of the volcanic ash that I had to clean from my car recently.
Michael Boesen
Michael Boesen Månad sedan
Why would you not remove the dirt and sand/mutt before you start inside. All that waterspray and dirt will be all over the workshop
Hey so what is your opinion on the bottom to top top to bottom debate especially when doing large vehicles?
Willem Streutgers
Willem Streutgers Månad sedan
Nice to see Vrdestein tyres. A Dutch brand.
Augustus Arthur
Augustus Arthur Månad sedan
what was the bill?
Mark Sketch
Mark Sketch Månad sedan
You guys have REALLY gotta get on the AVANT style of vehicles, the very best car to own that will kick off any Ferrari or Lamborghini is a RS6 Avant. I think that AdamLZ just got one as they r just starting to come into the USA but what he did with it was awful, basically wrecked it, slammed it very low n ruined all that R&D that Audi put decades into. I honestly believe the car as he got it off the dealer would kick the ass of what he has now, with his new set ups. Really sad to see.
Aaron Balchand
Aaron Balchand Månad sedan
That things gotta be a full 10 kilograms lighter now!
renegadelaw Månad sedan
I like that wheel stand. Where do you get one of those?
Neal Chauhan
Neal Chauhan Månad sedan
Such an amazing setup dude
ZeroDayVirus Månad sedan
How do you keep your workshop moisture free after such a wash? Dehumidifiers?
Hi Goodbye
Hi Goodbye Månad sedan
can you apply reflex on glass?
offom Månad sedan
What's this nowadays? Someone mods the car, I watch. Someone redesigns it, I watch. Someone drives it, I watch. Someone does things I love/hate video, I watch. Someone cleans it, I still watch. Not offensive here but I can watch if someone throws it into a shredder too. Sincerely, your faithful watcher.
GOURAV KUMAR Månad sedan
This thing is soooo satisfying to watch ❤
Pootythief X
Pootythief X Månad sedan
All four wheels bent in a week ? Regardless of the height, that’s just careless....
If its not too much ti ask for can you start weighing the cars before and after detail please? I feel like this probably had atleast 300lb of dirt on it 😁
The cops showed up because there was a dirty RS4 outside? Thats insane
ozilthebeast mohe
ozilthebeast mohe Månad sedan
nahh man I don't care about the clean car. how do you keep your garage
Anisah Zainab
Anisah Zainab Månad sedan
I’m in love with this channel
Luis Nazario
Luis Nazario Månad sedan
Looks great! What’s the name of the rotary floor tool you used yo spin thx wheels while cleaning them
King Mustard
King Mustard Månad sedan
The wrap is ugly but the car is a stunner!
Kurt C. Hose
Kurt C. Hose Månad sedan
2:32 - good enough for my turn 😎
DERPGAMING Månad sedan
I have an 01 audi a4 1.8t wagon with the 5 speed so it's cool to see you do that rs4!
Rahaman Michael
Rahaman Michael Månad sedan
Trade Offer You Take Car take Dirt your life energy
Eric Gallup
Eric Gallup Månad sedan
Larry, with all the snow and rain you guys get in the NE, have you thought about using a water collection system to collect the runoff from your roof and using that water to clean the cars. A good filter would keep any junk from going through the system. It could save you some $$ with all the cars you detail. Don't worry, I'm not a salesman. I've just been looking at them for my place and thought it my be economical in the long run for you and your desire to have less of an impact on the environment (reuse resources). Thanks for the great content and products you put out!!!!!!!
Beach&BoardFan Månad sedan
This coating of mud on that car seems artificial, I've never seen such a uniform coating of mud on a vehicle b4.
That garage dope af
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