What Makes This Song Great? Ep.102 U2 "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"

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Rick Beato

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In this episode of What Makes This Song Great? I break down "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" from U2's iconic Joshua Tree album. The song was the second #1 single from Joshua Tree and is one of the greatest rock songs of all-time.

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Olav Johann Orvik
Olav Johann Orvik 6 timmar sedan
As with Oasis, if you can't see what these bands has done for music, you should just quit music. And that's goes without regards to musical taste or whatever. Oasis is GREAT. U2 is GREAT. Amazing bands. U2 lost it a bit mid-90s, but from their debut all the way to Pop, I loved it all!
Daniel Chmarzyński
Daniel Chmarzyński 8 timmar sedan
Daniel Lanios looks like your twin brother. 30 years ago.
activate ryan
activate ryan 10 timmar sedan
nice to hear This song Great, warm regards.
Sunny Patel
Sunny Patel 12 timmar sedan
Those U2 albums from the early 80s and 90s redefined music for me. Completely expanded my taste from the usual hard rock music to the alternative/Rock style of U2. Each band member is so integral to the sound that eventually they create. The Edge in the documentary about how they came up with Running to Stand Still
Todd Roberts
Todd Roberts 22 timmar sedan
Can’t believe Bono sang this a half step HIGHER than what we hear in the recording…what a voice.
jemsar2 Dag sedan
The Edge ..IS NOT the GOAT and is not even close to JP. But your opinion is as valid as mine. We'll have to agree to disagree... EVH, TMac, Yngwie, JS, and Tommy Emmanuel have The Edge beat by miles.....
Miklas Böhmer
Miklas Böhmer Dag sedan
Funny how your brain is so connected with youtube that you said "youtube songs" instead of "U2 songs" :D @7:37
Ryan Austin
Ryan Austin Dag sedan
Magic ✨
Fabio Buono
Fabio Buono Dag sedan
U2's songs are the handbook of the effective simplicity.... I think that really happens when you start playing together very young, and the single ones evolve their musicianship in the same place. I would define Adam's and Larry's work together nothing less than the perfect engine for their songs, they think like one, you can totally hear it!
Rob L.
Rob L. Dag sedan
I bet the half step lower and slower not only helped with the feel of the song, it also allowed Bono to be more relaxed singing it live. True production genius.
Listen to Larry's great job on Alice Cooper's Paranormal album (2017)! Tof
Music played by humans... Right!!!!!!!!! Nice job as always. Keep on rockin'! Tof
Fred Howland
Fred Howland 2 dagar sedan
I always wondered how the Edge made his distinctive sound, know I know . Awesome video !
Adam Hannath
Adam Hannath 2 dagar sedan
Man, your joy and energy at breaking down these songs is so awesome. Reverse engineering them layer by layer really makes me appreciate the thought and beauty in it.
filipe meireis
filipe meireis 2 dagar sedan
I'm a massive fan of Pink Floyd .... but I always though this U2 track is the BEST SONG of the last millennium.
styluscreative 2 dagar sedan
Yes indeed! Rick, no need to defend great guitar players. All lovers know what makes a guitarist is sound, not the specs. If you can play one note, through pedals, and melt the hearts of millions, God bless ya.
Jk957 3 dagar sedan
I gave up guitar after seeing the flat and sus chords. That was 18 years ago.
Micael Håkans
Micael Håkans 3 dagar sedan
The choirs, those ladies can sing the paint of the Brooklyn Bridge!!! My spine twists when they come in! Maybe that was the other version...
frere jacques
frere jacques 3 dagar sedan
5:18 Bono NEVER doubles his vocals? Couldn't sing it the same way twice? Of COURSE he could. Was listening to a vocal tract of this and sure sounded like a backing vocal to me. Don't know if it was Bono or The Edge but you could hear two part during chorus "But I still haven't found..."
Matthew Huey
Matthew Huey 3 dagar sedan
Anyone here know how he isolates the tracks? I want to be do that for some covers
psychotictactoe 3 dagar sedan
So basically Edge sounds the way he does because of German plastic picks?.........mind melt.
Boris 4 dagar sedan
longest song title by shortest ( ? ) band name
Dmitry Perelekhov
Dmitry Perelekhov 4 dagar sedan
Thank You!
zakris 4 dagar sedan
7:36 youtube songs? just kidding!
Jonathan Berman
Jonathan Berman 4 dagar sedan
This is the first video of yours I've seen, and my God I am in love. This is pure gold. I would argue that in your list of phenomenal U2 albums you should not discount Boy, October, or their EP: Wide Awake in America... all of these albums are more understated than their later great albums but no less brilliant or beautiful.
Debbie Barrette
Debbie Barrette 4 dagar sedan
Thank you Rick for validating my opinion about U2 and specifically the Edge. They are my favorite band of all time and Edge is an incredibly creative guitarist albeit unconventional. It is his unconventional playing that makes him so underrated.
Jonathan Schiedermayer
Jonathan Schiedermayer 4 dagar sedan
not too much drumming
Thorssen Plays Skyrim
Thorssen Plays Skyrim 4 dagar sedan
That half step down makes it accessible to my voice
bagley232 4 dagar sedan
I don't know a lot about recording, mixing, chords etc. but one thing I do know is that this song still resonates with me when I hear it
gangelone999 4 dagar sedan
I never appreciated this song as much as I did after watching this video
Matt Ball
Matt Ball 5 dagar sedan
I'd love to see the musicians do a reaction video to these passionate brilliant videos of Rick's.
Ben Robinson
Ben Robinson 5 dagar sedan
A modern Amazing Grace. stunning.
Anthony Thomas
Anthony Thomas 5 dagar sedan
Dominick Furlano
Dominick Furlano 5 dagar sedan
A Master Class in less than a half hour. Classics withstand the test of time, and U2's heavenly song and Rick Beato's breakdown of it will still be heavily accessed 100 years from now.
hallobaaaby 5 dagar sedan
I’ve never heard this song on the radio without immediately change the station!
Joe Forrest
Joe Forrest 5 dagar sedan
Expert analysis, Love it!!!
Ronnie66 5 dagar sedan
This song always reminds me of my first girlfriend. That was a wonderful time. And last year I met her again after over 30 years. We talked about times gone by and how our lives have turned out. I can't hold back my tears when I hear this song. Man, I think I still love her.
Anna Thornton
Anna Thornton 6 dagar sedan
Not a fan of Bono himself but liked the band in general, but this song is beautiful
Miaou Pha
Miaou Pha 6 dagar sedan
Your enthusiasm is great young Skywalker.
wlodell 6 dagar sedan
Awesome video of an awesome band and the music! Love it!
Kleshumara 6 dagar sedan
Rick - illuminating analysis as always! For those not familiar - there’s a Postmodern Jukebox version of this song that’s literally done as Gospel.
Joel H
Joel H 6 dagar sedan
Rick, thank you so much for doing this video. I adore this song. It moves me like no other song from that time period.
CRASS2047 7 dagar sedan
Every time I watch a Rick Beato video, I feel like I’m getting something really expensive for free.
CGDeluxe 7 dagar sedan
Golden Nuggets Dude!
bassfan41 7 dagar sedan
Shout-out to Brian Eno
Mark Richards
Mark Richards 7 dagar sedan
Larry Mullen Jr 's playing on Alice Cooper's Paranormal album gave me an entirely different appreciation of how great a drummer he his. How many drummers have played for Alice Cooper and Emmylou Harris? Probably only one.
Madeleine Suzette
Madeleine Suzette 8 dagar sedan
Achtung Baby.. My favourite U2 Album..
Mark Williams
Mark Williams 8 dagar sedan
Bonno with Clannad is the only good Bono.
Corey Roberts
Corey Roberts 8 dagar sedan
It's cool that you said bonos singing in the spaces sound like a gospel feel....I've always told my friends that I thought that Bono sounds like he sung in a Church choir or was influenced by gospel.
Tim Marshall
Tim Marshall 8 dagar sedan
I would add "troubadour-esque" when describing the Edge's strumming parts.
Stephane Roy
Stephane Roy 8 dagar sedan
The Edge use capo 2e fret? …
Muskokan 9 dagar sedan
U2 albums are never finished, they just appear in your iTunes Library without your permission.
Scott 10 dagar sedan
The Joshua Tree is one of the greatest albums of all time. Where the Streets Have No Name.... what a song!
Bass Maiasa
Bass Maiasa 10 dagar sedan
If you think of. songs where the lyrics and the music are so perfectly connected - I don't think there's a better track than this in that regard, ever. I wonder how many people never bothered to try dope because this song made doing dope superfluous.
ShockMarkets 10 dagar sedan
It really is amazing how emotionally far Bono takes it on his vocals. Just fantastic stuff Rick. The space you're filling in music cannot be understated.
obatemc 10 dagar sedan
I'm shocked Rick doesn't drool sometimes!!
Radsk8r Bigollies
Radsk8r Bigollies 10 dagar sedan
Man, I just don't think as highly of The Edge as most do! I think he is a tone master for sure, but just BORING! U2 is a great band, the drummer is awesome, GREAT songs for sure and they deserve their success, but man... for once I can't get behind Rick when it comes to The Edge. I've heard him dote on him before. Never mind what an obnoxiously pretentious and childish name "The Edge" is, I do think he is unique sounding but just do not hear anything special other than being an effect pedal tone wizard. Not knocking the band, as a whole they are great and all the members are so tight, lyrics are sincere and Bono has a great voice. I've seen them live but The Edge as a guitarist just never impressed me as much, or at least not deserving of being mentioned with the great guitarist of the same decades. He is perfect for the band and perhaps makes the band as he has his sound but just technically never was impressive.
Kurt Moss
Kurt Moss 10 dagar sedan
Great show as always
David Fitcher
David Fitcher 10 dagar sedan
I feel vast space and serenity when I listen to U2
Val 10 dagar sedan
Can you do the rest of the album 🙏🙏🙏
Doug Ashdown
Doug Ashdown 11 dagar sedan
Hank Marvin was using dotted eighths delay in the 60's
Shavais Zarathu
Shavais Zarathu 11 dagar sedan
Lol. Patrick and Billy were right - the drumming was SUPER COOL!! (My mother was an English major, and I know that more than one exclamation point is just dumb, but. The drumming was so cool I was just dumb founded.)
U2 Bass Traps - A Tribute To Adam Clayton & U2
U2 Bass Traps - A Tribute To Adam Clayton & U2 11 dagar sedan
I am a U2 tribute musician, playin in virtual band but also in stage tribute band as well. Your video gave me a lot of. It is very rare to find a video that is so detailed only about U2 and of course only one song. Thank you for it, professional work!
Mauro Coimbra
Mauro Coimbra 12 dagar sedan
Great video/analysis.
docjeffry 12 dagar sedan
3:55 Wow, that is so cool!! Can't wait to get home and try this... Need to order pics first.
foto21com 12 dagar sedan
Ranting against quantized drums and autotuned vocals is not an old man rant. It's a rant FOR REAL MUSIC. My favorite off this album is Streets Have No Name but hearing this again reminds me how musically great it is. It's an incredible song on an epic album. U2's rhythm section has always been phenomenal. Underrated bass player and well rated but still underrated drummer Larry Mullen.
jack I wanna paint!
jack I wanna paint! 12 dagar sedan
hats off rick--as usual
Geoff Strickler
Geoff Strickler 12 dagar sedan
Within a few weeks of this album's release, one of the local rock station played the whole album straight through on a Sunday night. While I knew who U2 was and liked some of their songs, I wasn't a "fan"...until I heard this album. Within a month I purchased the CD, and over the next few years also purchased Rattle & Hum, Achtung Baby, War, October, and The Unforgettable Fire. It's one of the albums that just hit me so hard, much like Dark Side of the Moon, and Rush's 2112 had years earlier
Lars Hvidberg
Lars Hvidberg 12 dagar sedan
Very inspiring, thank you.
Jammy Git
Jammy Git 13 dagar sedan
The only song I can think of with a longer title is the Rolling Stones "Have You Seen Your Mother Baby Standing In The Shadows". I'm not sure if it got to number 1.....but judging by the Stones popularity back in the 60s it wouldn't surprise me 👍
Wesley West
Wesley West 13 dagar sedan
I remember as a kid when I accidentally turned up the car stereo up way too loud and discovered that drum sound in the beginning! I felt super special, because I wondered how many people have actually heard that. So cool.
Mike D
Mike D 13 dagar sedan
Moved by your words and the emotion that song still does to me at 49 also! Breaking it down with all the instruments was such a treat! Saw fall & spring tour of Joshua Tree in 87 in SF (Cow Palace) & at Oakland Stadium. 30 year anniversary at Rose Bowl also and they still blew me away! 💚💥👍🏻 THX!
Cassandra Foxx
Cassandra Foxx 13 dagar sedan
I want to hear him do 'Where The Streets Have No Name' next...
Matthew Sikorski
Matthew Sikorski 13 dagar sedan
I think I put this in my CD player in my car and listened to it for three years straight. There isn’t a bad song on the album. I can’t think of another album that I have listened to all the way through as much as “The Joshua Tree”
Andy Galbiati
Andy Galbiati 13 dagar sedan
i heard one story, that said that at some pt in pre-production, & rehearsals, one of the prodicers studied Bono’s vocal range, and then deliberately ~challenged Bono & the band to shift the keys, upward, on all of the tunes, so that Bono would be singing at the top of his vocal range, to raise the intensity & feeling, in all ofvthe songs on the album.
Jeffrey Olson
Jeffrey Olson 14 dagar sedan
Again I wonder why Rick didn't explain the rich suspensions in the end chorus?
Alejandro Sánchez
Alejandro Sánchez 14 dagar sedan
I'm learning more about music structure, just by watching Rick explain the piano playing, that I ever did at music school ♡☆
Redcon1 ukdiscounts
Redcon1 ukdiscounts 14 dagar sedan
One of the Greatest Albums in the History of Music, surely deserves every track discussed in this fine detail
ZOSO4RUNE 15 dagar sedan
Sorry Rick, I think its a big stretch comparing David Evens to Jimmy Page. Evens riffs and his rhythm guitar all sound the same. Never been a fan of the musicianship of U2. With the exception of Mullen's I will give Mullen's. He is an exception drummer. If you consider riding the root note as great base playing then Adam Clayton your man.I will give you Paul Hewson, he is a really good vocalist. Very strong head and chest. Lastly I really hate political music.
James Scoolis
James Scoolis 15 dagar sedan
Excellent work Rick!
k b
k b 15 dagar sedan
These are getting better and better
Al M
Al M 15 dagar sedan
A band's only as good as its drummer.
Darren Gagliardi
Darren Gagliardi 15 dagar sedan
Man, I love this series by Rick. What a pleasure to hear him break things down. Keep it coming.
Eddie Rodriguez
Eddie Rodriguez 16 dagar sedan
Call it heresy but two groups I just never liked or appreciated the music of are the Beatles and U2. I wasn’t political back in 87 so it isn’t negative bias. I was a musician at the time and usually appreciate good music when I hear it but these two groups never hooked me.
The Tape Farm
The Tape Farm 16 dagar sedan
U2 is a perfect example a true band… they are greater than the sum of their parts.
Allen Lane
Allen Lane 16 dagar sedan
I like listening to people who are passionate about something. I love listening to people who are passionate AND knowledgeable. When someone is passionate, knowledgeable, AND incredibly entertaining, it’s a Rick Beato video. Keep up the great work man!
Mourão L.R.
Mourão L.R. 16 dagar sedan
the only criticism of this video?! should have an hour..thank you!!!
John Cummins
John Cummins 16 dagar sedan
John Cummins
John Cummins 16 dagar sedan
I love what you did with that song.
Walter Crim
Walter Crim 17 dagar sedan
Joshua Tree, L.A. Coliseum 1988, my first concert. Freshman in College, was not a U2 fan... I did not respect U2 or The Edge. Made fun of the Edge at the time yet... They were the BIGGEST BAND OF THE YEAR so it was an event and we ALL went. Two years later I started learning and appreciating them. HAIR METAL must have been holding me back! Maybe U2 was really pre Grunge.
Walter Crim
Walter Crim 17 dagar sedan
"Bullet The Blue Sky" was grunge.
Michael E.K.
Michael E.K. 17 dagar sedan
Thanks so much
custom55 17 dagar sedan
Great band! Never understood why people bash them. I'll bet they've never seen them live. I've seen them MANY times in concert. Fantastic
Bruce Michael
Bruce Michael 17 dagar sedan
Remember when people lost their fucking mind when U2 gave them a free album?
Hans Mölders
Hans Mölders 18 dagar sedan
The prolly longest is, "And objects in a rear view mirror may appear closer than they are!"
Jonathan Lee
Jonathan Lee 18 dagar sedan
When are you going to do an episode on "With or Without You"? prob one of the most haunting and climactic songs ever written...
Brian N
Brian N 18 dagar sedan
Early 80s in Scotland we were huge U2 fans, rivalling Simple Minds. We'd have Boy, October and War on the turntable. War was the ultimate album as far as we were concerned. U2 classics. By the time Joshua Tree came out - and it was a loooong time coming - we'd moved on to DefJam. Meanwhile we'd watch USA lap up U2. Weird.
sdfbf 18 dagar sedan
Oh man, this is pure gold. as a hobby guitarist i've tried to copy U2s guitar sound for ages, i never knew about the pick stuff!
Ernie Tedeschi
Ernie Tedeschi 18 dagar sedan
This is great but now what I really want is a video just about “With or Without You”’s infinite guitar
Darren Z
Darren Z 19 dagar sedan
That piano breakdown sounds like a George Winston composition.
the_katman 19 dagar sedan
You can never have too much drums.
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