Trisha Paytas EXPOSES James Charles and Charli D'Amelio...! (Part 1)

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Angelika Oles

Månad sedan

This video is part 1 of the Trisha Paytas vs James Charles, Charli D'Amelio and Dixie D'Amelio drama! Enjoy :)
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elisha varga
elisha varga 11 dagar sedan
minor point, but as someone with sensory issues that prevent me from enjoying certain foods, it really bothers be when people think people are bad for being picky eaters
HeatherLF Månad sedan
New puppy mum omg I love it
Rose Redmayne
Rose Redmayne Månad sedan
I think Dixie laughing and dancing to a song about police brutality with the n word uncensored was the worst part of this situation. That was unnecessary and disrespectful. Was Charli a brat? A bit. Is she evil? No. Is she just a kid who made mistakes? Yes. Is Dixie a white adult who dances to a song about black suffering with a smile? Yes. That's the apology I want to hear.
Celeste Holmes
Celeste Holmes Månad sedan
I know this is a late comment but friendships between adults and children can still be creepy even if the other person is gay. In another video you said perez hilton shouldn't have made a comment about the outfits that charli wore in her tiktoks because he's an adult....but he's also a gay man. Intentions don't always matter.
bex collins
bex collins Månad sedan
imagine how petty you have to be to cancel a teenager for not enjoying eating dead snails 👁👄👁
Mariana PA
Mariana PA Månad sedan
Deadass I have a friend 7 years older than me and I’m still a minor I’m 14, but our relationship literally doesn’t involve hanging out, nor partying together, we only talk by messages about kpop and lgbtq things because she is like my mentor on being a bisexual person in life, she just teaches me a lot of things and we joke regularly about our own traumas as children and she is more like a mentor than a friend, my mom and dad know her and they don’t think my relationship with her is predatory nor inappropiate, she just guides me on things they can’t.
Adam Moberly
Adam Moberly Månad sedan
Trisha is a pain in the ass. Let’s shame this gay guy who collaborates with a girl while Trisha is saying she is trans, has d.I.d., said the n-word, claim she was black, acted predatory to under aged guys, and outed an ex-gay boyfriend. Why is she, a 30 year old woman acts less mature than my 4 year old niece? Pathetic. 🥱
Story Tale
Story Tale Månad sedan
Jojo is 18 or 19 now
TheMangomelon789 Månad sedan
I think another reason why Trisha gets away with it and isn't the focus of mainstream media in comparison to Charles is because Charles goes against traditional masculine stereotypes in many ways and that draws the attention of the main stream media (both in positive ways and not). Ppl are quick to jump on his mistakes because they've placed him in this role of being a representative of the LGBTQ and just non-traditional masculinity communities in the mainstream media and so it is more dramatic and attention-grabbing to them when he makes a mistake. It's ridiculous and kinda gross of them, honestly.
Georgia Birtles
Georgia Birtles Månad sedan
My yt unsubscribed me wtf... I was like where angelika tho
Stefan Makara
Stefan Makara Månad sedan
"Think how you behaved as a kid and if you'd be cancelled on the internet" screw the internet bruh I was cancelled in REAL LIFE LMAO XD
Stefan Makara
Stefan Makara Månad sedan
As a 23 year old, I think it is EXTREMELY hypocritical to be invested in accounts and content of literal children and then be outraged when they act like children. I also think it is ridiculous to go up and arms to extremely harshly, borderline violently, go on a crusade to "tell them what's what". Bitch, are you their parent? No? Stfu.
Lauren O'Brien
Lauren O'Brien Månad sedan
'you know when time just goes by and never stops.. yeah' girl dont send me into another existential crisis smh
MJ Lewis
MJ Lewis Månad sedan
when i was 16, i was running the streets partying😂 charli is mature af for her age
MJ Lewis
MJ Lewis Månad sedan
whenever i’m bored, i go to charli’s account and beef people who harass her😂 i’m 18 and i don’t have to be “nice” because i’m not an influencer and these people have NO RIGHT to have this much hate for a 16 year old child. she’s doing amazing for her age, has more money than people twice our age could ever imagine and is still humble. i can’t stand the interenet sometimes
neuroticgurl02 Månad sedan
but the familiar feeling could also be jeffree... since he n tati are good then... theyre good. she stated she was coerced into making the video, so the people behind that, also twice james age, are the source of the dragging. tati is the overactive mouthpiece
Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams Månad sedan
im 19 my brother is 16 and I talk to his mates and his girlfriend whos 15. its not weird or inappropriate this is very normal to have friends that age especially if you have siblings
Kanak Khare
Kanak Khare Månad sedan
Can we see tha doggo please
Ashyo Sings
Ashyo Sings Månad sedan
When James meets someone his own age in the content creator universe and realises Dramageddo literally matured him 10 years
Alaïs Valéra
Alaïs Valéra Månad sedan
the trisha imitation was AMAZING
Cairan Hughes
Cairan Hughes Månad sedan
i feel like trish is mad because younger women are becoming successful whilst she’s kind of grappling on to whatever she can to become more famous, i feel like she’s just bitter and mad at charli because of this.
❤❤❤❤lala Månad sedan
Allegedly TP sincerly apologized to Charli and Charli allegedly accepted but then JC posts his video...WHY? It was over between the two by then...Listen, ppl are not stupid, we can clearly see JC attached himself to the sisters to gather followers on his own TicTok, and I feel like Dixi knows this...just like he attached himself to Tati when she had the most subs as a Beauty Influencer on SEmost. He is a very smart kid and he knows how to get subs. I have no concern for any of these ppl, I just watch all of the Beauty Influencers and all the drama channels that comment on these Beauty Influencers...this is just what I see and think 🤔
fedupwithusernames Månad sedan
this is so blown out of proportion. these girls may be famous on the internet, but if I didn't watch Angelika's channel, I would never have known who they are. why would anyone care that a teenage girl from the US doesn't want to eat snails. honestly even after a 20-minute video I'm hard-pressed to even find this newsworthy.
Anna Frydenlund
Anna Frydenlund Månad sedan
Interesting how Trisha keeps insisting that James’ friendship with Charli is predatory when she is friends with SHANE who has had many weird relationships with actual children that he used for his channel (his “son”, and that girl who used to appear on shane Dawson tv, etc.) plus his predatory jokes (willow smith). she’s so full of shit
JA mwahi
JA mwahi Månad sedan
i love ur videos
Melissa Leigh
Melissa Leigh Månad sedan
Charlie dmelio is not talented she might be able to do stupid tik tok dances but she is not funny or talented at anything else it doesnt make sense WHY she has SO MANY followers i think her rich family bought her followers
Yasmine Wilson
Yasmine Wilson Månad sedan
I just don’t get the appeal of the D’Amelio sisters but I’m 27, it’s not for me to understand. Trisha just needs to let it go.
Kayla Cempa
Kayla Cempa Månad sedan
James also could be talking about J* and the pig man. 🤔 (response to his tweet about being dragged by 30 somethings)
Kayla Cempa
Kayla Cempa Månad sedan
Wait I’m sorry, Dixie is older than Charli? Wow. The fact that I just found that out now shows you how much I care about these people. 🤣 Yet I’m still here for the tea.
Christine Castle
Christine Castle Månad sedan
has anyone seen the stuff about charli buying followers,
Pandathereallist Månad sedan
I do not understand why people have an issue with the Dixie dancing. Did she say the n word? No. She blocked it out. She did it to make a point about racism. I don’t necessarily give a fuck about all this shit or Charlie or Dixie or Trisha. But y’all are acting like she said the n word. she did NOT say it. Go bully someone your own age.
Amy Dsc
Amy Dsc Månad sedan
Dude my parents would never allowed me to acted like that, 🤣 I would have a chancleta marcada forever.
물건 Månad sedan
im so TIRED of Trisha... like stop trying to insert yourself in everything with your jank opinions that nobody knows whether to believe or not bc of your boy who cried wolf ass
HumourDelight Månad sedan
Look I don't comment on the D'amilo sisters because. . . I don't get their appeal I'm sorry No I don't like Trisha either and entertainment is subjective but The D'amilo's got to where they are by STEALING CONTENT (from a black creator NO LESS) and NO Charlie isn't that great of a dancer SHE'S JUST NOT! I'm sorry (NO SHE DOES NOT DESERVE DEATH THREATS AT ALL) but I'm sick of seeing MEDIOCRE white people win for being MEDIOCRE That includes Trisha's hoe ass
HumourDelight Månad sedan
James too, the whole hype house, the Dolan twins, The Paul Brothers FUCK ALL OF EM!
OMG1877 Månad sedan
Yeah I don’t watch or support anyone in this drama mess. But my problem is the parents. How can you let your kids upload something they can get hate. It’s the parents fault. Also to all the adults sending hate and death threats to literal minors, grow up. Thank you for the video and being such a nice calming presence 💕
Charmynox Månad sedan
As the oldest child with two younger sisters, I can confirm that the older sibling almost always gets stuck having their younger sibling(s) tag along because the parents say not to exclude your siblings lmao
Sharon C
Sharon C Månad sedan
Dixie is my brother's age and he still has moments when he acts like a bratty teen because guess what...he's still a teen lmao of course I don't condone her dancing to a racist sound but regarding the video, teens are moody even if they're almost in their 20s like Dixie plus she was at home so of course she'd feel comfortable behaving like that there. It wasn't nice, but it's also not a crime. Trisha on the other hand? Embarrasing.
Alex Månad sedan
As a younger sibling, yeah i hung out with my older sisters friends cause I thought they were cool because they were older. Ive also let my younger brother hang out with me and my friends because he thpught it would be cool. Its not any kinda weird for my friends to be around my little brother and its bot weird that im around my older sisters friends.
Dei Månad sedan
"The TRISHA PAYTAS Story : ANYTHING For A Dollar", let's not forget what vile creature Trisha is? Why did her thoughts even made an impact in peoples minds is beyond me.
Priscila Morales
Priscila Morales Månad sedan
Not excusing trisha, she annoys tf outta me But like, i can’t see how a happy content person can act like this, i feel so bad for her I feel like if anyone needs the internet taken away, is her For *everyone’s* wellbeing, mainly hers. Imo
Eve Månad sedan
4:40 I’d be scared 😭, also yeah, I talk to a lot of my brothers friends but like only when my brother brings them around and we all hang out. He’s 23 btw
Julia Gillis
Julia Gillis Månad sedan
the thing was the dinner video is that even if charli and dixie didn't mean anything by what they were saying they should have known that the internet is touchy and was going to call them on it. idk why they thought any of what they were saying would come across as a joke or a non serious way....
Marylou Diaz
Marylou Diaz Månad sedan
I don’t think it was Tati shade I think it was Star shade
Strange Korean Girl
Strange Korean Girl Månad sedan
James literally has a boyfriend....
Lydia K
Lydia K Månad sedan
If Dixie was crucified for not liking snails, I would be hunted by a mod and tortured to death. I am literally have an eating disorder (ARFID) because I’m so picky. I go to resturants, order from the kids menu, and gag when I watch other people get their food. Food disgusts me and people need to understand that when someone with food anxiety watch people eat food that makes them feel like they can’t eat that we will express it. People claim that we need to express our emotions but condemn us when we do. I’m newly turned 16 and trust me if I was famous I would be the teenage Trish because I literally threaten people, talk very meanly about people, and would not apologise or make things even worse. I THRIVE OFF HATE. I hate way too many people to be liked. I don’t show emotions and I wouldn’t feel the bad telling/calling people on stuff I don’t them doing. And all the people that hate that should fight me.
Gintare Simona
Gintare Simona Månad sedan
i agree with the fact that charli is hanging out with james charles because its a cool thing because thats what i used to do and still do. i have always hangout with my older brothers friends
Arina Za
Arina Za Månad sedan
I wouldn’t call Charlie the most famous person on the internet:) i didn’t know about her until you’ve started mentioning her in your videos. And I’m not interested in thing she does. I’d say she’s mostly famous among teens and all the media targeted on teens
Alice O
Alice O Månad sedan
“relationships adults have with minors is creepy” and just like that parents everywhere were no longer allowed to raise their kids, once you’re outta the womb you’re on your own pal no interacting with any adults allowed ever
sk8er h8r
sk8er h8r Månad sedan
angelika, i'm tired of most of your videos being about the same 3-4 people. i understand that its the same 3-4 youtubers consistently being problematic, but there's more going on & i'd like to hear about different news from you
Olivia Tatum
Olivia Tatum Månad sedan
A person’s sexuality doesn’t exclude them from being able to be a predator. I don’t think James is being a predator but I just feel that this needs to be said.
Megs K
Megs K Månad sedan
people really need to stop giving trisha attention by making videos. that’s exactly what she wants and thrives off of. just stop making videos and tweeting about her BS. PLEASE
Yasuda Alisi
Yasuda Alisi Månad sedan
Yeah that’s what
Jessica Davis
Jessica Davis Månad sedan
It’s the racism on both sides that got me like..... I can’t with either side
Alice Hummus
Alice Hummus Månad sedan
Gyaru is the Japanese style. It's like Jersey Shore meets underground Tokyo. and the dark skin is an actual thing they do. Some are darker than otehrs.
ayeveh Månad sedan
ayeveh Månad sedan
ayeveh Månad sedan
ayeveh Månad sedan
ayeveh Månad sedan
CydnieBenbow X
CydnieBenbow X Månad sedan
I actually watched her back then and she was addicted to tanning beds really bad however she was never that orange. That was fake tan. It wasn’t a real tan. She’s a fucking muppet. She’ll preach mental health but is hating on someone HALF her age!
Al McPherson
Al McPherson Månad sedan
I don’t believe James is grooming Charli, but I do want to clarify that sexual motivations aren’t the only reason people may attempt to groom someone. You can groom someone as a power of authority in order to gain control. I don’t think this is what he’s doing, but I don’t think it’s fair to see that someone who is a gay man would have no motivations with a young girl. There are more than sexual motivations.
Keke Månad sedan
With Trisha I think “Right message, wrong messenger.” I think they could’ve conveyed that it was a set up because it came across as serious, but I think it was typical teenage behavior. I would love to meet someone who LOVES every food they ever tried.... I’ll wait🤷🏾‍♀️
Ali D
Ali D Månad sedan
Dean Billy
Dean Billy Månad sedan
I agreed with your points apart from the Dixie part. She’s 19, even if her parents don’t ‘educate her” she should know how to behave. I was taught shitty things by my parents- homophobia, but I educated MYSELF. So I don’t rlly agree with that excuse
SarahAnn Månad sedan
I think James was throwing shade at Shane and Jeffree, not Tati. They are both in their 30’s as well.
Aleena Imran
Aleena Imran Månad sedan
Gagging while eating food that you won't like is not something inappropriate. It's normal for some people. It's the body's response that is different for some people. Hell, Link from Good Mythical Morning is famous for gagging and people find that hilarious. But when Dixie does that it's inappropriate and disgusting. Wtf?!?! Charlie and Dixie's parents should honestly be proud of their daughters and they did a great job raising them. We know how horrible teenagers get when they get famous, Disney stars, Justin Bieber, need I go on? People need to back off. Stop bullying them. It's okay to tell them what they did was wrong but Cancelling them over something so stupid that kids do, grow up.
Sabīne Mitkus
Sabīne Mitkus Månad sedan
im autistic and even i understood that james said the ''first 94mil not enough'' was a joke and it can be very hard for me to understand jokes
Rachael Fitzpatrick
Rachael Fitzpatrick Månad sedan
SHIT, Trisha says I can’t be friends with my niece anymore because she’s 11 and I’m 23 🙁
Wizdom Perez
Wizdom Perez Månad sedan
James "dragging kids half their age sounds familiar" thing was probably more directed at shane and jeffree considering him and tati seem to be on good terms
Megan Månad sedan
Harley Ryder
Harley Ryder Månad sedan
Trisha should stick to mukbangs and her relatable/funny videos she used to film like 4 years ago.
snail Månad sedan
as someone whos the oldest child with a bunch of younger brothers, its today normal for your younger siblings to tag along with hangouts, even my friends younger siblings did it too, so james being a mentor to charli isnt weird unless they make it weird
Yoshii XZ
Yoshii XZ Månad sedan
I really just realize youtube unsubcribe me from you- Oh wow, I'm glad i found your account again.
Idk Månad sedan
I really liked this video. But. When it came to James and you keep on saying that it wasn’t weird because he’s gay is a little weird to me. Because I am a bi woman (just turned 18) and like. By using that logic me being friends with anyone younger than me would be predatory and that just doesn’t sit right with me. James and Charlie’s friendship isn’t weird or inappropriate because it’s just a friendship. And that’s it. I don’t think sexuality has has anything to do with it. But that’s just my opinion 😅
ASMR BB Månad sedan
I have no idea who the D'Amelio sisters are...
Chanel Cupcake
Chanel Cupcake Månad sedan
Omg trashy potatoes is annoying af why hasn't SHE been canceled!?
meeoowss Månad sedan
that awkward feeling when i downloaded tiktok just to follow Charli there to help her get that 100M and now she's accused of buying followers
A K Månad sedan
It’s absurd that Trisha is gunning for teens. Like , calm down, Karen
Rosieee Månad sedan
The internet is just ridiculous, these people starting and exacerbating petty drama need to put their energy into something productive, also can someone tell me how trisha is actually famous?!
Liana Nuckolls
Liana Nuckolls Månad sedan
Your puppy is so cute!!!
luxe ford
luxe ford Månad sedan
Who doesnt love escargots provençale? You don't even see what they are if you don't look really close! [I can't help myself]: What did the slug say to the snail? "Big Issue, mate?"
Pedro Miguel Santos
Pedro Miguel Santos Månad sedan
I don’t really care about this drama but I’m glad I have entertainment while I’m procrastinating at work 😌😋
Sara Loverock
Sara Loverock Månad sedan
They’re just teenagers, people can’t expect them to be mature adults overnight just because they’re famous. I mean the adults here need to get a grip. And as for Trisha Paytas I mean, if anyone really takes what she has to say seriously, I have no words.... WRT Tati, they might be ok now, but it still happened...
Paula uwu
Paula uwu Månad sedan
I think James Charles shaded Jeffree and not Tati, bc Jeffree definitely said worse things about him than Tati
ca-ke Månad sedan
??? All this drama for a snail? Chill yall.
ca-ke Månad sedan
Am I the only one who doesnt know who Charli and Dixie are?
Ariel Håvik
Ariel Håvik Månad sedan
Jojo is 18 now actually, but I think Trish hung out w her when she was underage. Such a hypocrite.
lei Požegić
lei Požegić Månad sedan
Ooff watch out angelika trisha is gonna make a threat about you then next 😂😅
Beck Fry
Beck Fry Månad sedan
They all called Tati a 40 year old woman (which she wasn’t) and hmm were there any 30 year old people involved in that. Can’t seem to recall them but I think there were one or two
juststuffbydeborah Månad sedan
This is typical Trisha creating drama where there is none. When I was 16 I worked with women double my age and considered them my friends. I'm now 35 and still meet up with this women - age doesn't matter (unless, you know, the obvious) if you're decent people with common interests. At that age I also thought I was very mature, but definitely did and said some stupid childish things - because I was only 16 (I'm not a girl, not yet a woman). Trisha is a dangerous person and she knows it. She's taking great delight in potentially ruining someone's life. Also, she's quite clearly jealous of people younger than her.
juststuffbydeborah Månad sedan
Plus, I'm friends with my big sister's friends - it's normal!
miri _ox
miri _ox Månad sedan
And btw I HATE age soon as we’re all in our 30s we’re wishing we didn’t bought that fucking age thing up
miri _ox
miri _ox Månad sedan
I think James definitely meant JS and SD....not Tati
It's Charl
It's Charl Månad sedan
Trisha is the infectious cyst of the internet.
S Delarosa
S Delarosa Månad sedan
I think when he said "30+ year olds dragging a kid" he was talking about Trisha but relating it to his situation where jeffree was doing the same thing but 🤷🏽‍♂️
Abbie Månad sedan
I mean James did put Charli front and center on his sisters merch photoshoot while Dixie is nowhere to be seen. I find that odd.
Jess Carder
Jess Carder Månad sedan
Ok, so I have several HOT TAKES. 1st when you said to call out the parents *Trisha said the same* 2nd they shouldnt be cancelled or recieved death threats *Trisha Said the same* 3rd the comparision of james getting a big head/needed humbling *Trisha made the same comparison* ... THEN in regards to Shane, 1st the things Tati said abt him are all ALLEGED. SHANE has yet (other then the ig live) to respond. I personally do not believe Shane was in the back ground conspiring against james. I just dont. Sorry not sorry. Other then that, I'm no Trisha or Shane stan.... just my personal opinion.....
Sandra Murray
Sandra Murray Månad sedan
Maybe James Charles was talking about jeffree star?
Pixie Lawrence
Pixie Lawrence Månad sedan
For god's sake teenagers are pain's in the butt. It's what they do, I've had 4 teenagers ( and yes we all survived.....god knows how ) bratty behaviour is part of being 16 and frankly it says more about the parents than the kids
Amber Nelz
Amber Nelz Månad sedan
omg I thought you said Paris Hilton. I was like why would James call her an old man
Kairi Froehlich
Kairi Froehlich Månad sedan
As someone who studies East Asia, the Japanese style is not meant to mimic African people and Trisha trying out the style is not yellow face or blackface since she wasn’t changing her skin tone to look like that race. We don’t say people wearing lolita fashion are in yellow face. Trying out fashion is okay as long as the culture agrees it’s someone they are okay with sharing. Ganguro is shared. The problem only comes with sensitivity. Just like the Dumbo movie poster wasn’t okay in Korea for their sensitivity, some black people here would have a negative reaction to seeing ganguro thinking it is blackface or it being too visually close for personal comfort.
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