loki humor | what if i was a robot and i didn't know it? [episode 1]

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thank you for watching! if you have a video request or any idea on how to improve my content let me know!

i can't believe it but it's officially loki season. i really enjoyed the episode and loki's humor was on top! i'm going to be honest, i didn't enjoy the editing of it. i'm not really happy with the result but the way the scenes were filmed didn't allow me to put the text on the screen and i had to add them as subtitles

Fandom Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)
Series Loki
Episode S01E01
Music semost.info/award/h6uga5R7kcqZvGs/video.html
Outro semost.info/award/jJidnMiAi7aOrZ4/video.html
Programm Sony Vegas Pro 15

Kadambari Jha
Kadambari Jha Månad sedan
My most awaited day after Wednesday is Saturday. Cuz those are the days when gems like these drop from the sky 💚💚💚💚 Loki is love 💚 *Pin this for no random reason*
god T
god T 17 dagar sedan
every marvel character getting taken the piss-out-of can be so gratifying !
Janrey Siano
Janrey Siano 17 dagar sedan
I love *Get help* because it was improvised lol
Sylandia 26 dagar sedan
idk Channel
idk Channel 27 dagar sedan
After Wednesday it’s wednesday
Andrea Rouse
Andrea Rouse 29 dagar sedan
Andy Robertson
Andy Robertson 12 timmar sedan
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Burrito Cat
Burrito Cat Dag sedan
This show can be freaking hilarious at times
Michaela Petrčková
Michaela Petrčková Dag sedan
The way his eyes at the beginning were into the beat 😂😂
Lily Campbell
Lily Campbell Dag sedan
"I specialize in the search for dangerous variants." "Like me?" "No, I mean particularly dangerous variants. You're just a lil' pussycat."
Timothy Martin
Timothy Martin 2 dagar sedan
Loki: im going to burn this place (TVA) to the ground. Mobius: i will show you my desk, you can start there.
Fries Is My Favorite Food
Fries Is My Favorite Food 2 dagar sedan
“I was young and lost a bet to Thor” lmao
Magz Magz
Magz Magz 2 dagar sedan
They could’ve let him answer a Recaptcha to know if he’s a robot.
KHORNE, LORD OF SKULLS 3 dagar sedan
"i was just standing up to make a point." "im sorry go ahead." "it wont be as meaningful now :(" "okay well stay seated" "ill do what i want to do >:("
Doxie Lain
Doxie Lain 3 dagar sedan
What, was that a Doctor Who reference? "Hey, I know you! You're that criminal with the blue box!"
kensredemption 3 dagar sedan
I like how the Mii Maker music is timeless.
a jacket with an asshole at both ends
a jacket with an asshole at both ends 3 dagar sedan
"makes you sound super smort"
Azelite's Channel
Azelite's Channel 4 dagar sedan
7:22 Lol
Thant Zaw Win
Thant Zaw Win 4 dagar sedan
Loki is getting old
Spencer Gimlin
Spencer Gimlin 5 dagar sedan
That stack of papers seems remarkably small to be everything Loki has ever said in the past 1500 years.
chista17 5 dagar sedan
Tom Hiddleston is a legend for performing this masterpiece character that is very potential for hiding his scars and pain
Sage Red
Sage Red 5 dagar sedan
This would be better without the wii music
Machu 5 dagar sedan
so stealing stuff from the past is okey dokey but hulk pushing tony from the future making loki escape is also allowed but loki escaping isnt
David Henderson
David Henderson 5 dagar sedan
7:22 Oh he is loving that. Now how does she like it?
S Miya
S Miya 5 dagar sedan
Did loki die on infinity war?? What timeline is this ??
Ernest Kabiro
Ernest Kabiro 6 dagar sedan
4:09 / 4:19 me verifying "I'm not a robot" google recapture.
Cyber X
Cyber X 6 dagar sedan
The way he runs when hes trying to run from the TVA lady kills me XD LMAO
Tetro Bro
Tetro Bro 6 dagar sedan
Alright, I might have to watch this show.
Dragunnitum Gaming
Dragunnitum Gaming 6 dagar sedan
sounds so awkward without the background soundtracks xD
Janella 7 dagar sedan
setting this cause i'm tired double-tapping. 4:03
RandomVidz 7 dagar sedan
Owen Wilson brought me back more than Loki did, loved his character!
Mika Mim
Mika Mim 7 dagar sedan
Elena T
Elena T 7 dagar sedan
7:40 😳😳oh yeah i forgot about this hehe
CounterCrafter 7 dagar sedan
"I don't see anything mischievous about this" *Meanwhile* "Stop... It...It...Stop...Stop It...It...Sto...p It..."
Clara Otami
Clara Otami 7 dagar sedan
"I don't like to talk" is a mood that i can understand. It doesn't work only when i talk to myself :)
michele landolfi
michele landolfi 7 dagar sedan
Loki was young 40 years ago? Bad math 😂😂😂
Mriya the wanderer
Mriya the wanderer 7 dagar sedan
Vivek Motwani
Vivek Motwani 8 dagar sedan
I love how in other videos there are only 1 or 2 comments with high likes but here there are like 10-15 comments with more than 1k likes 😂
Alex Entwistle
Alex Entwistle 8 dagar sedan
What is this god damn background music that is in every god damn video?
AJ's Toys
AJ's Toys 9 dagar sedan
Has anyone realize that what renslayer said didn't make sense? Like if the avengers were supposed to do the time heist then tony would get punched by hulk then the tessarect slide over to Loki that was supposed to happend am I right? But if that was supposed to happened then they knew that Loki was gonna teleport and cause the branch in the timeline so it means that Loki was supposed to do that right?
Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας
Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας 9 dagar sedan
The true villain of these series was not Kang, the Conqueror nor that huge beast made of smoke, darkness and death. It was all that paperwork. Just imagine it. THE PAPERWORK OF ALL THOSE GALAXIES. What a nightmare!
Bluethedragon 9 dagar sedan
4:23 is my fave lol!
The K
The K 9 dagar sedan
You know a person sounded sooo stupid when Loki start saying 'I beg your pardon' 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Golden Dragon
Golden Dragon 9 dagar sedan
Metallica robot Loki
Sapphiet 9 dagar sedan
6:29 Wait what?
Weird Anime Squad
Weird Anime Squad 9 dagar sedan
Me everytime i take a robot test : im not a robot wait what if i am a robot and i never knew about it
Chungus 9 dagar sedan
Amazing how Woodrow Wilson plays a s the lawyer. He has white hair now, intriguing how time does fly.
JustMe 9 dagar sedan
I don't get it. They made Loki stupid.
RopeDrink 9 dagar sedan
Gotta be honest... Owen Wilson is slaying that role.
shadow8017 9 dagar sedan
Anyone notice that in end game the ancient one already knew about things that could happen if reality branches so she might have known about the TVA?
Renz Noble
Renz Noble 9 dagar sedan
I haven't laugh for 9 minutes straight, plus this quality is just 👌
Wafa Irdina
Wafa Irdina 10 dagar sedan
But, like... What about a robot loki variant ?
Roman Mihalić
Roman Mihalić 10 dagar sedan
Loki is such a mood
Sushi Toshiro
Sushi Toshiro 10 dagar sedan
OMG now we know who D.B Cooper is lmaoo
nakii losoo
nakii losoo 10 dagar sedan
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Пуська Pig
Пуська Pig 11 dagar sedan
Хиддлстона в Comedy Club , срочно!
Meher Baba is God in human form
Meher Baba is God in human form 11 dagar sedan
Cassandra Osborne
Cassandra Osborne 11 dagar sedan
Wait when he said they should have taken the Avengers he wasn't wrong. The timeliness branched cause they went back in time. Loki isn't even really at fault.
Shannen Wisnowski
Shannen Wisnowski 11 dagar sedan
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Michal Piskorski
Michal Piskorski 11 dagar sedan
What movies are those?
Diana Marčeková
Diana Marčeková 11 dagar sedan
Those are the Loki series
Murgisan Moglai
Murgisan Moglai 11 dagar sedan
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Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen 12 dagar sedan
0:00 I thought this clip going to be just Loki rolling his eye in sync with Wii tune.
sang khirwan
sang khirwan 12 dagar sedan
Why so many black.
The GoldenApple Crew
The GoldenApple Crew 10 dagar sedan
excuse me?
Wolf 12 dagar sedan
The Scream reference >>>>
memes1554 12 dagar sedan
8:00 Loki doing what every child does with a light switch.
sepideh majd
sepideh majd 12 dagar sedan
Loki should work on his fighting ability
Gina Weith
Gina Weith 12 dagar sedan
Excellent question. How would any of us know. We could be replicants with embedded memories of human experiences. How would we know unless we step through the machine?
Mayank Parkash
Mayank Parkash 12 dagar sedan
This is a way to watch loki for free
ui jk
ui jk 12 dagar sedan
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Guadalupe Allen
Guadalupe Allen 12 dagar sedan
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Vendetta Kekkai
Vendetta Kekkai 12 dagar sedan
childern lol you spelled it wrong but its ok it happens
Hassan Ansari
Hassan Ansari 13 dagar sedan
When he saw infinity stones are actually paper weight He be like -: my whole life was a lie😂
Hassan Ansari
Hassan Ansari 13 dagar sedan
May favourite one I'm gonna burn this place to grown And now I use it every time 😂
peter soza
peter soza 13 dagar sedan
which website can i get this series please help
The GoldenApple Crew
The GoldenApple Crew 10 dagar sedan
Rosie Wagstaff
Rosie Wagstaff 13 dagar sedan
where did you get the music from ..the music in the background bc i need to use it for an edit but i dont know where to find it and this is amazing really funny!!!
The GoldenApple Crew
The GoldenApple Crew 10 dagar sedan
search up 'wii music'
ariel reyes
ariel reyes 14 dagar sedan
Max Vega
Max Vega 14 dagar sedan
Mobius is the best character in this series that isn't a Loki
SJM Digital
SJM Digital 14 dagar sedan
Nice removal of the background music
Taudlitz 14 dagar sedan
Criminal with a blue box? Who?
E 14 dagar sedan
Word of the century: BUNKUM
CaliforniaGirl49 14 dagar sedan
I love Loki and Mobius
Bluethedragon 14 dagar sedan
Ok so there coming out with a season 2-
Phoenix 14 dagar sedan
“ I’m not a robot ……. What if I was a robot and didn’t know?”
Marina Sastre
Marina Sastre 15 dagar sedan
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𓆩【丂ㄩ卩乇尺几口ᐯ卂】𓆪 15 dagar sedan
"What if I was a robot and I didn't know it" _captcha wants to know your location_
Heccler__ 15 dagar sedan
8:18 Hes like a child that is going “well i dont wanna do it now”
Egune Zasca
Egune Zasca 15 dagar sedan
Me when I socialize: 1:05
Ankit Rekhi
Ankit Rekhi 15 dagar sedan
Loki man 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚
tuong giang pham
tuong giang pham 15 dagar sedan
Alternate Title: Loki suffering for 9 minute straight.
Hoof Hearted Ice Melted
Hoof Hearted Ice Melted 15 dagar sedan
I'm sorry I really can't give praise for anyone who put together funny clips from LOKI, it's far too easy a challenge. In fact it's not even a challenge at all. There's far too many funny moments, it makes the job of doing it superbly easy. But I'm gonna give it a thumbs up Maria cause I have a hairy chest and I'm incredibly hot for an old guy. What has me being hot got to do with LOKI? I can't remember. I'm 50+ and at this point I can't remember how the conversation started. I paused the video at 3:23 so I'm going to watch the rest now. Did I mention what an incredible haircut LOKI has? I only mention it because now I'm bald. Where's my specs? Hugs and Kisses sister maria
TuneberyX 15 dagar sedan
Loki is voiced by Simon Cowell
Peridot 16 dagar sedan
The goofy humor didn‘t suit Loki I think. Until Avengers he was much more serious, which I would have liked more..
Jackie Hamilton
Jackie Hamilton 13 dagar sedan
The humour was always there.
Be luxury
Be luxury 16 dagar sedan
Infinity stones as paper weight ..
Dorian_jay 16 dagar sedan
Loki: "There is only one person you can trust." Mobius: "Yourself? I like it, slap it on a t-shirt."
Elsa Jean
Elsa Jean 16 dagar sedan
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richardo mellon
richardo mellon 16 dagar sedan
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Transparent View
Transparent View 16 dagar sedan
He is a God.
{insert 80s reference here}
{insert 80s reference here} 16 dagar sedan
“Trust is for children… and dogs” I’m sorry but Loki acts like a child. So he should trust everyone. Just saying….. I don’t know about the dog part though….
NRF3703 16 dagar sedan
Great stuff! IMO, the ultimate Loki joke is still: "If it's all the same to you, I'll have that drink now." LOL.
Chooser's ASMR
Chooser's ASMR 16 dagar sedan
6:25 is my favorite! 🤣🐟
prawny12009 16 dagar sedan
trust is for childern
Dr_Ryan Domki
Dr_Ryan Domki 16 dagar sedan
I beg your pardon Odin : Are u God of Pardon?
Migs 17 dagar sedan
lol paperweight infinity stones
Never gonna give You Cheese
Never gonna give You Cheese 17 dagar sedan
Am I a robot?
Karter everett
Karter everett 17 dagar sedan
The like pig pragmatically pretend because technician delightfully encourage forenenst a blue-eyed boundary. lowly, married check
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