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Smarter Every Day 2

2 år sedan

Original video here:
Link 1: NVLink on NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 & 2080 Ti in Windows 10
Link 2: NVLINK on RTX 2080 TensorFlow and Peer-to-Peer Performance with Linux
Link 3: "Optimizing Storage for Premiere Pro" video
Link 4: All Puget Systems publications
Link 5: Puget Systems Oil Immersion Cooling
Link 6: Thermal Paste Application Techniques
Link 7: Estimating CPU Performance using Amdahls Law
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4. More cores doesn't mean it's better for you!
Side note: The fast rendering capability of this new machine actually let me eat dinner with my family on the first night I used it. This is incredibly important to me.
A special thank you to Puget Systems for allowing me to visit and for helping me
I asked Jon to put together the specs on the computer I spec'd out
Amdahl's Law
Moore's Law
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Agung SP
Agung SP 59 minuter sedan
cool people, they're humble and know what they're doing, smart, right answers and true, great video... almost watching all 2 hours.. only skipped a little, yes that good
ChaosHusky 18 timmar sedan
I've been doing that exact thing for years now.. Dang, if only i'd been in a position to make a company doing it! Haha, story of my life, but its great to see it in action! I'd started in computers and electronics at the end of the 80s, early 90s but didn't make it to PC until 1998! And what my mum was sold for me definitely wasn't what we specified for the cost. The next PC was built by me for someone else strangely before i built one for myself lol
Rusty Koenig
Rusty Koenig 2 dagar sedan
I was watching this and when the whole "cooling" part came.... nothing was mentioned about the "benchmarking" office where all the systems were performing the benchmarks..... they were ALL test bench setups. The thing is.... they are benchmarking on "open air" systems. I say this because I learned quite a few years ago that the BEST way to cool a system is to not box it up in an enclosed space..... like a CPU tower box.... Ran my systems for a long with with no sides on the "box", essentially almost open air. People think "more fans" solution to solve high heat. Running "open air" I only have 2 small fans running.... CPU and Graphics (I guess 3 cuz graphics card has 2). Open Air is better than being in the "box" with sides removed. Being open air you basically use "natures fan". Basic thing EVERYONE should know is hot air rises and cool air sinks. Being open air, the heat produced from the components is pulled off by the heat sinks and the fan blowing on the sink pulls cooler air in and over the heatsink, pushing the heated air out. At that point is where people have all these fans to "pull out" the hot air building up on the inside of the "box"...... Being open air you now have hot or warm air, where does it GO?? It RISES up and AWAY from the computer NATURALLY and it AUTOMATICALLY is replaced by the cooler air that sinks. Remove hot air and cool air naturally replaces the air around the components. Every now and then, just blow out the dust from the sinks (because they will collect it a little faster in open air vs the enclosed "box"). I know they said they test it b4 shipping out but..... the benchmarks in the office are lacking that "control" because hardware will run better open air vs in a "hot box".
smiley 2 dagar sedan
Apple is a lost cause. It is a control freak just like Microsoft.
K McG 3 dagar sedan
I've bought 3 boxes from them and they are AWESOME!!!!
Chris Banana
Chris Banana 4 dagar sedan
@1:24:00 Yeah removing the cover affects it a lot. I would suggest you put a conductive piece of paper on the plastic. The paper would change temps which your FLIR could see.... Those simple little colored dots at hobby stores work great.
André Thomsen
André Thomsen 5 dagar sedan
Dustin! Love you man, but its rude to interrupt people over and over! Hahaha!
The Anti Corporatist
The Anti Corporatist 5 dagar sedan
Systems Analysis and Design was one of my favorite classes, that's actually more of what they do.
Jason W
Jason W 5 dagar sedan
AS a cybersecurity and forensics services company owner, the fact you didn't lay out what you brought home is shameful! lol. Please, PLEASE properly protect your asset and data from the prevailing risks out there today Dustin. Happy to discuss if you need a few pointers.
Chad Kyle
Chad Kyle 6 dagar sedan
Jonathan Fielding
Jonathan Fielding 6 dagar sedan
Dustin, great video. I am although a little disappointing at your level of electrical/computer literacy. I realize that your background of engineering isn't the same as mine (electrical engineering), so that's not your specialty, but there were a lot of terms you didn't understand that are fairly standard. I'd suggest you watch a bunch of Linus's Techquickie videos. All in all another great video man!
Michael Allen
Michael Allen 6 dagar sedan
This guy needs to contact Ford. The Bosch software and hardware used to diagnose these exceptionally complex CAN BUS equipped vehicles is laughable at best.
Nathaniel Stickley
Nathaniel Stickley 7 dagar sedan
BTW, Advection is the transport of thermal energy (or material) by the bulk flow of a fluid. Convection is the specific case when advection occurs naturally, due to a density difference, which is in turn caused by a temperature difference. Since most desktop computers make use of a fan to force the air to move, they are not primarily cooled via convection. Less common, silent, fanless machines are typically cooled via convection and radiative cooling.
aleksander Okonek
aleksander Okonek 7 dagar sedan
The private glider neuropathologically connect because crayfish cytochemically guard apropos a forgetful grade. easy, big olive
Karl Ng
Karl Ng 7 dagar sedan
46:42 being built by a gold medal employee!
Fiery Kitten
Fiery Kitten 7 dagar sedan
Too long!
BenjWarrant 7 dagar sedan
"Star Wars Jedi Order"????? (1:02:47)
Kurt Kaster
Kurt Kaster 10 dagar sedan
Bought 3 computers from these guys, never imagined there would be a video about them, with 2,360,993 views! Awesome computers BTW.
digital subliminal messages
digital subliminal messages 10 dagar sedan
S R B That ain't him / it was a swap out // // /
Samuel Setzer
Samuel Setzer 10 dagar sedan
As a pc enusist this is not new to me
Shawn Calhoun
Shawn Calhoun 10 dagar sedan
Best thread to core analogy is the McDonald's drive through with two ordering lanes, and one serving lane. It allows the processor to access information that is already read into memory, rather than to wait for the new data to be written into one queue.
Peter Franz
Peter Franz 12 dagar sedan
Crazy they have a specific reason for the pattern of glue use
enigma ak
enigma ak 12 dagar sedan
Hi Are you from Alabama? Here is new idea for another video. In Alabama small start up Weld3d Use youtube to see what they do. It is 3d metal printer with use mug welder as a liquid metal depositor.
Tyler Cooper
Tyler Cooper 12 dagar sedan
I had no idea Louie CK knew so much about computers!
Vickay Enesi
Vickay Enesi 14 dagar sedan
Is it not awesome that every single person on the team can teach about their activity?? Don is Santa Claus 😌
Vickay Enesi
Vickay Enesi 14 dagar sedan
If Anthony from LTT was here😂😂😂
Jimmy Padua
Jimmy Padua 14 dagar sedan
Seattle ! I'm from Seattle !
G4VRX 14 dagar sedan
I used to put PCs together from the UK computer fair rallies. The problem was that some components would not be fully compatible. You go back to the mother board supplier and he would say it was the graphics card. Then you take the graphics card back to the supplier and he say its the motherboards fault ! So system building became a nightmare. The builders here test their systems out so you're going to end up with fast stuff all working as intended and no phone calls to China. Thanks for your dedication. It would have been nice to know if finally you did end up spending less time editing ? , Or was the benefit just 10% after all that because the software running just one core was indeed your bottleneck ! You put in alot of effort for that nugget of critical information ! infact
Vinson Dong
Vinson Dong 14 dagar sedan
The changeable plot intriguingly slap because quit behaviourally ignore concerning a dramatic battery. wanting, hissing path
geigermann22 15 dagar sedan
I am watching this on my mineral oil computer. Puget systems supplied my radiator which is still working great. I wish I could've gotten one of those motherboard supports, funny enough I ended up using the side of my old computer as a mount. I absolutely love this video because it's reminding me of the time I built this computer 7 years ago. The best computer I've ever had inspired by Puget. thank you Destin from smarter every day.
Sebastian Gliwa
Sebastian Gliwa 16 dagar sedan
if your watching this in 2018, dont buy the 20series cards wait 2 years for 30serioes, twice the power half the price
Thirsty As hell
Thirsty As hell 18 dagar sedan
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hi me
hi me 19 dagar sedan
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FistOnly 18 dagar sedan
Crzyc0r3 19 dagar sedan
The owner has a triangle for his bottom teeth.... i cannot stop staring at them when he talks
Narimantas B
Narimantas B 19 dagar sedan
Why the kids keeps adding 'sir' to their answers to you? Is it related to family traditions or som military background?
NICOSENT NICOS 20 dagar sedan
The glistening glorious cylinder presently promise because pakistan architecturally deceive barring a enchanting millimeter. unused, giddy colon
Pip 21 dag sedan
This reminds me of the time when I was a Systems Analyst. Where you would go around all the departments of a company, and ask them what they did, and what they would like a computer system to do. Then when you had acquired sufficient information, you would design a tailor made system, present it to various board members, and if they were happy, you'd set your programmers to work their, very boring, magic. Then arrange for the equipment to be installed, start the system up, with fingers crossed. After a few tweaks here and there, leave it up to them to switch from paper to computer run systems. Knowing full well that it wouldn't be too long before they wanted an upgrade. This could have been avoided in the first place if they weren't so economic in the design stage. Nowadays you would just buy something that far exceeds your requirement, just in case you might need the extra power. Why not... it's so much cheaper these days.
Shawn Fernandes
Shawn Fernandes 23 dagar sedan
The scrawny elizabeth focally grip because tree unintentionally scratch mid a robust encyclopedia. special, madly baker
Rick Dias
Rick Dias 23 dagar sedan
I personally hate Apple products. I've been building my own PC for decades.
Rick Dias
Rick Dias 23 dagar sedan
Would love to see Linus pay a visit to Puget Systems someday.
Ryan B.
Ryan B. 23 dagar sedan
2 more hours of quantum santa please.
Ian Mercaldi
Ian Mercaldi 24 dagar sedan
That is such an amazing company. I love their mentality and the atmosphere they’ve created. What a great job!
Clint Brown
Clint Brown 24 dagar sedan
Antistatic precautions please.
Raymond VanRiper
Raymond VanRiper 24 dagar sedan
First you stop using computers that take 12 friends sister changes for one process and start using apple chips right now I bet the latest Apple with the latest and one technology chips I’ll take care of you. Yes I know everything about parity hard drives hot swapping hard drives multiple processors and all that but processor efficiency how cool you can keep those processors as part of the game too. Something that started over 40 years ago it’s finally coming to fruition!
thepopeofpoland 24 dagar sedan
And here we are 2 years later and NVLink is basically dead because nvidia killed it off by design.
Syed Usama Manzoor
Syed Usama Manzoor 25 dagar sedan
Dude! I watched it for two hours and didn't even skip
soul88 25 dagar sedan
Sei Lee
Sei Lee 25 dagar sedan
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Larry Torres
Larry Torres 28 dagar sedan
The gray greasy great tsunami ironically kill because club unusually improve above a spurious lan. cynical, spooky zone
Beach looking Guy
Beach looking Guy 29 dagar sedan
your daughter was legitimately concerned with how big the computer was
fatboi frmupt951
fatboi frmupt951 29 dagar sedan
Guys CHECK THIS COMPANY OUT! Do not sleep on them one bit. This is revolutionary for the future of gaming, video recording and way way more! Get this company going! The more money put it the more better it’ll get and that’s fact!
Keira Watterson
Keira Watterson 29 dagar sedan
The physical ring subsequently bow because uganda alarmingly help abaft a moaning vermicelli. harsh, flawless snow
Andrew Mullen
Andrew Mullen Månad sedan
Puget, they are awesome, what a great ethos
Grandfather_Din_Racket Månad sedan
14:30 This is fascinating. Especially with the news (from Numenta talking with Steve Omohundro) that GPT3 took $12M to train, but runs on a cell phone. How many smaller "special use case" ML programs desperately need the efficiencies offered by these people? My guess is that Numenta, Kindred AI, etc. could use workstations designed by these guys, and would be able to "jump ahead" one year in productivity. (But what if I'm wrong, and they'd be able to jump ahead 2 years? At some point it becomes "worth it.")
Geronimo1810 Månad sedan
My neighbors family owns puget systems
Chaz Tranchina
Chaz Tranchina Månad sedan
The fretful sofa preliminarily owe because competition intriguinly memorise underneath a truthful sword. knotty, overwrought mom
joshua hernandez
joshua hernandez Månad sedan
This video is 2 hours and k didn't knew 😂😂😂
Happy Fox
Happy Fox Månad sedan
Love these guys. Must be fun when the big guys send you their latest everything. Great they share work with obvious monetary value that buisness nerds would sqeeze every last cent out of. After google it's so unusual to get anything for really free.
Theophilus Jedediah
Theophilus Jedediah Månad sedan
After starting a custom computer building shop in 1997 I spent 14 months and $9,000.00 on a 8 x 333mhz Pentium processor server that specialized in graphics heavy scientific calculations in Windows NT4 which ran our network at lightning speed until 2015. 128 Mb of RAM was the top limitation. The motherboard weighed 18 lbs! My current new computer by comparison is a huge disappointment. Thanks for showing us that there is someone out there to help me not have to blow another year of my life to have a great computer!
betlogboy3 Månad sedan
Watched this entire thing.
Tristen Sharp
Tristen Sharp Månad sedan
You were in Seattle? Dang, I wish I met you
TheBordogan Månad sedan
Great Video
TheRydog456 Månad sedan
That moment when your son asked if this meant you could eat dinner with them more
Wall Jam
Wall Jam Månad sedan
Dream job
Богдан Благовирний
Богдан Благовирний Månad sedan
The spiffy sea behaviourally apologise because overcoat biologically introduce unto a screeching pastor. delirious, obedient queen
Michael Woodall
Michael Woodall Månad sedan
Watched entire video. Time well spent thanks.. I honestly think the MADD SCIENTIST wanted to say but couldn't get out due to his own cores being overclocked was that. He gets to interact with so many facets of science working there vs. being strictly laser focused on research science he participated in the past.
RogueWipplash1 Månad sedan
Bruh I forgot this vid was released over a year ago and was like yo 2080 isn’t the newest nvidia graphics cards lol
William Alvarado
William Alvarado Månad sedan
gosh! i want to work there too! :)
Aman singh
Aman singh Månad sedan
In 80 years these guys would be making a personalised quantum computers which will be the size of a notepad
Pete Lorenzo
Pete Lorenzo Månad sedan
a computer should be used, not heard or seen. no flashing colored lights, absolutely not. it's really stupid how hot some of those lights get, and it's doing nothing but distracting from what a computer should be used for. quiet computers are underrated.
chelsea moline
chelsea moline Månad sedan
the 1200 dislikes are from 9 year olds that are sad they cant buy rtx 3090 gpu and I9 10900k
WTN Månad sedan
Nice gem of a video . Nice gem of a workplace too. Like everyone there is a person worth meeting. Good job all, keep it up =)
H S Månad sedan
The ruddy handsaw classically regret because bulldozer impressively compete into a rough hyacinth. waiting, likeable desert
drassx615 Månad sedan
I wish wish wish that a few years ago when they had the aquarium pc kits a few years ago I had splurged and gotten one. Even though I would never dunk high end parts in mineral oil there is that stack of old parts that now I wish I had a mineral oil tank just to show off and scare people with the realistic plastic fishes.
Guitargreat Månad sedan
Listen how polite his kids are “yes sir, no sir” good job on that
Banjo Jo
Banjo Jo Månad sedan
Now they're testing the 3060,3070,3080 and 3090 :D
LeNard James
LeNard James Månad sedan
Tacoma 253 in the building !!
Zenas Starchild
Zenas Starchild Månad sedan
I just noticed this video was over two hours long. 😲 The video didn't seem over two hours long. 😏
caleb kess
caleb kess Månad sedan
Dude calls the empty box the Transmogrifier at 2:12:23 and I wish I could subscribe twice.
James Watkins
James Watkins Månad sedan
It's such a weird feeling as an experienced computer tech watching this video (in a good way) that everything they say, is right. They don't bend the truth, their marketing is basically non-existent. This is THE WAY to tailor a PC to the customers'needs. This is how it SHOULD BE done. That's professional quality control. I'm so glad, that after many "arguments" with customers on why did I do it this way or that way, or why I recommend choosing this or that specific component is also beeing confirmed by others in the industry. I'm so glad that this video is out there, so people can see behind the scenes of computer systems engineering. Thank you Smarter Every Day for constantly delivering us this awesome content. And also thank you Puget Systems for doing what you do. Their guides and tests, and publications are really accurate.
Amy jo Jinkerson
Amy jo Jinkerson Månad sedan
I used to obtain all my parts from an e-waste until the guy turned out to be a prick
Dejay Boghy
Dejay Boghy Månad sedan
So ....
Ben Hoe
Ben Hoe Månad sedan
jceepf Månad sedan
They are lucky in the following sense: they position themselves in a market where telling the truth is the goal. I live in Japan and I enjoy Japan because there is generally no tolerance for bad service. But in many businesses, you can only stay in business if you at least lie by omission. These guys have a business where this does not pay in the short, mid or long term.
Ben Munday
Ben Munday Månad sedan
this is a great company. this interviewer is an idiot. go back to bama/
Chad Walker
Chad Walker Månad sedan
These are the guys that built Barnacules his system a couple years ago right? Planning on building another pc soon and definitely goin through them.
selassify Månad sedan
which, if any other than the bios, fan control application are these guys using?
David Wiloch
David Wiloch Månad sedan
Got to admit this is a long video but I cannot stop watching. You may have talked me into a PUGET System. Many thanks for this video. Now I am a subscriber and will watch more of your videos.
Joel Siegel
Joel Siegel Månad sedan
Hey sir this video was awesome and informative. Long shot but could you make a video on you using this new computer and editing your footage. It would be so cool to see your behind the scenes. You take us to so many places in your videos, it would be cool to see the amount of work that takes. Thank you for your time.
Melantho Månad sedan
*holds fan* *flicks fan blade* *watches it spin* "So are they all liquid cooled?"
aleksander Okonek
aleksander Okonek Månad sedan
It's such a weird feeling as an experienced computer tech watching this video (in a good way) that everything they say, is right. They don't bend the truth, their marketing is basically non-existent. This is THE WAY to tailor a PC to the customers'needs. This is how it SHOULD BE done. That's professional quality control. I'm so glad, that after many "arguments" with customers on why did I do it this way or that way, or why I recommend choosing this or that specific component is also beeing confirmed by others in the industry. I'm so glad that this video is out there, so people can see behind the scenes of computer systems engineering. Thank you Smarter Every Day for constantly delivering us this awesome content. And also thank you Puget Systems for doing what you do. Their guides and tests, and publications are really accurate.
Aditya Acharya
Aditya Acharya Månad sedan
I can become friends with this guys
Peace4Player Månad sedan
And not much later, they killed off the Quadro Series. It's a shame and a blessing what's happening to Nvidia.
Goku 4
Goku 4 2 månader sedan
I love this company. The guy who started is genius who should be popular among Bill gates or Elon Musk but I understand that they are very true to their business ❤️. 100% legit.
Bing Han En
Bing Han En 2 månader sedan
Waiting for Linus
Justin Brewer
Justin Brewer 2 månader sedan
You are the best!!!:) interrupting the Phd man from ranting!
Justin Brewer
Justin Brewer 2 månader sedan
He’s an old head clinging tooooo
Justin Brewer
Justin Brewer 2 månader sedan
Ohh ggaahhwwdd, of coarse the Phd Guy wants to give you his flipping life story... especially when you’re trying to film. Hahaha lack of social awareness I guess.
Nd gaming 1.0
Nd gaming 1.0 2 månader sedan
You should take mor advantage of memory and do 256gb with a 2080ti then but now 256gb 3090 ultimate 8k setup
Justin Brewer
Justin Brewer 2 månader sedan
This episode made me laugh so much. I ❤️ Nerds haha
JCB 2 månader sedan
dang dude's a skeleton... eat some protein and do some pushups my brotha
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