"If That's Beef, Then I Was Born In Bangladesh" | Kitchen Nightmares

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Kitchen Nightmares

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Gordon visits Dillions, where he has his skills tested to the absolute max.
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Sumon Akand
Sumon Akand Timme sedan
He runs a hotel business USA like Bangladesh.🤣🤣😜
Sfaccimma OwO
Sfaccimma OwO 2 timmar sedan
Im in love with Andrew 😭
Daemon 4 timmar sedan
12:48 “Would you let him stand around playing with his dick?” 😂
Mr Mohamed Osman Ibrahim
Mr Mohamed Osman Ibrahim 4 timmar sedan
How is Gordon Ramsay teaching him how to cook his own home dish Indian cuisine 🤷🏽‍♂️
Crimson_Firecorvus 4 timmar sedan
32:38 *insert rick dalton pointing meme*
V1KT0R P3TR0VIC 4 timmar sedan
This episode gave me chills Edit: I am so happy for it to have a nice ending
Dániel Faller
Dániel Faller 5 timmar sedan
"It always worries me when they put tomato roses on top of food ... and the tomato is rotten." Gordon Ramsay cant stop laughing
Google User
Google User 5 timmar sedan
the manager is def fucking the curly waitress
BeyonD Gaming
BeyonD Gaming 5 timmar sedan
''from zero to hundred''
Fati mdz
Fati mdz 7 timmar sedan
when gorden says to u to repeat ur sentence ur crearer is emding my brothers
Priyanka 7 timmar sedan
Vikas can make magic
Werner Mills
Werner Mills 7 timmar sedan
The deeply cormorant intrinsically educate because geology aboaly possess by a hoc editorial. cluttered, alert mall
Priyanka 7 timmar sedan
I love how he takes the matter in his hands "clean is fucking clean"
The Plump Chicken
The Plump Chicken 8 timmar sedan
Purnima closed I believed in 2009. Vikas has written loads of cook books, featured on Hell’s Kitchen and Masterchef:India Martin tried to sue Gordon for $3,000,000 after he claimed he ruined his career
The Plump Chicken
The Plump Chicken 8 timmar sedan
When they went down into the basement 🤢🤢🤢 I didn’t think it could get any worse
Abrahim Zarifian Kamyab
Abrahim Zarifian Kamyab 9 timmar sedan
i honestly dont want to go to dinners anymore because honestly you don't know what your putting in your mouth..
random surfer
random surfer 9 timmar sedan
Vikas khanna is a MasterChef judge, contestants are making his fusion dishes now. One of the most humble chefs in the industry.❤️
Shuvo Bhakto
Shuvo Bhakto 9 timmar sedan
মিস্টার মোহাম্মদ আপনার কর্মচারীদের গাফিলতির কারণে আপনার এতো ক্ষতি এবং রেস্তোরার সুনাম নষ্ট দুটোই একসাথে হয়েছে
Name 10 timmar sedan
15:00 E D I T I N G 100
erickson tiosan
erickson tiosan 10 timmar sedan
Well. . . Cmon gordon. . Thats Indian. . .
Basham86 10 timmar sedan
this has gotta be one of, if not the worst from any episode
Olivér Gerse
Olivér Gerse 11 timmar sedan
I'd love The beef boner
Mike jan Buniel
Mike jan Buniel 13 timmar sedan
If ur in an argument just whisper and look dead in the eyes and tell them “ you’re fucking guilty “
PD nim's wifeu
PD nim's wifeu 13 timmar sedan
Gordon:Look for new job! Camera man : *focus on martin you doughnut*
MyDokuChannel 13 timmar sedan
*I am creeped out with the situation of that "restaurant".* *I can't believe that something like that wouldn't shut down immediately by the FDA.* *It is a major health risk*
Max Mustermann
Max Mustermann 15 timmar sedan
"Martin, give me the phone", "Is it off?!", triggered some school flashbacks i didn't know existed 😂
Raiyan Ahmed
Raiyan Ahmed 15 timmar sedan
did he just insulted Bangladesh??
Gazi M Shahzaib Hassan
Gazi M Shahzaib Hassan 16 timmar sedan
I'm an Bangladeshi and that is an insult of us
Avi Bents
Avi Bents 17 timmar sedan
man i wanna open a hygiene hazard of a restaurant just so Gordon can come and yell at me for a while while he trying to fix it
Blind EyE
Blind EyE 17 timmar sedan
Gordon: Good Im lonely Me: Same.
Bob Kumar
Bob Kumar 19 timmar sedan
That staff should’ve had English lessons given along with the visa
Bob Kumar
Bob Kumar 19 timmar sedan
Where are we? New Jersey ! Could be New Delhi as far as the chef is concerned
Bob Kumar
Bob Kumar 19 timmar sedan
General manager? General tosspot 🤣
Ajendra Sharma
Ajendra Sharma Dag sedan
These Bangladeshi and Pakistanis are so ashamed of their identity that they call themselves Indian
Ayo A72
Ayo A72 Dag sedan
my man gordon walking around lookin like hes bout to kill some ghosts 20:35 while ghostbusters music plays
LK60 Dag sedan
New Jersey lol
murrayp4 Dag sedan
This one has to be one of the worst hygiene wise
Broken Dag sedan
23:20 Gordon : YOU CAN LET GO NOW Chef : no D:
Mesa Dag sedan
Well, this was the wrong video to watch while eating
This is not the Indian restaurant... It is a bangladeshi restaurant.... They talk to each other in bengali
TehWhiteTiger Dag sedan
One half of the staff can't even remember what part of America they are in and the other half are clearly sleeping together. Somehow I don't think any of them are their for the cooking...
TehWhiteTiger Dag sedan
This may be the worst kitchen on the entire show. Somehow I don't think the staff were chosen for their skillsets..
Aaron Lorenzo
Aaron Lorenzo Dag sedan
Resident Evil: Gordon visit
Mohammad Adnan
Mohammad Adnan Dag sedan
6:18 is it really??
OnceByte Dag sedan
Don't know what she's on about "got no tables" There's tables full of fucking flies everywhere
Fatin Faiaz Isty
Fatin Faiaz Isty Dag sedan
I never expected a Bengali speaking Owner and Chef in Kitchen Nightmares, and it went as expected :p
hukso huksovich
hukso huksovich Dag sedan
that "MY GOD" on the end though
hukso huksovich
hukso huksovich Dag sedan
God bless you Gordon
CWK Dag sedan
First upgrade your OS to windows10
Sofia L
Sofia L Dag sedan
Says beef on the menu. Looks like pork. Is lamb.
Rahib gaming
Rahib gaming Dag sedan
How many times gordon ramsay tells fuck
Empress Carrot
Empress Carrot Dag sedan
Gordon: "Look at that!" (Touches stuff with live cockroaches running under his fingers 👐)
Balazsnyikov Cz
Balazsnyikov Cz Dag sedan
Gordon's stomach: pls no Gordon: eats it anyway
SoyFace01 Dag sedan
feel so bad for mohammad lmao
Russian Kai
Russian Kai Dag sedan
Does anyone know why did this restaurant close
Echy LN
Echy LN Dag sedan
I'm not a bangladeshi, still i feel that's inappropriate thing to say..
DR3DD 2 dagar sedan
That cockroach part was a nightmare
farea islam
farea islam 2 dagar sedan
That is a bangladeshi restaurant. The owner is a cheater too calling its indian
James Nadar
James Nadar 2 dagar sedan
Mohammed had money but don't know what are the Indian cuisine.... And serving shit in the name of food... He should thank Gordon and vikas
rêveur 2 dagar sedan
Whenever I was seeing these shitty restaurants I was thinking why they are like that, how to change them for good. Gordon did that, a great initiative, it's so satisfying to watch! This is actually no less better than watching him cook. He should do more of these stuffs ^^
Mahira K
Mahira K 2 dagar sedan
The two waitress are just s@it
ALL THINGS TO ALL MEN 2 dagar sedan
Gordon making grown ass men his b*tches...lmao mans is ruthless!
꧁Sam - James Roland Villorejo꧂
꧁Sam - James Roland Villorejo꧂ 2 dagar sedan
~The audacity~
19-Shoronjeet Banerjee
19-Shoronjeet Banerjee 2 dagar sedan
23:43 That's Vikas khanna, consultant chef then. Now an Indian culinary legend. His restaurant was awarded the Michelin star for 6 consecutive years....
Sudipta Ghosh
Sudipta Ghosh 2 dagar sedan
when Bangladeshi's run Indian restaurant :))
Nij R
Nij R 2 dagar sedan
Gordons such a legend when I saw Vikas in the Kitchen on day of launch and Gordon said he would be watching Martin I knew Gordon knows he was taking Mo for a ride and was THE one to look after the entire place for Mo and did absolutely nothing the place was putrid before Gordon arrived and someone like that needs to go. Mo called in Gordon and wants to right wrongs. Op mamager clearly trying hard, even cooking. No need for Martin. Complete waste of money.
Fratz 2 dagar sedan
Gordon just casually catches a fly.
conflagrationTuesday 2 dagar sedan
That twat Martin deserved everything he got and more. What an ineffectual piece of work he was.
Abhishek ml
Abhishek ml 2 dagar sedan
Every Kitchen Nightmares episode.... Before Ramsay comes : No customers When Ramsay is there : Restaurant's f**king full....
md. Ashraful Arefin
md. Ashraful Arefin 2 dagar sedan
i am living in bangladesh
PAULY PINEAPPLE 2 dagar sedan
someones shagging the waitress lol
Whoa dont zucc me dude
Whoa dont zucc me dude 2 dagar sedan
anyone from bangladesh?
Shanerey Lamboloto
Shanerey Lamboloto 2 dagar sedan
I think the common denominator here of all restaurants featured is that there is that one staff or manager who actually cares but due to culture of "stay out of my business" those who care cannot step up, even if the one who is supposed to hold all the shit together is not taking responsibility.
Roblo' Gamin!
Roblo' Gamin! 2 dagar sedan
everybody's gangsta until gordon asks to eat your own food
Lzy Soul
Lzy Soul 2 dagar sedan
26:25 that girl simping
Alexander Budianto
Alexander Budianto 2 dagar sedan
Andrew: I make sure that there's toilet paper to wipe your butt with. We need Andrew RIGHT NOW!!!
Samir Shukla
Samir Shukla 2 dagar sedan
[ yoonieyoonie ]
[ yoonieyoonie ] 2 dagar sedan
Gggggggggggggordon Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrramsay
Borsa Yayin
Borsa Yayin 3 dagar sedan
How the health inspectors gives these kind of restraunts works
Rick Y
Rick Y 3 dagar sedan
She isn't wrong @00:51. It's a wave.
Rena's Kitchen
Rena's Kitchen 3 dagar sedan
Olaniawo Ifeloluwa
Olaniawo Ifeloluwa 3 dagar sedan
Thought Ramsey was a piece of shit..but dayyum I love him.... Martin is obviously a piece of shit
Shuvajit Mukherjee
Shuvajit Mukherjee 3 dagar sedan
This is a Bangladeshi restaurant...they shouldn't advertise Indian food if they can't keep up with the standards
Shuvajit Mukherjee
Shuvajit Mukherjee 3 dagar sedan
Just to make it crystal clear......biriyani is made with long grained rice, not short grained ones. Short grained rice is used for regular dinner not biriyani
Kiara Solis
Kiara Solis 3 dagar sedan
how does that chef not know where he’s living lmao
eman X
eman X 3 dagar sedan
Martin piss me off. He is a liability to the restaurant. I'm glad he quit.
O H 3 dagar sedan
"3 fucking managers and they're all shit" 🤣 "General manager? General tosspot" 🤣
Ted Cleveland
Ted Cleveland 3 dagar sedan
tbh its not just this place you will sees lot of fly..pretty much every indian retaurants ..i wondering why
Paras Gates
Paras Gates 3 dagar sedan
*It's Bangladesh kitchen not Indian by adding Indian menu servicing shit to customers is actually misusing the name and fame of India*
Rose M
Rose M 3 dagar sedan
16:22 get Gordon on I’m a celebrity get me out of here 28:41 Look for a new job - zooms to Martin
Rose Lyrics
Rose Lyrics 3 dagar sedan
Gordon's total focus on Martin 😁😁
arghya kamal saha
arghya kamal saha 3 dagar sedan
Anyone watching from India or Bangladesh😂? Mark your presence they were actually speaking Bengali Language 😅
Lol-Mashroom Gacha-Lol
Lol-Mashroom Gacha-Lol 3 dagar sedan
Ew bugs
Lou 3 dagar sedan
Fardin Riasad Khan Taisir
Fardin Riasad Khan Taisir 3 dagar sedan
Its kinda horrible that they are assuming Indian to those Bangladeshi peoples, after even hearing Bengali from them.
Sam Nigam
Sam Nigam 3 dagar sedan
Purnima was a good resturant but got closed down in NYC. But the reality is this Restaurant was once a horror show thanks to that shitty incompetent manager Martin but the other manager Khan saved the day. Kitchen was filthy rotten n bullshit Restaurant got closed down even after Gordon Helped them made it best. Best Western n Indian restaurants are in Washington California Texas n Florida.
3rd Rate
3rd Rate 3 dagar sedan
The subway on the opposite side of the street got some good sponsor
tejas shetty
tejas shetty 3 dagar sedan
This restaurant would make a great sitcom
Shafiullah Akila
Shafiullah Akila 3 dagar sedan
Why the fuck would you say this about a country??
Shanto Roy
Shanto Roy 3 dagar sedan
Just because u know how to turn some spoons u can say anything haaaa 😠😠
Henrik Jönsson
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