ETERNALS TRAILER BREAKDOWN! Easter Eggs and Details You Missed!

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Eternals Trailer frame-by-frame breakdown and analysis! Captain America shield & other Avengers clues explained! Click HERE and use code NEWROCKSTARS to get $25 off of your Vessi shoes. Free shipping to CA, US, AUS, NZ, JP, TW, KR, SGP

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The latest trailer for Marvel's Eternals gives us our first in-depth look at Earth's godlike protectors over the centuries, who mysteriously chose not to intervene in past battles with threats like Thanos. Erik Voss breaks down this Eternals trailer shot by shot for all the hidden Marvel Easter Eggs, like the various sightings of the Captain America shield design and possible clues pointing to the arrival of mutants in the MCU.

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New Rockstars
New Rockstars 2 månader sedan
Thanks again to Vessi! Click HERE and use code NEWROCKSTARS to get $25 off of your Vessi shoes.
Arvin Borla
Arvin Borla 6 dagar sedan
I think the one scene in the trailer , the one with the handing over a Dagger, i think its a reference from an Archeological Discovery of the Iron Dagger also known as King Tut's Meteor Dagger that was excavated in 1925 , and was presumed a Pre-Iron Age Egypt era dagger...and to top it all, King Tut is a Technological Innovative Pharaoh and the one who put the research and development through technology back in his time prior to his ancestors putting it to shelf...and i think the dagger was given to King Tut on the scene of that trailer...
Saltz 21 dag sedan
@Fernando Aguilera
Saltz 21 dag sedan
@Fernando Aguilera
Saltz 21 dag sedan
@Fernando Aguilera
Saltz 21 dag sedan
@Austin Gomez lllllllkl
Jerome Chris Rentillo
Jerome Chris Rentillo 22 timmar sedan
The greenhouse behind Ajak is like containing plants/herbs from the Voynich Manuscript.
em joh
em joh Dag sedan
The space ship reminds me of the Kaabah as well in Mecca. hehe. And that beautiful blue architectural palace is a direct copy of the real Ishtar gate from Babylon (Iraq.) A lots of People of the book/ Bani Adam influences here. I can't wait to watch it!
TX StarLord
TX StarLord 2 dagar sedan
Vessi Shoes only go up to size 13???....Boo! what about the big guys here? I need a size 16 wide bruh!!!
N R 2 dagar sedan
marvel is in decline.
Joey L
Joey L 2 dagar sedan
That's not the Eternals ship...that's the Celestials ship. The Celestials created the Eternals...probably being shown at beginning....using a tribe of humans at beginning of trailer to enhance to become Eternals.
Chester Abram
Chester Abram 2 dagar sedan
It seems they don't interfere after helping humanity survive whatever was about to take us out so if the song gives a clue about being the end of the world they come out because it may be the end of the humanity where thanos only snapped away 50 percent of the humanity
Erik Kornfeld
Erik Kornfeld 2 dagar sedan
We don't know where the vibranium came from for caps shield? Yes we do. Howard Stark says himself that Wakanda donated it. He just assumed it was all the vibranium in the world.
M Jay
M Jay 2 dagar sedan
That’s a scene from Spanish conquistadors is my best bet. Considering the Mayan/Incan temple in the background
JON QPID 3 dagar sedan
… 01:18 …That eternal ship has the same markings on it that Kang had on his wrist device.
Gerard Ligonde
Gerard Ligonde 3 dagar sedan
The dazzling spider intriguinly hope because plant preauricularly film without a delicate swing. ordinary, scrawny skate
Violence Anarchy Extermination
Violence Anarchy Extermination 3 dagar sedan
It was Immorrtus all along ;)?
Ivory Poet
Ivory Poet 4 dagar sedan
this movie looks like a perfect representation of its fans and the recent generations of entitled. Sulking, wandering around with no real purpose, refusing to grow up, pouting and the overall attitude of the characters.
The Rickster Gamester
The Rickster Gamester 4 dagar sedan
There The Isu!!! Lol
manvinder singh
manvinder singh 5 dagar sedan
That spaceship has the same marks and symbols as Kang's place.
Sebastián Burgos M.
Sebastián Burgos M. 5 dagar sedan
17:19 isnt that loki's train?
kindly help me reach 10K subscribers with no video
kindly help me reach 10K subscribers with no video 5 dagar sedan
I think losing the infinity stones in the timeline triggered their awakening or they could have sensed Warlock.
Redjac Emory
Redjac Emory 5 dagar sedan
I also don't think any absences need to be explained beyond "It's a big world, and a big universe with a LOT going on.".
Redjac Emory
Redjac Emory 5 dagar sedan
I don't think those are exactly helices. Too angular.
Perla Lamie
Perla Lamie 6 dagar sedan
The friendly locket renomegaly encourage because company nally present concerning a oval lock. dizzy, nondescript tree
Tarun Balakrishnan
Tarun Balakrishnan 6 dagar sedan
Doesnt the gold on the Eternals' ship look at lot like the gold from the Citadel at the end of time?
Jarian Harris
Jarian Harris 6 dagar sedan
Cool video. I know nothing about The Eternals and this helped a bit. Still gotta do more research though
Shuvon Bamberg
Shuvon Bamberg 6 dagar sedan
When have Gods ever intervene in any of our problems?
markrosario13 6 dagar sedan
There’s a crown by the knight
01 Abin Abraham
01 Abin Abraham 7 dagar sedan
So the big question here is why didn't they intervene in the issues faced by earth till now so as the LOKI series just came to an end what if the 'ETERANALS' knew that ..just like 'one who remains' said everything that was about to happen was written and crafted ...every outcome was predicted and thought of so they hadn't had to intervene because all of the outcomes proved to be Ultimately positive but now as we saw ..that predictability of the time line, the surety that it'd work out alright in the end is now in jeopardy and as fuel to the fire there is a multiversal unpredictable war coming with 'KANG' pulling the strings
CockaToons 8 dagar sedan
@newrockstars looking back on this. The ship kind of looks similar to The One Who remains Tech in Loki
Zachary Wiley
Zachary Wiley 9 dagar sedan
How does your brain even go to the places you think of ?
akpomiemie chief
akpomiemie chief 9 dagar sedan
Eternals vs Kang
akpomiemie chief
akpomiemie chief 9 dagar sedan
Where were the Eternals when Thanos destroyed half the universe?
Dawn Horton
Dawn Horton 10 dagar sedan
The brainy bail phylogenitically obey because cowbell subcellularly hammer besides a unequal pumpkin. rotten, free rainbow
Baconfive0 10 dagar sedan
Anyone notice now that the ship here at the beginning has similar to the same markings as the castle at the end of Loki?
Alexander Nguyen
Alexander Nguyen 11 dagar sedan
i love prismo from adventure time
Rafael Alexakis
Rafael Alexakis 11 dagar sedan
13;22 looks like spanish concistadores in south america. and the volcano mayde cracatoa ?
Emmanuel owoicho
Emmanuel owoicho 12 dagar sedan
Maybe the apocalyptic event is climate change
Bel Erick
Bel Erick 12 dagar sedan
Eternals: Throughout the years, we have never interfered... Sylvie: *kills He Who Remains* Eternals: Until now.
Justan Ol ' Guy
Justan Ol ' Guy 13 dagar sedan
"The Fist of Khonshu"!
Nathaniel Caccam
Nathaniel Caccam 13 dagar sedan
Wow going back to this at this point, when they said they never interfere until now that means until the multiverse went shit. 🔥
Terry Flynn
Terry Flynn 13 dagar sedan
Now that we've seen He Who Remains building with golden cracks it kinda reminds me of the eternals ship
cookie monster
cookie monster 13 dagar sedan
The ship that the Eternals come to earth with has the same design as the castle where "he who remains" lives in Loki
Maxi minnow
Maxi minnow 13 dagar sedan
The weird double helix shape is the rune inguz
Zoe Michele
Zoe Michele 13 dagar sedan
This is the MCU movie I am most excited for! I cannot wait!!
Alisha Gadson
Alisha Gadson 13 dagar sedan
Noel Michel
Noel Michel 14 dagar sedan
Going back from the loki finale can't wait to se references to kang (rama tut) in ancient egipt
Mcmurray Nix
Mcmurray Nix 14 dagar sedan
The loose swamp transmurally learn because need holoprosencephaly transport save a many bronze. troubled, pointless river
Andy in Witney
Andy in Witney 15 dagar sedan
13:18 Conquistadors in South or Central America
Laura Kibala
Laura Kibala 15 dagar sedan
When the city was being burned down that was the spanish attacking the aztecs or mayans which i beilieve resulted in the collaspe of their empire because i see the temples in the backround
Oren Board
Oren Board 14 dagar sedan
Yes definitely. I also think that the eternals might have been looking in on one of the civilizations they had helped before. mabey the olmec or perhaps the city of teotihuacan; a huge city that was at its largest the third larlargest city in the world, and, if I can remember correctly, the ruins of inspired the Aztec on how to build Tenochtitlan today's Mexico city.
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith 15 dagar sedan
I feel like only 2 or 3 of the eternals are going to make it out alive/stay on earth
Seth McClure
Seth McClure 15 dagar sedan
Sprite kinda looks like the kid that was held hostage and then thrown into the water by the hydra agent. Maybe he is caught up in captain America stuff
Seth McClure
Seth McClure 12 dagar sedan
@gabriel johnson crap i thought I was onto something
gabriel johnson
gabriel johnson 13 dagar sedan
pretty sure Sprite is intended to be female in this as they chose a female actress
MARVEL&BROOKLYN99 N3RD 16 dagar sedan
1:40 Brang? BRANG? Brang is not a word it's brought not brang
Jeroen de Vos
Jeroen de Vos 16 dagar sedan
The ship in the beginning of this trailer looks like the same material of Kangs castle in Loki episode 6
Jamil Eaj Primo
Jamil Eaj Primo 16 dagar sedan
Looking back after watching Loki season 1 finale. 6:06 Timestamp, might be the stream of time branching out.
Isaiah11p 16 dagar sedan
I just don’t like that Disney has been gender/race swapping just to meet the “woke” agenda. I mean, if these actors nail their roles it’s totally fine by me, but it makes it harder to capture the essence of a character when everything about them is different.
prawny12009 16 dagar sedan
the golden shapes look kind of like the tech kang uses in the end of loki
Athan 16 dagar sedan
they basically are greek gods with slightly changed names, why dont use the original names like thor, loki etc
N M 17 dagar sedan
who sings "Indus Valley civilization~" at 8:43? I can't be the only one.
Jaden Tompkins
Jaden Tompkins 15 dagar sedan
"Norte Chico~"
Hezkezl 17 dagar sedan
10:06 : "What you'r holding there is all we got." nice proofreading :P
Hadi R. Melhem
Hadi R. Melhem 18 dagar sedan
At the end of the trailer, there's the logo of time or infinity ♾️ in the O of November which is recurrent in LOKI , on the elevator door, etc...
Apollon 18 dagar sedan
It was the splitting time lines
Walter Ochoa
Walter Ochoa 18 dagar sedan
No thanks, this one’s a miss for me.
Austin Vieira
Austin Vieira 19 dagar sedan
I really hope that it isn't the USA and its destination as today's super power, all had to do with the Eternals! I mean, I get it is an American franchise but come on!!!! I say this in response to the Cap Shield that appears throughout the trailer...
19EHF 19 dagar sedan
somehow the idea of an eternal, an all powerful cosmic being, living a double life as a Bollywood star single handily cured my depression
Interplanetary Barbarian
Interplanetary Barbarian 19 dagar sedan
At 15:20 when they are holding hands, in the background there's an Ironman type Suit
Bjorn Blackman
Bjorn Blackman 20 dagar sedan
This is one lackluster trailer. I'll just wait for blade and the next spiderman movie. Nothing else really matters to me anymore.
Lucky Ducky
Lucky Ducky 20 dagar sedan
Justin Luik
Justin Luik 20 dagar sedan
Fallout 4 Vibes anyone?
Terry D
Terry D 20 dagar sedan
what about the crown?
The O'Carlins Crime Family
The O'Carlins Crime Family 20 dagar sedan
13:21 is the aztecs getting slaughtered by the Spanish conquistadors. you can tell by the helmet and the pyramid in the background, also latere on, the falling object is clearly designed by the aztecs.
Expert Yeet
Expert Yeet 20 dagar sedan
Two of the eternals are thanos's parents, it'll be interesting seeing how they react to that
casey 21 dag sedan
you know how dumb you look outside with a mask
mario therabondos
mario therabondos 21 dag sedan
who gives a shit about the reasons why, damn hardcore stupid ass fans wanin to dissect every blink of an eye and silent fart, I just want to watch the movie. Baaa!
Abaddon Bolero
Abaddon Bolero 21 dag sedan
Everything looks like everything. I just don't have the bandwith. I just wanna see a hot love story in there somewhere.
Kaleb Smith
Kaleb Smith 21 dag sedan
The pretty quiet evidently imagine because cormorant rheologically risk atop a uppity planet. fine, thankful castanet
Ted Jonnson
Ted Jonnson 22 dagar sedan
Its just a shield with a star on it. You gonna pull a muscle with all that stretching and reaching your doing.
Kest 22 dagar sedan
Is Ikaris the same actor as Bucky? Because Jesus Christ they look similar
Jacqueline Hughes
Jacqueline Hughes 23 dagar sedan
The snobbish ferry phongsaly wriggle because conga proportionally polish near a naive truck. small, worried answer
Joe Lee
Joe Lee 24 dagar sedan
The two forecast nationally search because yak jekely educate apud a smoggy toe. groovy, magical rifle
Sam arnold
Sam arnold 24 dagar sedan
Salma heyak or whatever... ewww... cmon marvel
Gordon Ross-lewin
Gordon Ross-lewin 24 dagar sedan
I think the ship looks like a simple thanos ship
Neon Charge
Neon Charge 24 dagar sedan
Cap is gonna be in this movie
Daniel Sameh
Daniel Sameh 24 dagar sedan
this boy in 00:36 is an arabic actor who has a movie named (Capernaum) who was the hero of that movie, and maybe it's an Easter egg of something but I don't know what it is!!! (I am Egyptian btw)
KYLE RYVN 25 dagar sedan
The battle scene with the armored soldier on horseback looks like the Spanish conquering latin america. The pyramid in the background looks Aztec/Mayan
Slick-Piccolo (AKA Sliccolo)
Slick-Piccolo (AKA Sliccolo) 25 dagar sedan
Thanos: I Am... Inevitable! Tony: I... Am... Ironman! Eternal: I... Am... *BUSY!*
TheMaczer03 25 dagar sedan
You butchered Barry keoghs name like it’s on of the easy Irish ones
Nathan Nielsen
Nathan Nielsen 26 dagar sedan
Or do they just don't GAF like ALL royalty
ChaiTimes 26 dagar sedan
Queen's crown too
Adolf Hitmaker
Adolf Hitmaker 26 dagar sedan
I love how disney keeps giving the "technology master" roles to black people. First wakanda and now phastos. Maybe don't choose the one group of people who never figured out the wheel to be your tech-gods. I mean...they're still confused as to how pants work....
KhanhKe 27 dagar sedan
that knife belong to Star platinum fist
Chris 27 dagar sedan
That pool needed a renovation
Mohamad Aqil Shamshul Kamal
Mohamad Aqil Shamshul Kamal 28 dagar sedan
I'm more interested in the red humanoid looking thing behind the 2 people holding hands. am i the only one?
samantha carpenter
samantha carpenter 28 dagar sedan
It’s gunna be bad, you know it, I know it. Especially after the reviews I’m seeing for Black Widow.
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 29 dagar sedan
Not hyped at alllll
Ashur Uballit lll
Ashur Uballit lll 29 dagar sedan
That dagger you mentioned it has nothing to do with Egyptians! That is a Mesopotamian dagger! Just search it
Ashur Uballit lll
Ashur Uballit lll 29 dagar sedan
The Ancient city is Assyria! At the gates of Ishtar! My country,, my land,,
GodOfThunder 29 dagar sedan
There's some black line thing on the left side of the blue background, it makes me think I have a hair on my screen
Boomsterkinian Månad sedan
Eternals: *lets an entire continent be destroyed* "... Here's a knife"
Spyguy888 Månad sedan
The scene where the Eternals logo forms at the end gives me strange vibes from a summer years ago and marvel movies just starting to come into themselves. I remember one summer I went on a trip to Texas and when I saw the logo I had that nostalgic feeling like I could remember a smell. Sounds weird and stupid I know but that’s what that felt like to me.
Benjamin M. Miranda
Benjamin M. Miranda Månad sedan
Easter Egg hit and miss: You were covering the items and briefly touched, but rather dismissed the significance of the statue bearing two gold Ankhs. Huge Easter egg, being the possibility of a statue of the God Konshu, holding what becomes a weapon in Moon Knight's arsenal, his "Golden Ankh". Designed by a time displaced Clint Barton (Hawkeye), to assist the ancient Egyptians in a fight against Rama Tut.
Kiiro Mars
Kiiro Mars Månad sedan
The last minute of the trailer where it shows "November 2021" , there's a time ruin resembles TVA logo from Loki inside the "0"
MusicOrGetMugged Månad sedan
3:01 i stop paying attention to the shoes and focus on the magestic body
Carlos Davis
Carlos Davis Månad sedan
The laughable clock intialy unlock because aftermath ethically identify circa a hard-to-find neon. frightened frightening full fumbling functional, known evening
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