Everything SONY DIDNT TELL YOU about the NEW A1!!

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Parker Walbeck

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▬ Contents of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
0:00​ - Introduction
0:19 - Pictureline
0:46 - Cinematic Sequence
1:50 - First Thoughts
2:43 - New Features
3:08 - Price
3:23 - Video Quality
4:13 - IBIS
4:43 - Auto Focus
5:59 - Color Tests
12:00 - Low Light
12:45 - Ergonomics
13:47 - The Menu
14:33 - Battery Tests
15:31 - Card Types
15:44 - Overheating
16:33 - Final Thoughts


SA M 2 dagar sedan
Waiting for the A1/R5C comparison Top of the range video/photo bodies.
T W 2 dagar sedan
... it‘s the sound of the electronic shutter.
PHY akim
PHY akim 4 dagar sedan
at last you admit that sony is better from canon :P
Baz Wilkes
Baz Wilkes 4 dagar sedan
How do you make the A1 show what it's focusing on in video mode. The same as photo mode. Cheers Barry.
mikel magdadaro
mikel magdadaro 5 dagar sedan
lol this is not a "dslr". just nitpicked :p
Maestro Agnew
Maestro Agnew 7 dagar sedan
These things are flying off of the shelves (Olympics coming up perhaps?), I found one in stock on Amazon in the nick of time and bought it. I already have a Sony G Master macro lens, 18mm Zeiss Batis, and 85mm Zeiss Batis, so I'm set starting off with high quality glass. There are a few more lenses I want to buy though to complete my glass set, notably a zoom lens for Safari photography, a 135mm Sony G Master lens for medium format Milky Way photography, and a 14mm Sony G Master for normal Milky Way photography.
Gaurav Gangurde
Gaurav Gangurde 13 dagar sedan
Sony is best of the best 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
renato pico
renato pico 13 dagar sedan
Nice interesting camera seems justify the price and very informative video thanks
R A 21 dag sedan
Sony are milking professionals. With covid professionals haven't had gigs but yet they continue to pump out new cams putting us in debt to buy it. It's like a gambling addiction, we can't resist buying new gear.
Patriot photo
Patriot photo 23 dagar sedan
Pictureline is where I bought my current camera from. Super helpful staff
Doughnut Lam
Doughnut Lam 24 dagar sedan
The 8K video of Sony A1 is a bit sharper that's being proven, I spot that and knew it was Sony that has better color
dannirr 25 dagar sedan
Ummm.....its not a DSLR
Jonathan 89
Jonathan 89 26 dagar sedan
Ok... you convinced me, im getting the Sony A1... i just need to save the $6,495 I’m missing to be able to afford it ;( I’ll stick to my a7iii for now.
Andrew Robinson
Andrew Robinson 27 dagar sedan
Does anyone know if an external monitor can be used via HDMI from the A1, WITHOUT the A1 switching off its internal display when recording? I’ve got the A7SIII and it’s such an improvement over the A7iii in terms of monitor both the cameras display and an external Small HD monitor when shooting.
Visualnfinity 28 dagar sedan
Do you have to use mask in your commercial video? This is not a new normal!!!
C Månad sedan
Also, for a video channel, this guy thinks DSRL and mirrorless is one and the same.
C Månad sedan
Lol fuck canon
Silas Hofer
Silas Hofer Månad sedan
can't believe you said you like the image on the right!!!! unsubscribe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jack Tunnicliffe
Jack Tunnicliffe Månad sedan
Hey, good review and I subscribed. I think you were very fair. I own both the Sony A1 and the Sony A7SM3. I knee camera right was the A1 right away. The colour science is amazing on both these cameras. Buy yourself a DSC chart and you will see perfect targets when you shoot it. Too bad you only had it 24 hours. The one reason I use my A7S3 on commercial shoots is pattern noise on the A1 that can cause a horrid moire, metal clad siding, metal mesh, shirt patterns. This is my biggest disappointment. You’re the first person I’ve seen overheat this camera. Did you have the control setting at high? Good review overall. Thanks
Malle Vision Productions
Malle Vision Productions Månad sedan
That price crazy doe
Rishabh Khare
Rishabh Khare Månad sedan
Wait... Did You try Blackmagic Design Hyperdeck Extreme 8K HDR Recorder for 16 Bit Raw.....? I Guess You Didnt...!!
Présence se ressente
Présence se ressente Månad sedan
Hi, you are so amazing with your videos it has to be said, congratulations on your training on youtube with your videos. Could you help me, I have a Sony Alpha a6500 just I need the very best Lens for music video clip.
77dris Månad sedan
Def not worth that price.
Scott Sullivan
Scott Sullivan Månad sedan
I, too, prefer Canon colors and love the RF cameras!! I have the same ideology. When he showed the color test, I immediately said, "Canon is on the right. No question." Then when he was explaining the differences, I'm like, "Yep, yep, yep, yep." And when he finally revealed which was which my mouth dropped to the floor.
Love My CITY
Love My CITY Månad sedan
In the comparison one was 8k, the other was 4K? Or both 8k?
Love My CITY
Love My CITY Månad sedan
It doesn’t rival the R5, the R5 is $2500 cheaper! When canon comes out with their $6500 mirrorless, then we will see where it stands!
James Mercado
James Mercado Månad sedan
The way homie popped outta the crib in that suit? Cleannnnnn
jose perez
jose perez Månad sedan
In the video test I wanted you to say the clip on the right was canon but hoping it was the Sony even on SEmost with the compression I could see the difference, but the price it's out of reach for me now but I will rent it for a week or more. Would love to see the footage in real 8K screen and not down sample to a lessors end product That's. JoP Go SONY
cogmission Månad sedan
You're very unbiased for a Canon user... Subscribed!
michael s
michael s Månad sedan
sONY..the ONE and ONLY,as they laid the smackdown on EVERYONE else,at NUMBER ONE..Keep your EasyBake oven R5s,hopes,dreams,and opinions,and you BOW DOWN...hahahahahahaha..No seriously,there's no more debate to be had.People will oike what they like,and I dont shoot Sony anymore,yet I have to say I'm going to have a long,serious look at Sony/Fuji..Oh and the fake overheating issue is just that,fake,just like that guy's channel with his reviews of cameras her cannot learn,or dont exist..If you cannot figure out a camera menu,i just say duhhhhhhhhhhhhh???
John Evans
John Evans Månad sedan
FYI your overheating tests are nowhere near other testers’ results. They’ve been getting over an hour of continuous recording I’m 8k and very fast recovery times. Not even a comparison to the R5 and its 30 min max recording in 8k and ridiculous recovery times. Not hating on the R5, it’s awesome. But something went wrong in your test. Did you switch the overheat warning to high? What were the recovery times compared to the R5? Gerald Undone has a couple videos on this, as do all the other big names that reviewed the a1.
Samine Kunis
Samine Kunis Månad sedan
The first Sony Camera which is worthy of rivaling the Canon R 5 awesome......better having both the R 5 and A 1 especially fir dual angle videos or if you ad a third the Panasonic S1H.....i would say that would be the perfect 3 cameras for ne, for creating high quality videos
Darlington Jones Imagery
Darlington Jones Imagery Månad sedan
Image on RIGHT is better looking image. I will guess it is Sony. Canon color science is not that great TBH
Darlington Jones Imagery
Darlington Jones Imagery Månad sedan
@Carlos Quintero got RAW to work. Check him out.
Heinz Hille
Heinz Hille Månad sedan
Hi from Germany. Which grip do you use on the A1?
WIlis matrix
WIlis matrix Månad sedan
i'm broke and I don't know why I'm watching this !?
Hermawan Can
Hermawan Can Månad sedan
Sony FX 3 please
Rikki Rockett's Legend Tripping
Rikki Rockett's Legend Tripping Månad sedan
Will it be Netflix approved?
Tor Guy
Tor Guy Månad sedan
I dunno, IMO, if they made a 120fps 4k, they should have been able to push 60fps 8k, I think this was a fail on Sony's part especially being their flagship camera
Mark Scribner
Mark Scribner Månad sedan
Your color with videos is epic. nice job
Muhammad Kharismawan
Muhammad Kharismawan Månad sedan
for me on the color quiz i already prefer the right one from the jacket alone, skin is close enough but the jacket is way more natural looking on the right.
Hi Focused Cinematography
Hi Focused Cinematography Månad sedan
I just wish the screen articulated and bummer about the overheating... That's a bummer. Did you mention you can dial in the shutter for flicking light or that the shutter door closes? That's a huge benefit to keep dust off the sensor. Wish my A7siii had that. Gerald Undone says the A1 has better dynamic range as well than A7siii. Though lowlight isn't as good.
Gabriel Avastye
Gabriel Avastye Månad sedan
I'd love to hear Parker's thoughts on this, Sony finally surpassed Canon in every aspect!
White Mic
White Mic Månad sedan
I would honestly wait for that Sony A7iv.
Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown Månad sedan
but these two cameras are at two different price points.....how does the Sony compare to the 1DX or the C70
Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown Månad sedan
If your going to compare.....at least compare Canon's best to Sony's best
Divergent Streams
Divergent Streams Månad sedan
Great Video! Extend out the screen on the back and it won't over heat, that allows for better air flow. Also it won't overheat with an external power supply or when using a 'Sony Vertical Battery Grip,' even with the screen fully closed.
Gracefully Graceful
Gracefully Graceful Månad sedan
I feel the camera is worth a penny under $5k
ErGrey Project
ErGrey Project Månad sedan
Dazi in Indonesian means Tie. 'Dasi' actually.
John Canlas
John Canlas Månad sedan
canon color science is dead now 🥲
Nathan Lam
Nathan Lam Månad sedan
Why am i watching this knowing I dont have money to buy this camera lol
T.M. V.
T.M. V. Månad sedan
*This IS NOT a video camera.... Why to even bother to use it like it was?*
Rikki Gant
Rikki Gant Månad sedan
I still want to buy one down the road.
Jae Espinoza
Jae Espinoza Månad sedan
I can't find the Top Handle that you are using in the video, is that by SmallRig?
Soccer Skillz
Soccer Skillz Månad sedan
photgraphy test!
Dr.Chrisu Månad sedan
Any camera is worth that money. The right price is under 5,5 k, but the launch price is always high. In Europe the price is 7300 euros. With batteries and some other accessories the price Is almost 10k.
Aries Månad sedan
Will wait to see hands on video on photography side
Vincent Villano
Vincent Villano Månad sedan
This was so cool to see a canon shooters perspective. Awesome
SlimSimTV Månad sedan
banksy 🤙
why is it so expensive ( shaking the camera up and down while saying it ) LOL
Yasha Zare
Yasha Zare Månad sedan
When you're actually using the camera, you open the lcd and give it's heatsynce breathing air. But when you're testing it unnaturally, you don't open the lcd so it overheats. Watch Jerald undone review.
Logan Stahler
Logan Stahler Månad sedan
I wonder if Sony has/will correct their color via software updates for older models?
legendp2011 Månad sedan
i much prefer titling screen, for glidecam use
Braden Young
Braden Young Månad sedan
What canon camera did you use for the colour test? Must be the c70 right?
Half Insane Outdoor Guy
Half Insane Outdoor Guy Månad sedan
its 3k overpriced.....maybe 2k...but still way overpriced.
dn a
dn a Månad sedan
Are you out of your mind? lol. This murders the 1DX and is priced accordingly
Tracy Daniel Davis
Tracy Daniel Davis Månad sedan
Did you have the high temp setting turned on?
Pablo A
Pablo A Månad sedan
It is not worth it, for that price I prefer to buy an FX6, Red Komodo or C200 or invest my money in better lenses. Please stop trying to convince us to waste our time and money buying a product that 99% of true filmmakers don't need.
kifley19 Månad sedan
Canon, Nikon, and Panasonic still have better color science and ibis.
Gary Henderson
Gary Henderson Månad sedan
Well done. Thanks for the review.
Jamie Coats
Jamie Coats Månad sedan
Great video on so many fronts. You critiqued the camera fairly and were able to put your own history aside and be balanced. This is something that seems to be lacking in society today. 👌🏽
Ray Carpio
Ray Carpio Månad sedan
Insta buyyyy
Resize Films
Resize Films Månad sedan
Sony FX3 for professional video work.
Bahadir Bilir
Bahadir Bilir Månad sedan
You prefer the image on the RIGHT? Wowwww... but... I do agree with you 😂
John Meyer
John Meyer Månad sedan
I'm still not 100% convinced the A1 is worth almost 3 grand more than the R5. Especially when in some areas it comes in behind. Like no internal RAW.
John Meyer
John Meyer Månad sedan
I wonder what the R5 colors will be like with the soon-to-come C-log 2 and 3.
John Meyer
John Meyer Månad sedan
My impression was that the R5's color science is a bit different than some other Canons.
Dragan Medakovic
Dragan Medakovic Månad sedan
The DR on the A1 disapointed me. I was guessing that the sony was on the left just based on the highlights clipping..
Z /\ I I\I
Z /\ I I\I Månad sedan
There was a time I remember when Canon was used to be known for their Color science, and now I think the tables have turned. Right?
Pat Bollin
Pat Bollin Månad sedan
Sorry if this has been asked and answered, but is the new Sony Color in the a1 the same as the new Sony color on the a7Siii?
Brutally Honest MMA
Brutally Honest MMA Månad sedan
You've got me excited!!
Okorie Ifeanyi Darlington
Okorie Ifeanyi Darlington Månad sedan
I failed oh no I still love canon
Mikey F
Mikey F Månad sedan
The truth has come out: Sony actually now has better colors! ...S-cinetone is nice too.
Mikey F
Mikey F Månad sedan
The truth has come out: Sony actually now has better colors! ...S-cinetone is nice too.
Ishak Kaya
Ishak Kaya Månad sedan
Brit Morrisey
Brit Morrisey Månad sedan
How do people match up separate audio on shoots like this?
Get_Spanked Månad sedan
At this point canon has to stop using “etc...and not to mention the eos x has easy natural colors to use out of the box”.......blackmagic, red, and new Sony be like, “am I joke to you?”
RiceCube Tech
RiceCube Tech Månad sedan
You need to flip out the screen and increase the heat limit. This is known. There’s like 10 reviews that state this.
Tuomas Kivioja
Tuomas Kivioja Månad sedan
I use a $1000 camera. Why am I watching this.
Enbok W Pahsyntiew
Enbok W Pahsyntiew Månad sedan
shadd ring
shadd ring Månad sedan
First time to the channel, loved the video. Just subscribed. What handle did you attach to the A1? I need one of those for my camera
Gerald Baria
Gerald Baria Månad sedan
We forgive the misinformation on overheating due to your unfamiliarity with Sony cameras. Plenty of reviewers have tested it to bits and had a hard time overheating it by doing one simple menu change. There is a setting called “Auto Power Off Temp”, its default is standard, set that to HIGH and enjoy unlimited 8K recording as long as you have power and card space. Tested extensively by all other sony creators (Gerald Undone, Potato Jet, Phillip Bloom). The menu setting is located on the Briefcase icon, page 8, power settings.
peter m
peter m Månad sedan
Hi Parker A highly interesting and surprising comparison of colors Have you tried to compare still photos straight out of camera JPEG as well as RAW?
Cinto Månad sedan
4:55 is he wearing Peter McKinnon’s Owl cap. 😂 Game recognize Game 🎉
Filmmaker IRAQ
Filmmaker IRAQ Månad sedan
$6500 go buy 3 blackmagic 6k or two red komodo and go start your business.
Kushaal Prasad
Kushaal Prasad Månad sedan
Sony all the wayyy🔥🔥🔥 and the Fiji water🔥 from Fiji islands.. :)
ikor roki
ikor roki Månad sedan
Sony claims to improve colour science in every new camera for a few years now...
T Mash
T Mash Månad sedan
and... they have.
Tianlong Jing
Tianlong Jing Månad sedan
Why don't you reply my question? where you comment on the Canon's lack of colour, why is the right image obviously reddish in colour? Especially the peaks behind
AN AZTEC Månad sedan
Just Don't Cry Canon :(
Amed Agüero
Amed Agüero Månad sedan
66 dislike for 66 canon users
Pymp Scroll
Pymp Scroll Månad sedan
Sony Has Finally Cooked Up the Right Colors!!!!!
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