Welcome to the Internet - Bo Burnham (from "Inside" -- ALBUM OUT NOW)

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listen to album here: boburnham.lnk.to/INSIDE

inside now streaming on netflix. hope you enjoy.

jayjay182 22 sekunder sedan
Inside is a masterpiece. Period.
Capt Tokki
Capt Tokki 4 minuter sedan
His whole special is darker but man he is a creative man now and he really has grown up and really just a amazing sounding songs they arent quite as funny but so sound great and he put his heart into all of these
Dragnier67 5 minuter sedan
"Your time is now. Your insides out, honey, how you grew". My favorite lyric here. Convincing people, especially young people that fame is everything and they need it now. People are so eager to be watched by any means necessary. You've become an abomination that is grotesque to behold. But you can't stop seeking attention and churning out whatever content you can. Also, the rest of the internet loves to watch. Lastly, the unsettling final line. Familiarity but also being switched from voyeur to prospective content creator.
Courtney-Jane Doble
Courtney-Jane Doble 8 minuter sedan
i am definetly showing this to my kids if they ask what the internet was like when i was a kid cause this just about sums it all up
Dill 12 minuter sedan
This is fucking incredible.
The Auditor
The Auditor 12 minuter sedan
why does he sound like a hot villain from a disney movie?
That one idiot in your neighbourhood
That one idiot in your neighbourhood 18 minuter sedan
Things I've noticed from this video: -Okay so at the beginning the background is green dots, right? This makes it easier to see Bo, giving him the spotlight and making him more noticeable. -It slowly zooms in as hes speaking in the beginning, as if what hes saying is bringing you closer. As if you want to hear more. at 1:14, It comes up closer as hes speaking, slowly staring into your eyes. Its like, intimidating and captivating at the same time? Including the transitions. -On the topic of the transitions, the good things hes talking about like 'heres a healthy breakfast option!' and 'Which power ranger are you, take this quirky quiz!' Hes looking up at the viewer. On the 'you should kill your mom' and the obama bit hes staring at you. Like those were things you wanted to hear. But when hes talking about how to build a bomb and the women bit, hes looking down at you. Like frowning on you. I think that represents the different types of webs? Like the dark web, deep web, bla bla. -Then it slowly zooms out, like showing discomfort. -Then it zooms in, like hes bringing you closer in. Its as if you cant understand the horrible things hes saying and only noticing the praise Bo's saying. -Then when Bo starts talking about you, the lights change to red, blue and green. -The red is praise, like when hes talking about you being unstoppable and putting the world in your hands. The green things are discomforting, and the blue thing is nostalgia I think. -Then he starts getting louder, like waking you up from something idk. -This is where it starts zooming out, like you're backing away and slowly realizing what he was saying. -Then the two background things combine. The green dots being reality, the coloured things being dreams. I thinkl that tries to symbolise not being able to tell the difference between what you want to hear and whats happening, whats fake and whats real. -Then the background affects, oh god. I think they escalate from laughter to like sobbing and choking, and I think thats like?? Socko?? Like the weird sock thing Bo uses in the special at some point. Yet again, the colour thing comes up. Red was showing laughter, green sounded like choking, blue sounded like sobbing. Bro im probably over analyzing this so much if you see this somehow sorry
jasmins corner
jasmins corner 19 minuter sedan
This is a fucking bop lmao all the songs on inside the visuals just UGH 🥰🥰🥰bo burham is so talented 😌😌😌
GingerCat AJ
GingerCat AJ 26 minuter sedan
Kayaro 41 minut sedan
James Lukens
James Lukens 42 minuter sedan
Everyone’s talking about how this is a villain song, but no one is mentioning that the villain is Capitalism
Garden of Fake Plants
Garden of Fake Plants 42 minuter sedan
The laugh- 😳
Lilith R
Lilith R 44 minuter sedan
We've got a million ways to enslave....✌🏽
XxBennyBoyGamerxX 48 minuter sedan
Its been over 2 weeks and its still on trending. That's insane, and it should be that way cuz this song is the best
Domen Slak
Domen Slak 48 minuter sedan
microsoft should put this into a windows 95 tutorial for the internet in 1995 “get to know the internet”
marco monton
marco monton 57 minuter sedan
This is too meta, my mental health can deal with this.
Wendell Xinos
Wendell Xinos 59 minuter sedan
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Dilyara Kara
Dilyara Kara Timme sedan
I was early on the internet and learned a lot of things i shouldnt have :]
Lemon Juice
Lemon Juice Timme sedan
While listening to this song... I just imagine a man who wears a black suit and has a crazy grin on his face....
Graceful Huntress
Graceful Huntress Timme sedan
The 3.6k dislikes are people without the internet
Aurigny French
Aurigny French Timme sedan
You know, I've never listened to Bo Burnham before this is absoloutely amazing!
bucketboy Timme sedan
get out of my head get out of my head get out out now now you’re more catchy than danganronpa and people will be concerned get out of my head
TheQuandaryZone Timme sedan
at 2:15 his voice sounds so beautiful in those lines
Blue Luny
Blue Luny Timme sedan
Bo I remember when you I first heard Ricky Gervais on the radio and I thought "this dude is funny and will go far". I thought the same when I first heard "I'm bo yo" an almost inexplicably long time ago.... You deserve all the recognition and respect Gervais gets. You legend.
simran sidhu
simran sidhu Timme sedan
Yousef Khan
Yousef Khan Timme sedan
My friend made me listen to this song and I like it 👍
Mark Wainscott
Mark Wainscott Timme sedan
I've got that same galaxy projector... no one ever uses the moon lol
llSpiralfreell Timme sedan
What’s funny is that this song is so truthful that everything he sings you actually can look up. Yes, even the Harry Potter coloring pages.
Blue Luny
Blue Luny Timme sedan
The world needs a musical written and performed by Bo Burnham and Tim Minchin
Fish Bowl
Fish Bowl Timme sedan
This is if the internet was a person.
Kh Cinema Thoughts
Kh Cinema Thoughts Timme sedan
I was just saying this sounds like a villain song from a show or movie about someone being trapped in the internet
Lilly Kershaw
Lilly Kershaw Timme sedan
Heisenburg is that you?
Aymee 247
Aymee 247 Timme sedan
Oh my god Thankyou, yes! 🤣🙌🏻
Kenny's Life Stories
Kenny's Life Stories Timme sedan
Please don't forget that every single view is a person sitting here like me, appreciating this amazing thing you made.
Tyler Simpson
Tyler Simpson Timme sedan
Here from tiktok🤣🤣
Francisco Torrealba
Francisco Torrealba Timme sedan
I want Bo to write a musical so bad...
Shreeharsha G Bhat
Shreeharsha G Bhat Timme sedan
Why is this so good ?
NEWTON_stUdiOs Timme sedan
"Were reaching intelligence levels that shouldnt even be possible"
feg Timme sedan
been on repeat for me since it came out its just so good
Malicious Lemon
Malicious Lemon Timme sedan
guys i think that just perhaps maybe, the entity 'You' is actually 'You' Tube. Just a hunch.
Jade Mason-Blackwell
Jade Mason-Blackwell Timme sedan
Wow. He's a real man now.
Simen Gaudernack
Simen Gaudernack Timme sedan
Karl Heisenberg?
is math related to applesauce
is math related to applesauce Timme sedan
1.25 speed really adds to the chaotic feeling of this song
Isaiah Baca
Isaiah Baca 2 timmar sedan
I swear the first time I saw this song on tiktok I thought of you I'm so glad you're back😭
Nokorola 2 timmar sedan
Bo is and has been just an incredible person.
Senor Don Gato
Senor Don Gato 2 timmar sedan
I’m seriously digging his Jesus vibe
Ferocious Lion
Ferocious Lion Timme sedan
Crimson 2 timmar sedan
I mean... he's not wrong
Retro Sazer
Retro Sazer 2 timmar sedan
Disney characters during any conflict:
Rubber Pumkin
Rubber Pumkin 2 timmar sedan
I hear this and think of Nightwing. I can't begin to explain it. Fgis is peobably the best special I've heard... like ever
ZombieDerpster 2 timmar sedan
This is [Insert tech mogul]'s Villian song
Леонид Алексеевич Ерлыгин
Леонид Алексеевич Ерлыгин 2 timmar sedan
No one in comments seems to have understand that this song is about them
mary's world
mary's world 2 timmar sedan
can we talk about his glowup tho?
Devil Gamer
Devil Gamer 2 timmar sedan
Me: *2 minutes in* Also me: Loop
Quinn Blanchard
Quinn Blanchard 2 timmar sedan
Man that special was a fuckin banger. Missed Bo so much.
Facundo Irigoyen
Facundo Irigoyen 2 timmar sedan
I never though until today that someone could be a better pick for playing the Grinch than Jim Carrey
Gwheyr 2 timmar sedan
adhd be like. "but boredom IS a crime"
Matthew Maimone
Matthew Maimone 2 timmar sedan
Hi 2 timmar sedan
At 1:02, you can hear in his voice hes smiling
yup mmhm
yup mmhm 2 timmar sedan
Watching everyday 🤣 Let's blow this up!
No, stop
No, stop 2 timmar sedan
I love when in some parts you can almost hear bo's normal voice
Mac Daddy
Mac Daddy 2 timmar sedan
This just a good song
fushiguro 2 timmar sedan
its sad that kids cant play outside without electronics like why is it there playing pokamon go and not arguing about whos gunna be the pink power ranger and what mission there going to fufill
Randali deSantos
Randali deSantos 2 timmar sedan
This has probably been said a million times but he’s like a modern day Tom Lehrer and I’m so here for it.
Grimbot 2 timmar sedan
0:58, I love how he started laughing as he was saying this line.
leafeon pizza
leafeon pizza 2 timmar sedan
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Skyecifer Glitterfart
Skyecifer Glitterfart 2 timmar sedan
I thank yew for this, and for the special, sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who notices the fucked upness of society. I know I'm not but it's nice to be reminded of the truth.
it’s kai
it’s kai 3 timmar sedan
Something I find super interesting is that with the sunglasses and the dark background... he kind of looks like guy on the safari incognito mode icon. The mastered irony of this piece is that I am interested in everything he said- all of the time. Without even noticing. And now, thanks to the internet- I’m interested in hearing him repeat all of these things in a song to me all of the time.
Knut Balduin
Knut Balduin 3 timmar sedan
The best non-Disney, yet Disney-like song ever written / created
Oli 3 timmar sedan
This literally passes the time faster than it should
DarKDrilleR 3 timmar sedan
well day 1 of listening to this masterpiece lets see how long this will last
Inte Genevieve
Inte Genevieve 3 timmar sedan
Bo: releases welcome to the internet Every digital artist; my time has come.
llorTA toN
llorTA toN 3 timmar sedan
This feels like somebody who just discovered the internet during corona
Another Weeb
Another Weeb 3 timmar sedan
OMG this will be my fav song in 2021 lol
oven 3 timmar sedan
this is kinda scary
Lukáš Hlisnikowski
Lukáš Hlisnikowski 3 timmar sedan
It is *PERFECT!*
Azamazas 3 timmar sedan
I love the simplicity. I thought it was funny when he kept changing the background between the silence. And man did it come out great.
Fija 3 timmar sedan
This song is so accurate tho-
PsiiKix 3 timmar sedan
Honestly, I think this is his greatest song yet.
Fija 3 timmar sedan
Christopher Karlsson
Christopher Karlsson 3 timmar sedan
This is just the third time I listen to this today, its not like its catchy or anything. I can stop when I want to.
Chilli Ice Cream
Chilli Ice Cream 3 timmar sedan
I have never been more terrified in my life
TwitchYoshi (TWC)
TwitchYoshi (TWC) 3 timmar sedan
I remember the sneak peak a couple months ago and this turned out splendid
CHAARVIN 3 timmar sedan
Love the camera angles so much.
Sir Maestro The Horse
Sir Maestro The Horse 3 timmar sedan
this song describes my brain so well
Paulo Ferreira
Paulo Ferreira 3 timmar sedan
matei034 3 timmar sedan
the laugh 😳
Wasted Content
Wasted Content 3 timmar sedan
Bo simultaneously gives and takes away all of my faith in humanity.
smaple 3 timmar sedan
4:01 just a replay button for me
Calisto 4 timmar sedan
Lovvvvve his Heisenberg cosplay
Joshua Raffaele
Joshua Raffaele 4 timmar sedan
1 month ago Bo had 130.000 monthly listeners on Spotify, 1 month later he has 2.5 mil Nobody asked for this just gonna say tho
needs help
needs help 4 timmar sedan
i was not in the right headspace to watch inside lmao
Cuba Elliot
Cuba Elliot 4 timmar sedan
Riiiiiight 🙃😅!
Im Vanila
Im Vanila 4 timmar sedan
Idk what happened to my original comment but Imma repost it. I'm playing this on speakers during the end of the world
TheWaywardCatLP 4 timmar sedan
3:51 That's a villain laughing after having won the final battle, the movie ends and there is no sequel.
InvernoBTW 4 timmar sedan
My adhd loves this
Avin Saraji
Avin Saraji 4 timmar sedan
mine too lmao
Sash 4 timmar sedan
voxrationalis 4 timmar sedan
Bo Burnham as the Internet, the Devil's salesman. Obsessed with his portrayal here.
Pillbug 4 timmar sedan
And it did all the things we designed it to do!
pinxku!! 4 timmar sedan
Oh wow! Wonderful job as always! keep it up you're amazing!
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