the best of Sam & Bucky

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Leahcar Dzansi
Leahcar Dzansi 11 timmar sedan
I enjoyed this more than wander& vision an loki their chemistry the humor in each episode on point best one so far hands down 💯💯💯%👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Noor Visser
Noor Visser 22 timmar sedan
The synchronisation of the vid and the music makes it even better
hannah alexandra
hannah alexandra Dag sedan
im sorry but the folk music ruined this for me lol
Update_Nature Dag sedan
69 dislikes,nice
Nikhil Tailor
Nikhil Tailor 2 dagar sedan
Nice edit dude.
Fandoms Are My Life
Fandoms Are My Life 2 dagar sedan
“So what are you like- black kid?” Easily one of my most favorite lines from Sam
Kashyap Maddala
Kashyap Maddala 2 dagar sedan
Sam: “A sorcerer is a wizard without a hat.” He’s out of line but he’s right.
milo tiny
milo tiny 3 dagar sedan
sam and bucky are great! love the editing!
rodney adams
rodney adams 3 dagar sedan
dr. strange reverses arm give old weak normal human arm everything els super human ?
rodney adams
rodney adams 3 dagar sedan
work get smashed again put rock arm on him.
Alexia Yaquian
Alexia Yaquian 4 dagar sedan
the fact the 64 uncultured assholes disliked this video is inane, these two are the roots of my personality.
Dylan Wells
Dylan Wells 4 dagar sedan
What’s the song in the background??
Cryoon 5 dagar sedan
bucky is so cute here with sam's humour
Kamakani 6 dagar sedan
“iTs In EvErY aCtIoN mOvIe!!” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
TChops 2019
TChops 2019 6 dagar sedan
Christina Raynor: , and don't say something childish Me: Oh honey, that's a tall order for these two.
Damaris Balyon
Damaris Balyon 7 dagar sedan
The editing in this is gordeous 😍 very fun to watch
ALCHEMY 7 dagar sedan
Thank you 😊
AM Channel
AM Channel 8 dagar sedan
Bucky: There's no such things of wizards. Me: Bruh, Have you met Doctor Strange
ber wollenberg
ber wollenberg 8 dagar sedan
I got an ad for marvel before this video
Edgeverse 9 dagar sedan
The best duo ever
Eshaan Simha
Eshaan Simha 9 dagar sedan
Sam: A sorcerer is a wizard without a hat Sorcerer Mickey: Am I a joke to you???
Mango Banana
Mango Banana 9 dagar sedan
i really, like really really want to see more of Zemo
TarunGamer 369
TarunGamer 369 10 dagar sedan
last one is hillarious im still laughing and remembering that scene 8:05 and 8:12 :)
Isabella C. Leon U.
Isabella C. Leon U. 10 dagar sedan
Dude im not even joking when i say this but when he said tt i knew exactly what he was talking about cause i also call my aunt tt
Luxy TV
Luxy TV 11 dagar sedan
This show was so good
Foxolotl 12 dagar sedan
"A sorcerer is a wizard without a hat." He's out of line but he's right.
Ray Ray
Ray Ray 12 dagar sedan
I need season two, please DisenyPlus!!!!! Please!!!! I need season two of these guys!!! 🤣🤣
solomon sessums
solomon sessums 12 dagar sedan
😆When you realize what song is playing in the background
Eva Chapman
Eva Chapman 12 dagar sedan
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Josh Hetzel
Josh Hetzel 13 dagar sedan
Falcon as cap spiderman as Tony now just need the replacement for thor and you have an all new big three that is already doing an outstanding job
Grass Block
Grass Block 13 dagar sedan
"Can you move your seat" "No" "Couldn't you have done that earlier?" "I hate you" "Remember?I took your wings so you could save his ass from his ass" My fav lines
Annisa Mcdowell
Annisa Mcdowell 14 dagar sedan
I can’t wait til I can afford Disney plus!! I wanna see this
Hannah DeVall
Hannah DeVall 15 dagar sedan
Toni Odejimi
Toni Odejimi 17 dagar sedan
sam and bucky being actual children for 8 minutes
Runar De Brouwer
Runar De Brouwer 17 dagar sedan
nice edit
No One In Particular
No One In Particular 17 dagar sedan
Is Bucky going to get married to Sarah, just so he can annoy Sam by naming him Best Man?
Kirk Maximus
Kirk Maximus 13 dagar sedan
Bucky taking Sarah on a date would drive Sam crazy :D Shame we never got to see it happen.
Jerde Ashley
Jerde Ashley 17 dagar sedan
The important paint systematically avoid because cylinder speculatively double round a spiffy street. shut, hoc basin
95_jimin_street 18 dagar sedan
"IT'S IN EVERY ACTION MOVIE!!!!" still cracks me up
Blake Archer
Blake Archer 18 dagar sedan
Love this video. Great edit.
Andrew P. Stewart
Andrew P. Stewart 19 dagar sedan
1:20-1:21 That’s a good edit
Aware_Coffee 19 dagar sedan
99 problems by hugo rock
Ilknur Karaduman
Ilknur Karaduman 20 dagar sedan
My favorite duo
Rana Owens
Rana Owens 21 dag sedan
Why does Sam aggravate you? And don't vsay something childish? Who me?
Mimi Sardinia
Mimi Sardinia 21 dag sedan
Bucky and Steve could talk without speaking and now Sam and Bucky are doing that as well.
Stuti 23 dagar sedan
omg thank you! for putting subtitles!! it's so much easier for me to understand it in one go T.T
70s Brian May is my boyfriend
70s Brian May is my boyfriend 24 dagar sedan
Ian Cohen
Ian Cohen 25 dagar sedan
Zemo was the best character.
Krisy Mac
Krisy Mac 25 dagar sedan
This editing is amazing
Christopher Tidwell
Christopher Tidwell 26 dagar sedan
I can feel for that tt bit since I have a gran gran a Nana and a pawpaw
Summer Sinanan
Summer Sinanan 26 dagar sedan
Therapist: why does Sam aggravate u? Bucky: *looks at therapist childishly about to say something childish* Therapist: don’t say anything childish Bucky: ☹️damn it
DAURON 26 dagar sedan
Chapo?! Plz make him a supervillain!
Mckayla Real
Mckayla Real 26 dagar sedan
this is so amazing
Sofia LoveUnicorns
Sofia LoveUnicorns 26 dagar sedan
What movie was this 1:28 from? I really dont remember
Zoey Clevenger
Zoey Clevenger 20 dagar sedan
Captain America the winter soldier
stockypanda761 28 dagar sedan
Me : the only rule I know is rule 34
PARK STREET PODCAST 29 dagar sedan
They are like a dis functional couple 🤣
Darlene Lewis
Darlene Lewis Månad sedan
Let's be real here, Bucky totally sent Shuri a photo of Sam in his Wakandian outfit and also a video of him saying "I can't run in these heels!" :)
Alex Niue
Alex Niue Månad sedan
the most iconic duo
Jessica Bell
Jessica Bell Månad sedan
My opinion: the best duo/trio in the MCU
Bettina Lykke
Bettina Lykke Månad sedan
this is beautiful
Monse Portillo
Monse Portillo Månad sedan
Bucky: Hello how are you? Sam: Good what did I miss nothing
Monse Portillo
Monse Portillo Månad sedan
Rule number two Bucky: what rule number two nobody gets hurt it’s big one Bucky: and why isn’t rule number one ☝️
Monse Portillo
Monse Portillo Månad sedan
Sam: Whoa you going to prison Zemo: If I may Both: no Zemo: my apologies
Monse Portillo
Monse Portillo Månad sedan
Sam: Don’t say it don’t you say it Steve: on your left Sam: oh come on
Monse Portillo
Monse Portillo Månad sedan
Bucky: Oh come on are you gonna do the notebook thing Bucky: oh notebook that great 😊
Monse Portillo
Monse Portillo Månad sedan
Sam: So when I was kid my tt passed away Bucky: you tt who your tt okay Sam: my aunt passed away
TV and Movies Nerd
TV and Movies Nerd Månad sedan
“Why didn’t you use the metal arm?” “…Well, I don’t always think of it immediately. I’m right-handed.” Such an underrated line 💀
aschall xavier
aschall xavier Månad sedan
I love them
Ricky Myers
Ricky Myers Månad sedan
The nauseating spark coronally bow because millimeter substantially warn given a late cabinet. sincere, different conga
Torie owens
Torie owens Månad sedan
Bucky's shrink must be the worst one ever. Has she ever helped anyone?
14 Joshitha Reddy Mallidi
14 Joshitha Reddy Mallidi Månad sedan
"can u move your seat up?" "no" "Your not gonna move your seat up, are u?" "no" one of the best conversations and callbacks in the mcu history
mashed potato
mashed potato Månad sedan
"Lookin strong, John!"
Omer Berk
Omer Berk Månad sedan
this was rly good thank you
Elena Lokna
Elena Lokna Månad sedan
smartly built, great video !
Ali Mizan
Ali Mizan Månad sedan
made its so it goes like AYYYYYY, SHIT i love bucky hes just hilarious
Emily Owen
Emily Owen Månad sedan
1:18 is my absolute favorite 😂 his scream
Ndumi Simelane
Ndumi Simelane Månad sedan
Okay, I'm going to watch it again.
Jyostnaben Parmar
Jyostnaben Parmar Månad sedan
Lmao now I am sure we all know when "The Hobbit" came out-🤣🤣
peterrquill Månad sedan
anyone else notice that the “book thing” bucky’s therapist does is like when he was at hydra? like at hydra he was forced to look at someone controlling something about him without his say into it. then at therapy, he was forced to go there and he had no control on what his therapist wrote… ptsd perhaps? maybe that’s why the nightmares won’t go away… idk though, just a theory.
Elena Lokna
Elena Lokna Månad sedan
there is actually a comment about this from Titli Roy from 2 months ago "The weirdest thing is that Bucky actually liked his doctor 🤦‍♀️The man takes a lot of shit like it's normal" The answers to this comment are really interesting and they mention your idea. Sadly they are all far too long for me to repeat them here but I hope you can find the comment and the replies. They are about how Bucky's therapist is bad
Harmony Månad sedan
It's so funny how anthony and seb are arch enemies with tom in the movies and the real life! haha😂
Sam Harville
Sam Harville Månad sedan
I was literally smiling the whole time, thanks for making this!
Christina Brausch
Christina Brausch Månad sedan
Ok, the more im seeing these two, the more im thinking of Miguel and Toulio from El Dorado
Kitkat 13
Kitkat 13 Månad sedan
Wow the editing is flawless
Roselin Dream
Roselin Dream Månad sedan
Zemo is like the Loki of Tge Falcon and The Winter Soldier
Kameron Rylan
Kameron Rylan Månad sedan
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haynicola37 Månad sedan
This is such a good edit! So funny and well put together with all the clips
emily ball
emily ball Månad sedan
Somethings, Bucky and Sam play Sebastian ands Anthony
Eva Chapman
Eva Chapman Månad sedan
The sweltering parcel perioperatively contain because bladder concretely taste at a horrible pajama. nutritious, abnormal china
Bailey B.
Bailey B. Månad sedan
I need another season of falcon and the winter soldier… PLEASE DISNEY 🙌
Alex Niue
Alex Niue Månad sedan
Sara DS Esposito
Sara DS Esposito Månad sedan
Bucky could've killed Thanos with his saltiness
Alex Niue
Alex Niue Månad sedan
this is the best comment on this thread
NO ONE Månad sedan
The ending was just perfect
Ella Barrett
Ella Barrett Månad sedan
It really should be the big 4: 1. Androids 2. Aliens 3. Enhanced 4. Wizards
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douae Mellouki
douae Mellouki Månad sedan
THE NOTEBOOK THING Always iconic ✨✨✨
Mystery Gaming
Mystery Gaming Månad sedan
One of my favorite moments: “James, why does Sam aggravate you.” _Bucky grins_ “And don’t say something childish.” _ultimate betrayal and disappoint_ *And the* “I’ve always wanted to do that.” _Later_ “I’m sorry about redwing.” “No you’re not.”
Muhammad Fitry Yusub
Muhammad Fitry Yusub Månad sedan
Emese Gábor
Emese Gábor Månad sedan
Wa tz ong nyikacar Nmo a sétáltam ma az a sétáltam ma az elso nap
J J Månad sedan
I loved zemo
Quorkela Green
Quorkela Green Månad sedan
A lot of people don’t know this but starring of into space is a symptom of an anxiety attack 😢
Savie Vere
Savie Vere Månad sedan
"A sorcerer is just a wizard without a hat." Flawless logic
Joshua Williams
Joshua Williams Månad sedan
Out if context this seems like a show about a team of slightly less than competent spies.
Joshua Williams
Joshua Williams Månad sedan
06:48 Sam: We should do something Bucky: Shouts encouraging words.
Jupiter🤍 Månad sedan
i feel like most of this is just Sebastian and Anthony
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