Barn find BMW M3 transformation by Auto Finesse

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When we get a call on an M car that's been sitting around you don't need to ask us twice if we want to have a bash at bringing it back to life. So here it is quite possibly one of the best examples of the BMW e46 M3 in the UK - well now at least.

Grab a cuppa, sit back and see how the team at the Detailing Academy spent the best part of a week getting this BMW e46 M3 looking better than the day it rolled out the dealership.

Products used in this video:

Citrus Power - pre wash:…
Avalanche - Snow Foam:…
Foam Lance:
Lather - Shampoo:…
Citrus Power - pre cleaner:
Eradicate - engine cleaner:…
Iron Out - Contamination remover:
ObliTARate - tar and glue remover:…
Clay bar kit:…
Aqua Deluxe - drying towel:…
DPX - Machne polisher:…
Caramics Glass:
Caramics Wheel:
Caramics Fabric:
Tripple all in one polish:
Ultra Glaze - paint glaze:
Illusion - Show Wax:…
Finished with:

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MILAN NAGAR 5 timmar sedan
awesome job brother very nice I'm in south Africa how do i get ur products
Mohmoud Farah
Mohmoud Farah Dag sedan
Quite honestly, I was surprised that the owner recognized his car after you work on it. I have never seen a similar work ever, and yes, you took it to another level; bravo!
Martin Van Amsterdam
Martin Van Amsterdam Dag sedan
Any person who neglect a BMW E46 M3 should be hanged.
Jamal O.
Jamal O. 2 dagar sedan
Auto finesse needs a soundtrack added to their merch always DOPE beats 🎛🎧
rod levin
rod levin 3 dagar sedan
You guys are awsome
Danielle Pickering
Danielle Pickering 3 dagar sedan
For anyone in the know. This is hnw finish. Bentleys rolls Royce etc. Good team.admirable to show your work…. I hope your products sell very well. The love jobs bring in the cream always. Keep up the passion
PLATO LLENO 4 dagar sedan
Would had been faster and cheaper to just replace the clear coat
Danielle Pickering
Danielle Pickering 3 dagar sedan
Yeah of course, let’s get an original car and respray it? Replacing the clear coat means you get a car that looks like orange peel. This clear coat would of been flat and literally show car. This is the difference between I nice looking car and a sick car. Besides do you think they don’t flat your new clear? Shit lands in paint in the best booths and you my friend have proved you don’t have a clue.
Petr Krouzel
Petr Krouzel 6 dagar sedan
How many cars u can polish with only one pad?
40 Projects
40 Projects 6 dagar sedan
Love the car 😍 and hope one day I can have it…
Martin C
Martin C 7 dagar sedan
Barn find 🙄🙈. Was it found in an old barn 🤔🤔🤔🤔 bullshite
Alex Erne
Alex Erne 8 dagar sedan
Incredible, how a proper detail can turn a dusty barn find into a master piece
VINCENT CHEE 8 dagar sedan
you guys the best
Jason Fiutem
Jason Fiutem 9 dagar sedan
Unbelievable congratulations
JRMJ27 10 dagar sedan
This is quite simply the best detailing I have ever seen. Amazing.
James Armitage
James Armitage 7 dagar sedan
check out white details
JRMJ27 9 dagar sedan
It may have been in good condition but I have never seen anyone take the car apart to such an extent. Very impressive.
toffee rado
toffee rado 10 dagar sedan
the car was mint already, relax.
beast 10
beast 10 11 dagar sedan
Guys I'm in South Africa and how can I get your products...??
Free Dom
Free Dom 11 dagar sedan
Wow great job guys. That’s a detail
Andrew4181975 11 dagar sedan
This is almost the exact spec as mine, but I knew better than to get a carbon black one. I got steel gray on red interior and luv it. The only thing is now is the owner will probably lock it away and not drive it because it is so nice , but hopefully Im wrong. One of the best driving cars , ever.
Ford 12 dagar sedan
Barn must have been clean
Ayoub _7aybi
Ayoub _7aybi 12 dagar sedan
khoia fayssal goli allah ystr 3lik smit music li fsunimatik ob9a ob9a tlo7 lina dima smit music khoia fayssal chokran bzaf
Fxbian_03 13 dagar sedan
Damn that looks clean as f*ck!💯🔥
Prayag Kale
Prayag Kale 13 dagar sedan
Wonder what a job like this cost?
Prayag Kale
Prayag Kale 8 dagar sedan
@Drew Lewis That is way more than I thought it would be but good to know what it might cost.
Drew Lewis
Drew Lewis 9 dagar sedan
My guess this sort of service would cost between £2000-£4000
Mathew 14 dagar sedan
Don’t tell us what the car is but put it in the headline ? 😂😂
Duffy 14 dagar sedan
This is the level of detail a barn find like this deserves, hard to find this level of effort, spectacular, new follower for sure here!!!😎
AutoFinesse 11 dagar sedan
Thanks for the love and support
L A 15 dagar sedan
Awesome work
akafreza 15 dagar sedan
NICE WORK .... CRAZY >>> THUMBS UP! .... but it's nor really a Barn Find... it just needed some really good cleaning :)))
MX Motorsports
MX Motorsports 15 dagar sedan
We use also Auto Finesse Products at the time ☺️
AutoFinesse 11 dagar sedan
Thank you
Jezbo 78
Jezbo 78 17 dagar sedan
You guys are insanely talented! I may just have to get in touch!
Kawazackii H
Kawazackii H 18 dagar sedan
Well that was satisfying to watch guys, greetings from Germany. Good job 👍🏼
Crazyabout GamesBR
Crazyabout GamesBR 18 dagar sedan
Shahid Apajraou
Shahid Apajraou 20 dagar sedan
Fergus 20 dagar sedan
Hi what did you use on the headlining? Thanks
Eddie Ellison
Eddie Ellison 22 dagar sedan
Low miles and needed a lot! Is it stored in a field?!
B W 22 dagar sedan
Wow What a Awesome Job!
George Johnson
George Johnson 22 dagar sedan
Could you put anymore ads in this video
Honoré Mirabeau
Honoré Mirabeau 22 dagar sedan
Je savais pas que Norbert était fan de tuning.
Doc 93
Doc 93 24 dagar sedan
Should buff ur head for a laugh 😂😂😂😂😂
Pedro Secoli
Pedro Secoli 25 dagar sedan
Os caras são inspiração! Great video!
Malcolm Wong
Malcolm Wong 25 dagar sedan
Damn 💙
Jesse M.
Jesse M. 26 dagar sedan
Property done! A bigger team assures quality control. Looks amazing!
II C 26 dagar sedan
Bonnet been resprayed
Bmwblack Bmwm5
Bmwblack Bmwm5 29 dagar sedan
Pokidali ga
jk3838 jk3838
jk3838 jk3838 29 dagar sedan
Amazing amount of detail you go into, and real skill, especially on the non factory paint areas. So easy to wear through top coat Curious how much the final bill is Based on 6 men for four days , so 24 days, or 200 man hours If it’s even £20 per hour, that’s £4,000 plus materials, badges etc Obviously increases the value of the car
more and more
more and more 19 dagar sedan
Im sure they dont work 4 full days
Nopian Adiputra
Nopian Adiputra Månad sedan
YEOMAN Automotive
YEOMAN Automotive Månad sedan
Great video, can’t wait to finish my build!!!
simon lloyd
simon lloyd Månad sedan
the term 'barn find' now applies to new vehicles awaiting PDI.
BorisTheBlade Månad sedan
do u do underneath the car which is where they really need doing
Joe S. Ibanez
Joe S. Ibanez Månad sedan
Clickbait. That is not a barn find.
lee goulden
lee goulden Månad sedan
still a thing of beauty i miss my e46 m3.
JBRC Månad sedan
where is the barn ?
Daniel Ognqnov
Daniel Ognqnov Månad sedan
My screen isn't clean enough to see the results 😀
GV Detailing
GV Detailing Månad sedan
specialist parts
specialist parts Månad sedan
Fala galera tudo bem Gostaria muito de adquerir produtos vcs envio pro Brasil????
Nick Giles Cycling
Nick Giles Cycling Månad sedan
Great video. What a transformation! I work for Specialist Cars Tring so was a surprise to see the bag with parts.
Charles Berry
Charles Berry Månad sedan
AWESOME JOB!! really enjoyed watching this one. Nice work.
Alan McLaughlin
Alan McLaughlin Månad sedan
Absolutely stunning detailing, blown away with the final result. Fantastic team work!
A J Thomas
A J Thomas Månad sedan
"Bard find", lol. Not washed for three weeks, you mean?
Vikturus22 Månad sedan
"heres the bmw MFREE"
Ilias ETTOUKI Månad sedan
that's absolutely brilliant, but i think you should do a "before and after" at the end of the video so we can appreciate the difference
Andrew D. Royappa
Andrew D. Royappa Månad sedan
Ahh, after all that it's an SMG -_- Sadge
Alex Jones
Alex Jones Månad sedan
Can you guys please recommend me a paint thickness gauge? Currently waiting on my latest auto finesse order 😎
neil cutler
neil cutler Månad sedan
Wouldn’t exactly call it a barn find a bit misleading
Wiktor Månad sedan
What grit of sandpapers have you used on bonnet?
Francis Pereira
Francis Pereira Månad sedan
Shit replica wheels, cant even be called replicas
Rogerio Paz
Rogerio Paz 4 dagar sedan
@Francis Pereira they are factory 19s. Dont mistake them for the 18s. Also why on earth would the owner refurbish reps ?.....
Francis Pereira
Francis Pereira Månad sedan
@Pete Sorensen no they are not, just check some pics and u will see it
Pete Sorensen
Pete Sorensen Månad sedan
??? they look like factory options to me. They're just missing the BMW logo center bore cap.
KM Wu Månad sedan
People over use "Barn find" just like "BLM"
asdfyxcv1100 Månad sedan
When the "barn find" is so contemporary that it could be stolen...
notyourcup Månad sedan
In essence most detailing (vidoes anyways) is like that lady you meet in the club: all fine and dandy with disco lights, make up, booze, music until the next day you meet her without the lights, fancy clothes and make up. you might still love her, but its two different persons.
Siclmn Cyclerider
Siclmn Cyclerider Månad sedan
Somebody with a Rolls Royce might want this level of cleaning. But an old M3 ? I am a daily driver, rain mountain passes. Give me the finished car and it will need it done again in a week.
guy M
guy M Månad sedan
I went in my grans barn and found a Bmw M3 with 57,000 miles coverd in a sheet . Oh sorry i got thet wrong ,it was a red honda 70 moped .coverd in a blanket . barn find .
guy M
guy M Månad sedan
I OWN A 22 YEAR OLD E38. 728I , Its mint not one ding or scratch , I havent got a spare £ 3000 for a detail so i will stick to my bucket of hot soapy water . and my sponge ,And my can of turtle wax ,every weekend it gets done every weekend . And it glows at night . its never been in a car wash ever from new . its light green .boy its mint .
jasonrust1 Månad sedan
Change your batteries on the smoke detector! How does that not drive people nuts
E S Månad sedan
1:45 nice arse
Keith Lestrange
Keith Lestrange Månad sedan
Just found this channel ...just wow !
Iván Caro
Iván Caro Månad sedan
Que pinche navesota
rrocktoo Månad sedan
One of the nicest looking cars treated extremely well.
Oliver York
Oliver York Månad sedan
Fantastic job guys what sort of price would this level of detail be? Would like to get my Capri done
john kaimins
john kaimins Månad sedan
Your attention to detail is very impressive, although the "barn find" description is a bit misleading.
Shane Bagnall
Shane Bagnall Månad sedan
I’ve watched many car detailing videos......BUT you guys are by far “the best” in the business. Your attention to detail is so “on point” I’ve have never seen any other detail company remove lights, badges,trim etc. A totally brilliant result by the best professional detailers in the business, by a country mile! I wish you guys had a company on the Gold Coast, Australia.
Dodgy Dave
Dodgy Dave Månad sedan
5/6 blokes a couple of days... would it be cheaper to re paint it??
Dodgy Dave
Dodgy Dave Månad sedan
Agree but as it’s already had some paint work done to the door..
Robbert H
Robbert H Månad sedan
These cars are more valuable when they are in their original paint (low mileage)
Ibrahim S Conlon Architect
Ibrahim S Conlon Architect Månad sedan
absolutely awesome.. bravo q: cost /fees to do that? thankyou
Elias Carlsson
Elias Carlsson Månad sedan
5:10 i expected it to give you a sneeze
Michael Cooper
Michael Cooper Månad sedan
the accent = car detailer
Adam West
Adam West Månad sedan
Wow just wow 😎
Meat Packing Industry Worker
Meat Packing Industry Worker Månad sedan
Low miles, driven briefly every year and one owner - all wonderful attributes completely wiped out by that SMG gearbox lol!
Kevin barrett
Kevin barrett Månad sedan
Better looking than any new BMW.
lorenzo lam
lorenzo lam Månad sedan
"I'm not gonna tell you what vehicle it is but ill post it right on the title and tell you exactly where it's not from."
Dazza Wazza
Dazza Wazza Månad sedan
Barn find, 😂 fu**k off bruv
James Cherrill
James Cherrill Månad sedan
"Its actually done a few miles in the last 5 years as well as a MOT every year" need to have a look at what defines a barn find lads, you boys click baited the fuck outta that...
Mortex50 Månad sedan
Exactly my thought as well.
Trevor Månad sedan
Great video and possibly my favorite car, but his accent is driving me nuts.
Patrick Tejas
Patrick Tejas Månad sedan
damn mate wicked work chaps
Allstar Månad sedan
James Cherrill
James Cherrill Månad sedan
I was expecting too much as well, this is literally just a dirty car that's sat for a little bit lol
W19 ELY Månad sedan
"Barn find"
Rasha Pramasta
Rasha Pramasta Månad sedan
i wonder what price for that much of detailing
Michael Steven
Michael Steven Månad sedan
not dirty, c'mon..
SmartfoolGB Månad sedan
Very good job by Some very skilled guys
Piotr Trocki
Piotr Trocki Månad sedan
why wasnt the whole door painted?
Khaledxxx Månad sedan
I have a question, Why you did not use sanding paper? I believe that you can make a better outcome !
Timur Lundholm
Timur Lundholm Månad sedan
You seem to be both blind and deaf, they wet-sanded several times in the video.. ffs
Pedro Rivera
Pedro Rivera Månad sedan
Cost, please. Outstanding work guys.
ESSEESSE MAN Månad sedan
Big Respect man , i like your job . Really :)))
John Ward
John Ward Månad sedan
Price please
Greg Wayne
Greg Wayne Månad sedan
Wow. I too found a car like this. I went to a Barn just recently and found it. I was just blown away! But mine is older and very rare. It has been just rotting away for years. I pay the insurance and drive it each year just like this car. But only around 10,00km a year so it's been just hiding in the barn. Each year. There are only a few of the models and options like my car. Just like this one. I think around 25,000 or so. Very rare. I was so lucky to find it as it was lost to the world and time was just eating it away. This just goes to show that there are other undiscovered Barn Finds still out there. Every Morning in my Barn I find it just like this one. Except I had to buy mine and this one was inherited from an unknown person called a "Father". Who must have once loved it but then just forgot about this car until it came time to insure it and drive it each year. Wow..
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