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The Mighty Nein return to the Blooming Grove to process what they've endured and to take their first steps towards embracing whatever the future holds in store...

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Flando Maltrizian
Flando Maltrizian 11 dagar sedan
HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing 0:15 A poem 3:45 Laura’s Pride Merch Corner 6:25 Big announcements 8:10 Intro cinematic 9:45 Episode Starts (level up) 11:55 Recap starts 13:05 Skin cradle 14:40 Recap Ends 15:55 Old Clarabelle 17:50 Reclaim the gun 20:25 Molly is the new Kiri 25:20 How long were we out 27:10 Molly can’t poop 27:40 Frumpkin 30:25 Sprinkle does not get to leave 34:45 Beau and Yasha 37:35 Jester and Fjord 38:35 Modify memory 39:45 Veth skinny dipping 42:40 Sam’s shirt reveal 47:00 Messaging Momma 48:00 Messaging Yeza as Veth 49:40 Caleb is a bad voice actor 52:50 Molly awake 1:00:30 Caleb tells Molly’s story 1:03:15 King Tealeaf has brand potential 1:05:30 King has new clothing tastes 1:08:25 Poncho on a stick 1:12:35 The teleportation waterslide 1:14:25 Team Firestorm goes to Zadash 1:16:30 Jester greets her parents 1:19:05 A private getaway with everyone’s family 1:22:10 Registered cleric 1:22:50 Marion and Jester 1:27:55 Sneak attack 1:29:15 Veth reunites with Yeza and Luc 1:33:50 Luc needs water 1:35:30 Jester and The Gentleman 1:41:15 Haha, wouldn’t it be funny if there was an Assembly attack 1:44:00 Ikithon 1:46:00 Just in time to put Luc in danger again 1:55:10 Caleb can accommodate 1:56:45 Map out 2:00:35 Battle begins (Veth has to leave again) 2:04:00 I, for one, hope Sam never learns how DnD works 2:06:55 Punch the fire 2:09:55 Wizard fight 2:12:20 RIP Henry Crabgrass 2:17:00 Caleb is caught in a counterspell maelstrom 2:21:40 Oops, all counterspell 2:25:25 Fjord and Eodwulf measure swords (so much hexual tension) 2:27:40 Caleb’s produce flame (FLUFFERNUTTER) 2:44:00 The turning point of the fight 2:49:40 Shield, Shield, Shield 2:54:40 Marisha, we don’t know what you’re saying 2:56:25 Shoot Beau for old times sake 2:57:05 Kingsly is just walking away 2:59:55 Is it dope enough? 3:02:00 Diplomatic immunity 3:02:25 It’s been awhile 3:04:10 Ride him, Beau 3:05:20 Rodeo Fjord 3:07:35 Caduceus coming in clutch as always 3:09:35 Riding like Dr.Strangelove 3:12:20 Jester’s arc as a healer is complete 3:13:55 Exploding palm technique 3:15:35 Caleb’s ghosts come back for blood 3:18:25 Blowing on Trent 3:20:30 The moment of truth 3:21:30 A last minute assist 3:22:45 BREAK STARTS 3:31:45 Art Montage 3:45:40 BREAK ENDS 3:46:35 The worst dick Jester has ever drawn 3:52:35 Scary Caduceus 3:53:45 Beau, on bringing corruption to light 3:59:05 Kingsly side eyes the wizards 4:00:05 Beau and Caleb 4:04:15 Fjord says it back 4:05:50 Power Word: Empathy 4:09:30 Caduceus will keep trying 4:09:55 King is back 4:12:25 Essek the gardener 4:15:15 The fate of the flask 4:17:25 Reconciliation 4:21:10 Secret Sjervice 4:23:05 Caleb and Beau 4:24:40 Cadtimidation 4:26:20 Feeding Trent 4:29:00 The spooky book 4:31:25 Kingsly is a whip guy 4:32:30 The Beaurebar 4:33:05 Veth and Yeza’s apocethary (Veth is out) 4:35:25 Caduceus is out (these goodbyes were when I started crying) 4:41:20 Essek is out 4:44:40 Essek deserves a message per day from Jester 4:45:25 Life is more beautiful in color 4:46:35 Full cinnamon roll 4:49:00 Caleb says goodbye to Essek 4:50:10 Caleb will be a great teacher 4:51:45 Weekend with Trent 4:54:20 Checking Trent’s items 4:56:25 The Denouement 4:57:30 Old Edith would like to rage 4:58:10 Nugget 4:59:20 Yussa 5:05:55 The fate of the Happy Fun Ball 5:07:15 Reconciling with Wentsforth 5:09:10 Dick backstory 5:11:30 Fjord wants to split rent with Jester 5:13:35 Veth says goodbye 5:15:15 A pretty good painting 5:16:55 Veth and Caleb 5:20:45 Chaos Crew 5:21:55 Kingsly’s lifelong dream 5:23:50 The Pirate King 5:24:20 The fate of those bandits 5:26:15 Waking up Orly 5:27:15 Kingsly says goodbye 5:31:05 Making their way to Zadash 5:33:00 Arraigning Trent 5:37:55 Hiring investigators 5:41:30 Caleb gets a job offer 5:44:45 The trial 5:49:10 Making your path 5:50:20 Artagan and Jester 5:57:20 Fjord’s voyage 5:59:55 Vandren 6:03:35 Vandren's story 6:13:20 Yasha and Beau plan their future 6:18:45 The Orphanmaker returns 6:29:40Yasha says goodbye 6:35:10 Jester is still messaging everyone 6:36:35 Shadowghast 6:39:05 Discussing time and destiny 6:45:25 Caleb’s choice 6:46:25 Caleb and Essek stay together for awhile 6:48:35 A book of letters 6:50:05 ADVENTURER CAMP 6:51:45 The Cloven Crystal 6:53:35 Kingsly Tealeaf 6:56:05Caduceus does his work 6:58:00 Kingsly lives the pirate life 7:00:20 Closing the chapter 7:02:35 Episode Ends The in-game start date for the episode was the 4th of Syndestar 836. Sam’s flask says “Empty” on the front and “Love” on the back. When I started writing these timestamps, I was unemployed and depressed, I felt useless and powerless. The best parts of my week were posting these timestamps and seeing all of your responses. Seeing people tell me I was doing good work, that I helped them enjoy the show, even just praising the speed made me feel like I was worth something in a time where I needed it the most. After three and a half years, four jobs, 194 stamp documents and a lot of work on myself, this weekend I moved into my first solo apartment. I don’t know where I’d be now if I hadn’t gotten the appreciation when I needed it, so thank you all. See you in C3, in these one shots, and who knows where else. Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?
Azure ShenaniganS
Azure ShenaniganS 11 dagar sedan
Goodbye for now Flando
Hewitttribe 11 dagar sedan
Ain't that lovely, both amazing timestamps and a good step forward! Thank you for all you've done and see you in C3!
Kyle Stroup
Kyle Stroup 11 dagar sedan
You are a critical role legend Flando! Glad to hear things are looking up for you in your personal life!
Frank Red
Frank Red 11 dagar sedan
Flando, you are do a great service to the community and I hope you will know that regardless of that you are awesome, see you in C3
Mackrock ,Chef
Mackrock ,Chef 11 dagar sedan
Thank you so much Flando!!
ash green
ash green 37 minuter sedan
Spoiler Thanks guys for a great campaign loved the whole thing. Taliesin loved the journey you took Molly on I think Kingsley was a fantastic ending
Javelin \[Y]/
Javelin \[Y]/ Timme sedan
poofballoon TM
poofballoon TM 2 timmar sedan
Boedal 2 timmar sedan
Im a full-time lurker but man I can not keep my mouth shut now. If I EVER get the chance to meet you guys at an event I hope I get the time to express my gratitude to all of you individually. For now short commendations have to be enough. Matt: I have so much to say and just not enough time. Your story’s… have been such an important part of my life. You have shown me that a little story, a lot of effort and a mountain of passion can bring joy to everyone around you. Thank you for bringing imagination to life and thank you for all your sweat, tears and hard work you put into this game for your friends and us to enjoy. Matt, if I could, I would give you the biggest hug. But I will wish you the greatest life of all. May other appreciate your work as much as I do! Also seeing you get so emotional over the time you spend with your friends and the story’s you create, has to be one of the most heart wrenching moments of this show. Much love Matthew. Travis: oh boy. Don’t take this the wrong way Travis, but you have been like a father figure to me that was sadly absent from my own life. You have taught me, especially your character Fjord, how hard it can be to make decisions. That you have to stand by your choices and deal with the consequences. That taking responsibility for others is a weight that lays heavy in your shoulders. But also that you should never be afraid to ask for help. Because no matter how strong and cunning you are, you just can’t kill an evil god without your friends. You also gotta be the best type of player on a D&D table I have ever seen. Watching you support your friends and enjoy the game with them, not just your own is invigorating to see. For all that I haven’t mentioned, I love you all, I just don’t want to write the longest comment in YT history every. My promise still stands, if I get to meet you all, you are all getting a big hug. Thank you.
AlX TheGrin
AlX TheGrin 4 timmar sedan
Fjond Fjarewells!
Parafoxl 7 timmar sedan
3:15:34 That moment. Sam. Dude.
ultimatelegend18 7 timmar sedan
Talleywa 9 timmar sedan
It seemed like a lot of the real tear jerking moments were scattered throughout the campaign But it was still a solid finale, there was clearly really nowhere else to go after Lucian. Also can we appreciate the fact that despite having the element of surprise three times over and up to 5 rounds of free prep it only took around 30s of in game time for an Archmage of the Cerberus Assembly to get absolutely dunked on?
Paige Miller
Paige Miller 11 timmar sedan
Beautiful campaign like the first imma miss the mighty nien but may both bands of our loved heros go down in glory and never be forgotten. Critical role forever
Ed the Great
Ed the Great 12 timmar sedan
I promised myself I wasn’t gonna cry
marcelo escamilla
marcelo escamilla 13 timmar sedan
It is confirmed that jester had the power of friendship all along
Lane Zacharias
Lane Zacharias 13 timmar sedan
The pressed flowers got me!! Wow
Benjamin Melendez
Benjamin Melendez 15 timmar sedan
No Shame I'm my game. I had the happy, sad & proud tears for The entire ending. But you Mr Matthew Mercer had me in straight ugly tears for the entire last 2 minutes.
JustHarmony 15 timmar sedan
ii cant articulate anything but THANK YOU SO MUCH right now because of my intense sobbing, you guys have been such a light in my life and have given me so much joy. just thank you for putting so much kindness and effort into the world, you're all so amazing
Kilala Dragomir
Kilala Dragomir 16 timmar sedan
Thank you for a good story. Let's do it again.
Brandon Michaud
Brandon Michaud 18 timmar sedan
Finally finished. One of the best stories I’ve ever had the pleasure to experience. Thank you everyone at Critical Role ♥️🙏🥺🔥👏
No Justice Network
No Justice Network 18 timmar sedan
I feel like the Gust Fan/Step of the Wind combo between Beau and Veth isn't appreciated enough. That was both a solid improvised plan utilizing a unorthodox magic item and a core monk feature and a solid sign of teamwork.
GameGabster 18 timmar sedan
I began watching season 2 at the end of March 2021, and here I am three months later caught up on every minute. What a journey! Thank you for helping us through these trying times.
Kilala Dragomir
Kilala Dragomir 19 timmar sedan
Y'all I never thought I'd ship Fjord and Wulf but...
janathecookie 19 timmar sedan
SturdyBlastoff 19 timmar sedan
Heroes when brutally killing thousands of lackies and minions: It’s for the greater good Heroes confronting the bbeg: I am going to take the high road and not kill you
The Dreamer
The Dreamer 19 timmar sedan
Only on episode 107 on the 1st campaign... see you all next year!
Clayton Rhoden
Clayton Rhoden 20 timmar sedan
when sam finally got to make his wish!
Alleli Hull
Alleli Hull 20 timmar sedan
I just realized: the subtitles credit Strongbad Techno for the celebone music. Thank you subtitle person/team!
Dart Pika
Dart Pika 21 timme sedan
Jag behöver katt försäkring
Luke Reichenbach
Luke Reichenbach 22 timmar sedan
Goodbye y’all see you next campaign.
Paulo Roberto Cendron Midon
Paulo Roberto Cendron Midon 23 timmar sedan
Fjord: you could do the deadhead thjng Caleb: (watching Fjord call Mind Blank, his high level spell that he picked specifically for the fight against Lucien, "deadhead") Why must you make me suffer so?
Daniel .A
Daniel .A Dag sedan
I've only been playing Dnd for a few years now and I didn't start watching this show until a month into the pandemic but I'm not ready to see these characters go. It was such a wonderful escape from all the craziness of the outside world
Stuart Keith Guitars
Stuart Keith Guitars Dag sedan
LBGTQRFSTOVMSEWBXIDLONAZIDN....pretty damn ridiculous.
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Dag sedan
"... and I disintegrate everything in the room..." and I cried my eyes out
Nun ya (Baron Samedi)
Nun ya (Baron Samedi) Dag sedan
Frumpkin should be the real new member of the assembly
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Dag sedan
I'm sad it's ending but I'm excited for the future. I love sharing this with you all and I'll see you again for campaign 3. ❤
Essylo Dag sedan
The wizard who wanted to control his future fell in love and was saved by the wizard who wanted to control his past, and in this love they found happiness in the present
Joanna Roi
Joanna Roi Dag sedan
When Yasha pulls out all those flowers she's been collecting from all these different places and adventures, that was an incredible long-game. So awesome.
Савва Эйрус-Шулепов
Савва Эйрус-Шулепов Dag sedan
Oh, shit. That shirt reveal got me. See, for a while I've known long enough that Matt and me are sharing a lot of facial similarity, but I've been bald for several years now. Now I'm also wearing a beard, aaand then this happens: almost my portrait on Sam Riegel's chest. Holy mackerel.
Ryan H
Ryan H Dag sedan
I've spent the last two years catching up on Campaign 1&2 and have never been disappointed! Look forward to seeing the new stuff live!
cavemanfelician Dag sedan
Am I wrong for wanting to be buried in a garden and have plants grown from me and become dead people tea
Roland Schulz
Roland Schulz Dag sedan
Dear Matt, dear cast.. thank you for being there for me and for all of us in a time of life, which was hard and frightening.. i loved the mighty nein so much, and i loved you and your stories so much.. thank you for all.. iam humble and cried a lot while seeing this, but iam happy to see all of you happy.. stay stron and dont forget to love each other.. With Love, Roland from germany
Stefano Rolando
Stefano Rolando Dag sedan
It's a small thing but it's quite amazing how much Yussa has learned from the Mighty Nein, considering that he had kept himself secluded and had been afraid of any competition and sabotage from most of his colleagues when they first met him.
Eric Herbert
Eric Herbert Dag sedan
Cobalt Absol
Cobalt Absol Dag sedan
I will never forget this or any story you tell. The team, in front and behind the cameras mean more than I realize.
N.F.K gaming
N.F.K gaming Dag sedan
Thank u
Alex Eding
Alex Eding Dag sedan
I quite enjoyed this campaign. Thanks so much, you beautiful storytellers.
Brianna Padgett
Brianna Padgett Dag sedan
I definitely think either Caleb, Jester, or Beau should write a book on all of their journeys (All of Beau’s notes will definitely be very helpful)
bananafish58 Dag sedan
5:35:31 I really thought Marisha did a great job as Beau!!! Beau started off so angry with a huge chip on her shoulder (understandably), but Marisha allowed her to evolve in so many ways and Beau became an awesome friend and boss Expositor!
Henry Armstrong
Henry Armstrong Dag sedan
5:35:00 I encourage everyone to imagine Yudala Fon as Tilda Swinton, as Matt said he imagines them. It's chilling in this scene.
Cherry Pie
Cherry Pie Dag sedan
Why end it now?? There's still a lot more they could've done. Usually campaigns end at level 20 I dunno.
Follow the howl
Follow the howl Dag sedan
Lol no, usually campaigns end before level 10 :) It's incredibly rare for a campaign to get to level 20.
Thing's To Do When You're Bored
Thing's To Do When You're Bored Dag sedan
I'm sad it's ending but I'm excited for the future. I love sharing this with you all and I'll see you again for campaign 3. ❤
bananafish58 Dag sedan
Excited also about campaign 3, but kinda looking forward to the short campaign starting next Thursday. I always love seeing Matt play a character and am looking forward to seeing DM Aabria Iyengar.
Dwarvesta Dag sedan
Matt is the best cat ever.
Stephen Carmickle
Stephen Carmickle Dag sedan
Thanks for the journey. Happy to have been a small part of it.
Frank Hartley
Frank Hartley Dag sedan
Loved the campaign and looking forward to the next! Won’t really get into the final episode being that it’s a little “negative”. It was sort of like watching GoT for all those years and then that final episode airs….sorry, just my opinion. ASIDE from that, I am soooo excited the upcoming mini campaign, and then Campaign 3!!!
DrunkSuperhero Dag sedan
veth: I'd like to make a summer camp for young adventures, where they can learn to sneak and shoot crossbows :) *Ten years later there is a thriving thieves guild full of past summer camp kids*
Princess Blazena
Princess Blazena 18 timmar sedan
They work for the Gentleman 😂
RomanAusOjerzyce Dag sedan
A bit of a rushed finale, for some reason. I feel like the ending events could've been dragged out into few more episodes and end in more natural way. Maybe the crew wanted a break to focus on other projects (hopefully the animated series). Looking forward to campaign 3. Meanwhile C1 is asking for a rewatch ;)
pike vena
pike vena Dag sedan
Really they forgot about the hoard of valuables in the happy fun ball?
SithLordBishop Dag sedan
Aurin saint
Aurin saint Dag sedan
I have absolutely loved all of these characters. Jester and Fjord and Yasha make me want to have children! Beau makes me want to never have a kid. The ending was many questions but in the end all I can say is Thank you for lettung me watch your game.
Casual Tryhard
Casual Tryhard Dag sedan
Seemed to me that the end of campaign was a bit rushed? Wonder why... it was a good ride though
Carter 7698
Carter 7698 Dag sedan
Just saying thank you to the cast and crew. on this day 6/17/21. I've officially caught up on campaign 1 and campaign 2, it's taken almost two years and it was all worth it, can't wait to watch the streams for campaign 3 and beyond!!!
MSword126 Dag sedan
Sam finally made his wish to save Liam's character.
Alexic94 Dag sedan
I don't care how tough you are, when Matthew Mercer cries, you cry.
Ignore the Armageddon Script
Ignore the Armageddon Script Dag sedan
How’s Boca Chica?????
Ignore the Armageddon Script
Ignore the Armageddon Script Dag sedan
Is this a big Alien cult????? 🚀 👾 👽 a🎧
Ignore the Armageddon Script
Ignore the Armageddon Script Dag sedan
Save the children 🦇🦠❤️🔥🎂
Ignore the Armageddon Script
Ignore the Armageddon Script Dag sedan
Ignore the Armageddon Script
Ignore the Armageddon Script Dag sedan
This show is seriously so stupid. You guys need to get a better hobby and some new materials!!!!! 😂
Ignore the Armageddon Script
Ignore the Armageddon Script Dag sedan
richard adams
richard adams Dag sedan
'cus multiverses are so hot right now.. Can we please have an alternative reality version where Trent is working for The Chair and theres an extra episode where The M9 confront it? P.s. can you do an official "The Chair" mini? Charity thing or something..
Danshaku84 Dag sedan
Simply amazing!
richard adams
richard adams Dag sedan
Spoilers: Jesters mum needs a fucking wash
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Dag sedan
Sam: "I guess I'm with my family, the end." Caleb: "MY TURN!" takes a firm grip of my heart strings and plunges off a cliff
FredChunks Dag sedan
"This world was so much easier when it was black and white" "But it's so much more beautiful in all the shades of colours." I started sobbing. Like actually sobbing.
Follow the howl
Follow the howl Dag sedan
@FredChunks Hate to break it to you, that's a bot. That's a copy and pasted comment someone else wrote.
FredChunks Dag sedan
@bocoy noiu Started watching the night Campaign 2 started and have been here all along. I've shed many tears and had many laughs watching Critical Role, but that hit hard.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Dag sedan
I started crit role campaign 2 when I was a freshmanish In college and now I am graduating this December I started when episode 30 had aired
Brandon Kendall
Brandon Kendall Dag sedan
Wow... :)
syfyserpent 2 dagar sedan
Did Sam reference a Tales from the Crypt movie???
akayukilucifel 2 dagar sedan
Thank you Ashley, Laura, Marisha, Matt, Sam, Taliesin and Travis for letting us join you on this amazing journey. The sheer amount of effort , commitment and love that has gone into this story is awe inspiring. Really, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
Andrew Ohning
Andrew Ohning 2 dagar sedan
Does anybody else desperately want a novel about one of Cadeuces's walkabouts?
James Jackson
James Jackson 2 dagar sedan
Thanks Matt, Marisha, Talesin, Travis, Laura, Sam, Ashley and Liam. I wasn't there for Campaign One. But I hope you call come back for a proper Campaign 3 together again. The story telling is phenomenal and you were a pleasure to watch every week.
Dovkiin3 2 dagar sedan
I started Watching the 2ed Campaign when I was a Freshmen in Highschool. Every Thursaday I would stay up and watch feeling so tired in the Morning. Thank you so much. This story met so much to me.
Nathaniel M
Nathaniel M 2 dagar sedan
I had a great idea if the mighty nein whines up with their own animated series each episode can be further detailed into their separate adventures like say fjord's jester and kingly sailing around at the beginning when they first separated can be the first episode and the second can be another member of the separated mighty nein. just to clarify a little more
Nathaniel M
Nathaniel M 2 dagar sedan
damn it cut me off like I was saying I was talking about the adventures they had separately like Caleb and esick I definitely spelled his name wrong but when they go to the ruins and they made it back to that stasis pod-like room the show if they make one should focus on the adventure they had through the ruins and sam with the others if they do make an animated series of the mighty nein I would want them to focus on the vague adventures they talked about or at least that's what I thought of
Simon Young
Simon Young 2 dagar sedan
I cried, I love you guys so much and what you do. Thank you for the great times and amazing story, the good and the bad, the support and love. Thank you
Milton Cruz
Milton Cruz 2 dagar sedan
What about kiri?
Zerokin 2000
Zerokin 2000 2 dagar sedan
2:28 JACK The Chaosslayer wants to know your location
whiskey jack
whiskey jack 2 dagar sedan
DeskieFam 2 dagar sedan
6:49:55 Dang…Liam broke Matt
The Tabletop Engineers
The Tabletop Engineers 2 dagar sedan
You guys are amazing. Thank you so much for such a wonderful tale.
Wonderland AfterHours
Wonderland AfterHours 2 dagar sedan
I found campaign 2 to be so much more enjoyable. Campaign 1 had epic moments but the friendship in campaign 2 seems so much tighter.
Cory Giles
Cory Giles 2 dagar sedan
Bravo. Another well done campaign. Can't wait to see everything that comes next.
joshua humphries
joshua humphries 2 dagar sedan
I started crit role campaign 2 when I was a freshmanish In college and now I am graduating this December I started when episode 30 had aired
Cai Adrian
Cai Adrian 2 dagar sedan
Love how every Beth impression begins with a scream
bananafish58 2 dagar sedan
6:57:53 Taliesin just had to end the campaign to let everyone know that Kingsley read "that book," renamed a ship the "Mollymauk," decided to be "not the worse pirate," kidnaps Fjord's crew, and sets off to Darktow. Not the kind of ending I think the Mighty Nein deserved.
bananafish58 2 dagar sedan
5:49:54 I'm so happy Arty was part of this last episode!!! It was a lovely interaction and fitting that he might not be as much in her life now. Would love a one-shot of Jester and the rest of MN going to the Feyweld to meet up with Artagan.
Dustin Sykes
Dustin Sykes 2 dagar sedan
I love how they come up with an attack plan for the Sovereign Glue and they "Stick to it....." 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Thutmose Toure
Thutmose Toure 2 dagar sedan
I'm only high key low key sad they didn't check back on the Pumats
bananafish58 2 dagar sedan
5:06:55 I love that "fish tacos" is canon!
bananafish58 2 dagar sedan
4:33:06 Veth the Brave
Abel Szabo
Abel Szabo 2 dagar sedan
Thank you so much for this ! Just Thank you. 🤗🥰
bananafish58 2 dagar sedan
4:07:20 I wish Caduceus would have thought about Caleb and tried to get Trent to empathize with the torment Caleb had experienced for close to a decade for having burned his parents to death. Having your family home set on fire is a horrible experience but everyone escaped unharmed, and Caduceus admits right after that "the roof and the building will be fine." In the end, it just became over-the-top uncomfortable that Taliesin kept having Cad burn one spell slot after another. His family was safe, and they could re-build!
James Scott
James Scott 2 dagar sedan
Spoiler for the episode. Despite all the despicable things Trent has ever done, the M9 literally used the least amount of force required to subdue and capture someone of his power and capability. A few extra little cuts and bumps but everything else was to make sure he could never hurt anyone else again.
bananafish58 2 dagar sedan
Veth and Beau with their plan, Fjord's counter spell, Essek paralyzing Trent, Astrid helping Caleb with the collar...All with the visage of Caleb's parents pointing at Trent in condemnation. Come On!!!
bananafish58 2 dagar sedan
saruhan özgan
saruhan özgan 2 dagar sedan
Thank you for giving us this family, you guys have been my joy and inspration for the last 2 years 😢🧡
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