STOP using the Kar98... The Swiss K31 is better!

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Call of Duty Warzone has a new fastest Sniper. The Swiss K31. ADS speed is Insane, making it the PERFECT mid range sniper. Better than the Kar98. Best K31 Build here. Use code JACKFRAGS in the COD Store. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

david cheetham
david cheetham Månad sedan
C4-69 Månad sedan
true legends had watched all Jack's, Tom's and aculite's videos about this sniper.
firebreathingfun Månad sedan
Stop telling us what to do jack
Wanderingbug Månad sedan
my home pod decided to answer that while watching this video...
Brandon Juarez
Brandon Juarez 2 månader sedan
Vro jack always on it when it comes to the next weapon
Lex Luther S
Lex Luther S 2 månader sedan
Jack is the king of sniping fuckin hell
Alloran 2 månader sedan
Jack's snipes are a thing of absolute wonder. I can't even see the things he's shooting at most of the time and I have zero pressure on me. He's checking radar, responding to call outs, and lasering dome.
Joshua Tito
Joshua Tito 2 månader sedan
I trust your judgement for a lot but this? Lol no
Dosage 2 månader sedan
Can u make a vid about the overpowered carv 2 so everyone can start using it i know u get killed by the kar98 all thr time thats why u made this video can u make one about thr carv and tell everyone to stop using it cheers
Gladi-8-r 2 månader sedan
I would agree if the gun wasn't buggy. For some reason, head shots don't kill in multiplayer cold war but leave them with 1% health instead.
Martin Stoll
Martin Stoll 2 månader sedan
swiss K is King
Snayperskaya 2 månader sedan
It isn't. Kar98 is a meta gun that outclasses all the snipers rifles the game have.
GHOST XX 2 månader sedan
Thanks m8 but I’ll stick with my Kar.
Yasin Ali
Yasin Ali 2 månader sedan
do you watch spoonkid?!?!?!? that Bababoy...
Febrezerr 2 månader sedan
I have to disagree. You could argue that the Swiss is a competitor but it’s not the KAR. It never will be the KAR
Turtle OP
Turtle OP 2 månader sedan
My opinion is the swis k is a off brand version of the kar98
Eric Hodson
Eric Hodson 2 månader sedan
All of the animations from Cold War are so fucking terrible. it stands out like a sore thumb in WZ compared to the MW2019 quality
Shawn Glover
Shawn Glover 2 månader sedan
Great content as always!
FuryOfTyphon 2 månader sedan
In your next video you are looking for evidence of the spot disappearing when somebody goes behind a wall. Happens at @1:45.
driveOG 2 månader sedan
Started using this gun as a joke but it tuned out to be so op with the right attachments
Mikerich94 2 månader sedan
They just made the 3x reticle better so the swiss should be even easier to use 3x is perfect imo with no glint and medium+ range I’d recommend that over the magazine attachment.
Enska Who
Enska Who 2 månader sedan
I swear one of your friends sounds like Henry Cavill
julpinz 2 månader sedan
Bánk Czigány
Bánk Czigány 2 månader sedan
"Stop using the kar!" No, I don't think i will
xxx_420 2 månader sedan
>iveneverhadsecks lfmao
cornflake 2 månader sedan
Joseph Alkire
Joseph Alkire 2 månader sedan
psihigh 2 månader sedan
That headshot holy smokes
BCtiger 2 månader sedan
Nothing is better than the Kar the Kar is king
Crazywatcher 2 månader sedan
Nah bullet velocity is better on the Kar and it can still be built out quicker, this ain't a king of nothin
08Addz 2 månader sedan
cool vid
Vera Prado
Vera Prado 2 månader sedan
Poor Kar98
Experi Metalfan
Experi Metalfan 2 månader sedan
Absolutely RAVAGED that server
Talisman21 2 månader sedan
Not faster than the KAR bruh.
Daniel Gerguy
Daniel Gerguy 2 månader sedan
This makes the kar98k look like nothing
Jay Schulz
Jay Schulz 2 månader sedan
David L
David L 2 månader sedan
See if you play a few games of bf1 I found i was a lot more hyper-aware in the first warzone match 🤔
GEITHAMSEN 2 månader sedan
its not... KAr98
Sitara Khan
Sitara Khan 2 månader sedan
Me watching this while I have 0 wins: Interesting.
Peter Hull
Peter Hull 2 månader sedan
“Team work makes the dream work, baby” And just like that, I’m thinking of Stone lol where was he for this epic gaming session?
Louis Crisci
Louis Crisci 2 månader sedan
He missed specialist on the body at 2:40
CUE TIP 2 månader sedan
Jack just went crazy 🤣🤣
AMiNsTaR 2 månader sedan
the halo music, epic!
mad_jupiter 2 månader sedan
Whatever is the best i don't care the HDR is My boy and the Kar is my baby
ruben de wulf
ruben de wulf 2 månader sedan
I had 108 k in solos yesterday because of the vault
PoL 2 månader sedan
Why didn’t you grab that specialist bonus?
Hessisch Hofheimer
Hessisch Hofheimer 2 månader sedan
What I liked about the K31 in BFV was that you could equip a specialization that allowed for detachable magazines, which was unique among the bolt-action rifles in that game.
Slick Danger
Slick Danger 2 månader sedan
Please bring up how easily you die from vehicles now.... it's a huge issue that effects every single game now where me or a teammate dies due to vehicles touching you while moving whether its on a hill or being driven by a friend.... needs to be fixed asap
Toadal Thug
Toadal Thug 2 månader sedan
jack frags? more like jack's CRACKED
Shady 2 månader sedan
lol the convo at the end made the video
Just a random dude.
Just a random dude. 2 månader sedan
I used it.... I down someone is one shot o_o one if the best sniper I ever used
vinceszigetvari 2 månader sedan
Sorry everyone for the off-topic comment, but I am looking for one of Jack's vids. It had a scene in it when the team landed on a roof with a helo, blasting the Undertale music, and as far as I remember, Jack was using the ZRG. I would appreciate any help from you guys in finding it!
Dave S.
Dave S. 2 månader sedan
You just walked right past that specialist token =(
Pasi Kymäläinen
Pasi Kymäläinen 2 månader sedan
Will Zavala
Will Zavala 2 månader sedan
Jack: stop using the Kar98! Me: Mmm no jack, I don't think I will.
The Suspense6796
The Suspense6796 2 månader sedan
Finally, I can use this gun again
Gaming Pro2004
Gaming Pro2004 2 månader sedan
Imagine bf6 has the KAR even tho it’s modern that would be cool
Châu Võ
Châu Võ 2 månader sedan
Well, you said stop using k98 but you are using the k98 in 80's
Nilon 2 månader sedan
This aim
Ruben Wynne
Ruben Wynne 2 månader sedan
I still think the spr dominates
Isa 2 månader sedan
feel like the end music is an easter egg for the upcoming Battlefield... o.O
John Smith
John Smith 2 månader sedan
I just can’t get on with the aim down the sight and after shot animation. Sticking with the Kar..
Stewy_Ze_Q 2 månader sedan
MrMcGoy 2 månader sedan
I have felt like there are already AI bots in games at times. Sometimes I'll die and when I see the kill cam I just see someone sitting somewhere random for a few seconds not moving or even looking at anything in particular and suddenly as if they just know my exact wareabouts and have the command, pop out and nail me. It's weird.
Mac·au 2 månader sedan
Fun fact: the bots in the basement of the plaza are baby players as bots 😂
Lesley Guevarra
Lesley Guevarra 2 månader sedan
i showed this to my otaku sister and now she likes your voice jack
Nilesh 2 månader sedan
I had a new baby boy yesterday :)
Chaz Hendrickson
Chaz Hendrickson 2 månader sedan
Another quality video with awesome game play and team work.
Mavrick Harding
Mavrick Harding 2 månader sedan
These comments need to be backed up with stats, the kar98 is still alot better on paper and stats via jgod and truegamedata and the website...
Kostis Ap
Kostis Ap 2 månader sedan
The end was so wholesome.
Eni Listiana
Eni Listiana 2 månader sedan
Da_ Swissguy
Da_ Swissguy 2 månader sedan
K31 is the best bolt action rifle of ww2, my dudes
Masters of the mountains
Masters of the mountains 2 månader sedan
warzone the game were you reload every 3 shots honestly I do that too....alot
Gustav Greyling
Gustav Greyling 2 månader sedan
That sniper is great!!! I recently uploaded a snipe montage on gentleon_og and it's a phenomenal sniper! Only down side is bullet velocity! But other wise it's the only thing I use!
Aaron 2 månader sedan
That zoomed snipe at 9:35 though...
6401gabriel 2 månader sedan
Could you use the modern warfare aug, I remember you used it in one of your first lives in this game. I've been using it for some day now and it feels really nice
Footy Max
Footy Max 2 månader sedan
Pretty good sniping
aZzaZeL 666
aZzaZeL 666 2 månader sedan
Ur sniping is soooooooooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooood
Charles R
Charles R 2 månader sedan
Is the British version of Siri a male voice by default?
Conquer or Die
Conquer or Die 2 månader sedan
That outro song though...
Great 3000
Great 3000 2 månader sedan
Stop using the kar98 Me who is using the AX50 from day 1
The Not So Tactical Dad
The Not So Tactical Dad 2 månader sedan
But Stone told me to start using the K98!!! You guys are awesome and the ending was great hahahaha
Random Dogger
Random Dogger 2 månader sedan
Stop using the Kar? Jack this is where I’m going to disagree with you for the first time the last 5 years I’ve been following you.
Abtin Nob
Abtin Nob 2 månader sedan
Jack does he really have 6 kids?
Robbie 2 månader sedan
If you think about it your birth was your first warzone victory
Joseph Burton
Joseph Burton 2 månader sedan
Did Jackfrags get a new person in the last few years? I watched one of your videos from 2016 and you sound like a completely different person. Go check it out! Pretty crazy.
Itz Valid
Itz Valid 2 månader sedan
Me chillin in cod mobile
KiwiVoodoo 2 månader sedan
thx for the super zooming in Jack!
Satiiva 2 månader sedan
Hey Jack! love the content got a question for ya tho what FOV do you play at ?
Habib Huseynov
Habib Huseynov 2 månader sedan
00:12 Aimbot
Ben Holcomb
Ben Holcomb 2 månader sedan
Bruh i knew this was meta before anyone
Ches 2 månader sedan
lol my homepod went off at the end when you said "hey siri"
Kiril Popov
Kiril Popov 2 månader sedan
Nice! You are good but I came across a video "destroying them with shovel / Call of Duty" and this guy is amazing!
Jay Werner
Jay Werner 2 månader sedan
my brain just be like "ya know what would make cool skins, Army Men's bravo company. Sarge specifically but most of them would be cool."
Bora Ormanlı
Bora Ormanlı 2 månader sedan
7:09 seems suspicious
Forever Marked
Forever Marked 2 månader sedan
Jack is TOO good
Stahlah 2 månader sedan
The aim is bot like
Pointless Escape
Pointless Escape 2 månader sedan
I refuse to not use the kar98, even if it becomes the worst sniper in the game I’ll still stubbornly pick it every time
Pro Duced
Pro Duced 2 månader sedan
Not gonna lie Jack, that 9:38 was kinda sus 👀 pure insanity m8.
Easy Gaming
Easy Gaming 2 månader sedan
What is your grapich settings? Love how the game lika on your gameplay! Love your content!
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