The Salvage BMW 340i's first test Drive !

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►Hey Guys , In todays video the BMW 340i finally goes on the road for the first test drive !

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Quien Vive
Quien Vive Månad sedan
Merriam-Webster Dictionary "Funnel" noun fun·​nel | \ ˈfə-nᵊl \ Definition of funnel " A utensil that is usually a hollow cone with a tube extending from the smaller end and that is designed to catch and direct a downward flow."
Alan Here
Alan Here Månad sedan
Are you sure the BMW coolant wasn't already diluted?
Gary Clark
Gary Clark Månad sedan
My favorite Mclaren is the one is painted in the gulf oil paint scheme..... hint hint!
치우천왕 Månad sedan
Please lower the Japanese Rising Sun flag on the back wall of the repair shop. If you think of the wounds of the Japanese soldiers during World War II, please.
$$vannypack$$ Månad sedan
Outro was sketchy!!!
NEROJAN Ravichandran
NEROJAN Ravichandran Månad sedan
Would be interesting to know if there are any error codes coming up on the iDrive system?
Venom Patchez
Venom Patchez Månad sedan
Mhd tuning please no jb4
baselmusic Månad sedan
Are you going to sell that steering wheel?? If so can you hit me up at!
shwan khayam
shwan khayam Månad sedan
Buy M3 bumper
Bass Cars53
Bass Cars53 Månad sedan
Don’t get a JB4... MHD ALL THE WAY
Mineral.f32 Månad sedan
Love the updated video production and overall quality very nice keep it up my guy! всім привіт!
SkippySr Månad sedan
sounds like it has the M Perf exhaust
Mario Zet
Mario Zet Månad sedan
well. you look so much smarter with the glasses . lol . love your chanel bro
Nam Tech
Nam Tech Månad sedan
Nice car, miss my beemers. One thing tho, maybe just my OCD - clean the garage floor.....
Mbongeni Mthembu
Mbongeni Mthembu Månad sedan
What happened to the Mustang Build? Any updates?
Roger Jones
Roger Jones Månad sedan
Luv the videos & channel but the background music is RUBBISH!!
Able Ready
Able Ready Månad sedan
White is such a boring color. Super cars need to have colors that really pop.
Phil McKrakin
Phil McKrakin Månad sedan
That wiper change was hilarious. 🤣
Kevin Shurmer
Kevin Shurmer Månad sedan
11:52 Blue Steel!
Chespi Morales
Chespi Morales Månad sedan
Jason Swift
Jason Swift Månad sedan
Remember the transfer over the sound and heat insulation mat from the old bonnet to the new one along with the safety stickers and plates.
Cyberpunk53 Månad sedan
Just watched Super Speeder Rob saying that you shouldn't buy the S2000
Eduardo Orozco
Eduardo Orozco Månad sedan
Like no homo but does he looks cuter with glasses on
Deryl Adams
Deryl Adams Månad sedan
Get some proper knee pads!
Marko Polo
Marko Polo Månad sedan
The 340i sounds sweet, does it have an aftermarket exhaust on it?
Carlos Brazao
Carlos Brazao Månad sedan
This guy is skillfull
Simon Blunden
Simon Blunden Månad sedan
Who’s looking forward to the paint getting laid down on the Mclaren?
Brian Dale
Brian Dale Månad sedan
You did not melt in the rain what Doe's that mean?
Thomas Diersch
Thomas Diersch Månad sedan
Don't you think that there are too many white, black and grey cars on the road today???
Brian Dale
Brian Dale Månad sedan
White sucks!!!!! I very happy when you lied about painting your car gold but it is your car so I see your fans opinion does not really matter to you.That's cool I would be the same way so I can't talk to much shit!
Scuba Guy
Scuba Guy Månad sedan
White? for a super car? really? man
Sudd 268
Sudd 268 Månad sedan
Easiest water pump change your ever do thank you for your videos.
grand04gt Månad sedan
Having your windshield sealed is always a great thing to do. I have been using the Adam's glass sealant for many years and last year i did the Glassparency coating and in the year during the rain i used my wipers only a couple times as the water just flies off
M S Månad sedan
- Å fan!
Ben Bazan
Ben Bazan Månad sedan
Looking great!
Black Mane
Black Mane Månad sedan
Its lots of white mclarens out there
Dimas Månad sedan
You going back to the mustang?
Mr. Smart
Mr. Smart Månad sedan
Amazing work.. What about the mustang build?!
Scott Blackwell
Scott Blackwell 21 dag sedan
I think he cut his losses on that one. Can’t win them all.
codsac Månad sedan
yea, she bad..good taste vtuned
Money mike Slick will
Money mike Slick will Månad sedan
That car looks funn
Michael Hembree
Michael Hembree Månad sedan
Did say Mckaren? Lol
Stove Guy
Stove Guy Månad sedan
You have hood latched?
bill van damme
bill van damme Månad sedan
i said it before and i'll say it again...white is not a colour...its the cheapest and easiest thing to do with a vehicle....thats why the dealerships are full of disappointed was hoping for an epic colour change....oh well your car ya have to please yourself...
Lando W.
Lando W. Månad sedan
Mclaren: Volcano Yellow Pearl
Pumpkingilmour Månad sedan
Please do not paint the McLaren refrigerator white. It's the famous gold McLaren.
Lando W.
Lando W. Månad sedan
Volcano Yellow Pearl
Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson Månad sedan
Completely unrelated but, nice glasses, people have lost their glasses styles, so tired of far out wacky specs
Jimmy Gleen Rivera Cardona
Jimmy Gleen Rivera Cardona Månad sedan
This channel is getting way better then goonsquad
Skiridr22 Månad sedan
Same thing happened to me 🤣 I didn’t know I need wipers till it start raining
Horacio Torres
Horacio Torres Månad sedan
another junk
Donald Gryder
Donald Gryder Månad sedan
Lil Lalo
Lil Lalo Månad sedan
Noooo stay with the gold 😭😭
Jason Hastings
Jason Hastings Månad sedan
Vtuned puttin in work as always!!
kb94596 Månad sedan
What a trooper! Ben out there getting soaked and still getting video for us!
David Stenbeck
David Stenbeck Månad sedan
Everything lined up perfectly... except those bolts on that pipe
Lucky Luke
Lucky Luke Månad sedan
@vTuned IMO check out Frozen Brilliant White. This is most beautiful BMW's paint that I ever seen in person.
endall39 Månad sedan
You usually make great choices, but white on the McLaren? I don't know V. What about Richard Petty blue, or one of those cool non-metallic colors Toyota has been using lately?
Kenny Shepherd
Kenny Shepherd Månad sedan
Tony B
Tony B Månad sedan
Man.. Right off the bat.. Lot of questions about my McKarren.. Hhahaa.. LOVE IT! 0:21 I think he did that on Purpose!
DIY With Reza
DIY With Reza Månad sedan
Wait for the prices of s2000s to go up the day after this vid
M Al
M Al Månad sedan
4.0 l... 👈 😯😯😯
Damian Gaibor
Damian Gaibor Månad sedan
That car sounds is bananas great work and content as always bro.... keep it up 💪
Cody Hausler
Cody Hausler Månad sedan
Who needs windshield wipers? Just drive faster!
ddevil Månad sedan
You should be getting your bmw parts from FCPEURO man. Way better price and they all have a lifetime warranty.
Ashley James
Ashley James Månad sedan
Big Mistake! White cars look bloody horrible. Paint the Mclaran gold. Always best to use original colour and once you’ve driven it you’ll want rid.
DixonSwe Månad sedan
"Cold air" intake directly over the turbo... looks like a good design. ;)
TheCraziestBear Månad sedan
Will you sell this one?
Bademeister333 Månad sedan
So masks are not mandatory over there? It just looks so unfamiliar
Cool stuff
SSA MOTORS Finland Månad sedan
I dont like those hot air intakes.
KeiNovak Månad sedan
17:19 lol this clip looks straight out of Saving Private Ryan or something
Zachkary Lim
Zachkary Lim Månad sedan
You guys over in the US don't use silicone wipers?
PlayscBricks Månad sedan
"BMW's are easy to work on" he says as the entire front end of the car is off. Get charge pipe and radiator installed and there is 3/4": of clearance to get that serpentine belt off. LOL
Jahir Alonso
Jahir Alonso Månad sedan
U should go with ecutek and look for a tuner
DH Månad sedan
Its a rare thing to find a down to earth guy with no frills and no flexing just doing his thing on SEmost these days. Excellent videos, pleasure to watch, well done!
Edgardo Ortiz
Edgardo Ortiz Månad sedan
Donde quedó el mustang?
Brighton Månad sedan
hahaha Nerrrrd, jk i love vTuned
paris013GR Månad sedan
What happened to the 1966 Mustang and the LS swapped E30?
Eddie Force
Eddie Force Månad sedan
Good job.
Darshan Moodley
Darshan Moodley Månad sedan
Don’t ever stop doing what you are doing
Mr. GFG Månad sedan
7:25 "I don't care what anyone says, BMWs are pretty easy to work on", and agreed, some cars are pretty esay to work on, some cars are just painful to fix or work on them. Next video: "VTuned is wrong, BMWs are the worst cars ever" ~ Scotty Kilmer... LOL
Mr. GFG Månad sedan
Just for the record, I love your content. Cant wait to see this white BMW all completed, next to the soon-to-be white McLaren and the M5 you just fixed.
paul martin
paul martin Månad sedan
Paul is finally showing who he really is! Clark Kent becomes SUPERMAN when he puts his skills on show! Love ya work guys. Cheers from Sydney Australia MATE....🇦🇺🐨🦘🇦🇺🇺🇸
Todd Månad sedan
Paint the mclaren candy apple red
Jeff Speer
Jeff Speer Månad sedan
I absolutely hate morons that cant park between the lines
xXBoboddyXx Månad sedan
McKaren 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
adoksym Månad sedan
7:52 That's what she said ... Giggity!
Michael Yarmie
Michael Yarmie Månad sedan
Buy that ugly green S2000 from the Goofsquad
Anthony Exton
Anthony Exton Månad sedan
White with a bit of gold flake
J Z Månad sedan
Good thinking on the McLaren. Wow factor! Joe
Ben Mac
Ben Mac Månad sedan
Gold would have far more wow factor in my opinion.
Better Call Gatto
Better Call Gatto Månad sedan
Have anyone today... Lost The GAME?
Gold Coast Rob
Gold Coast Rob Månad sedan
Looking awesome going to be a great car and yer white will look great on the McLaren for sure 👍👍👍👍
Ado Squirrel
Ado Squirrel Månad sedan
What Zit ...😅😅
Patrick Privett
Patrick Privett Månad sedan
Enjoy your content (Australia) - even allow the ads to play through for you 👍👍
Harold Boyer
Harold Boyer Månad sedan
Nice. Good choice on the color white.
Oliver Dylan
Oliver Dylan Månad sedan
As a N54 and N62 owner, that b58 looks WAY easier to work on. Took BMW how many years to actually make a way more reliable, yet powerful, and finally a simple and not overly complicated engine 😪
randy8643 Månad sedan
What happened to the hellcat?
Oliver Dylan
Oliver Dylan Månad sedan
0:24 That “McKaren” over there will need the store manager instead of a paint job lol
Timmy Månad sedan
Always said i Mic would be a great addition
Garip Satin
Garip Satin Månad sedan
Deivett Månad sedan
Funny thing I also change my window wiper while it was raining 😂
2nd Amendment
2nd Amendment Månad sedan
Hey Vtuned your friends at Goonzsquad have a beat up red S2000 they used as a parts car, buy it and rebuild it.
I bought a Salvage BMW 340i for a Quick Rebuild
see you soon
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